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Semrush is a popular SEO tool used by over 10 million marketers globally and more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies. 

If you want to up your SEO game, Semrush is a helpful all-in-one SEO tool you can trust. But it is wise to try it for free before subscribing to a paid plan for its high price. 

The entry plan costs $119.95 per month; this price tag can be the stumbling block for many beginner SEOs. But with the Semrush free trial 7-day offer, you can access all essential features, test the tools and features you need, and decide if it is worth the investment. 

This is why I share how you can unlock the free trial of Semrush Pro and Guru subscription in today’s post. 

Without further delay, here is how to access Semrush for a free 7-day trial.

How to Activate Semrush Free Trial

Activating the Semrush free trial sign-up isn’t too confusing or challenging; here is what you must do.

First, click this link; it will take you to the Semrush risk-free trial account signup page. Click one of the CTA buttons to initiate the free trial Semrush signup process. 

Semrush free trial landing page

Next, fill out the Semrush signup form on the next page with your account details, such as name and email address. 

After you complete the free registration process, to activate the Semrush 7-day free trial account, enter your credit card or PayPal billing details and authorize the $1 test charge (refund within 3 days).

That’s it; you’re now ready to enjoy all the premium features in Semrush for free for the next seven days. 

Your payment methods will not be charged for subscription during the Semrush 7-day free trial; if you don’t want to subscribe to a paid plan, remember to cancel your free trial account before it expires in 7 days. 

You can now access the Semrush Pro or Guru free trial account.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers three standard pricing plans for individual SEOs and businesses of different sizes and needs. 

As mentioned above, the Pro plan starts at $108.33/month, with an annual subscription, allows tracking up to 500 keyword positions in SERP, creates five projects, and requests 10,000 results per report. 

The Guru plan gives more; it costs $208.33 when subscribed to a 12-month plan. You can track up to 1,500 ranking keywords, get up to 30,000 results per report, and create up to 10 projects. 

The Business plan is for enterprise users or SEO agencies. It gives you everything in the Pro and Guru plan, plus you can track up to 5,000 keyword positions and 40 projects and get up to 50k results per report. 

Business plan costs $416.66 per month with a 12-month billing cycle.

Semrush annual plan saves you a 17% discount from the month-to-month billing plan.

Semrush annual pricing - 17% discount

Semrush Free Trial Features

Semrush offers a ton of SEO and marketing features that are constantly updated and more being added. 

I have been using Semrush for a few years, and only a few SEO tools in the industry (Ahrefs, Moz, SEO Powersuite, SE Ranking) can rival the arsenal of tools in the Semrush platform.  

Presently, there are 65+ SEO tools and an average of 3 tools for each SEO and digital marketing strategy. 

Here are some of the tools available in the 7-day Semrush trial to help you improve your SEO:

  • On-Page SEO – This set of tools enables you to optimize new and existing content, analyze SEO bottleneck issues affecting SERP visibility, check crawl and indexing issues, and get SEO recommendations to improve rankings.  
  • Competitive Analysis – Discover what your competitors do to rank ahead of the search engine game. Uncover SEO strategies and learn how to implement them in your marketing to win. 
  • Keyword Research – Semrush has one of the best keyword tools in the industry. You can research keywords from many possibilities and strategies. From low-competitive keywords to the most difficult niche search terms, you can discover profitable keywords using the Semnrush keyword magic tool.  
  • Local SEO – This tool lets you do SEO for your local store and get found by the people who matter most to your business.
  • Link Building – This is one of the highlights of the Semrush tool. The backlink tools in Semrush allow you to find gaps, build links, analyze link profiles in bulk, do link audits, and get a detailed analysis of link performance. 
  • Competitor’s PR monitoring – Keep an eye on competitors’ online brand mentions, PR stunts, and social media presence and activities, and use what you discover to build a brand reputation. 
  • Paid Marketing – Discover what paid media and keywords drive traffic to your competitors’ advertising campaigns, get insight into the ad copy, and get more helpful details about marketing tactics.
  • Web Monetization – Earn more from your efforts as a blogger, affiliate marketer, or Adsense publisher by getting insight into competitors’ content strategy and on-page SEO recommendations to monetize your web traffic even more. 

More Semrush SEO tools

However, other SEO and marketing tools are available as an add-on for separate purchases for all users.

For example, the Semrush.Trends is an add-on for all users for an additional $200/month.

Semrush.Trend is a tool for competitive intelligence and market exploration.

With this tool, you can benchmark and compare competitors’ website performance, track traffic and user engagements, and monitor marketing trends.

And it is available for all users on a paid plan.

FAQ – Semrush Free Trial

How do I Activate my Semrush Trial Account?

First, you need to click on the link here. It will take you to the Semrush registration page. You don’t need to enter any Semrush coupon code, as the trial period is automatically applied to your account.

Can I Cancel The Semrush Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your Semrush free trial offer before expiration. However, if you let the free trial period elapse, your billing information on board will be charged.

Which is Better, Ahrefs vs. Semrush?

Both SEO tools are good and worth your money. However, Ahrefs is more efficient and dependable in linking data, and Semrush offers more tools and features than Ahrefs.

How do I Get a Free Trial of Semrush?

To get a free trial of Semrush, you need to click the link here and register for a free account or take the 7 days of free access to premium features available on this page.

Also, you need to enter your Credit Card details to activate the free trial offer. Your card won’t be charged initially until the trial period is over. 

Can I use Semrush For Free

You can use Semrush freely as long as you want and when you’re ready to upgrade. There are no time limits to the free account. 

When you’re ready to upgrade, try one of the paid subscription plans – Pro, Guru, and Business.

How do I get a Semrush 7-day free trial? 

You can get the Semrush 7-day trial access on this page. Just click on the blue call to action button above; it will take you to the Semrush sign-up page, where you can register your account and use Semrush freely for 7 days.

How Long is The Semrush Trial?

Semrush free trial last for 7 days, during which time you have access to more advanced and premium tools. When your free trial expires, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to keep accessing the advanced Semrush tool and get more SEO data.

However, if you do not subscribe to a paid plan after your trial expires, your account will downgrade to a free user account. This gives you limited access to features and tools, and limits the number of SEO data in your report.


Semrush is a powerful digital marketing tool for serious marketers. Though it requires a bit of a learning curve for beginners, it gets easier to use if you play around.

Other optimization tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, Spyfu, Screaming Frog, Uber Suggests, SEO Powersuite and Semrush are among the most widely used today.

But if you want a tool that gives you more value for money and lets you do more for less than the price, Semrush fits the bill. The sheer amount of available tools shows how helpful Semrush is to digital marketing success.

So, if you choose SEMrush as your go-to marketing tool, you’re well cared for.

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  1. I used semrush pro and it’s totally worth it. helped me in my business. generating leads and revenue. I suggest people go with it.

    1. Hi, Kristine,

      Good to read that Semrush Pro help your business move forward. And thanks for the honest recommendation.

  2. There are many tools that I use, but Semrush is at the top. With so many ways to improve SEO and analyze data, this is basically an all-in-one tool.

    1. Hey,

      Sure, Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that million of marketers find helpful. Glad you also did.

  3. Thank You Shamsudeen! This Article Is Very Useful And Informative. As I Am A Chief Executive Of “The Telit Yellow Pages” ( Business Listing). I Found Out That This Article Will Help Me To Buy “Semrush” So That My Site Would Perform Well By Using Semrush Tool. Indeed Try To Buy This Tool. Insha Allah.
    Cheers To Your Work. Hope You’ll Provide More Useful Content.

    1. Hi, Nabi,

      Glad to read you plan on trying Semrush for your business growth soon, let me know how it worked for your business and if you ever encounter an issue, I’m here to help.

      Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the heads up shams. I will be subscribing to semrush using your affiliate link.

    1. Oh! Newton

      Thanks, I appreciate your support. If you have further questions I’m always here to assist.

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