Often, small business owners just starting can’t afford to buy SEO software at regular prices. Even as it’s glaring, premium SEO tools are needed to simplify complex SEO tasks, improve search visibility, and drive more sales traffic.

Still, the lack of budget deprives many marketers and small business owners of access to quality SEO tools like ahrefs, Moz pro, Semrush, ubersuggest, long-tail pro, etc.

Of course, some of these top SEO software gives free access to limited SEO features, even without signup.

But if you’re so serious about the growth of your online business, you need more than the free or cheap SEO software features they offer.

For instance, you’re limited to exporting the first five links in SEO Powersuite Link-Assistant free plan.

What can you do or get with five-link page results spying on your competitors?

Sure, you won’t get much…

Moz link explorer is limited to 10 search queries within 30 days. And you get minimal link analysis data to work with.

Moz link explorer home page image

Ubersuggest is more generous. It gives you more access to its free plan than many premium SEO tools today.

But you’ll have to wait for the next 24 hours when you reach your free plan with limited access.

Even at that, you need extensive SEO data to work within any given search engine optimization task.

If you’re in that situation but wish to buy SEO software for in-house use, I will share with you how you can buy premium SEO software for a low price in this article.

There is no magic to it…

You already know what I want to share here to buy cheap SEO software. But you just haven’t taken advantage of it.

This is because you don’t prepare ahead or get notified in time, so when it happens, you’re likely not in a position to use the opportunity.

So, what’s it?

Group Buy SEO Tools?


police officer making the stop sign

I don’t recommend that you get involved in that.

By definition, their activities break the terms of services of any tools you bought through a group buy SEO tools.

I believe their activities are illegal and something that may even expose your data to unauthorized third-party agents. Since you’re not the only one using the tools, your SEO data is exposed to other users too.

If you run a Google search, you will find many websites promoting these illegal activities. The most popular among them is Flikover. Other outlets have emerged, too, offering a group buys SEO tools services.

Google search for flikover - image

Do you think a business and SEO tools company will consent to a group of people to purchase a single license of its tool and use it by all?

I don’t see how the company will benefit from such business practices.

And from what I read in many online relevant communities, these websites offering a group buy SEO tools don’t live long on the internet.

They disappear before you know it.

This makes them suspicious, and one should be very careful committing your hard-earned money to these places.

Special Offers and Seasonal Discounts Period

Yes, when the SEO company offers a discount sale is the perfect time to purchase SEO tools for a low price or get affordable SEO tools for a lower price.

But there is one problem here…

How do you know when a discount will be launched for your favorite SEO tools?

That’s where many people get lost and don’t know when to take advantage of buying the best SEO tools they want.

There are several ways to get notified of special offers, SEO tools, discount sales, summer sales, etc…

1. Subscribe to Newsletters

For this purpose, there are two email newsletters I would suggest you subscribe to:

  • SEO Tool company newsletter.
  • Your favorite SEO blog Newsletters

SEO Tool Company newsletter

First, subscribe to your favorite SEO tools company newsletter.

By subscribing to the company’s newsletters, you’re better positioned to get notified when a particular deal is to take place.

You gain many benefits by subscribing to your favorite SEO tool’s newsletters.

Assuming the company has a blog, most SEO companies publish in-depth SEO content you can’t find anywhere online.

These top SEO tools companies have a vast knowledge of how search algorithms work. This gives them one -step ahead of average SEOs professionals to produce more in-depth SEO content.

They break the search algorithm news before anyone does. Probably, they have the best-in-class SEO analyst.

So, it is worth subscribing to your favorite best SEO tools company.

Your Favorite Blog Newsletter

Second, subscribing to your favorite SEO blog newsletter is important to gain quick access to the discount page.

Most SEO companies’ blogs have thousands of web pages that make it challenging to navigate your way through quickly. Sometimes, looking for something specific might be stressful.

You continue searching endlessly without achieving your goal.

This is where subscribing to your favorite blog is a good idea.

Whenever discount sales or special offers are available, the blog is where the news breaks out.

There is a catch to this…

Summer sales, special offers, discount sales, etc… are periods for affiliate marketers to boost sales and earn more affiliate income.

Since these affiliate marketers subscribe to the merchant affiliate newsletters, they are the first to know about any special offers or upcoming discount sales.

So, it is wise to follow your favorite blogs by subscribing to their newsletters. You will always get notified when something of interest is available to you.

You can subscribe to this blog newsletter to get early access to the discount sales immediately after it begins. The BIGGEST discount sales happen on the first day of sales. I encourage you to sign up; completing it only takes a few steps.

The signed form is just hanging on the sidebar.

We don’t ask for anything other than your first name and an email address to reach you “only” when we have something of value to share.

2. Use Google Alert

Google alert is a service from Google that lets you monitor interesting content/keywords or phrases on the web. It sends the alert to your Gmail address.

If you own a Gmail account, you already have a Google alert product; maybe you’re not using it yet.

It is straightforward to use. Nothing complicated in its setup. This is how the email usually looks.

Google alert email - shamsudeen

How to set up Google Alert

Setting up Google alert is pretty simple; follow the steps below, and you’re done:

  1. Go to google.com/alerts
  2. Enter your search term to track with the tool. Google Alerts will display a result preview as you type.
  3. Select “Show options” (below the search box). This displays how often you’d like to receive alerts: once a day, as it happens; or once a week.
  4. Choose a source for your alerts: web; blogs; news; etc. If you’re not sure, go with the default “automatic.”
  5. Select your preferred language and region.
  6. Choose how many results you want to see: “all results,” or “only the best results.”
  7. Typed a delivery email address to receive your Google alerts notifications.
  8. Select “Create alert.”
Google alert setting page

That’s it; you’re done.

Here are some relevant queries I have created with Google alerts in the past.

Google alert keyword page setting

There are more uses for Google alerts you might be missing…below I highlight some of them.

People will often mention you within the content on their blog but won’t link to you. You can turn this unlinked mention into link building opportunity.

The author mentioning your name makes it easier to ask for a link. The author already knows who you’re, so it will only take a small work on your part to turn this into a link.

Your next step is to ask the blog owner politely if they’d be willing to hyperlink the text with your blog URL.

In most cases, you will get a positive answer.

Spying on your competitors

If you ask me, which is the best SEO tactic?

Without thinking about it, my answer will be an SEO competitor’s analysis. If you want to scale quickly and save years of trial and error in SEO, devote more time to researching your competitor’s SEO footprints.

You will uncover many hidden SEO opportunities you can quickly tap into immediately.

So set up Google alerts for your competitor’s brand name, keywords, relevant terms, etc. This helps you to know when an opportunity you can tap into is available.

For instance, a web page might include many of your competitors in an article like xxx best SEO software in 2023 but fail to include your product on the list.

With Google alerts set up for your competitor’s brand name, you can get notified and take action immediately. Reach out to the page author and ask if they could include your product on the list.

Getting a link without paying or begging for it doesn’t get easier than that.

Monitor Certain Words on Your Website

Spammers are looking for pages to insert malicious links, promote their products, share suspicious links, cite irrelevant sites, etc.

You can set up a Google alert to monitor certain words on your website. If these words get on the site, a Google alert will notify you so you can check further to see if it is spam.

Based on your discretion, you can delete it or let it be if you believe it is a fault-positive.

Monitor Relevant Communities and Join the Conversation

Keeping up with every relevant community you are part of isn’t practical. We’re human with limited time.

Nobody has more than 24 hours a day.

Out of these 24 hours, 8 out of it supposedly meant for sleep (if you’re sleeping well and enough).

The remaining 16 hours?

Well, it’s up to you how you spend it.

You can set up Google alerts for industry-related questions, discussions, keywords, etc. Something that matters to you most in a specific community.

When relevant discussions occur in the community you’ve set up an alert for, you’ll receive an email alert so you can join in and share your knowledge.

For more details on extensively using Google alert, check out this comprehensive guide by ahrefs blog.

3. Invisible Hand Google Chrome Extension

This little Google Chrome extension works wonders when it comes to shopping online.

As you browse through merchant stores online, it automatically detects if the store has a coupon code available and alerts you of it instantly.

I installed it on my Google Chrome browser to learn how it works. I open the NameCheap website, and voila! It alerts me of a coupon code to save on domain transfer prices.

Namecheap coupon website

Clicking the “view and copy code” text will open a new browser tab. Here you will see all available products for discount and the coupon code to use on the checkout page.

invisible hand chrome extension

This is a very helpful tool if you shop online and look for ways to save on your spending.

Conclusion…Buy SEO Software

Lack of budget sometimes slows down the growth of many small business owners and online marketers.

But if you’re so desirable to buy SEO software for in-house use, taking advantage of promo offers, discount sales, special sales, etc…is your shortcut to owning it.

If you’ve read this far, I can only assume two things:

Whether you want an SEO tool for personal use or to start your own SEO agency business.

If any of the above is true, try SEO Powersuite today to see if it is something of value to your business.

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  1. Hey Shamsudeen!

    Wow, I didn’t even know that group buying SEO tools was common practice. That’s basically equivalent to stealing in my eyes.

    Definitely lots of great advice here. Google Alerts can be very powerful if you use it correctly, that was something I wish I would’ve known from the beginning!

    – James McAllister

    1. Hi, James,

      Good to have you around.

      Yes, Group buys SEO tools is illegal, and stealing other people’s hard work to put money in your pocket.

      That’s bad.

      Thanks for coming, James.

  2. Hi Shamsudeen,
    Nice detailed blog for SEO hands-on and useful.
    Is there any other tools like flikover where one can use for bulk and limited to a single user?
    Thank You & Regards,

    1. Thanks,

      For now, I have not come across any such tool. If I find one in the future, I will write about it here.

  3. Hey Shamsudin,

    You are always been posting such great topics and beneficial for new learners. I want to add one more thing never rely on one software try to practice on more than one tools. Always beware of third party tools provider. Always get subscription directly.

    Thank You brother for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hi Wesley,

      Thanks for your valuable inputs, you’re right on that. Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    It is very helpful blog.
    Thanks for share this information.

  5. I agree, spying on competitors keywords can do the trick. Thank you for useful SEO tactics.

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