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8 Best Studiopress Responsive Themes 2023

Every month end here at CyberNaira, it is our responsibility to share with you the top-selling Studiopress responsive themes of the month. While most Studiopress themes are known to be responsive, they are unarguably the best-selling wp themes too – at least for now.

In today’s episode, I share with you 8 of the best Studiopress responsive themes.

StudioPress Child Themes runs on the famous Genesis Framework. A very lightweight WordPress blog theme framework. The Genesis framework pricing is $59.95 and you can get it here, in case you don’t have it yet.

Genesis Framework makes it possible for StudioPress themes to be incredibly faster, and build amazing WordPress themes quicker.

While most of these Genesis Child themes are built with the next generation of codes – HTML5 markup. They are top-of-the-bar SEO optimized too. This brings your web pages closer to better search engine visibility.

Genesis child themes are arguably the most secured and well-coded search engine optimized WordPress themes today. This is one of the reasons top leading industry blogs also use the Genesis framework.

And you get more for setting up your blog design with the Genesis Child Themes from StudioPress:

  • Lifetime support
  • Fast loading and 100% mobile responsive
  • State-of-the-art Security
  • Regular updates
  • Unbeatable Price
  • Clean codes with a minimal design that focus on what matters – no clutters, vanity theme features
  • Versatile theme design
  • Large Community of developers

So, let’s get going with the Genesis WordPress theme reviews…

8 Best Studiopress Responsive Themes for Blogs In 2023

1. Navigation Pro Theme

Navigation Pro cuts through the haze with bright colors, bold images, and versatile layouts to steer your site to success.

Launch fast with starter packs for Travel, Cuisine, Fitness, and Law, or use the included custom block sections to build pages that capture attention and turn visitors into customers.

Navigation Pro Theme - Studiopress responsive themes

Accessibility Ready

Your audience comes from different parts of the world, with different needs, gender, and different user circumstances – are you ready to serve them all?

Navigation Pro Theme is accessibility ready so your site user can get equal value no matter the disability circumstances.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Harness the power of the Gutenberg editor to build fast and amazing web pages quickly. You don’t have to be a WordPress geek to create stunning landing pages anymore.

Gutenberg editor allows you to use modules to build a new digital marketing experience.

One-Click Theme Setup

You can get started quickly by importing the demo content into your pages. This will allow you to have all necessary pages up and running in seconds.

Build on Genesis Framework

This is a child theme that needs a parent theme to work. Genesis framework is the parent theme. Genesis Framework is the industry standard for high-quality WordPress themes.

Upload your logo, resize, design it, and run with it.

This is a good way for beginners to get started with branding and putting their company faces to the front.

Mobile Responsive

54.8% of internet traffic comes from mobile internet users in the first quarter of 2021. Your website will be mobile responsive and ready for this set of internet users.

You don’t need to build an expensive separate mobile site, your theme is mobile-ready.

eCommerce Ready

Set up your shop in minutes with ready-to-use woocommerce functionalities.

2. Altitude Theme Pro

The parallax effects will grab your eye, but it’s the features and flexibility that will move your mind. Altitude Pro is a theme with a purpose, and that purpose to take you and your online business higher.

StudioPress Altitude Pro Theme is a modern parallax Genesis business child theme. It is made with a special purpose to help bring you and your business to the top in the competitive market.

There are hundreds of business WordPress blog templates available today. But a good percentage of these themes come with limitations. This is not so with the Altitude Pro theme from StudioPress.

Altitude Pro is one of the best StudioPress eCommerce themes for your business website. It gives you great flexibility to showcase your most important elements on the front page.

altitude pro theme

Altitude Pro WordPress Theme brings you a default homepage with seven (7) useful sections. And a parallax scrolling effect supported the homepage.

Think Altitude Pro Theme? Think of Parallax Pro Homepage Fully Widgets sized design areas.

StudioPress Altitude Pro Theme Main Features

Homepage Widget

Altitude Pro theme gives you 7 homepage widget-sized areas to display your creativity, showcase your products and services, customers’ testimonies, or appreciate your employees.

The homepage has the parallax scroll effect which brings the utmost attention to your most important messages.

You’re only limited by your own imagination.


There are several pre-styled page templates to choose from. By default, Altitude Pro comes with a blog page, landing page, archive page, author page, and categories page.

Theme Customizer

With a one-click theme customizer feature, you can easily change the color, settings, pages, and content and see the changes in real-time.

As you make the changes to any part of your blog through the theme customizer, you can preview it on the blog.

eCommerce Optimized

Altitude Pro is 100% developed and optimized to deliver the right set of tools and features for your online shop.

It comes with a pre-made pricing section, customer testimonies section, and FAQ section on the homepage.

Gutenberg Optimized

Altitude Pro theme is optimized with full support for custom features for the Gutenberg block editor. You have a wide range of options to make every content type your own.

You can play around to see the full-width image display and display different images Galleries in a column section. What about a full-width video option?

Your creativity is the only limitation to what you can achieve here.

Mobile Responsive

100% mobile responsive.

Whatever the screen size, device, or OS, your site gets an equal page experience from using the site.

3. Breakthrough Pro Theme

Breakthrough Pro combines a palette of beautiful colors and minimal design in a sleek, modern layout for an advertising or marketing agency.

Demonstrate your work, services, creativity, and more—perfect for your next breakthrough moment.

Breakthrough Pro Theme

I believe this Genesis business child theme from StudioPress needs no introduction.

Breakthrough is a multi-purpose Genesis child theme from Studiopress.

One of the best StudioPress responsive themes for modern advertising agencies, eCommerce, and small business owners.

Breakthrough Pro Theme Main Features

Mobile Responsive

Breakthrough is mobile responsive. This means your website pages will be optimized for both mobile and desktop users. Also, irrespective of the device size or screen resolution, your content will fit perfectly on the user’s screen.

Theme Option

As with most modern WordPress themes, Breakthrough Pro also comes with a customized thems option page. This is where you can customize your theme to fit your website needs, goals, and taste.

Theme Customizer

This is one of the new features added to the StudioPress responsive themes. Now you can customize your themes and see the changes in real-time on your website.

As you make changes to any part of the theme, color, settings, or content, you can preview the look on your website.

Widget Areas

The breakthrough Pro theme comes with 9 widget size areas plus a widgetized sidebar you can customize to tell your brand story beautifully.

Or use the widget area to add additional content or a message your reader will find useful.

eCommerce Ready

If you want a simple yet feature-rich modern theme for your e-commerce shop, this is the right WordPress eCommerce theme to try.

The breakthrough Pro theme comes with Cart, user account, and pricing page. You only need to edit these pages to fit your brand, message, and company’s identity.

Page Layout

There are three layout pages you can choose from:

  • Full-width Layout – no sidebar
  • Content/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Content

The option you choose depends on your marketing goal, style, and personal preference.

Home Page

The homepage of the Breakthrough Pro theme is designed with small business owners, agencies, and large cooperate entities in mind.

Here you can showcase your most important message to your visitors in a variety of ways. The homepage comes with 9 widget-size areas.

You can display customers’ testimonies, company portfolios, showcase your employee, latest blog posts, products/services, etc.

Gutenberg Ready

Are you a developer, or designer, or have no coding knowledge?

Gutenberg enables anyone with little knowledge of web design to create amazing web pages in minutes without sweating over complex design processes.

The Breakthrough Pro theme is Gutenberg ready so you can be more productive while creating high-quality web pages in minutes.

4. Authority Pro Theme

Authority Pro perfectly highlights your knowledge, years of experience, and acquired wisdom.

Even if it’s early in your journey toward building expertise and trust, this carefully-constructed design will accelerate how quickly your audience grows.

Authority Pro Theme - StudioPress Responsive themes

At the time of writing, Authority Pro Theme is used on this blog (updated May 2022: I have switched to the WP Astra theme) From experience, this theme is one of the best StudioPress responsive themes to date.

Your website visitor will always get the same website experience using your site.

You can customize the homepage to your taste, and brand identity or showcase your company’s most important message.

Authority Pro is the perfect Genesis Child theme for bloggers, freelancers, e-commerce, affiliate marketers, and small business owners.

I have been using this theme for over 6 months and can’t find any other theme better than this.

Authority Pro Theme Main Features

Mobile Responsive

Authority Pro is 100% mobile responsive so you don’t have to worry about your mobile users. The theme is optimized to render perfectly for every browser, device, and screen.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Each piece of content comes with its distinct block. And every block is fully customizable to make it yours.

Drag or rearrange any block to your preferred position or layout. Creating beautiful content is now a lot easier than ever. Authority Pro allows you to customize every part of the theme to make it yours.

Theme Customizer

With the theme customizer, you can make Authority Pro Theme completely yours. As you make changes to things like color, settings, and pages, you see the changes in real time.


Authority Pro theme is pre-styled for woocommerce so you can set up your online shop in minutes. If selling is your thing, you’ve got the right theme to grow ahead of your competitors.

One-Click Theme Setup

Need to get up and running as quickly as possible with Authority Pro? Load the demo content and pages with a one-click theme setup option.

This will allow you to have most of the important pages published right away. You only need to edit the content on the page to fit your business message.

The header section of the Authority Pro is fully customizable. Upload your brand logo to pass your message across to your audience.

Genesis Framework

Authority Pro requires the parent theme Genesis framework to function. As with all child themes, this is a requirement.

5. Revolution Pro Theme

Revolution Pro is a minimal design that provides the perfect canvas for showcasing photography and text. The white space allows all of the content to breathe, and the use of Playfair Display puts a spotlight on headlines and blockquotes.

There are five homepage examples—Agency, Lifestyle, Personal Branding, Photographer, and Small Business—each one showcasing a unique use-case for the theme.

Revolution Pro Theme

Revolution Pro Theme Main Features

Mobile Responsive

Build fast and mobile responsive WordPress themes quickly without hiring developers. The Revolution Pro theme comes mobile-ready irrespective of the device and screen size.

Accessibility Ready

In this day and age, creating a website for users of different circumstances or disability issues is one way to reach everyone.

Revolution Pro Theme is accessibility-ready.

One-Click Theme Setup

The ability to load the demo content, widget, and pages to your WordPress blog will get you set up and running in minutes.

With a one-click setup process, you can import all the demo content into your pages, edit it, and hit publish.

Theme Customizer

Make changes like the color, content, setting, and layout, and preview the changes in real time. This is a quick way to experience your website pages as users will.

Genesis Framework

The Revolution Pro theme runs on the famous Genesis framework. This means you’ll need the parent theme for the Revolution child theme to function.

You can get the Genesis Framework from here.

6. Essence Pro WordPress Theme

Essence Pro theme is a beautiful, clutter-free theme for sites in the health, wellness, and lifestyle niches. Designed for simplicity, both at the exterior and on the back end, allowing you and your readers to focus on the essentials.

Essence Pro WordPress theme can be used for any genre of blog or site. It can be customized to fit your images and style, and completely make it your own!

Essence Pro theme is a lifestyle magazine layout designed by StudioPress. If you blog about travel, fashion, health, food…etc. Essence Pro WordPress theme is right for you.

If you’ll like to check out the Essence pro them demo page to see if it matches your website needs, click here.


Essence Pro Theme Main Feature

Mobile Responsive

You don’t have to worry about your mobile site users, the Essence Pro theme is 100% mobile responsive. Your desktop and mobile users will have a similar page experience using your site.

eCommerce Ready

Essence Pro gives you the power to sell online with the most versatile WordPress theme. Whatever your blog mission, Essence gives you the ability to tell your story beautifully.

Whether you’re creating a simple blog, a shop, a business site, affiliate marketing, or a news site, Essence gives you many options.

One-Click Theme Setup

You can load the demo content, plugins, pages, and widgets, and design your blog with the Gutenberg modules to create stunning web pages in a jiffy.

Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is the modern-day way to create content that’s not only beautiful but also makes content creation easier.

Now with the Gutenberg block editor, you can add each content type to a specific location, customize it, or move it up and down to fit in perfectly.

Theme Setting

Customize every part of your blog with the simple theme setting page. You don’t have to be a dev or web design guru to make this theme your own.

Changing this like color, page layout, widget, everything can be customized to fit your blog needs and mission.

Built on Genesis

Genesis Framework is the foundation of all Child themes from the StudioPress lab. Essence Pro theme is not an exception.

You need the parent theme – Genesis – for the Essence Pro to work.

Page Layout

Essence Pro theme comes with a 3-page layout option.

You can select from either full-width layout, sidebar/content, or content/sidebar layout options. The option you select depends on your preferences or style.

7. Monochrome Pro Theme

Want a website that’s substantial but simple? Come see the sleek difference that white space and typography make in minimal design with Monochrome Pro.

If having a visually strong digital presence and an easy-to-use site are equally important to you, then Monochrome Pro is the Genesis-powered theme you’ve been waiting for.

Monochrome Pro theme

Monochrome Pro Themes Main Features

Woocommerce Ready

Monochrome Pro theme gives you an easier path to get your online shop set up in a minute. Customize the feel and look to represent your brand identity and mission, and your online shop is ready to start generating sales and revenue.

Theme Customizer

Customizing your theme feel and look can never be easier than this. With the theme customizer feature, now you can edit and change things like color, content, and theme setting and see the changes in real time.

Gutenberg Ready

Monochrome is Gutenberg enabled so you can build incredible pages without any coding knowledge. Gutenberg allows you to create stunning pages using modules in any part of the page.

Customize Logo Area

For small business owners, brands, and large mission websites, your company logo speaks a lot about your business identity and mission.

Now, in the Monochrome Pro theme, you can upload your company logo and customize it to pass your message across simply and concisely.

Accessibility Ready

Monochrome Pro is designed with everyone in mind. No matter the user’s physical challenges or disability issues, everyone is involved when it comes to your site’s content and uses.

Built For Genesis

As with all themes from StudioPress, Monochrome needs the parent theme – Genesis Framework – to function. You can get the Genesis Framework from this link.

Mobile Responsive

We know your website users access your pages from different types of devices – desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets – Monochrome is built with everyone in mind.

No matter the device or screen size, your website works the same for everyone.

8. Infinity Pro Theme

Infinity pro theme is for online business websites looking to elevate their brand. Showcase their product and give the maximum user experience.

An elegant and mobile responsive theme designed to help you showcase your business in a better way. Woocommerce compatible. Gutemberg optimized.

infinity-pro theme

Infinity Pro Theme Main Features

Custom Header

Let your logo speak – whether you want to say it with simple text, or you want to show your creativity with a powerful logo design, you can customize the header section to pass your message across in a stylish way.

Widget Areas

Infinity Pro theme comes with 13 widget areas you truly make your own. Add anything you want in these areas to fit your brand message. You can place ads, newsletter forms, top posts, etc.

eCommerce Ready

Start your online shop with the Infinity Pro theme to scale ahead in a competitive landscape. You don’t have to be a tech guru to set up your shop with the Infinity Pro theme.

The Infinity Pro theme is pre-styled for Woocommerce so you can get started quickly and with minimal effort.

Mobile Responsive

Going mobile is no longer an option, it is now a necessity in the online space. Create a stunning web page with an equal experience for your desktop and mobile users.

And it doesn’t have to cost you harm and a leg. Infinity Pro theme is 100% fully mobile so you can sell with ease.

Infinity Pro Theme home page allows you to showcase your most important company message in a beautiful large featured image on the homepage.

You can use this area to tell a good story, showcase your product, call to action, etc.

Gutenberg Block

Get the power of the Gutenberg block editor to start creating beautiful content with movable blocks.

Create content, insert images, uses quotes, buttons – whatever – every piece of content type comes with its block section.

Conclusion…StudioPress Responsive Themes

All Studiopress responsive themes listed on this page are fast, mobile responsive, SEO optimized, and well-coded to meet today’s marketing demands. And they’re not free, these are premium WordPress themes.

Besides, StudioPress is a leading brand name in the WordPress theme developer communities. So, you’re in the right hands with, state-of-the-art WordPress theme security and support system.

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