Are you searching for exclusive deals on video editing software? I’ve got good news for you. The New Year VEED discount code is live with fantastic offers on the show. 

From the 15th to the 31st of January 2024, you will save 30% off VEED Pro and Business plans, respectively. This offer is open to new and existing customers. So, even if you’re upgrading your free plan, you can also save 30%. 

VEED is an incredibly powerful video editing tool with many features and tools to help you create fantastic video effortlessly. 

It uses the power of AI technology to bring helpful features like voice cloning, personal AI avatars, voice translations, text-to-speech, eye contact, noise background remover, etc. 

Here are the complete details of the VEED New Year discount deals:

  • Offer Start Date – 15th January 2024.
  • Offer End Date – 31st January 2024. 
  • Discount – 30% off Pro and Business Plans.
  • Coupon Code – Not needed. Auto applies on the checkout page.
Veed ai video editor
Staff Pick AI Video Editor

Create amazing video content effortlessly with advanced AI features and tools.
On-Going Offer

Why Should You Use Veed Coupon Code?

There are several benefits to using the VEED coupon for video editing on this page and signing up for an account. Here, I will focus on the most essential reasons to consider. 

Aside from the New Year exclusive VEED discounts, saving you 30%, customers can also unlock exclusive perks tailored to enhance their experience using the VEED video editing software. 

If you upgrade your VEED account this month, you unlock access to the following bonus features: 

  • VEED Expert Guides and Tips from industry video editing professionals to upgrade your editing skills to the next level. 
  • Access to participate in live mastermind and Q&A sessions with pros and other VEED users. This allows you to ask questions and learn from others. 
  • Exclusive access to a private community where you can share ideas, participate in meaningful and relevant discussions, and network with others. 

These bonuses are on top of the incredible 30% VEED New Year discount deals. 

As you can see, you’re getting monetary value and upgrading your video editing skills, meeting and interacting with like-minded people, networking, and sharing ideas. 

Considering these benefits, it is worth subscribing to the video editing software this January and taking advantage of the 30% discount.

How to Apply The VEED Discount Code and Save Big

To apply the VEED coupon for an annual subscription and avail of the 30% offer, follow the steps described in this section. The process is straightforward. There are no complex or rigorous steps to follow.

First, click this link here; it will take you to the official website promo page for the New Year deal. promo page

Choose which VEED special offer for video creator plan fits your website needs, budget, and marketing requirements. 

The above image shows that the 30% offer has already been applied to the pricing. So, there is no VEED coupon code to be entered on the page. 

After making your selection, click the subscribe button under your chosen plan. This action will take you to the VEED checkout page, where you must enter your billing information to complete the purchase process. accepts both credit card and PayPal payment methods. Select which option on the page is suitable for you. 

VEED payment methods option - Credit card or PayPal

Fill in the required information to complete your purchase.

After completing the purchase process, you must create your account using an email address. 

The process is also straightforward and only requires a few steps. 

The most important thing is to use a valid email address because you must validate or confirm the email ID by entering a code sent to the registered email account. 

You must enter this code to complete the signup process to your email account. This process checks on spammers and robot-creating accounts and protects other users, ensuring the platform is safe for everyone. 

Once your email account has been validated, you can create unique video content using VEED fantastic AI features and tools. 

Best VEED Plan to Use With the Discount.

Both subscriptions – Pro and Business – cater to different audience categories and business needs. So, reviewing which plan offers the best benefits or opportunities to take advantage of’s special discount offers is essential. 

Which plan gives you the best value to use with the VEED discount code?

First, the Pro plan for professionals caters to video content creators with a maximum storage space of up to 20GB. Also, it lets you create and export 1080p video resolution and up to 120 minutes of video export length per project. 

You can access VEED AI tools, like voice cloning, text-to-speech, AI avatars, and voice translations; you can not create brand kits or custom fonts and watermarks. 

Reviewing the Business plan features and tools shows that it is the best subscription to use with the New Year discount sale. 

It gives you access to more features and tools and allows up to 5 users. So, consider the Business plan for agencies and video editing teams. 

Your team can create and export video in 4K high resolution and get up to 50GB of storage space on the VEED cloud.  

Additionally, you can create up to 3,600 minutes of AI text-to-speech content per year. The Business plan also lets you access video analytics features, tracking clicks, views, and video engagements.   

As per total savings, The Pro plan saves you $86.4. Instead of paying $288 for the annual plan, the 30% discount reduces the total payable amount to $201.6 for the first 12 months.

The Business Plan saves you a huge $212.4 for the annual subscription. Instead of the regular $708, you’re to pay a reduced amount of $495.6. 

So, when discussing which plan gives you the best discount value, both from financial and feature aspects, the business plan checks all the boxes.


Any Current VEED Promotion for Video Creators? 

Veed is running a special New Year promotion that gives you a 30% discount on its Pro and Business plans. This offer starts on the 15th of January and ends on the 31st of January.

How Can I Get a Valid VEED Coupon Code?

Here is a valid VEED coupon code to save 30% off your annual subscription. VEED uses no coupon code or unique text on the checkout page. The 30% discount is automatically applied to your cart.

Can I use a Multiple Discount Code for my VEED Subscription?

You can not use multiple discount codes or promotions to subscribe to a VEED plan. VEED only allows one promotional code or offer per transaction, and it must have expired before you can use another discount offer.

Conclusion… is one of the most popular video editing platforms today, offering many advanced features and AI video editing capabilities. It lets beginners and top professional content creators create education, marketing, and entertainment videos with less effort.

If you’ve been trying to access VEED but face financial constraints, now is the best time to subscribe for 30% less the price. The VEED discount code gives you the best offer, starting the New Year on a good beginning. 

However, the current VEED promotion and saving won’t last long; it starts on the 15th and concludes on the 31st of January. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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