15 thoughts on “How I Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Ad Account”

  1. Hello SHAMSUDEEN,

    I too have a facebook suspended account and it was 2 years back when i am making the ads related to herbal products. Initially, the ad was running fine but it was then suspended after 6 months and it is still suspended. I have also send few of the mails to the facebook but unable to understand where the problem lies. Anyways, will try with the tips you have mentioned here and hopefully my account will also enable. Thanks for your efforts.

    Ovais Mirza

    1. Hi Ovais,

      Thanks for reading through.

      Keep trying, and be polite in your email message while following through regularly. I wish you good luck. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Shamsudeen. My own case is that my URL was banned on Facebook and my site is on marriage and relationships. I have been contacting them and I think they even blocked me from contacting them.

    1. Hi, Ikenna,

      If that’s the case, opening another Facebook account might be your best option and never promotes the same URL. The URL has been flagged, if you succeed in opening another Facebook account, and promotes the same URL, your account may be suspended too.

      Thanks, glad you find it useful.

  3. My fb ad account is also in a disabled state. I used virtual credit card and don’t know what happened and it got disabled. I have tried many times, but still not able to get back my account.

  4. Yes, you are right. I did get mine after a few minutes with a chat with them. All I did was to appear as the one who was vulnerable without trying to be defendant.

    Gracefully, the apologized and unlocked my account. Running smoothly ever since.

    Thanks for the case study

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