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There are countless keyword tools in the market as I write this line. However, if you’ve been doing SEO or content marketing for a while, you know not many of these keyword research software are worth your time. 

Ahrefs, Moz, Rank Tracker, Google keyword planner, Larseo, and Answer The Public are some of the popular keyword research tools today. 

But, in today’s post, the focus is on the Semrush keyword magic tool review. A powerful and versatile keyword analysis software. 

It is one of the few keyword tools you can trust with the best-estimated keyword data and search metrics.

If you don’t know what the magic keyword tool is capable of, let’s begin with an introduction.

What is Keyword Magic Tool Semrush?

The Semrush keyword magic tool is a powerful tool that analyzes an entire search market, researches niche sub-topics, and saves your keyword data as you work along.

It is the most powerful keyword audit tool in the Semrush toolkit. You can research local or international search terms and discover global or geolocation trending topics.

With over 25 billion keywords in its database, only a few research tools can match this number.

semrush keyword magic tool data base graph

A single keyword query can return up to 20 million keyword ideas. It is today’s most comprehensive Semrush research and analysis tool for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small business owner, enterprise agency, or large Fortune 500 company, this tool is ideal for any serious marketer.

It goes beyond keyword research to an in-depth keyword data analysis, organizing, exploring, grouping, keyword clusters, and uncovering hidden search queries even the Google keyword planner never reveals.

In this Semrush keyword magic tool tutorial, you will learn how to use it to get insightful data, accurate keyword reports, and stay ahead of competitors.

Without waiting, lets explore how to use Semrush for keyword research.

How to Use Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Like any other market research tool, you will begin by entering your “seed” keyword. Ideally, this “seed” keyword is related to your industry.

Log in to your Semrush account and click “Keyword Research” from the left-side menu on the page. From the drop-down menu, select “Keyword Magic Tool.”

The image below shows I entered “affiliate marketing” as my seed keyword for this Semrush magic tool tutorial.

Semrush keywords overview feature

Depending on the keyword trends, search location, and popularity, the result could return up to a thousand queries.

Note: you can enter up to 100 seed keywords in the box and select your target country/location. After making your selection, click the search button.

Keyword Overview Tab

The result will populate on the keyword overview page. Here, you can review metrics like:

  • Global and country-specific keyword search volume.
  • Keyword search intent.
  • Trend over time.
  • CPC (Keyword cost per click for advertisers)
  • Keyword competitive density.
  • Keyword ideas – variations, questions, and keyword clusters.
  • SERP Results and analysis of top-ranking pages in Google.
  • Ads copies
  • Keyword ad history chart.
  • PLA Copies.
Affiliate marketing result overview from Semrush Keyword magic

Click the Keyword Magic Tool label on the menu to dig deeper into the keyword data and get more marketing insights. This is where the real magic begins.

Keyword Magic Tool

There are several filters to refine your keyword list and discover relevant search terms with higher potential for your business. These filters are some of the features that make the keyword magic tool more powerful than its competitors.

From exact word match, broad match, questions, related search queries, etc. Furthermore, you can even filter keywords by search intent, keyword difficulty, search volume, cost per click value, or exclude/include specific search terms.

keyword research results in SEMrush for affiliate marketing focus keyword

The “Advanced Filters” option reveals more useful filters to narrow your keyword research.

Semrush keyword magic advance filter features

It let’s you explore keyword ideas based on word count, competitive density, SERP Features, and top results in SERP within a specific ranking position.

Keyword magic advanced filters let you tailor your content strategies to a well-optimized search result placement. And provide more in-depth content that meets your audience’s expectations.

My favorite search filter is the “question” modifiers in the Keyword Magic tool. As a content marketer, your most important mission is to provide solutions to your audience’s growing needs.

The best way to help them is by knowing what bothered your audience.

What problem are they looking for answers to? How do they use search engines to describe their issue when searching for solutions? What words/language are they using to describe these problems, etc

For many online shoppers, question-related search queries begin their search before buying. This makes question-related search queries more powerful than any other search intent.

How to Group Keyword Data in Keyword Magic Tool

Gone are the days when web pages were optimized for a single search term to rank for.

The best keyword research practice is identifying multiple keywords with similar search intent to cover in a single piece of content.

Instead of publishing different articles for:

  • How to be an Amazon affiliate marketer.
  • Ways to sign up for Amazon affiliate marketing.
  • How to set up an Amazon affiliate marketing website.

You can create a single content that ranks for these and related search terms. The trick is to pick related search terms with similar search intent and keyword difficulty.

The Keyword Magic Tool is powerful for researching related search phrases and grouping keywords.

You can cluster keywords by several metrics, including search intent and SERP results.

On your Semrush keyword magic tool interface, the suggested keywords group data is in the left menu.

keyword analysis results in semrush

A common single-word group is the keywords shared among related search queries. This is useful for exploring sub-topics around your primary keyword or seed keyword.

As you select a unique word from the far-left menu, the keyword queries listview changes to related search terms relevant to your “unique word” group.

I made a short video to show you how this works to help bring related search terms by grouping search queries based on a shared word.

You may want to hide a particular word group from the search result. To do this, click the “eye” icon before a word; the keyword group will be excluded from your result.

This is good for narrowing your keyword selection so you don’t get bombarded with irrelevant search phrases.

Exploring Sub-Group Keyword Targeting

If you want to go hyper-specific with your keyword targeting, you can go deeper into your group targeting.

Click on a keyword group to reveal even more detailed hyper-specific keyword data. You can see a sub-group’s total search volume and keyword numbers here.

sub-group keyword targeting

It works the same way as when exploring the first level of keyword grouping. The only difference is that it takes you into a more specific keyword query.

Now, you can narrow your keyword options and be more specific in your audience targeting.

This is an ideal targeting feature for Semrush PPC tool users and advertisers.

SERP Features Analysis Opportunities

The Semrush keyword magic tool is a feature-rich SERP analysis tool. It provides the research data you need to outrank your competitors in the different search placements.

To rank for a specific SERP enhancement, it is essential to discover what triggers that search placement. Semrush Magic keyword gives you the information you need to optimize search result feature placement.

The SEO Keyword Magic Tool and its search result feature filters allow you to research competitors’ keyword data that triggered the different SERP placement features.

If this is confusing, let’s quickly define Semrush SERP Features.

What is the SERP Feature?

SERP feature is any other result on the Google search engine result page (SERP) besides the traditional organic result.

These search results are optimized to provide a helpful user experience and information without clicking through to the featured page.

There are several Google organic result features you can research keyword data and optimize your web pages for:

  • Instant Articles.
  • Knowledge Graph.
  • News.
  • Local Pack.
  • Images.
  • Site Links
  • Tweets.
  • People Also Ask.
  • Review
  • Flight.
  • Featured Video
  • Featured Snippet.
  • Video.
  • Carousel, and more.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool SERP Features

Here is how to find SERP opportunities using this feature. You’ll need to set your search filter to run keywords from SERP.

To filter your search queries, click on the Advanced Filters option. It will reveal a drop-down panel. This is where you have many keyword research options to work with.

Here is a short 1-minute video to show you how to do this.

You can view the SERP source for every keyword data in the column second from the right by clicking the SERP icon. These features allow you to spy on competitors and advance in a competitive search market.

For big brands and authoritative websites, this keyword magic tool feature could be helpful to try out.

Researching For New Keyword Content Ideas

Content optimization is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Without the right keywords in your content, it will be difficult for users to find you.

This is where the Semrush-related keywords feature helps you build a list of keyword ideas. Also, it helps generate new keyword ideas for your content’s SEO optimization.

The related keyword report helps you gather more relevant queries when users look up your primary keyword. This could help create super-relevant content for your PPC campaign and blog content.

Adding related keywords to your content will help you rank for more relevant queries to your main keyword.

Exporting Your Keyword Data

Exporting keyword data is very easy. You have many export options to make from.

You can export complete keyword data as a CSV file or export keyword groups, as the case may be.

To export multiple selected keyword groups, you can use the “eye” icon to exclude the group you don’t want from the entire batch. Once you’ve finished your selections, click “All Keywords” at the top right of the page.

exporting keyword data in semrush keyword magic

The keyword selection will be exported as a CSV file so you can work on your data later. You can also send your keyword data to the keyword manager tool.

If you want to add keyword data to the keyword manager, check the box next to your desired individual keyword list, then click on the blue “+ to keyword manager” button.

Semrush Pros and Cons

The keyword magic from Semrsuh has its pros and cons. As powerful and versatile as it is, there are situations when the tool might not be what you need.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Semrush keyword magic.


  • Huge keyword database in the industry, offering access to billions of keywords and keyword variations.
  • Provide valuable keyword data for each search term, including search volume, CPC value, KD, competition, etc.
  • Advanced filtering search allows you to research keywords based on several criteria.
  • Segment keywords into groups and folders for easy management.
  • Track keyword performance over time and track keyword trends.
  • Research competitors’ keywords, find gaps, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Keyword magic integrates with tools like keyword position tracking and manager for complete keyword campaigns.


  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners and might require time to get used to it.
  • Keyword data for other languages other than English might not be as comprehensive.
  • It might be expensive for small businesses without an adequate marketing budget.


Is Semrush Keyword Magic Accurate?

The Semrush keyword magic tool is considered one of the best tools for obtaining accurate keyword data. However, you should understand that most keyword tools provide estimated data, and other tools may have discrepancies.

So, comparing data with popular keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Rank Tracker is advised.

What are the benefits of Semrush Keyword Magic?

There are several benefits to using Semrush keyword magic as your go-to keyword research tool. First, you can research, analyze, and identify new keyword opportunities.

Also, the Semrush keyword tool lets you research and understand the level of competition for your target keywords. You can track keyword performance, analyze trends, and make data-based decisions.

The keyword managers let you organize your keywords into folders and groups based on relevancy and for easy management. The tool lets you generate hundreds of keywords from a few seed keywords.

What Features of Semrush Keyword Magic?

Semrush keyword magic offers several essential features for marketers and SEO professionals, such as keyword research, keyword difficulty checker, competitive analysis, keyword management, position tracking, keyword exports, etc.

How much does the Semrush keyword Magic Tool Cost?

The keyword magic tool is available as a free and paid plan. Register for a free Semrush account to try it out or take a 7-day trial. The paid plan for the Semrush Pro annual subscription starts at $108.33 per month. If you choose the Guru plan, which allows you to track up to 1,500 keywords, it costs $208.33 for the annual subscription.

What are the Best Alternatives to Semrush Magic Tool?

Here are some popular alternative keyword tools to Semrush keyword tools: Ahrefs keyword explorer, Google keyword planner, Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite, Ubersuggest, LarSEO, and Moz keyword explorer.

Conclusion – Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush keyword magic tool is powerful and gives flexibility in running effective keyword research campaigns.

Keyword research is time-consuming; it can be challenging to research relevant niche keywords to build your business. Also, publishing content without knowing what people in your niche are searching for isn’t a good business practice.

The Semrush keyword magic solves these problems; it gives you the power and tools to identify good keywords and filters out ones that have a low impact on your business. You can research by search volume, keyword competitiveness, search intent, market values, etc.

Combining these metrics allows you to research and pick keywords that align with your business strategies and help you grow your business significantly.

Try it; you’ll find something new and helpful from playing with the Semrush keyword research tool.

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