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Approximately 26 million eCommerce stores are online globally. 

If you think the global eCommerce industry needs to be more competitive, consider the worldwide retail market revenue estimated to reach $3.64 trillion in the coming year. 

Competing in the ecommerce industry can be challenging for small business owners. You must have the tools and resources to help you compete and outrank your competitors.

Most importantly, you need the best ecommerce SEO tools to improve website performance, diagnose bottleneck SEO issues, track keyword ranking, and improve overall search engine visibility. 

Therefore, in today’s article, I look at several free and paid SEO tools for ecommerce stores of all sizes. 

Whether you’re a small store owner, a mid-size business, or a large-scale enterprise, this list is helpful for all online e-commerce shop owners. 

Without further introduction, let’s dive in.

1. SEO Powersuite

seo powersuite software

If you’re looking for affordable ecommerce SEO software, SEO Powersuite is a top choice. 

The SEO Powersuite bundle kit takes care of most aspects of an SEO task; from site audit to competitors research, off-page SEO to keyword research, and position tracking, it has every tool you need to succeed in digital marketing. 

SEO Powersuite is more cost-effective than other ecommerce store optimization software. 

It’s cheaper yet provides in-depth SEO and data analysis reports on the same level as most top SEO tools. 

The free version offers limited access and features and is suitable for beginner ecommerce store owners. 

You can download it from the button below and consider upgrading if your marketing strategy requires access to more SEO data, customization, features, and control. 

SEO PowerSuite Top Features

  • In-depth site audit
  • Track keyword position in SERP.
  • Research keywords from several data sources. 
  • Build links, send email outreach, track responses, and follow up, all within the Link Assistant. 
  • Competitor research and analysis.  
  • Send branded SEO reports. 
  • Automate repetitive SEO tasks. 

2. NitroPack 

NitroPack website front page

For each additional second it takes for an ecommerce page to load, the conversion rate decreases by 0.30%, according to a recent report by ToolTester.

Furthermore, in a Shopify blog post, you can potentially lose an average of $9k daily if your site speed is too low for users.

Blog post paragraph from Shopify

NitroPack is a cross-platform site speed and performance solution that allows you to optimize individual and entire website pages for maximum page speed. 

It is an all-in-one solution that works as a site cache, image optimization, HTML, CSS, JS resources optimization, and more. 

It’s the perfect solution for optimizing Google Core Web Vitals, improving site performance, removing unused CSS, preloading the largest Contentful Paint, and eliminating render-blocking resources. 

NitroPack has several optimization features that allow ecommerce sites to benefit significantly from its arsenal of tools and improve user experience, especially on the checkout pages. 

If you use Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce, or WordPress as your ecommerce platform to sell online, NitroPack can help you increase your store speed with less effort.

NitroPack Top Features. 

  • Adaptive image resizing on the family
  • Lazy load for images and iframes
  • Cache
  • Lazy-load hidden images
  • Integrate with Cloudflare CDN 
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  • Combine resources to reduce HTTPS header requests.
  • Exclude resources and files from cache and optimization. 

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Landing page

Surfer is an SEO tool that lets you write optimized content based on what’s currently ranking in SERP. 

The tool analyzes on-page content against 500+ SEO signals to give you optimization or improvement suggestions to improve your content. 

How can ecommerce sites use Surfer SEO?

Use Surfer SEO to optimize product pages, write blog posts that rank, and better meta descriptions, titles, and published content that outrank your competitors. 

In a nutshell, Surfer helps you write content that optimizes search engine rankings, removing guesswork and without much effort. If you need to experience SurferSEO to see how it can benefit your business, check out the free 7-day trial offer.

Sufer SEO Top Features

  • In-depth content audit 
  • Perform keyword research
  • Optimize new and existing content.
  • Analyze the top 10 ranking pages of SERP. 
  • Get suggestions on the required number of links to rank your content. 
  • Analyze competitors ranking content. 
  • And more.

4. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro rank tracker

Accurately tracking keyword position and fluctuations is critical to making optimization decisions. 

Pro Rank Tracker is the number one keyword position tracking tool your e-commerce store can rely on. 

It lets you track keyword positions in 187 Google sites, including Google Business Profile, local maps, YouTube, SERP, 35 Yahoo sites, 32 Bing sites, and all Amazon listings sites. 

Also, you can track mobile and desktop keyword ranking positions separately, get the search volume in different marketing platforms, discover unknown ranking search phrases, and get accurate competition for a keyword in the SERP top 100. 

Pro Rank Tracker Top Features

  • Track & analyze keyword position on the go with the Pro Rank Tracker mobile app. 
  • Track keyword position in over 300 sites, including Google, Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Measure your mobile and desktop keyword performance for a holistic picture of your SEO efforts.  
  • Share branded SEO reports with team members or clients. 
  • Available in 13 languages 
  • API access for agencies’ plans.
  • Get additional keyword suggestions for already ranking URLs. 
  • Discover and analyze the competition for the top 100 ranking URLs. 

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool for ecommerce optimization and digital marketing professionals. 

Though not as cheap as other SEO software on this list, Ahrefs is a comprehensive search engine optimization tool covering every aspect of digital marketing optimization. 

From deep crawl site audit to a powerful keyword research tool, advanced competitors site explorer, and backlink checker tool, Ahrefs is on another level. 

Thanks to its webmaster tool, beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs can now use Ahrefs for free to audit their stores, discover on-page SEO issues, do keyword research, and check competitors’ traffic stats. 

If you can afford the monthly subscription fee, Ahrefs is an SEO tool that can help you rank higher in search results. 

It is not a magic bullet, but it gives you access to many SEO and marketing tools and data you won’t possibly find in other SEO tools. 

Ahrefs Top Features 

  • Competitor backlink and keyword research with Ahrefs site explorer.
  • Automate website audit regularly. 
  • Compare competitor SEO strategies with yours. 
  • Analyze SEO data for up to 200 URLs at a go. 
  • Find gaps and learn how to take advantage. 
  • Track mobile and desktop traffic keyword performance.
  • Analyze the entire website backlink profile, including new & lost links.
  • Get email alerts for lost links, keyword position changes, etc. 
  • Integrate with Google Locker Studio.
  • Advanced SEO analysis across all website assets in Yep. 

6. SE Ranking

SE Ranking SEO Tools

SE Ranking is the right platform to make an SEO’s life easier, improve your store ranking, automate complex SEO tasks, and increase brand visibility. 

One of SE Ranking’s core strengths is its keyword research tool, which allows you to research keywords based on geolocation. This is a powerful tool for local ecommerce SEO.

Its backlink checker tool is another essential feature in its solution, allowing you to analyze competitors’ backlink profiles, discover lost and new links, find link-building opportunities, and more. 

Moreover, you can analyze referring domains (where competitors get links from), check anchor text and linking pages, measure link value, and spy on other brands’ link-building tactics. 

Competitor research is a powerful tactic for ecommerce business; SE Ranking provides tools that let you get in-depth insights into competitors’ overall marketing strategies. 

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform, from PPC competitors to organic search engine traffic, paid advertising, total traffic cost, keyword analysis, and more. 

SE Ranking Top Features

  • Advanced competitor’s research and analysis tools.
  • Backlink checker
  • Powerful keyword research for local and international SEO.
  • In-Depth website audit
  • On-page SEO analysis for specific search queries. 
  • Automatic monitor for changes on your website/pages. 
  • Create customized SEO reports for clients (SEO agencies and freelancers)
  • Write SEO-optimized content with SE Ranking content editor.

7. Google Search Console

google search console

Google Search Console, or GSC, is a versatile SEO tool for ecommerce business owners.

If you want to improve your chances of ranking higher on the Google search engine, this is one of the ecommerce SEO tools you must pay attention to. GSC lets you perform several SEO tasks aimed at improving search ranking. 

First, GSC is where Google communicates technical issues affecting your website with you. 

Google lets you know through GCS how many indexed pages you have in its algorithm and non-indexed pages and why they have not been indexed. Problem with Core Web Vitals, links profiles, sitemaps, URL inspection tools, mobile usability issues, HTTPS pages, etc. 

In addition, GSC lets you analyze your website’s Google organic traffic data and filter the results by keyword ranking position, click-through rate, ranking pages, visiting devices, countries, dates, search type, etc.

If a manual penalty hits your website or there are potential security issues for users, Google communicates this through GSC. 

GSC Top Features

  • Check indexed pages in the Google search engine.
  • Discover why pages are not indexed and how to resolve it. 
  • See the average keyword position in Google search engines over a period. 
  • Compare key performance indicators by dates, countries, devices, search phrases, etc.
  • Know when your site gets manual action like penalty and security issues. 
  • Monitor page experience metrics. 
  • Analyze SERP feature enhancements such as AMP results, featured snippets, breadcrumbs, discovery, video, site links, etc.

8. Google Analytics

Google analytics

Unless you’ve built a custom analytics tool, Google Analytics is the most powerful free website analytics software. 

Whether you’re running an ecommerce website, personal blog, business or nonprofit organization, as long as you track traffic on your site, Google Analytics is a must-have tool.

However, since Google upgraded Analytics from Universal to GA4, many website owners have complained that it is not as beginner-friendly as Universal Analytics.  

GA4 brings more data points and information for website owners and lets you track and customize the data to what really matters to your business. 

GA4 is free, as with most Google products, it only requires a Gmail account. If you’re a WordPress user with the Astra theme, learn how to add GA4 and other third-party scripts to your theme. 

GA4 Top Features

  • Check website traffic stats in real time.
  • Learn where your website user comes from.
  • Analyze traffic data by sessions, pageviews, country, gender, events, page title, screen class, etc. 
  • Get insights and recommendations on how to improve traffic to your site.
  • Drill down into traffic reports.
  • Customize your dashboard with essential business metrics.
  • Track ecommerce purchases, paid ad promotions, in-app purchases, etc.

9. Helium10

Helium 10 wesite homepage

Helium10 is an eCommerce SEO tool primarily built for Amazon and Walmart merchants. 

It has tools that streamline many aspects of your Amazon FBA eCommerce business. 

From product research to identifying valuable keywords, listing optimization, and store analytics to advertising, you have the tools in Helium 10. 

The Chrome extension lets you find and analyze products in high-demand niches from your browser. You can filter product research by various metrics – reviews, weight, competition, season, etc. – allowing you to weed through the chaff quickly. 

In summary, Helium10 has 30+ eCommerce SEO and marketing tools enabling merchants to transform their Amazon business to the next level. 

Helium 10 Top features

  • Products Research 
  • Listing optimization and management 
  • Identify profitable industry keywords. 
  • Quickly sort through hundreds of product pages.
  • Intuitive user dashboard 
  • Analytics.
  • Customer review automation.
  • Inventory management 
  • Email marketing automation
  • Listing fraud detention.

10. Semrush

Semrush landing page

Semrush is one of the top ecommerce SEO tools you can always go right with. 

It is an all-in-one platform for competitor research, content marketing, conversion optimization, advertising, social media marketing, and SEO. 

Semrush lets you research profitable PPC keywords, discover competitor advertising strategies, analyze SERP results, evaluate and compare store pages, perform keyword research, run site audits, etc.

Also, it has tools to run in-depth on-page and off-page SEO analysis to improve your store search engine visibility and individual pages, making it a complete SEO tool for ecommerce shop owners. 

Semrush Top Features

  • Powerful keyword research tools.
  • Competitors analysis
  • Site audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Backlink research, audit, build, and analysis tools
  • Keyword tracking tool
  • Social media marketing and management tools
  • PPC advertising


There are plenty of marketing and SEO tools for e-commerce business owners to explore and try to make their business grow. 

These ten listed here scratch the surface, which brings us to the question: Which SEO e-commerce software are you using? 

You could mention one or two from the list above or tell us your favorite e-commerce tools in the comments section. 

Still, I hope this list helps you discover a new tool to try in your business operations and make the job easier. 

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