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In collaboration with Cloudways, we have created a unique Cloudways promo code, 2024, for CyberNaira readers only.

With this special 15% off the first 3-month invoice, you can save big and do more with your hosting budget, like purchasing add-on hosting features.

If you’re a regular blog reader, you know I don’t frequently offer WordPress hosting promo codes. I only do this if the merchant directly provides the coupon code or discount offer.

Or when we had a deal with the merchant for the blog readers. Like the WPForms giveaway and another giveaway coming up in the new month.

So, the 15% off Cloudways hosting plans on this page are authentic and working as expected, unlike many non-working promo codes for Cloudways.

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Cloudways Coupon

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This is the best Cloudways promotional offer you’ll find today. It is exclusive to the CyberNaira blog, and you won’t find this code anywhere else.

This Cloudways offer is valid for new customers signing up for the free trial and later upgrading to a paid plan. It is not eligible for existing customers with an active Cloudways subscription plan.

Activating 15% Cloudways Promo Code

The CyberNaira, 15% off Cloudways discount code, saves BIG on any 5 Cloudways cloud hosting providers.

AWS (Amazon Web Service)
Google Cloud (GCE)

Purchase any cloud server hosting plan and get a 15% Cloudways discount on your first three months’ hosting invoice. The 15% discount is applied when you upgrade from a trial offer to a paid plan.

Follow the instructions below to apply the 15% offer during signup.

First, follow this link to visit the Cloudways signup page in the image below; you will be redirected to the Cloudways homepage.

Cloudways web hosting

Next, click this page’s “Try 3 days free” green button to start your Cloudways free trial offer. You will be directed to the signup form page below.

(Note: The 3-day free trial period also applies from the link above. So, you’re killing two birds with one stone.)

On this page, correctly fill in your name and email address and click on the “Got a Promo code.“? Link option.

cloudways signup form

Upon clicking on this link, a small panel will reveal where you will input the Cloudways promo code “CYBERNAIRA” (without the quotes) to redeem 15% off three months’ invoices.

Just like in the image below.

Cybernaira Cloudways promo code

Enter your unique coupon code in the small box and check the “terms of services” box to agree to the Cloudways Terms of Services. Next, click the “START FREE” green button, as shown in the image above.

Upon successful form completion, you should be redirected to your user account dashboard, like the one below.

Also, an activation email will be sent to your email address for account confirmation. The email message will read like this…

Cloudways welcome personalized email for cybernaira audience

As a confirmation for the Cloudways coupon code you’ve used, it is stated in the email message that you’ve signed up with a promo code “CYBERNAIRA.”

Also, the 15% first-month invoice discount offer will be added to your purchase when you upgrade your account from the free trial offer to one of the paid plans.

Cloudways Account Verification

You must verify your account details, such as email and contact phone number, to ensure a spam-free community for everyone.

You can verify your account details in two ways.

You can do it by clicking the “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT” green button on the user dashboard or by clicking the “Activate Account” green button in the email sent to you.

Welcome to Cloudways dashboard

Either way, you will be directed to a dialogue box like the one below. Here, you need to verify your phone number and email address.

Once you finish the verification process, your account is ready to go. This shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete.

pop up on Cloudways to verify email and phone details

Next, you may want to look around your new Cloudways hosting environment, choose your server type, and install your blogging platform.

One advantage of hosting with Cloudways is having as many blogging platforms as possible. You’re not limited to the WordPress content management system alone.

You can build with Drupal, Joomla, PHP (Custom), Magneto, Laravel, OpenCart, and PrestaShop and host on the Cloudways server.

list of Cloudways cloud servers to choose from

Why Should You Use Cloudways? Hosting Features

I’ve been with Cloudways since April 2023 and have never had a better hosting experience. Several hosting features are worth considering. 

These hosting features are the differentiator that makes Cloudways one of the industry’s best cloud hosting service providers: fast, reliable, secure, pay-as-you-go billing plan, and scalable. 

Cloudways hosting plans come with these hosting features. 

Server Performance

  • Choice of Cloud Providers – Select your server infrastructure from Cloudways’ partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linode, and Vultr. This gives you much flexibility, more data centers, and the option to choose the server location nearest to your audience. 
  • Optimize Server Stack – Cloudways uses a custom server stack combining Debian 11 OS, Nginx, PHP FPM, Redis, MariaDB (database), and Varnish to optimize server performance for your applications. In addition, its partnership with ObjectCache Pro brings more performance optimization to your website. ObjectCache Pro costs $95 monthly, but as part of its collaboration, you get it free when hosting with Cloudways.
  • Built-in Caching—Benefit from advanced caching technologies like Memcached and Redis to improve website loading times. Cloudways also has its own WordPress cache plugin (Breeze), which you can use to optimize your website for optimal performance and speed and resolve Google Core We Vitals issues. 
  • SSD-based Servers – Cloudways utilizes SSD storage for all servers, ensuring faster data retrieval and application responsiveness. SSD storage is known to be faster than HDD. 
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN Integration – Gain access to Cloudflare’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN) for enhanced website performance and global reach (add-on service). The Cloudflare Enterprise add-on includes Polish and Mirage for mobile and image optimization, Scrapeshiled, Page Edge Caching, access to over 200 edge networks, DDoS brute force mitigation, bots traffic protection, malware scanner, Argo smart routine, free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate, and more. 


  • Free SSL Certificates – Encrypt communication between your website and visitors with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on all plans. 
  • Dedicated Firewalls – Cloudways offers built-in firewalls, including Fail2ban, to protect your server from malicious attacks and login requests. 
  • IP Whitelisting – Restrict access to your server by IP address for SSH/SFTP and database management.
  • Regular Security Updates—Cloudways partners with security providers like Securi, Cloudflare, Malcare, and Patchstack (a website vulnerability scanner) to ensure your server receives the latest security patches.
  • Automatic Daily Backup—Cloudways runs a daily automatic backup of your website database for peace of mind. Additionally, users can launch on-demand backup anytime and restore servers for up to 14 days in the Cloudway flexible hosting plan. You can also initiate server backup to an external location at $0.033 per GB. 

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive Interface – Cloudways offers a user-friendly interface for managing your servers, applications, and deployments. It uses a custom dashboard designed to make it easy for users to find tools, account information, and server and application management. 
  • Application Management – Easily manage applications like WordPress, PHP applications, Magento, Laravel, Woocommerce, and custom applications. Cloudways is made to handle more than WordPress; its target audience is diverse internet marketing businesses, including B2B, SMBs, agencies, web developers, content creators, and individuals looking to grow a business online. 
  • Staging Environments – All Cloudways servers have staging hosting environments to test changes before pushing them live, redesigning your website, or testing plugins and theme performance.
  • Team Collaboration Features – Grant team members varying server and application management access levels. This feature benefits marketing teams and agencies managing clients’ websites that need more hands to help run the business. 
  • 24/7 Support—Cloudways provides real-time chat support with hosting experts 24/7. You can launch a quick chat via your account dashboard, open a support ticket, or schedule a call. Cloudways offers a tier support model; advanced and Premium customers have more support and access levels than Standard support users.

Additional Features

  • Free Website Migrations – Cloudways offers free website migrations to help you move your website to its platform. Users can use the free Cloudways Migrator plugin or request one free migration service. 
  • Automatic Application Updates – Cloudways automates WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates while providing a testing environment to minimize the risk of breaking your site. It uses Safe Updates, which is more reliable and efficient for timely, proactive, safe updates. 
  • SMTP Integration—Integrate Cloudways with your preferred email service provider or use the Email add-on with Elastic and Rackspace email services. 
  • Server Monitoring – Monitor server health and performance with real-time metrics and customizable alerts. You can track traffic to origin servers and filter data by hours, request type, resources, and response code. You can even track and monitor the Cloudflare cache hits. 
  • New Relic Integration—Gain advanced application performance insights through New Relic integration (add-on service). This is a powerful application tracking and performance reporting software that you can trust. 

Cloudways Hosting Price

Regarding hosting price, Cloudways provides an easy and convenient billing structure for its customers while focusing on affordability. It adopts a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing users to pay only for hosting resources used in the previous month.

One thing about Cloudways is that you do not subscribe to a lengthy hosting contract like other web hosting companies. Cloudways offers a month-to-month billing structure, allowing you to manage your marketing budget wisely. 

An invoice for hosting resources used last month will be emailed during the first week of the following month. You have a few days to attend to this invoice and pay all outstanding bills. If you cannot cover the bill on time, you can contact Cloudways and request a new payment option. 

Here are the entry-level hosting prices for the five cloud service providers on Cloudways. 

PlanRAM SizeCPU SizeStorageBandwidthPrice
DO1GB1GB1 Core25GB1TB$11/mon – $0.0153/hr
Vutrl 1GB1GB1 Core32GB1TB$14/mon – $0.0194/hr
Lin1GB1GB1 core25GB1TB$14/mon – $0.0194/hr
AWS Small2GB2 Core20GB2GB$38.56/mon – $0.0536/hr
GCE Small1.75GB1 Core20GB2GB$37.45 – $0.0520/hr

Subscribing to any of the above Cloudways hosting plans today saves you 15% on your first three months of invoicing. This special offer covers all cloud servers, including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service.


Who Can Sign Up for Cloudways Using the Coupon Code?

This offer is valid for new Cloudways customers who sign up for a free trial account and upgrade to a paid plan on any of the five cloud server providers.

Can I Use More Than One Cloudways coupon?

No, customers can not use more than one coupon to redeem the 3-month 15% offer. Using more than one coupon might flag your account for fraudulent activities and even permanently suspend it.

I am an Existing Customer. Can I use The Coupon?

Existing Cloudways customers can not use the coupon to pay for invoices. The offer and coupon are only valid for customers upgrading from a trial period to a paid account.

How Can I Redeem The 15% Discount?

Enter the promo code in the signup form during your account opening process. You will see the field where you can enter the code. Follow the instructions in this guide to ensure you do not miss out.

Alternatively, you can check other ongoing web hosting promo offers from popular web hosts in the industry.


This Cloudways coupon code is authentic and working as expected. As I said earlier, you won’t find this code anywhere online.

Cloudways provides it for the CyberNaira blog and its readers only. Take advantage and redeem the 15% discount offer today.

Use this opportunity to sign up for less than the price of a coffee with one of the best-managed WordPress hosts in the industry.

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