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A business that is struggling to advance demands ample buyers who are fascinated by its products/services. The most prevalent solution to this is advertising. But what would you do if you were low on budget?

Is there still a sustainable method to generate leads through content marketing?

In the wake of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, most marketers faced a disastrous website downfall. Do they know the mantra “Content is King,” but was it practical enough?

Content marketing is an informative means to connect with your audience and one of the most budget-friendly methods to reach out to prospects.

B2B content marketing stats from CMI reveals that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach their customers.

You probably know all of this, and what you are more likely to learn about is how you can use content marketing for lead generation.

Before jumping to the HOW part, let’s unravel the “WHY.”

First, let’s talk about some renowned worldly reasons why content marketing is best for lead generation.

The Thick Band Amidst Content Marketing and Lead Generation.

Most of you, I am sure, are aware of the concept of lead generation. For the ones who are not, here’s a quick definition –

Lead generation is the process of engaging and attracting prospects or targeted buyers to know more about your product or service, ultimately driving them to the final purchase.

In one simple line, ‘Content Marketing is the foundation of lead generation and nurturing. None of us can deny this crucial fact in today’s buyer landscape.

5 Reasons Why You Should opt For Content Marketing for Lead Generation.

Since we know the underlying connection between content marketing and lead generation, let us know why it is best for each other.

1. Economic and Productive.

Finding your target audience and reaching out to them is not a cakewalk.

You must always walk the extra mile to convey the message to your prospects. Advertisements might connect you to a large audience but let’s talk realistically; the budget is not affordable for all.

On the other hand, content marketing is a cost-effective means to target prospective buyers without saying, ‘Buy this product.

You can say that too, but why would you when this would do the job for you – ‘I have a solution to your problem!’

SEO or Search engine optimization makes it more beneficial since it helps you rank higher on the SERP pages gauging prospects straight in.

From here on, your content must speak; if you have done the job right – there’s no way your target won’t reach the final stage of the conversion funnel.

2. Leverages The Power of Social Media.

Content isn’t just a means to provide gated information and a silent promoter of businesses. Instead of using highly promotional content that makes a company seem needy, it is always wise to craft content to be friendly to its audience.

Always remember- the lesser you market, the more you grab the audience’s attention. But how do you deliver the message if not like that? Well, silently.

Recently, visuals like infographics, GIFs, or videos have been ranking on the charts of traffic magnets. Just draft creative and eye-pleasing social media posts and see the magic unfold.

User-generated content(UGC) gives you the most valuable opportunities to connect with your audience.

And Social media is an excellent platform for collecting UGC content. Post surveys, quizzes, and giveaways to know the details of what your readers want from your brand.

3. A Steady Guide to The Final Stage.

Generating leads needs a platform with all the potential resources to help you convert them to buyers. But here, you don’t need one; you make it yourself.

Through content marketing, you can build a steady map of generating leads – first up, attract viewers to your exclusively developed content, and then slowly compel them to sign up for your page, after which you promptly make them contact you.

If you try to muddle them with baseless information, chances are you will lose them in the process – so why take the risk?

4. Offers a Solution to The Audience.

Everyone is looking out for stuff that is varied and remedial. If you promise audiences to give them a remedy to their problems, why won’t they want to know more and connect with your firm closely?

High-quality content that discusses various topics concerning your readers’ problems will drive traffic looking for a solution to a similar issue. Well, that is precisely what you want!

It’s proven that if you showcase your expertise in your playground, you don’t necessarily have to reach out to your audience individually and ask them to buy your product.

The expertise will itself attract interested buyers—the reason why content marketing has occupied a significant portion of every marketer’s plan.

5. Establishes Credibility and Authority.

How many of you enjoy the ads that pop up while watching your favorite daily soap?

Practically none of us!

Gone are when you could fool your audience with hunky-dory pictures. Now the audience is more aware and far more informed.

To reach this new era’s audience, credibility is the only path to lead you there. If your content pieces can prove that you are an expert in your industry or at least well-aware, you are already halfway there to winning them over.

What do you do when you want something or want to know about something? Simply go to Google, type the most relevant keywords that best explain your question – and pick out the solutions from the first page results.

That is precisely what your target audience is doing. Once Google recognizes that your content is informative instead of just sales, it helps you rank higher on the search ladder.

Of course, you also need to put some SEO efforts into including relevant keywords in your content and adding backlinks and facts.

Search engine algorithms are highly dynamic, but the one thing that remains consistent is that they all want exclusive content.

Apart from that, did you know almost 80% of users ignore paid Ads in search results? Content pieces aim at educating customers to convert more prospects than the content built for sales.

7. Engages Ideal Buyers.

The beauty of content marketing is that it only reaches out to people interested in reading your content.

Unlike Ads, which appear on every TV screen irrespective of the audience. Content is exposed to your ideal buyers, the people who actually searched keywords that lead them to your blog.

Out of the readers, the ones who were impressed will click through to your landing page. And out of the ones who reached your landing page, only the ones who were genuinely intrigued by your content will fill out a form to keep in touch with you.

Everything is a play of content, only if you know how to make the right moves! Well, 82% of marketers see a positive ROI from their blogs!

8. Serves as The Backbone of Digital Marketing.

Apart from all the benefits content marketing bears, it is the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts.

The same essential content can be tweaked for your website, your social media posts, and sometimes for blogs too.

Invest time to craft omnichannel content and utilize it to its full potential. Craft emails for your marketing channel, social media ads, and video scripts!

Keep yourself updated with all the new digital media trends and teach them in your strategy unless you want to be left out from the run of making it to the top. Now you know why it is said, ‘Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left!’

Does This work?

Of course, it does. Marketers rely on content to engage prospects, educate, inspire, and convince them that they are the best in the industry.

So, if you are still rethinking your content marketing game plan, you are already losing out on many quality leads. Stop thinking and start writing.

Wrapping up!

When you are just starting, there is much to consider – both on and off the field. While listing the pros and cons of each marketing technique, keep the cost on top.

Since, at this moment, you can’t afford millions to spend on your advertising plans – I am sure Content Marketing will outweigh all of them because of its unmatchable efficacy in generating leads.

Well, someone rightly said, ‘Content Marketing is the only marketing left!

Author Bio:

Prince Kapoor

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can connect with him via his Twitter account.

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  1. Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles

  2. Content Marketing is very important for bloggers or any other niches otherwise that will be cornerstone content and don’t receive any reward.

  3. Thanks for sharing informative blog post. I have found here lots of interesting information for my knowledge I need.All the details you provide to us, it was very helpful and useful. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Appreciate your efforts.

  4. Hi,

    Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a site’s online presence, traffic and later on, sales. I couldn’t agree more with what you discussed in this article, particularly, about building credibility and authority. Understanding the fundamentals of content writing can promote long-term success. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Hi Prince and Shamsudeen

    Excellent advice for lead generation.

    Sure, everyone wants (needs) leads.

    But it’s not about YOU… it’s about your audience.

    Help them solve problems, as you point out.

    That kind of content is free, can be viral, and definitely builds your following.


  6. Content marketing is the king of all marketing. If there’s no content, there is no marketing revenue. You need to have good content to market yourself. I totally agree with your views.

  7. hello,
    Content marketing is the best strategy for grow business. Growing business means to get more leads and through content marketing its possible,
    thank you for guiding us.

  8. Content marketing works! I’ve built several businesses primarily with this strategy combined with SEO!

    The great thing about content marketing is that it lasts and compounds over the years , unlike PPC ads.

    1. Thanks, Lorenzo,

      Yes, content marketing yields better results than PPC over the years. PPC could bring instant results, but content marketing brings lasting and more valuable results. Thanks, Lorenzo

  9. Hello Shamsudeen! Thank you, dear, for this sharing this amazing information!
    Please contact me, I want to talk with you!

  10. author comments Jessica Jones says:


    Content is always king. You have witnessed here again.

    Content is everywhere. Anyone can produce content. But, it is taken to its target audiences? Does it really serve it’s readers greatly?

    Content marketing have many traits. Nothing can be ignored. It must be logical, original, informative, error-free, inspiring, and everything.

    Thanks for stopping by Prince.

  11. I got your post and I love it, I really appreciate you for writing a blog on this topic, Thank you for the post.

  12. Hi, your content marking article is very informative,

    I am owning online store which is selling home decors can you assist me in how to implement content marketing techniques in the online store

    Thanks in advance

  13. Thanks for sharing the post. The way you narrated the post is good and understandable. After reading this post I learned some new things about content marketing. we can get better traffic and lead generation if we provide quality content. Keep posting. Please let me know for the upcoming posts.

    1. Hi Samir,

      With a good content marketing strategy, you should see a gradual improvement in lead and traffic. Thanks for coming.

  14. Excellent work! I am impressed and good luck with you at all times. Would love to see your article to be continued.

  15. Hey Shamsudeen,

    Content marketing is unique among marketing tactics. In my opinion when your are creating content, be keenly aware of your target market’s pain points.

    One of the best ways to generate leads from content marketing is by offering valuable information in exchange for a person’s personal data.

    Here you have explored informative facts regarding this topic and you know online marketers and blogger can learn so many things from this post.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing.

    With best regards,

    Amar Kumar

  16. Content is the most important as Google prefers to show the content which is most relevant and user friendly.

  17. content marketing is most effect for small business.

  18. Hi sir , Thanxs for sharing this informative article.
    Content Marketing is very important topic you cover all your points very clearly

  19. author comments Aadhya Infraserve says:

    Content marketing works! I’ve built several businesses primarily with this strategy combined with SEO!

    1. Thanks, Aadhya,

      Glad to read content marketing is actually working for you. Thanks for reading through.

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