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Many of us don’t know there are close to 2 billion blogs on the world wide web. One of the reasons you should start your blog on the best blog niche you’re comfortable with. So you don’t get overwhelmed, frustrated, and feel like quitting when things are working as expected.

Apart from the huge numbers of already running blogs, are you still aware that people create hundreds if not -thousands of blogs every day in Nigeria alone?

Just as people rushed into setting up a blog, the majority of them rushed out in less than three months. After facing little challenges, most of them abandon the blogs and the rest are history.

Yes… This is not new, it’s possible.

Newbie bloggers abandon their blogs every day. This is the major reason why you will need to create a blog you are passionate about… that you can give anything to keep it working.

How to Create Your Blog

When it comes to creating a blog and how to do it the right way, we have a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria on this page. Do visit the page and follow the guide as instructed by the author.

Now That Your Blog is Ready

After following the above guide, let’s assume that your blog is ready as it has been set up by yourself or maybe you decided to engage someone to do it for you.

Now you are confused about how to choose a blog niche to focus on.

Each attempt you made to drop a post, makes you feel completely disconnected from your blog. And choosing the best blog niche becomes a complete dilemma.

After putting hours into a blog post, you quickly reverted it to the draft because the idea in the post does not reflect what you want it to.

Probably you are unsure if people will like to read your content. Here is a guide on how to create content that people read in case you need to develop your writing skills.

Virtually all the niches you wanted to try are overcrowded and a lot of popular personalities in that aspect make your chances to become slimmer.

Now you started giving up, sometimes you wonder if you should just give up. Moreover, you doubted if all the popular bloggers around went through such stress in the past.

If ‘NO’…that means you are not made to be a blogger…

The problem is that you haven’t decided what kind of blogger you want to be. Could it be a Tech blogger, Entertainer, Counselor, Anonymous, Money making, or Personal Development Blogger like me?

You want to choose one but difficult to decide.

Entertainment is one of the best blogging niches in Nigeria. No doubt, many bloggers started by running an entertainment blog before trying other blog topics.

It is lucrative and drives decent traffic in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Two Motives for Blogging

There are two options available for you and the options are below:

1. Money Blogging Motive

MBM known as the money blogging motive is real.

There are a couple of reasons why people create blogs and take them for a career job. They committed so much of their time, energy, and resources online. One of those reasons is “Internet Money Making”.

This can be said to be the major reason why so many people want to start up their blogs today.

If making money online is the reason why they choose to start a blog, they are right…and they are not greedy.

Online money is real and thousands of internet users are making money from it daily.

Therefore, if the main reason for which you want to start your blog is to make money, you are also not wrong. For instance, most of the cash earned online is through providing project topics and materials to clients.

2. Passion Fulfilling Blogging

Do you know that it is very possible to be an active blogger and yet it won’t be for money-making?

There are so many bloggers writing and posting because it is just their passion and they feel like helping others. The reward for this kind of good gesture is not measurable in naira not even in dollars.

They just have a wonderful idea and feel like sharing it with their World.

In most cases, they are not always full-time bloggers. They do something else to earn a living and only blog for passion.

Which Option to go for?

The influence of Passion cannot be overemphasized when laying your hand on something. I do not doubt that one of the greatest supports to a person’s happiness is passion.

Passion is the major ingredient most successful bloggers have in common irrespective of their blogs’ niche. They are passionate about what they do. They can’t get tired of doing it, no matter how tough.

This is What it Takes to be a Blogger

Having a passion for your blog gives you a reason to keep working hard despite the challenges and obstacles. Blogging passionately gives you purpose.

It gives a meaningful structure to your time spent on the internet. It changes your perception of money and dream.

The easiest way to be the type of blogger you want is to follow your passion. What you have a passion for, has a great means of influencing your life and career.

You hardly get tired of it…no matter. Pursue your dream and passion competently and your reader will see you as a genius and thereafter money and other benefits will flow in.

In my case, most of the tangible money have earned via this blog was not from my AdSense or affiliate banners…they are cash from selling academic materials.

Therefore, If you can develop a product around your passion, it’s a wonderful thing.


If you’re a beginner having difficulties in choosing the best blog niche, let your passion be your guide. However, profitability is something you should evaluate also.

Since you’re doing this for a living, you need to consider the marketing side of your passion. It should be something marketable and in demand.


Uthman Saheed is a blogger and academic consultant with a high interest in digital entrepreneurship. He teaches and provides academic resources at

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  1. Hi Uthman, Thanks for boosting my passion in terms of blogging, would like to hear more information about blogs.

  2. author comments Rohan Sethi says:

    Your approach to choosing the blogging niche is very insightful. Thanks for writing this blog post.

  3. Hi Uthman & Shamsudeen,

    The good thing about choosing a niche you are passionate about i that it helps to make your blogging life easy. However, for me, it is not only about passion. I keep a balance between desire/passion and profitability. I try to figure out how profitable the niche is and balance it with my love for the niche. Profit margin gets in the way because you have to pay the bills and passion will not be paying the bills for you.

    1. Hi Moss,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Like you, I keep a balance between profitability and passion. In fact, I look at the profit side of it first, since I’m here to do business and not just running a “hobby” business.

      Thanks, Moss, nice having you here.

  4. This article is really explanatory. I’ve been looking for it. Thanks to you

  5. Blogging is getting popular day by day.
    Amazing article on Blogging . The main thing which must be decided properly is the blog niche only.
    And Your article will help me regarding the same. So thank you so much for posting .
    Keep blogging !!

  6. I am very much obliged by sharing this detailed information. I liked your post

  7. author comments Adtiya ojha says:

    I am fortunate that I have reached your site.

  8. The Headline of this blog is self explanatory. Very well written & explained..

  9. Nothing is better than doing something you like, this certainly also makes you more productive. Thanks for these tips.

  10. Thank! Very interesting to read. It seems to me the most difficult thing is to choose the right topics.

    1. Thanks, Kevin

      You’re right on that, choosing the right niche is most difficult but with the right information, tools, and experience in the field, you’re going to succeed.

      Thanks for stopping by. Do have a nice day.

  11. author comments Roslia santamaria says:

    more appreciating blog!Thank for sharing!

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