Fiverr Affiliate Program Review – How to Make Passive Income

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If the idea of earning consistent passive income sounds good to you, there’s a lot to take in this Fiverr affiliate program review. You’ll discover how the affiliate program can earn you consistent monthly passive income.

And why you should consider signing up for the Fiverr freelance marketplace affiliate program.

Fiverr is the world’s most popular freelance marketplace. There’s absolutely every digital marketing service on the platform.

With 4.2 million active Fiverr buyers as of Dec 2021, this is one of the best digital marketing services affiliate programs.

But how do you become a Fiverr affiliate marketer?

This is what this guide is about. 

To show you how to earn from the Fiverr affiliate program. And become a successful affiliate marketer. I will guide you through the Fiverr signup process, commission structures, tips and tricks to make more sales, the best CPA plan to promote, etc…

Without wasting time, let’s dive in together…

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review – How to Signup

Fiverr affiliates can earn commissions by referring first-time buyers to the platforms. And if a sale is made through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.  

Sounds easy, right? On paper, that’s all to it. 

But there’s more to making money in any affiliate program than just sharing your affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is tough, and difficult to make consistent sales but with the right tactics and consistent effort, anyone can become a super affiliate marketer.

Don’t worry, I will walk you through a few tips and tactic guarantees to bring consistent affiliate sales. But first, you need to sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program by following the step guide below.

Step 1. Fiverr Affiliate Sign up 

The Fiverr affiliate program signup process is easy and requires a few steps. Click on this link to open the signup page.

On the signup page, click on the “Start Earning Now” or “Join Now” buttons. Whichever you click takes you to the same page.

Fiverr Affiliate program signup page

Step 2. Fill out The Signup Form

Fiverr signup form

There are a few things to pay attention to while filling out this form. 

All fields marked with red asterisks are compulsory to fill out. In the Account Type field, choose “Private”. If you’re a company, you won’t be reading about the Fiverr affiliate program review here.

I’m sure you’re a solopreneur, that’s why you’re here. So, choose private. 

Next, in the field, “Do you have a main source of traffic? If you answer yes, you’ll need to enter your website URL. If you don’t have a website yet, enter a social media account page you own or a YouTube channel.

The Skype field is optional, don’t bother if you don’t have a Skype account. 

Note: Use only figures and alphabets for passwords – no special characters. And a minimum of 6 characters for the username.

Once you fill out the form correctly, click on the Next button.

Step 3. Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

This page is about two things – To learn about your traffic source and your audience interest. Bear in mind, whatever option you select here does not matter. 

This is not going to set your promotional method or marketing materials in stone. You’ll have access to all the Fiverr affiliate marketing materials regardless of the option you choose here. 

Once you’re done with the form, accept the Fiverr terms & conditions and privacy policy, and click on the “Register Now” button.

Fiverr - Affiliate tell us about yourself

Step 3. Start Promoting

If you follow all the steps correctly, you should be on this page.

Fiverr affiliate approval page

The best part is that Fiverr does not go through the approval process like many other affiliate programs. So you can start promoting right away. You’re now officially a Fiverr affiliate marketer.

You’ll receive the Fiverr affiliate welcome email in your inbox with links to important affiliate marketing materials on the website. It is a good thing to go through that email to jump-start your affiliate marketing campaign with Fiverr.

How Fiverr Affiliate Program Works

The Fiverr affiliate program paid for orders made by first-time buyers only on the website. This means if you refer someone who already has an account on the platform, you won’t get paid the commission even though he has never bought services on Fiverr before.

Your referrer is qualified as a Fiverr first-time buyer (FTB) if he signs up for a Fiverr buyers account through your affiliate link. Then any subsequent order placed by the buyer is attributed to your affiliate id.

Once Fiverr users sign up through your affiliate link they are assigned to you for life. So even if they sign up but didn’t buy immediately, but later buy service on Fiverr 6 or 8 months later, you still get your commission.

However, the Fiverr affiliate “account signup” tracking cookie lasts for only 30 days. 

This means the user must sign up for a Fiverr account within 30 days of clicking through your affiliate id. After 30 days and if they didn’t sign up but later did through another affiliate id or traffic source, they will be assigned to the last traffic source.

The last traffic source or affiliate id that results in the user’s Fiverr account signup is assigned the leads. 

How to Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Program

Now that you’ve learned how does Fiverr affiliate program work, let’s focus on how to earn from the Fiverr affiliate program

In every internet business model, traffic quality plays a vital role in its success. The type of Fiverr services you’re promoting to what audience section also determines your earnings potential.

For example, if your audience community is digital marketers, you will find lots of services on Fiverr to promote. Fiverr is mainly a digital marketing service marketplace, so it makes a lot of sense to build an audience that is interested in having an online presence.

Based on personal experience, these tips will help you make money with Fiverr affiliate marketing.

1. Build a Relevant Community

If you want to get the best of Fiverr affiliate programs, build relevant audience communities. Think about this, what will make anyone buy a service on Fiverr?

To bring more value to their business or improve their life. 

But, the vast majority of freelancers on Fiverr offer digital marketing services. Fiverr is not a marketplace where goods are sold but a place to render services in exchange for money. 

On the Fiverr homepage, most of the categories on display are related to internet marketing services. 

Fiverr marketplace

This is why you need to build an audience section that is interested in establishing an online presence. These are people who own an online space and want to take it to the next level. These are people that will buy repeatedly from your affiliate links.  

Create a blog niche targeted at this section of the audience and start publishing valuable content. This is how you can build a stable affiliate marketing business.

2. Publish an Ultimate Guide

Write ultimate guides on industry topics that naturally attract mentioning digital marketing services. For example, you can write an ultimate guide on how to do PPC marketing and strategically recommend Fiverr gigs in that category.

Your article won’t appear promotional, it will offer value yet, you’re promoting your affiliate link in the process. If you need inspiration on how to do this, here is a post to get ideas from. 

Examine the links in the article and how I manage to mention Fiverr services where it makes sense.

Your ultimate guide should consist of a subcategory of the main topic. Under each section, recommend services that naturally fit in. That’s how your article offers value while you’re recommending an affiliate product in the process. 

3. Buy Services on the Platform to Test

One of the best ways to offer great value as an affiliate marketer is to write product reviews based on experience. When you have used the service, it becomes easier to talk about it.

You have real-life situations to draw from and experience using the service. Your content will be unique from what’s on the internet because you’re not regurgitating what others already published. 

Your images are original. You can show your audience every single detail they want to know because you have ordered the services. 

You’ll be able to talk about the communication level of the seller, service quality, turnaround time, the impact of the gig on the business, etc… This is going to help your content stand out and give more value to the readers. 

Check out some of my product review posts here, and you will see most of them are born out of the experience with the product. 

4. Publish Freelance Marketplace Comparison Post

Fiverr is not the only marketplace on the internet, it may be the most popular. But there are other freelance marketplaces like Upwork, People Per Hour, 99design, Dribble, etc…

You can create a marketplace comparison post where you compare features, business models, ease of use, payment structure, category of service offered, target audience, and more.

There is a good chance that the audience who are searching for this kind of post is new to outsourcing freelancers. This is a good opportunity to get first-time buyers to your Fiverr affiliate link.

You don’t need to be biased in your comparison, Fiverr has all it takes to be the best marketplace for buying digital marketing services. 

5. Promote on Social Media

Fiverr has more than 550 service categories, so there’s every possibility you’ll find a section of social media users interested in one category or another.

Facebook groups are a perfect target for promoting Fiverr services. But you have to give value first. If you spam the group with your links without offering any value upfront, you risk kicking out of the group.

The key to success in Facebook group marketing is relevancy and value. 

Let’s say you want to promote a specific Fiverr SEO service. What you need to do is search for SEO groups on Facebook. Read the group rules first before applying to be a member.

If you’re accepted, start offering value by answering questions and asking. Join meaningful discussions and be noticeable.

When it makes sense and helps someone find solutions to a problem, recommend your Fiverr SEO services. 

If done correctly, you can start earning consistent $2,000/month with this strategy. 

Many SEO Facebook group members are professionals who have an online presence. These are people who order freelance services regularly.

6. Optimize Content For SEO

If you have a blog, you need to optimize it for search engine visibility. Search engines are the largest driver of internet traffic. 

And the best part is traffic from search engines is the most qualified and well-targeted. But it takes time to get positive SEO results so you need to be patient, and consistently work on your strategy.

The first step is to have a blog that’s optimized for search traffic. And you should never publish an article without a target keyword.

If your content is not targeting any search query, it will be difficult to drive relevant organic traffic. 

Pick a Fiverr service category, and research relevant keywords based on the category. And write content promoting the services using the target keyword.

For example, if you want to promote a Fiverr SEO content writing service. You can research keywords like “how to find cheap writers”, ” SEO copywriting services”, etc…then, in your article, you will mention the Fiverr service as a recommendation.

If your content ranks for the targeted keywords, you will get more clicks on your affiliate links. 

7. Send Email Newsletters

Your email list is one of the best traffic sources for affiliate offers.

You can promote your Fiverr affiliate link to your subscribers in many ways that won’t make you look like an aggressive salesperson. But you need to place value at the top of the very email message.

Giving value and showing subscribers that you care about their success will improve open rates and clicks. If your subscribers find value in your newsletters, they will read your message and take action on your recommendations.

But first, you need a system that lets you run an email newsletter effortlessly. 

There are lots of email marketing solutions, and Getresponse is one of the leaders in the industry. Sign up for a free 30-day trial to explore the features and tools. If it is worth the money, you can upgrade or remain on the free plan which allows up to 500 email contacts.

For more information on the Getresponse email marketing solution, read my extensive review.

8. Republish Your Old Content

When you first publish your affiliate offer content, there is a good chance some of your readers didn’t see it or have not become part of your community then. 

Republishing posts gets more exposure, traffic, links, and engagements. The more people who see your post, the more the potential to earn money from the Fiverr affiliate program. This is because your new readers will see your content with links on the page.

Content republishing has many more free benefits beyond traffic. 

When you republish content, it attracts new shares, an audience, new keywords to target, and a new indexation. You have the opportunity to reoptimize the post, add new content, edit paragraphs, add new keywords, etc…

9. Use Paid Traffic

At some point, paid traffic (pay per click ) is something you should consider if you want to earn from the Fiverr affiliate program. 

There are lots of paid traffic agencies today – Facebook, Google, and Bind are the top 3. However, you should be careful not to go against the affiliate program PPC terms & conditions. Do NOT drive paid traffic to the Fiverr website directly, instead, drive the traffic to your landing pages.

Many affiliate programs don’t allow bidding on brand terms/keywords, product names, product descriptions, etc…If you’re unsure what the Fiverr affiliate program rules are, check out the Q & A page.

Paid traffic can accelerate affiliate marketing growth and give you results in the shortest time possible, but it is not sustainable. You need to keep putting in money to sustain it. The moment you stop bidding on search terms, your traffic will drop to normal. 

But you should leverage paid marketing channels to complement your marketing efforts. It is a good traffic source guaranteed to drive a targeted audience.

Fiverr Commission Plan – How it Works

Fiverr offers different commission plans which make it an interesting affiliate program for bloggers. In this review of Fiverr affiliate programs, I will walk you through the commission structure and help you decide which one is the best.

Fiverr CPA (Cost per Action)

This is a dynamic Fiverr affiliate CPA commission structure that offers a one-time commission on any product purchased by a first-time buyer. The commissions range from $15 to $150 depending on the category of product the buyer ordered on the Fiverr marketplace.

For example, all Fiverr Pro services pay a one-time commission of $150, while services in the industrial and design category pay a $50 commission.

Here is the full Fiverr CPA payments structure according to service categories.

Fiverr Hybrid

The Fiverr Hybrid commission plan pays a fixed $10 CPA commission plus a 10% Revenue Share for the next 12 months on every first-time buyer you refer.  

This means you get paid a fixed $10 commission whenever your referrer buys for the first time on Fiverr, and you earn 10% off subsequent orders for 12 months. 

Let me explain it better if you haven’t gotten it…

For example, your referrer buys a service in the data science category which pays a $50 CPA commission. Fiverr will pay you a $10 commission instead, you won’t get the $50.

But for every successful order made by the same buyer for the next 12 months on Fiverr, you will get a 10% share of revenue with Fiverr.

Let’s do a little math here…

Initial commission = $10

Oder value for 12 months = $5,000

10% of $5,000 = $500

The total commission earned from a buyer = $510.

So, instead of earning a one-time commission of $50, you’re now getting paid 900% more for your one-time effort. 

If you want to make consistent income from the Fiverr affiliate program, the hybrid commission plan makes more sense.

Fiverr Learn

The Fiverr learn affiliate program allows you to earn from every course sale made from your affiliate link. The fixed commission is $30 per successful course registration. 

Affiliates are not entitled to recurring or revenue share commission plans here. It is a one-time cost-per-action plan.

The affiliate link is available in your Fiverr affiliate dashboard. 

Though the learn Fiverr course program is primarily designed for freelancers already on the platform, anyone can sign up for the course program and get certified. 

You’ll find courses on mostly all digital marketing topics. From web design, eCommerce, social media, and graphic design to programming, there are plenty of courses available on the platform.

Fiverr Business

The Fiverr business affiliate commission plan pays a fixed $100 when the referring account spending reaches $100. And you get a 10% revenue share on subsequent spending for the next 12 months.

The Fiverr business platform is a place where agencies or team managers can find verified talents to build their teams and execute projects. Instead of going through the interview process, Fiverr helps marketers and businesses with vetted freelancers to build a team and work together.

Fiverr Affiliates

When you refer other affiliates to sign up with the Fiverr affiliate program, the affiliate is assigned to you for life. You will earn 10% of their revenue for the lifetime of each affiliate account you refer to Fiverr.

This is the thing, if an affiliate you refer to Fiverr earns $3,000 in a month, you will get 10% off $3,000 = $300 for being the affiliate sponsored. If he earns $5,500 the next month, you also get 10% of that amount the next month.

This is how you can grow your affiliate revenue by working less. But you have to put in a lot of effort upfront. Affiliate marketing is tough, but with the right strategy and consistent efforts, you will live your dream life sooner than later.

Payment Method

Fiverr offers 3 payment methods for its affiliates:

  • Payoneer – commission under $1,000/month
  • PayPal – Commission under $1,000/month
  • Wire/ACH Transfer – commission above $1,000/month

The minimum payout threshold is $100 and you can request a payout on the 2nd of the following month. 

For example, all earnings during February will be eligible for a payout as of the 2nd of March. If you did not reach the $100 threshold you can’t request for payout.

To receive your payout automatically, choose “private” in your payment account setting. Accounts that are listed as companies will need to upload invoices before payment can be issued.

Fiverr payment setting page

Pros and Cons of Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

There are benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of the Fiverr affiliate program. Let’s go over the well-known facts.

Pros of Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Fiverr is a global brand with customers in 160 countries
  • More opportunities to earn consistent income with less effort.
  • You get paid multiple times for one-time efforts
  • Auto-approved affiliates
  • You can promote Fiverr without a personal website
  • You can use paid traffic to promote your blog content

Cons of Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • You earn from first-time buyers only
  • Fiverr Pro affiliate commission is capped at $150 even if the order value is $3,000.

FAQ – Review of Fiverr Affiliate Program

  1. Is the Fiverr affiliate program legit?

    Yes, the Fiverr affiliate program is 100% legit and is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. 

    With a marketplace of over 550 service categories, 830,000 freelancers, and active buyers of over 4.2 million, Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace, and being part of its affiliate program is a good choice.

  2. Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?

    Yes, Fiverr has an affiliate program run through CellXpert. The signup process is easy and does not require an approval process. You can sign up through the link on this page and start earning consistent affiliate income.


This is the ultimate guide to the Fiverr affiliate program review content you will find on the internet.

If you’re so serious about making money with the Fiverr platform, you have all the information you need to kick-start your affiliate journey. The first step is to sign up for an affiliate account through this link.

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