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Let’s face it, blogging consistently throughout your blogging career is not going to happen.

There will be times you’ll be down and don’t want to. Times you’ll feel like not even getting close to your computer.

This could happen due to so many factors.

Maybe you’re not getting the marketing result you’d hoped for. Perhaps the money is not forthcoming as you’d expected or the lack of website traffic, etc.

Whatever the case, losing blogging consistency is not something you can escape from.

But the truth is, you can re-energize yourself and get fired up again as you’d never before. If you follow some of the blogging consistency techniques I share below, you’ll find consistent blogging is not all that hard.

How to Blog Consistently…

Since you already know the importance of blogging consistently, it is time to discover how to stay consistent with blogging.


Let’s go.

1. Why?

If everything you’ve been told to try to re-energize your blogging consistency fails, the “why” won’t fail you.

  • Why are you into blogging?
  • What’s the reason(s) behind you getting started in online marketing?
  • What’s that thing you intend to achieve with your blog?
  • Your goals. Your objectives. And your mission?

Think about all these and see if you have achieved any of them.

If you haven’t, why not try again and give it all it takes to achieve your mission?

And if you’re already a blogging superhero. You have achieved your goals but are feeling bored. Then is time to consider some of the listed points below.

2.  Work on What Really Matters

As an online entrepreneur, there are many hats you’re going to wear and must look good in them, especially in the early days when you’re still bootstrapping your marketing task.

You’re going to be the social media marketing geek. The SEO specialist. The chief content editor. Content topic researcher, etc.

Each of these blogging departments consists of tasks that directly and indirectly affect your business growth.

There are lots of time-wasting marketing activities that, on the surface, look promising. But in reality, they will bring no positive effects to your business.

You’ll need to analyze and identify those tasks that really matter and directly bring positive growth to your business.

Prioritize them in order of their importance and only work on these tasks whenever you sit in front of your computer.

If snooping around on Facebook, commenting on and liking other people’s cat pictures is high on your to-do list, I guess your to-do list is nothing but garbage.

To be super successful in online marketing, you need to be so good and get better at just two things:

Publishing high valuable content and executing effective well-planned content marketing tactics.

These are just the two areas you need to focus all your efforts and resources on to take your online career to the next level.

Any other marketing activities that will not help you get better at any of these two are a complete waste of your time and resources.

If spending 30 minutes a day on Facebook is going to deprive you of writing down a 500-word article, then reduce your time on Facebook to 5 minutes or better make your visit to once per week.

You lose nothing not going to Facebook as an online marketer. Your visit to all social media places should be on purpose and strictly for business.

Execute your marketing objectives and leave as soon as you’re done.

3. Content Marketing on The Go

This is ideal for those who still hold a regular day job to support their family needs. We don’t have a larger percentage of our day-time sitting in front of the computer.

In today’s advanced technology world, some high-end mobile devices can do much of what desktop/laptop computers do.

As a part-time online entrepreneur/blogger still hold a regular day job. You don’t have all the time in this world to devote to your online business. You’ll need to execute some online marketing activities while on the go.

Like commenting on relevant blogs. Social media marketing and engagements. Moderating comments on your blog etc.

These and other relevant marketing tasks can be executed on your mobile devices while at work or on the move.

I usually write most blog posts on my mobile device as a draft if you’re like me. And later edit, add images, and apply all necessary SEO tactics while on a laptop. This process alone saves time and allows you to get more done in a day.

4. Keep The Habit of Writing Daily


I didn’t say publishing articles on your blog every day. No, far from that.

What I mean is that you commit to writing every day, maybe as a draft. As part of an ebook to be completed on a specific day or time in the future.

Whatever, make sure you’re writing something down every single day. Make it a habit, and you’ll see the big difference in the writer you’ll become.

Part of the reason most bloggers failed with their blogs is that they never taught writing as work on its own.

  • They write when they feel like writing.
  • They write when the inspiration comes in.
  • They write when they feel motivated to write something.
  • They write when there is time to do so.
  • They write occasionally and in the process never become the true writer they’d wanted to be.

Writing is an art. An effort is something you must consider serious work.

If you want to be a great writer, you must commit yourself to writing frequently, not just when you have something to say.

A good writer knows he just had to write.

Whether you’re prepared or not, write something down today. The best way to kick start your daily habit of writing consistently is to…

5. Read A Lot – Read Every Day

If you want to be better at writing, one tool you’ll need is reading other people’s work.

If you’re not reading other people’s work regularly and staying updated with your industry trend, there is no way you can keep blogging consistently.

You have to be a good reader.

Reading, in general, is one of the best weapons to improve self-education and personal growth.

The more you read other relevant work outside of your own, the more you’re familiar and competent with what you’re doing.

Let’s take, for instance.

When I started my blog some years back, I hardly know what to write, nor do I know how to develop content ideas.

But as I started blog hopping and reading other bloggers’ blogs, my industry knowledge improved. I started gaining valuable experience in what I’m doing.

Writing became more of an art. Words started coming from within rather than spying on what other bloggers had beaten to death.

But just reading is not going to be enough. You’ll need to do it in an organized way, so you get the best out of your reading time.

  • Set aside the time for your reading.
  • Read as fast as possible.
  • Read while you’re traveling or on a bus to pass away time.
  • Reading is fun and should be enjoyable, so don’t force it.
  • When you get tired, take a break.
  • Read in an environment that is comfortable for you to concentrate.
  • Don’t just read whatever comes your way, but read what truly matters to you and your business.

You need to read other good books outside of your field, like improving your knowledge and getting inspired to do something great or new.

6. Find Something That Motivates You

No doubt, it’s going to happen.

Yes, there will be a time you’ll feel like throwing in the towel and kicking your blog out of this world. When that time comes, find something that motivates you to enjoy consistent blogging again like never before.

Depending on the individual. The time and situation. What sparks motivation could vary from blogger to blogger.

For me, getting a new client and making some affiliate sales motivates me to do more. I don’t know how that reads to you, but that’s the truth, and that’s who I am.

If I see my ShareASale affiliate dashboard adding more $$$. I get fired up and want to blog more. And if I landed a new paying client, this also motivates me to write more for the blog and promotes like hell.

Increase in traffic. Engagements. Social media likes and other such metrics don’t turn me on to feel like blogging.

They’re like vanity marketing metrics to me.

Though these metrics have their places and benefits in marketing and attracting advertisers, they do not serve as a measurement for your blogging success.

But since I don’t depend on advertising as a source of blog income, for now, I hardly celebrate any of these marketing metrics.

For you, find what motivates you to keep consistent blogging and let it do the magic. When every other tactic to get your blogging consistency back fails, remember these things.

Conclusion…Techniques for Blogging Consistently

Blogging consistently for years is not an easy thing to achieve.

It takes tremendous effort on the part of the blogger to build a successful blog and maintain consistency.

Not following directions or actionable plans could waste a lot of time, resources, and effort. Most successful bloggers spend their time on what truly matters to their business of the day.

If you keep spending most of your time on meaningless social media engagement, you’ll keep getting vanity marketing results.

I have been blogging now for over 10 years so I can tell you this…

If you focus your attention and resources on the two tasks I mentioned above (publishing high-value content and executing effective marketing tactics), you’ll be successful beyond your wildest dream.

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  1. Great set of tips from the master himself. Excellent ideas. Anyone wishing to take their blogging forward must read these tips. Thank you .

  2. Hi Shamsudeen!

    This is great advice here and some that I have found to be true in my own life as well.

    Ultimately blogging consistently is a skill that has to be built up like any other and it takes real practice and discipline. You need to be able to commit to it, eliminate distractions and find ways to optimize your workflow.

    I’m also a big believer in reading a lot every day. I try to read / listen to at least one book a week and may even get through two or free if I can make enough time for it. They can really help to spark new ideas for you to run with and of course, you grow as a person as well from the knowledge you’ve gained.

    If there is one thing I’d add to this list it’s to have your content with deadlines done in advance. This way, you aren’t stressing out with something that has to get done right away, and it allows you to focus with a clearer mind. I try to have my content done several weeks in advance so if something comes up, I’m still not stressing out.

    Overall, wonderful advice. Thanks for sharing!
    – James McAllister

    1. Hi James,

      Having a deadline to complete content is something I’m still struggling with at the moment. Many tasks ahead, family responsibilities, etc.

      Reading as helped a lot in my case. I read more than I write. I read every day. This could be blogs, books, online news channels, etc.

      I think reading is something everyone who wants to get better at writing should never ignore.

      Thanks, James, nice having you here and many thanks for the share.


    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, it is really helpful for those who have started their career in blogging!

  4. A great one you did, Shamsudeen!

    Blogging consistently is very important, and am getting back to it as i once enjoyed the benefit of blogging consistency in time past.

    Thank you for the quick reminder.

    1. Hi John,

      Good to see you here once again.

      Consistency is key to success in any field. If we want to improve, being consistent in training will help a lot.

      Thanks for coming, have a nice day.

  5. author comments Engin Soysal says:

    Great article.
    I just recently started writing blogs… I have a lot of thrive at the moment to keep on writing new stuff so I’m not at that moment where I feel like “not today”.
    I’ll bookmark this page for future reference.

    1. Hi Engin,

      Good to read you’ve started blogging. Hope you’re having fun? If you ever need some help related to marketing, I’m here to help.


  6. Hi @Shamsudeen Adeshokan,
    Thank you so much for this amazing article.
    I agree with all the facts given inside the content. Blogging is even more complicated if it’s part-time. One always needs to think, research & write practical facts.

  7. Blogging is an on going thing, it is not one day work. One need to update things every week. One need to update, things with latest topics.

  8. Blog consistency plays a vital role and your article highlights how can we do it and actually your words have a great effect on the reader.
    Grealy presented.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi Shamsudeen,

    As a blogger for years now, I do find that blogging consistently can be difficult at times. I don’t get distracted by social media, but sometimes I just get distracted by life itself. A beautiful day that I just want to take off and play around can keep me away from my due diligence of my blog. It takes more than writing content, but keeping up with it and commenting on others are just as important.

    Whenever I get distracted, I will give myself a day off, but come back the next day and do some double time lol.


    1. Thanks, Donna,

      Yes, with many things going around in our lives, getting distracted is not far away. Sometimes, families responsibilities could take me away from my blogging activities even for days.

      When this happens, I just let it be and focus on the things at hand, and when is over, I get back to work as usual.

      Thanks, Donna…nice having you here.

  10. Hey, Shamsudeen!

    Well-written, informative article on how to keep on writing consistently for blog posts. Will be helpful if using these practices consistently.

    Will try implementing these for iBridge Techosoft to improve the business I am working for.

  11. Hi Shamsudeen!
    You posted just what I needed the most. Being consistent is a tough job in blogging. I always try to maintain the regularity in posting blog. The Article is really informative and will try to follow the tips you shared for my business Webroot.com Safe Cheers!
    Install Webroot
    John Smith

  12. A very good read Shamsudeen. The points are clearly communicated – focus and avoid distractions.
    I see this as a good tactic to approach small business like Gardening services or Lawn Mowing Specialists Victor Harbor.


  13. That’s a great article!
    Thanks for these wonderful tips.
    Keep guiding us with a lot of new articles.

  14. Writing every day will improve your writing skills and read will inspire you on what to write.

    1. Thanks, Bode,

      Writing and reading help to improve a person’s writing skills, and knowledge. I’m glad you find the blog post useful. Thanks for coming.


    Great post with effective tips for blogging consistently. I really like the tips that you have suggested, whereas your all the suggested tips are helpful and works well.

    I really like a tip of working on what really matters. As we know that writing is a great art, hence adopting daily writing habit will be a great help. Reading is a great way for improving self-education and boost personal growth. As blogging on regular basis will be a great helping hand and helps to become better blogger.

    As this post will help several people, users and readers for blogging consistently.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello Adeshokan,

    In my opinion – Being a great blog writer isn’t about writing clean and concise copy.

    It’s about writing content that engages and makes people want more of your writing.

    Effective writing tells a story and brand storytelling is only growing in popularity but it requires a lot of consistently reading several post regarding on same niche so reading, reading and reading is compulsory for a blogger to enhance their skills.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring your best class ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Yes, Amar,

      Writing clean, epic, or concise copy doesn’t make a great writer. A writer should be able to engage, inform, entertain, or solve users’ problems with its content.

      Users’ satisfaction and the best experience are what really matters.

      Thanks, Amar, nice having you here.

  17. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us, it is really helpful for those who have started their career in blogging!
    Thank you.

  18. This is a great article, Thank you for sharing it. Consistency is the main thing for blogging and in all things.

  19. Hey, Shamsudeen!

    Well-written, informative article on how to keep on writing consistently for blog posts.

    Will be helpful if using these
    practices consistently.

    I Will try implementing these for my site to improve the business I am working for.

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