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To reach the top of search engine results pages, maximize every chance to optimize and improve search visibility, and build relevant backlinks, you need to be good at search engine optimization. In other words, you need SEO tools.

Without a fundamental understanding of what you’re doing in SEO, everything could be a hit-and-miss game.

Tracking, outreach, tweaking, testing, data studying, analyzing, backlinks monitoring, analysis, etc. All these are part of SEO activities.

Executing each of the steps above can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where you need SEO tools to help simplify the process, be more productive, and help gather more accurate marketing SEO data.

These SEO data are what you need to make better marketing decisions and be ahead of your competitors in the game.

What Are SEO Tools and Why Do We Need SEO Tools?

What is SEO software?

SEO tools or software allow users to analyze, identify, and organize web page SEO data for better judgment.

It helps discover hidden opportunities, improve on what’s already working, fix what is not working, and improve the overall search visibility of the website.

For a web page to improve its search ranking using SEO tools, the best SEO tools are designed to perform several SEO tasks more effectively, efficiently, and in a simplified way.

  • Link building.
  • Content analysis and optimization.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Keyword research.
  • Site health.
  • Backlink monitoring and analysis.
  • Website audit.
  • Outreach.
  • Content promotions, etc.

Without SEO tools, it could be nearly impossible to effectively carry out all the above tasks and understand a web page’s SEO status.

11 Benefits of SEO Tools

There are many benefits or reasons to use SEO tools in your business. Below I highlight 11 (eleven) of the best benefits of using an SEO tool for your business growth.

1. Saves Time

Time is money. No one can doubt this fact.

One of the advantages of a good SEO tool is that it will help you saves time on important SEO task. SEO task that takes days to complete might be done in a few hours with an SEO tool.

time and a measuring glass

Take link building, for example.

Most of the tactics for finding link opportunities require searching through web pages. Looking for worthy link partners on relevant pages.

I was searching through the website contact form to contact the blog author.

With the sea of web pages published daily, one can spend weeks, months, or even years looking for link-worthy web pages.

With backlink analysis tools, finding link partners and reaching out becomes less painful, and the entire process can be completed in hours.

2. More Productivity

As you save time, your SEO tasks will increase productivity. You can complete several tasks in an hour instead of just one SEO task daily.

This brings about more productivity and efficiency in your work. And it makes achieving results quicker than expected.

This also goes for content production. A tool like Grammarly (free or premium version) can save hours hunting typoes and grammar blunders. Grammarly fixes it automatically for you.

It’s an indispensable time-saver.

3. Better User Experience

SEO tool will pinpoint what your website needs to fix to improve user experience. You could do this by running a site audit using one of the website auditor SEO tools in the market.

Looking at your website from a marketer’s point of view, you can be blind to what element is not giving the best user experience.

But a website auditor tool crawls your web pages from a user’s point of view and tells what is not working on your website. And even provide recommendations on how to fix it.

4. Keyword Research

Without targeting the right keywords your audience is looking for, your content does not exist.

SEO tools let you dig through billions of search queries in seconds to find the most profitable keywords for your business.

With keyword research SEO tools, you can discover longtail keywords that are hardly used in your industry but are profitable to your business.

If keyword research is not part of your writing process, you’re missing out on long-term valued traffic for your content.

There are several longtail keyword tools free that make keyword research a breeze. There is a longtail pro, keywordtool.io, AnswerThePublic, etc.

5. Uncover Working SEO Strategies

Instead of trial and error, wasting money, resources, and energy trying to figure out what is working, SEO tools let you spy on other marketers in your niche and discover what they’re doing that gives them a step ahead.

Therefore, you can quickly jump on what’s already working for them and replicate the process to match your marketing goal.

Competitor analysis is the easiest path to success in online marketing.

With the right SEO tool, you can find competitor website traffic sources, track keyword rank, analyze website keywords, find competitor keywords, etc.

The most difficult SEO task for any SEO professional or agency.

htlm element with a chain

Finding link partners, researching target pages, composing outreach messages, following up, link monitoring, etc… is never easy to build relevant links.

An advanced SEO tool helps simplify these processes and handle all the above tasks in one centralized dashboard. This helps keep your sanity, stay organized, and build relevant links to help your business progress.

Managing links, disavowing bad ones, and ensuring you stay within Google guidelines can never be done without a tool that makes the process easier and provides accurate link data.

Without a good backlink monitoring and analysis tool, it could be challenging to build links fast. Top SEO software like Ahrefs, SEO Powersuite, and Semrush link building is easy and less complicated.

7. More Website Traffic

You need SEO (search engine optimization) if you want to get found online (search) by a highly targeted audience; you need SEO (search engine optimization).

This is where the search engine visibility tool comes in.

With more website traffic, more sales potential, and more targeted leads.

SEO tools allow you to discover ways to optimize your web pages for maximum search engine visibility and improve your website ranking.

It points you in the right direction and fixes what might negatively affect your website in search engines.

Many search engine visibility tools are on the market today, and it becomes confusing to know exactly what tool to use for what task.

8. Target the Right Audience

SEO tools (keyword research tools) let you bring your business to the front of your most relevant targeted audience. And it enables users to find the right content when they search for it.

You use SEO tools to discover what your audience is interested in reading.

When used effectively, keyword research tools will shift your writing from “this is what I think my audience needs to read” to “this is what my audience wants to read.”

There is a big difference between writing content your audience needs and content they want to read.

With SEO tools (keyword research tools), you will quickly discover low-competitive keywords your blog can rank for.

9. Track and Monitor Your Progress

Building on what’s already working and knowing where to concentrate your marketing efforts are part of SEO activities.

These two activities alone will significantly improve your business if done right.

Advanced SEO analytics software and tracking tools will help you achieve this.

You can easily track your progress, monitor performance, and build on existing SEO data to make better marketing decisions by showing you when, how, who, and where the most positive SEO metrics come from.

Like tracking keywords ranking positions in over 300 search engines across the globe, without SEO keyword tracking software, this is nearly impossible to achieve.

10. Saves Money on Advertising

Your investment in buying SEO tools for in-house use will save you hundreds of dollars in advertising spending in the future.

Websites that drive massive search engine traffic depend less on paid ads to drive consistent website traffic.

The more you get your SEO right and drive massive organic traffic consistently, the fewer paid ads to become necessary.

11. Stay Informed of Your Industry

SEO tools keep you informed and let you follow what’s happening in your industry.

By staying informed of your industry, you’re more likely to publish timely information your audience wants to read. And it helps you keep tabs on what matters to you and your business.

Types of SEO tools

There are hundreds of SEO tools in the market today, both free and paid SEO tools. The one you use is up to you to decide.

Some factors determine your choice of SEO software. Like the budget, SEO needs, experience level, quality of the SEO tool, features, etc.

In the past, I have used some SEO tools to improve search visibility and keyword rankings better. Among the notable ones are:

1. SEO Powersuite

If you’re a regular blog reader, you already know I speak extensively about SEO Powersuite and its benefits.

seo powersuite seo software

SEO Powersuite is an incredible SEO tool for every marketer of all sizes. Whether you’re a beginner, semi-professional, advanced SEO professional, or SEO agency, SEO Powersuite has something for you.

SEO Spyglass is SEO Powersuite’s free competitor keyword research tool. You can uncover your competitor’s SEO footprint with SEO Spyglass and build proven SEO links that make an impact.

Track keyword rankings and generate visibility reports for your client is as easy as ABC in SEO Powersuite SEO software.

The Forever SEO Powersuite free license is ideal for solo entrepreneurs looking to try SEO Powersuite out before buying. The SEO software gives you a free plan to try it out but with limited SEO features.

Rank Tracker is SEO Powersuite, and you can find your website position for a keyword in over 300+ search engines across the globe. Rank Tracker is a keyword rank tracker tool and research analysis keyword software.

It is one of the best keyword ranking tools in the market today.

Link-Assistant in SEO Powersuite lets you do a backlink outreach campaign. A very powerful link-building and outreach tool for marketers.

SEO Powersuite professional edition is more suitable for advanced SEO professionals, while the enterprises’ license edition is for SEO agencies that handle the client’s SEO aspects.

To learn more about SEO Powersuite, its features, and its benefits, check out my SEO software review in this article. Or you can get SEO Powersuite trial 14-day offers from this link.

2. Semrush

Semrush is another industry self-acclaimed SEO tool.

This SEO tool is used by over 5,000,000 users worldwide. This proves that SEO software is loved and used by many worldwide.

semrush homepage

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool for competitor analysis, SEO keyword research tools, tracking, SEO site audit software, monitoring, website backlink analysis, etc. It helps you achieve greater search engine visibility and makes finding the right keyword a breeze.

You can check the website traffic and ranking of any website worldwide with Semrush. With the Semrush pro account, you can:

  • Analyze website keywords.
  • Check website traffic and ranking.
  • Find your website position for a keyword.
  • Track backlinks of any website.
  • Check the organic traffic of a website.
  • You can Check competitor keywords.
  • Check SEO visibility.
  • Track competitor website traffic.

If you’re an advertiser who runs cost-per-click (CPC) ads, Semrush is more useful than the Google keyword planner tool. Also, Semrush is one best SEO tools for agencies.

Try the 7-day Semrush free trial period by clicking on the link.

3 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best Google SEO tools today and a must-have SEO marketing tool for every marketer.

The best part? It is a free SEO tool.

Perhaps, the top SEO tools for digital marketers in today’s digital age.

Google analytics

There is no better place to gather marketing intelligence about what’s happening on your site than the Google tool itself.

Google Analytics shows you what’s happening, knowing what is working and what to fix it.

There are plenty of SEO metrics to analyze in Google Analytics. You have enough SEO metrics to work with, from traffic sources, audience locations, gender, landing pages, speed suggestions, behaviour, etc…you have enough SEO metrics to work with.

4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another Google SEO tool on the list. A potent SEO tool, for that matter.

Google search console lets you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site presence in Google search results.

This tool helps you understand your site’s performance in Google searches. You can use the Google search console for organic keyword research tools for your website.

google search console

You get recommendations on how to fix your site issues and keywords that bring you organic traffic, impressions, search queries, landing pages, etc.

This tool helps you compare data to a given time to track progress.

Since mobile has become a ranking factor, the search console provides insight into how your web pages perform to mobile users. It provides useful data on what element on your page is not given the best mobile user experience.

So you can make better adjustments and make your web pages more mobile-friendly.


There are many benefits or needs for SEO tools in the market today.

The average marketer is not technical enough to know and understand the market without the help of a tool that simplifies the process and makes research less stressful.

It would be best to have an SEO tool that makes your task easier, brings about more productivity, increases sales, website traffic, and leads, and provides maximum user satisfaction.

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