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Blogging can be lucrative for anyone, regardless of background, color, race, location, or knowledge. Anyone can start a blog and earn a living with it. Surprisingly, about 90% of people quit blogging within the first 12 months or a few years into it.

Only 10 percent of people who start blogging earn significant income from it.

If you’re considering starting a blog today, you need to know your expectations and what not to expect—the pros and cons of blogging. So you don’t get over-excited or disappointed with your results.

At some point, many bloggers ask themselves if they should quit blogging. It can be somewhat tricky to know when to quit blogging. Or for anyone to tell you to quit.

Before quitting, evaluate whether you’ve invested time, energy, and resources into growing your blog. This is an essential exercise because, from experience, many bloggers quit blogging right before they see success.

If you’re starting a blog as a beginner, here are eight truths about blogging you need to know before diving into it.

8 Reasons most people give up on blogging

1. Blogging is Very Hard

If blogging is going to be a full-time job for you, then it won’t be fun. Contrary to what the gurus sold you, blogging is very hard. I mean, seriously hard.

If your view on blogging is to work two to three hours daily and make a full-time income, you might be disappointed.

From social media engagement to blog post promotions, researching for more facts and knowledge, blog maintenance, writing, editing, networking, video recording, etc.

There are too many activities in blogging.

The chances of starting a blog today and growing into a money-making business on the odd are 10 – 90, at least for every beginner I know of.

Yes, you can start a blog today and, in three months, grow it into a thriving online business, but these are exceptional cases and not the rule.

Only veteran bloggers can achieve that if they have the budget to throw at any content and marketing. And even at that, you may burn more than you get.

2. Blogging is Time-Consuming

We all have equal 24 hours a day; how you spend yours is up to you.

time - clock

You must understand this: blogging is a very time-consuming task. It takes time to write quality content, SEO is an ongoing task, and marketing is as essential as regularly publishing new content.

If you’re still holding a regular day job, manage how you effectively spend your free time on your blog. Don’t waste your free time on pointless social media discussions.

The more productive time you put into growing your blog, the better and faster the results.

Prioritize your objectives from the most important to the least; know what directly impacts your primary goal. If blogging two hours a day is guaranteed to bring full-time income, most bloggers would become millionaires.

On average, I spent 80 hours weekly working to improve my online business – content, marketing, networking, social media, etc.

And sometimes, it may even take more or less than that, depending on how free I am and the workflow.

3. No Earnings Guarantee

There is no guaranteed income in blogging, and payment is not even predictable to an extent. It is common to see bloggers make income this month and not make a dime next.

Like any other business, there is never a 100% guarantee that the money will start rolling in when you do this.

Don’t be deceived; many things – seen and unseen – are involved before you can make money from blogging.

For instance, you might read how some bloggers made six-figure incomes from selling “just” an eBook, right?

Yes, that’s true.

Information products are one of the most lucrative businesses in the world at the moment. But selling information products takes a lot of effort, marketing, authority status, and social proof.

These are not qualities or attributes you achieve within weeks of blogging. Building loyal followers, authority, knowledge, expertise, etc, takes time. But once you accomplish these things, making a six-figure income from selling information products becomes more accessible.

4. You Have to Commit to Learning.

Learning in blogging is an ongoing process – a non-stop one – you must be committed to regularly learning if you must build that blog of your dreams.

There is nothing like a shortcut to success here; you pay the sacrifice required to succeed or go home broke. The lack of knowledge is a significant factor in why people quit blogging halfway.

Blogging on its own will force you to learn different skills and knowledge. It is an industry that thrives on constant changes and innovation. So, the more you learn about your industry changes and competitors, the better your understanding.

5. Forget The Money

Especially as a beginner blogger, I would advise you to focus on building a brand and audience at the initial stage.

Focus on building a blog worth reading, helping people achieve their dreams in any positive way you can.

money image in dollar

Every successful business I know is built on the sole principle of helping people achieve their goals. If you can help others solve their problem, the money can flow easily, even more than you can imagine.

Money shouldn’t be the primary reason for starting a blog – Yes, I agree that MONEY is one of the most critical factors that motivate people to do something better.

But that should be your secondary motive for starting a blog, not your main priority: giving value to your audience.

6. Be Patient

Rome was not built in a day, so no successful, profitable blogging career can be made in a day, months, and even, in some cases, a year.

I said above that you must be committed to a long-term approach.

Take things gradually, one step at a time, and don’t be in a hurry that you won’t even complete a task before jumping on to another.

Focus, be patient, and be organized.

How to Make Money From Blogging – Focus, be patient and be organized.

7. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

This is one of the best advice I would give you throughout this article, and I was hoping you could adhere to it carefully.

Making $500 this month through your blog business and not making it the next or earning less than that is not ideal for quitting your day job.

Make sure to have a system guaranteed to make you money every month.

And from your knowledge, this system is doing well for you, as expected, before kicking your boss in the face.

Internet business is one of the craziest businesses. It is possible to go from $100 to $1000 a month, and also, it is realistic to fall like a snowball from $1000 per month to $100 the next month.

Nothing guarantees that you must make a certain amount of money no MATTER what you do. Everything is based on the result you’re getting.

If the result is as expected, it is acceptable; if not, try another strategy.

8. Blogging is a Long-Term Effort

It is not that you can’t build a blog that brings in full-time income in a shorter period.

However, a large percentage of most successful blogs take an average of 24 months before any significant income rise in their blogging career.

And this is not enough for them to go crazy quitting their previous income stream.

My first year as a blogger was 100% for learning, and the next was and still is for education and implementing the things I learned the previous year.

Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t fold my hands doing anything in the first year but learning.

As I learn, I also practice most things I have discovered on other blogs, but it is far from saying I had any significant results.


As I said earlier, top bloggers could succeed quickly; these are exceptional cases, not norms. It takes time to build a community around a blog.

Finding a suitable and working monetization method takes time, and steady traffic is another thing. All these should be taken into consideration when getting started with blogging.

What’s your experience with people quitting their blogs?

I’d like to hear from you so my mystery friend can learn from you, too.


  1. author comments joseph ybholy says:

    Hi Adeshokan;

    You said it all, blog earning is a slow and steady job. Being persistent and steadfast guarantees you da dream.

    Many will fall of the line, I know too well, many will slip off, hoping to make $$ like the probloggers which I did some months back when I initially ventured my youth hard earned resource into blogging. I thinks blogging to be a game for the blue bloods not knowing its a game for the wise ones.

    I messed up those times.

    Another pro that I noticed is likely to hinder one from making it easier is lack of relationship building; this I learnt from “engagement superstar”, Adrienne.

    Joining a host of like-minded bloggers is now my priority, which cybernaira is among. I love your blog sir.

    Do have a nice weekend ahead.

    1. Thanks, Joseph,

      Glad you like this, and good to see you so frequent this days. Your point on relationship building is very impressive and one that must be adhere to by anyone who wants to make something better out of his professional blogging career.

      Thanks Jo, and I will soon get to you on our discussion.

  2. That’s the truth my brother. People get really fooled but blogging is not butter and bread.

    What can even make it more tough is the niche one chooses. Some niches can be less competitive making it relatively easy to create content and rank higher.

    The blogging and make money niche is a hell of hard.

    I hope the reader with whom you spoke on phone will be here to read the truth in more details.

    1. Thanks, Enstine,

      It is sad when you meet people who just think blogging is like a bed of rose, hoping to start one today and make money from it tomorrow morning. It is my wish that he could be here reading from other people’s experiences.

      Thanks for coming.

  3. There are different types of bloggers and they have different reasons for blogging. There are part-time professionals, the hobbyist, the full-time professional, the corporate and the entrepreneur, and each of them earns a different amount of money.

    Well, success won’t come quickly or easily. You have to make sure you are committed and passionate about what you’re blogging about. So be patient and keep the quality of your blog/content. Continue to build a great foundation of relationship with your readers, followers and soon enough, you can feel that your effort and patience is worth it on your first check.

    1. Oh! Thanks, Mezt,

      Those words are enough to put anyone hoping to make a living from blogging on the right track of success. And to decide what type of blogger she wants to be known for – Part-time professionals, full-time professional, hobbyist, corporate and or the entrepreneur.

      Your input is of great value, and thanks for always been there, Mezt.

  4. Very straight forward post of every new bloggers. am also new blogger but I learnt the things how blogging works it’s not like a day time job 8 hrs. and get paid ..

    we have to struggle hard ,patience & dedication and should have knowledge how to handle the things in blogging and new bloggers always things online making money is a overnight rich concept.. thanks for the post mate.. expecting more post from you

    1. Hi Charan,

      Welcome to cybernaira – my little empire where I share my day to day experience with others on the subject of blogging.

      Glad to see you like this on your first visit, your points are valid. Blogging is not a day job where you get paid for your day, weekly or monthly services. This is different and most newbie just thinks otherwise.

      Thanks for coming and hope to see you soon,

  5. Hello Shamsudeen,

    I am coming here from ABC community and of course have seen you on Esntine’s place! 🙂

    Okay, these 8 points most new bloggers don’t entirely know or don’t want to know. Blogging is a passion and should not be equaled to the money, especially in the beginning stage or you’ll get exhausted before even starting.

    Today’s top bloggers was once new, started long ago when we hadn’t had an idea of the internet. So, they were consistent in working on their passion and that’s what took them there.

    Just that be consistent, learn and spread as much knowledge as possible. The money will flow in later.

    ~ Adeel Sami

    1. Thanks Adeel,

      Good to see you’re from ABC community, hope you’re having great fun engaging with other members, welcome to cybernaira.

      Yes, am a regular reader of Enstine’s blog and also got featured on his weekly bloggers spotlight post.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us; consistency, learning and of course, spreading ones knowledge across the width and breath of the world is a good way to reach out to as many people as possible and also a great way to be helpful.

      Thanks for coming, and do have a nice day.

  6. Hi Shamsudeen .

    You have shared the truth here. I am a beginner too and sometimes I feel inclined toward lucrative offers of bloggers .but being a realistic man I have an idea from your post that it takes time to build the Rome .

    There are thousands of posts like how I made 1 million in 4 months .I am not sure if they actually earned

    1. Hi Zain,

      Welcome, and to begin with…..I’ll like to comment on your last taught – if actually those “How I made $$$ in the xxx month are true”?

      Well, to the best of knowledge….most “authority bloggers” I know of actually made such a staggering amount in the said time.

      But one problem I foresee with such a claim like this one is, you’re never told all it takes to make such money in such short space.

      It is easy now for John Chow, Pat Flynn or Darren to wake up one morning and blast email newsletter to their subscribers with an affiliate offer or product lunch and in return makes $100,000 in profits just in 36 hours or even less – Yes, don’t doubt this – it is very realistic.

      But, did you ever think of how long it takes to get those list rolling? How long it takes to establish trust, honesty, credibility, authority, etc for the subscribers to have faith and trust in whatever you recommend? How many years of trial and error does it take to find what is actually working from what is not working?

      Those $$$ sales or income report you read on these pro bloggers blog are the result of years of trial and errors, techniques and strategies, money spent wisely and spent foolishly in the process of finding what is really working.

      So when you read a blogger make that money, don’t be surprised or doubt it, they actually did, but it is not as easy or how they make it look like.

      1. Exactly you are right.it takes time to become a trustworthy blogger
        Thanks for your insight .keep in touch.


  7. author comments Tyrell Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing .

    I’m new to blogging but I enjoy especially when you’re passionate about helping others achieve their goals or see their vision . This post is great . I’ve been in business for almost 3 years now . And continue . Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Allow me to call you that; lots have been said on how passion should be one of the best reasons behind starting a blog and not just solely for the money.

      I don’t see how that could changes even in some decade coming, thanks Jordan, wish to see you again.

  8. Hi Shamsudeen,

    You are right in all that you mentioned – absolutely agree with you there 🙂

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and just like any new business takes time to grow, so does a blog! It amazes me how some new bloggers will just have one question in mind – when will I make money from my blog or when will I get AdSense approval!

    They forget, they need to learn a lot and be around in the blogosphere doing things other bloggers do, and most importantly, provide quality content, before thinking about money!

    Blogging surely isn’t easy, no matter what the niche! It’s a struggle, and it is a process that WILL take time, and there is no ‘Fast-Forward’ button to it. I marvel at all those who manage a day job, yet find time to blog, which is time consuming and you need to put in a lot of effort once the post is written (which is the easiest part!) – the promotions and social media can be huge places to take your time!

    Your advice to not leave the day job is right – not unless you are making enough money, certainly not. The pro-bloggers are different, that is why they are THE pro’s…lol…we cannot be like them, though learn from them, and do what we can, to the best of our ability. I am sure your friend would be happy with the advice you gave him.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for coming; you said something that escapes my mind when writing this post that most newbie bloggers do ask very often in most online social gathering places I visit – “When would I get AdSense approval?”

      That question is one that I come across more than any other, in fact, I have lost count.

      Many of these newbie bloggers have gone to the extent of buying AdSense account from other bloggers – both hosted and non-hosted AdSense account.

      That shows the extent they could go to tell you their blog was primarily built for Google AdSense ads. So if they fail to make money from the program, that’s all to their blogging career.

      This set of bloggers can never make a business out of blogging that will give them financial security. Blogging because of Google AdSense is like living on a “Time Bomb”.

      The moment it explodes, you’re a ghost.

      Thanks for coming, wish someone out there could learn greatly from your experience. Thanks.

  9. author comments joseph ybholy says:

    Hi Enstine Emeka!

    Hmmm, replacing ‘muki’ with ’emeka’ sounds better; I think so.

    That’s by the way, you said it all, blogging is not butter and bread. It takes more than expected to see light at the end of the tunnel in blogging hemisphere.

    Am now back to my feet once more. Still standing with one leg up; I need you all to indemnify myself. I believe, with time, am gonna stand right.

    Happy seeing you here. Do have a nice Easter week ahead.

    Don’t forget; relocate to Nigeria and take above name. Lols….

  10. Hello,

    I am totally agree to your all points which you described in this post. Blogging is very hard it is true but if we decided we should do better and better then we can do very easily. Any work when we started we faced more probe yet we do it.Same as in blogging.

    Thanks so much for posting.

    1. Thanks Sonam,

      Happy to see you here reading my blog, yes you’re right about dedicating ourselves to whatever we’re doing to see it through and blogging is no exemption.

      Thanks for coming and hope to see you soon.

  11. author comments Onyema shedrach says:

    One point I just want to mention here is about learning, you cannot just be talking about how to start making money from blogging without learning how to create a simple blog.

    I can still remember when I was starting up, it took me about 1year to learn how to create and customize a blog on blogger platform and about 6 month to master WordPress like a pro,

    It took me another extra one year to know how to write a better blog post, SEO, Graphic Design, all of this takes me time to do and to understand, I spend hell lot of my time reading and researching both Nigerian and Foreign Bloggers and I have at my library of about 1000 bloggers in different online business niches around the world,

    I now create a blog within few minutes and redesign it to look the way u want it, I can boast of having a good pay check at the end of the month from my different online business from different niches that I am running.

    Now u may be wondering why I am sharing this info here, it is to prove to any aspiring bloggers and newbies that you really need to bend down and learn before you think of making money from blogging. No body have that time to undergo basic coaching and training from blogger and that is why we have a lot of amateur bloggers that is parading themselves as an expert blogger. All they do is to create one sale page and Photoshop it with fake screen shoot of their earnings to get their into buying their half bake info.

    One guy call me few weeks ago to register on my online membership program after few talk with the guy, he ask me,will I be making 100000 per month when I register? I quickly cut the call because I know this guy is desperate money seeker and I don,t him around my online coaching program.

    To summarize my comment, any person who want to make money online need to learn, research, practice, offer solution to the public, be patience, hardworking and eventually the money will come by. Thanks.

    1. author comments joseph ybholy says:

      Howdy, Onyema!

      Nice meeting you here once more after reading your guest post herein some times ago. Thanks once more.

      Please, with all due respect, kindly accept this piece from me to you, I think this is the best medium to pass it.

      “All you said is good, and really informative to say. I like it. But one more thing bro, try to enhance the structural arrangement of your text; jam-packing your text irritates the eye. It takes me much to bounce on a write-up without paragraphs.

      All the same, am interested in doing business with you, online business its all about engagement. We need to know better bro.

      Best Easter wishes to you!

    2. Hi Onyema,

      Sorry, this reply comes a bit late, just seeing this now.

      Your point and views are well received and valid, thanks for sharing your experience with us, how you gradually moved from one stage to the other.


  12. Nice. Keep Writing. I read all your blogs its too helpful for me. Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to seeing more like this.

  13. Hi Adeshokan

    I love this post and I commend you for posting such an important issue.

    I agree with your points and you are right. One needs to have the right mindset and information before embarking on blogging. There are so many people who started blogging and dropped out because of the wrong mindset.

    I do want to point though that Blogging should not be hard but fun. However due to many false realities, it is masked at being difficult.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for pointing that out; yes you’re right about not taking blogging to be hard but fun…..but for the un-initiated, especially the wannabe get money quick blogger, I think we should let them know that in reality, blogging is not for the faint hearted.

      It takes some decent amount of discipline, determination and persistent to make something good out of blogging for money.

      Thanks Ikechi, happy celebration.

  14. Hi Shamsudeen,

    You have truly laid down truths about making money from blogging. Until we realize that blogging is mental tasking, time consuming, and energy sapping, we will never appreciate the enormous task of what we have gotten into.

    Making money from blogging doesn’t happen overnight but it demands lots of sacrifices and patient!

    I guess we should all be reminded of these truths anytime we honestly ask how we are to make a living blogging!

    I have shared the above in kingged.com where this post was found!

    1. Thanks, Sunny,

      I am so glad to see you agree with my reason for this. And nice to see you around too. Many people got into blogging without knowing full well what they’re stepping into, only to realize later on is not a get rich quick something.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and happy festive period.

  15. Hi there ,

    As you said, Blogging is a long term strategy and is no kiddos game. Most of the newbies waste a lot of time around the internet space trying to find the ‘fast way’ to make money out of blogging. The reality is , making a full time living out of blogging is hard.

    Well, it is not impossible but it is quite hard for sure. Well, the fact is there is no magic bullet or over night secret to get things under your control.

    It is not easy to crave out your name in this big virtual real estate and build yourself as a successful blogger.If you want to pave the way to success, then you gotta play a long game and put in a lot of effort.

    I agree with each and every single point you listed out there. It really makes sense and provides a lot of food for thought for the newbies.Between, this is my first visit in here and I’m very excited about getting back here again 🙂 You run a great blog, brother 🙂

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Sourav,

      Welcome to CyberNaira, am glad you find something good on your first visit…….you know they say “the first impression is surely the last impression”.

      Thanks for your input. Like you rightly said, no magic bullet in this space, you just have to figure every puzzle out here and connect all the dots together before thinking of success.

      This won’t happen overnight, it takes time for things to start falling into their rightful places here.

      Thanks, Sourav, looking forward to seeing you again.

  16. I am new to blogging and I have a lot to learn. I appreciate your article and I am working on patience.

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Good to see you here; patients are one of the keys to success, so you’re not wrong working to improve on it.

      Thanks for coming, and I hope to see you again.

  17. Hi Shamsudeen,

    This is one of the best, most straightforward, tell it like it really is articles I’ve read in a while! I couldn’t help but comment and compliment you!

    I love this quote from your article:

    “Selling of information product is one of the most lucrative business in the world at the moment, but before you can successfully make any significant income from the sales of information product…the foundation must have already be in place like – authority, credibility, established audience, responsive email subscribers, expertise in your field, etc.”

    I teach business owners and entrepreneurs who want to market online that if you don’t know what business you’re “really” in and have not done the following foundational work, you’re in trouble!

    1. What tangible values do you provide your customers after they have experienced you.
    2. What problems do you “specifically” solve?
    3. Who do you “specifically” solve them for?
    4. How are your products or services “a” solution.

    The truth is most bloggers talk about themselves. They rarely address the real issues their readers have and therefore they don’t sell much or anything.

    Again, fantastic article.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for coming, so glad to see you around.

      Yes, many people forget that potential client is less concern about YOU, but the benefits he stands to gain from using your products, services or information.

      If nothing is in it for him, why wasting time on your blog?

      And thanks for liking my realistic approach to what blogging is all about. Thanks, Don, looking forward to seeing you around again.

  18. Awesome post,

    Well I think patience is the most crucial part of blogging. It is necessary to have patience and should not count days to earn money but rather work hard and hard consistently and then soon we could expect some profits.


  19. Thanks for sharing you lovely tips.

    Honestly, I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I just make money from my blog at the end of 2013. You know..? I spent almost 3 years to learn about how blogging work for me.

    Sure, I agree with what you said. Blogging is long term effort. It’s no guarantee to make money unless you committed in working hard with you blog.

    You’ve got to research about how blogging, and how famous bloggers make money from their blog.

    Another point that you said absolutely right is that never quite your business. If you leave behind your opportunity, I will never get that..!

    I didn’t quite my business even I’m not able to earn..! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kimsea,

      Interesting to read how long it took you to start earning from your blog, that’s something most newbie bloggers fail to understand about most successful bloggers rise to glory.

      They read only one side of the story – mostly the success side – but never have the opportunity to see behind the scene of what goes on running the blog over the years.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      1. Sure, Shamsudeen…!

        The successful bloggers have a long stories of Failure, I would guarantee that you have many blogs that those were deleted a long the ways they blog.

        It is so common for them, failed and start over again, and again.

        Anyway, how long have you been blogging..?

        1. Its been 7 years now since I started blogging, mostly the first two years were for experiments – finding what works and what is not.

          But I’ve been online since 2009 chasing around the “money” indifferent “get quick money rich” programs before finally settling down with blogging in 2012.

          Along, I made some few bucks but something keeps telling me nothing comes close to starting your own business. So I started researching blogs and their benefits, afterward, I started this very blog you’re reading in July of 2012.

          Though after this one, I have tried to get some more off the ground they failed right from the word “go”.

          Thanks Kimsea.

  20. People are desperate about making money and that is why they rush into things without thinking twice about it. Sorry to say it but Nigerians are fond of doing this.

    Any business you do in Nigeria that does not materialize in a month is regarded as useless. This occurs because Nigerians tend to compare success in terms of month because workers collect their salaries monthly.

    But everything you do requires time, efforts and diligence.

    When you want to be known, give it time and continue what you are doing, it will surely be successful one day.

    1. Thanks Bongdap,

      First, have you lived in Nigeria or still living?

      You seems to be so sure of what you say about Nigerians, though am not disputing that…Nigerians are known to love the fast track that leads to wealth.

      Excellent comes from what we practices and do everyday, with time and consistent efforts……success is never out of reach.

      Thanks Bongdap, nice to see you here.

  21. I want to start a blog, I read out many posts on blogs but I am confused ……when I can apply for AdSense account??
    Like how many users on a website?

    1. Hi Sumit,

      Start your blog first, then, continue adding more content to it. Later on, apply for Adsense to see if Google accepts your blog. If not, don’t give up, continue adding more content, then reapply again. Goodluck.

  22. author comments Jessica Jones says:


    Valid points shared!

    Of course, during initial days, blogging income can be a supplementary. Quitting the regular profession is never appreciable as you said. Once diversified the blog income sources and when it make some consistent money, then make it full-time. Right?

  23. Hello Shamsudeen,

    This post is very useful for people that will make use of it but most people that need and read it will not use it. That is just how it is.

    That is what happened to me when I started. I left my job when I started earning a few dollars online and it backfired.

    I was depressed for many months before and didn’t feel alright until my online business started making reasonable money.

    Life was hard during that time. I can say it made me put all my effort into the online business but it’s too risky and I nearly gave up on myself.

    I hope those that read my comment will learn from it.

    1. Hi Adisa,

      First, thanks for coming and reading through.

      That’s the way it is. Many are called but few are chosen.

      Sure, many will read this post but only a few will take action on the lesson shared in it. And thanks for sharing your real-life experience with blogging for money and how risky it is to quit a day job when the online business had not fully taken off.

      Thanks, Adisa, nice having you here.

  24. I thank you for the post. I am a digital marketer and know the fact, but I have seen many who think that blogging is too easy and anyone can do this. Thanks for telling people that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea unless and until you can’t work day and night.

    1. Thanks, Anit,

      The truth about blogging for money is hard to tell, but it is necessary for anyone going to start his/her blog to learn the truth. Thanks for coming.

  25. Thats a question every Blogger asks for,
    What I Think is that blogging should only be done if it is what you enjoy doing

  26. Thank you dear, I found your information really useful. I would like to say thanks once again for this information. keep posting all the new information.

  27. Blogging is all about your passion and purpose. In the long run, opportunities will come. Then you can profit from your passion.

  28. I just love reading you articles and I want you to please keep making these amazing articles that are just straight to the point. Really appreciate the effort you put into each and every post. Regards

  29. You need patience before you start making money from blogs. It is not something that would happen in snap. Blogging takes time and effort to become a pro blogger

  30. Hey Adeshokan,

    Consistency and success go hand in hand. In my opinion – Bogging daily will improve your writing skills as well as improve the domain authority of your blog.

    Blogging is one of the best sources of income nowadays, and many successful blogs are earning a good amount of revenue per month.

    But, that is not easy because to reach this level you have to follow some habits in your blogging which will make you a successful blogger.

    It is also true that there is a lot of competition in the blogging industry and due to this, some people may find it difficult to become a successful blogger.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      It feels good to see you here sharing your experience with us. I sincerely appreciate your comments on my blog.

      Consistency as you said, is vital to success in any field of study. And that’s what many people don’t follow in their pursuit of success. They do this thing once or a few times, and since results are not instant, they move on to the next thing.

      Earning fulltime income from blogging won’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, consistency and more works done right to make a fortune from blogging.

      Thanks, Amar, nice having you here.

  31. author comments Dr. Puru Dhawan says:

    Blogging is one of the best sources of income nowadays, and many successful blogs are earning a good amount of revenue per month.

  32. interesting information about When Would I Start Making Money From Blogging?

  33. This article is wonderful. What you have said is the truth. It took me 3 years to make money from blogging, and I won’t say it is decent to just live with that. Blogging is tedious, but at the same time, it can be fun to do so.

    1. Hi, Vaibhav,

      Thanks for your valuable inputs.

      Blogging is hard, but that doesn’t take away the fun part. Patient, consistency, smart work, learning, etc…success is not far fetched. Thank you.

  34. Loved reading the way you presented your thoughts in this article.

    You need to be patient before starting a blog as blogging takes more time than money.

  35. I personally feel blogging is important. End of the day we are looking for leads. I believe blogging helps to achieve leads

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