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Are you looking to grow your business and expand your reputation in the market? Creating and promoting high-quality and impactful content is one of your solutions. 

You must have heard the phrase, “Content is the King,” which is exactly what businesses should focus on when marketing their brand.

Content for a business can range from press releases to social media campaigns. They all play an important role in building a brand position for the business. 

Before creating path-breaking campaigns, we need to plan the process’s route.

As a business, you cannot go with the flow.

You need to create your path. Content creation is the initial step; your prime intent is to sell and promote your products/services.     

Your foundation remains the same for any form of marketing strategy: content.

Hence, we are considering a broader strategy to build a brand reputation when discussing content marketing. 

In layman’s language, content marketing refers to the marketing approach of creating engaging content. This content is consistently developed and distributed to the targeted audience. 

The primary goal of content marketing strategies is mapping content and eventually generating customer involvement and revenue.

To achieve this goal, you need to plan your marketing journey. 

We have curated a list of content marketing strategies that might help you build a better campaign for your business. Let’s get started!

Need For Content Marketing Strategies 

Before we get into the strategies, let’s understand the significance of content marketing and how it can help a business grow.

Tablet and set of photos on the table


Content marketing is an affordable approach to selling and promoting your brand voice and products/services.

Content marketing targets a wider range of audiences and platforms than traditional marketing.

This helps the business gain more organic traffic. 

Content marketing can provide you with a relatively better analysis as well.

For instance, if you were to put on a billboard or create a television advertisement, it would require a heavy budget.

However, writing a blog or creating posts will cost you nothing comparatively and is more interactive and beneficial in terms of feedback. 

A post on Instagram will give you a detailed analysis of how well it performed, and the same analysis for a television ad is more abstract in numbers and feedback.   

Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing helps build brand awareness through all the mediums a consumer might surf for your product.

As content marketing works on all forms of content, it caters to various platforms. This helps your brand achieve indispensable market authority.  

Brand awareness helps a business reach a broader audience horizon.

This can be attained by creating relevant content that can attract the attention of potential consumers. We will discuss the potential consumers in the strategies more.  

Understanding the difference between reactive vs. proactive marketing is crucial in shaping these strategies, as it influences how a brand anticipates consumer needs and engages with its audience.

By integrating both approaches, content marketing becomes a powerful tool in responding to current trends and setting the stage for future engagement.

Lead Generation

As mentioned above, engaging and creative content attracts many. This increases the reach of the brand.

A user might click on the link and put in basic information like email ID, and you gain a lead.

If you play your cards right, these leads can be converted into potential consumers. 

Content generation for landing pages helps interact with the leads.

Content with CTAs (Call To Action) helps the visitor determine how to contact the brand and follow the checkout procedure to buy the product. 

Brand Reputation 

The primary reason for building a content marketing strategy is to establish a brand reputation.

Content marketing helps build the repo in a unique way where the potential consumers can explore the brand motive through blogs and substance.

The business creates a warm environment to connect with the audience.   

Having discussed the significance of content marketing, let’s shift our focus to the various content marketing strategies.

1. Conduct Market Research 

This goes without saying that before you create any campaign, you need to know your battlefield. Market research refers to understanding the following;

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they need and appreciate?
  • How can you fulfill this need through your product/service?
  • Who are the current competitors in the market for the same product/service?
  • What audiences are they targeting, and how are they positioning their brand?
  • What is the selling point of your brand?
  • How can you highlight the USP of your brand in the campaign?

Once you have analyzed your market, you are half done with your campaign.

When creating the campaign, the content should promote your brand in a way that allures your audience and stands out from your competitors.

Hence, conducting research is an essential part of creating content marketing strategies.  

researching content marketing ideas using a graph chart


2. Segment Your Audience

As mentioned before, you need to know your target audience. This can be achieved by researching keywords related to your business.

The number of searches for that keyword can tell you what the audience requires. 

When creating content, you are bound to take the audience as a whole.

However, that is not the case, as your audience is divided according to their purchasing cycle phase. 

Say you create content inclined towards brand awareness for new and potential customers.

Now, this content is not feasible for your existing loyal customers. Hence, you need to segment your content according to the customer you are dealing with.

Segmenting your content for blogs and websites can be tricky. The way the audience perceives your content is dynamic and subjective.

However, you can create segmentation in your newsletters through content personalization.

One way to channel this content marketing strategy would be to segment your audience via email. 

3. Build An Editorial/Content Planning Calendar

Building the best content marketing strategies takes time and effort.

When promoting your brand, you must factor in many aspects, such as conversion rates, high-quality content, etc.

Content marketing requires seamless execution. This can be achieved by dealing with all the potential hindrances beforehand. 

A laptop, a man with a pen writing on a book.

Planning the workflow of your content marketing strategies is a must. You can follow the prioritization model to enhance your work system.

For instance, when creating content for a campaign, your priority should be your audience (potential customers) and your brand voice.  

Organizing your campaign journey can be easily pursued by building an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar helps you to manage the work you are yet to do and keeps tabs on the completed work.

This way, you can allocate your resources and time correctly to get the best results for your campaign. 

Creating an editorial calendar also helps you make time to experiment with your content.

Many content marketing tools help you conduct experiments and tests on your campaigns.

These tests are referred to as A/B testings or split testings, where you compare two ideas of the same campaign.

This way, you know what kind of content will perform better on public platforms with real-time data and feedback.   

4. Create Adaptive Content

Now that we have discussed all the activities you need to perform before building content marketing strategies let’s discuss what content you should create.

The one thing you must remember when creating content to promote your brand is to make that content adaptive.

Adaptive content is a form of content that can be helpful across various platforms. This content majorly caters to the young audience.

Thinking of content marketing strategies to implement


For instance, the content marketing strategies for small businesses will revolve around social media platforms.

Millennials and GenZ audiences dominate these platforms. Hence, they must create engaging content, not a formal brochure of their product/services.  

Creating adaptive content also helps in making evergreen content.

It can be used frequently with minimal changes as the relevance will be sustained. Adaptability in content also connects to the use of technology on your website. 

For instance, someone who has discovered your brand should have access to CTAs to communicate with it. It can be through direct messages, emails, or website bots.

The audience that we are referring to emphasizes the experience a brand provides through technology and customer support. 

Hence, creating engaging and adaptive content is one of the top marketing strategies to allure today’s customers.       

5. Targeted Landing Pages

We’ve covered the aspects that will help the visitors connect with the brand, but now we will talk about conversion rates.

No doubt businesses work toward their customers, but they also want results, which is how you can achieve that. 

Build high-quality landing pages that will help your visitors reach the checkout point. They can take action towards buying, downloading, or subscribing to your brand.  

Landing pages are the post-link pages of your website.

For instance, if you have added a link in your email and your potential consumer clicks on it, he will be redirected to a landing page.

The landing page should give brief information about your business motive and products. 

Optimizing these landing pages with SEO guidelines is essential for effective content marketing strategies.  

6. Optimize Your Content

Optimizing your content is one of the primary content marketing strategies. Your content should be created to rank high on Google Search Pages.

You need to determine your keywords and their semantics to optimize your content. 

A SEO Dice

For instance, you are writing a blog on ‘Writing Tips for Copywriters.’ Your primary keywords here are;

  • writing tips
  • copywriters
  • writing tips for beginners
  • copywriting skills

With these, you can determine your long-tail keywords.

When you type in your keywords, Google will suggest similar topics that are most searched for your keywords.

For the above examples, long-tail keywords can be;

  • how to Become a Copywriter 
  • copywriting skills for beginners
  • copywriting style tips

This is how you can optimize your content for blogs. You need to be direct and crisp with your notion for websites and landing pages to rank high.

For instance, if you are running an online shoe store. Your website domain and landing page link should include your brand name and product.

This will increase your chances of ranking higher.

You must also add adjectives that attract consumers, such as ‘affordable, trendy, and sporty or phrases like ‘buy cheap shoes at the best prices.’

When a user searches for ‘affordable shoes, cheap shoe prices, or best prices for shoes,’ your brand will pop up.

These are just a few examples of how optimized content can do wonders for your business websites and, eventually, for your sales.      

7. Consistency In Content Creation 

Imagine if you were planning to buy a watch.

The rankings show you this amazing optimized website with all the necessary elements and interesting blogs.

However, it was last updated three months ago. The general thought would be that they might not be looking to sell their products. 

This is where the key element of consistency shines. You cannot just create an engaging website without actually engaging with it.

You need to update your content and your website from time to time. This is where our suggestion 3. Editorial Calendar comes in handy. 

You must plan your next content marketing strategy once you are halfway done with the previous one.   

The changes in the design and interface you experience on brands such as Zara, Sephora, and H&M websites are not created overnight.

The marketing teams plan their content according to the new collection or upcoming events like the Christmas months before. 

You can experience this on their social media accounts as well. The posts and their vibe change according to the campaigns, which are more often than not executed monthly.  

Creating content consistently is important in attracting and maintaining consumer interest in your brand.

They will look forward to your new product launch or new collection. 

Another way of creating regular content is through newsletters and subscribed content.

This also helps in building a connection with your consumers.

As mentioned, this content is for segmented audiences with access to your premium memberships. 

Hence, to create relevant content and a brand reputation in the market, you must consistently create impactful content.  

8. Opt For Native Advertising

We have all seen native advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Google.

Native Ads are often seen as deceiving content marketing where the quality of the content does not matter. 

This notion is debatable for a few brands, but Native Ads are a great source of attracting leads and potential consumers. 

To summarize, native advertising is the paid promotion of your brand on various digital platforms.

For instance, the small yellow icon at the start of a link on Google that says ‘AD’ is a paid promotion. Chances are you have clicked on an ad link a million times.

Instagram also promotes paid posts and stories you might have often engaged with.

Native advertising is a transition from banner advertising. However, here you can analyze;

  • How many people saw your ad? 
  • How many of them reacted and clicked the link?
  • How many are left without taking action?
  • How many people clicked the link but left your website instantly?

Native ads give you tangible information that can be utilized to enhance your user experience. 

Remember, native advertising only works when your content is catchy and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

It also requires you to have high-quality landing pages. The ad can get you leads, but your targeted landing pages can convert them into consumers.         

9. Social Media Engagement

We have mentioned how businesses use social media platforms to build their brand reputation.

Let’s discuss how the same platforms can engage with your potential consumers.

Social media icons

Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn help you build a connection with your audience beyond your sales objective.

You can create content that will stir a discussion within the community, which will eventually help you gain brand awareness organically. 

For instance, you can create interactive posts on current topics, giveaway posts for your products, and testimonials of your consumers.

These platforms also provide a gateway for video content through reels and shorts. You might find them cheeky, but ‘Louis Vuitton reaches 7M accounts through their reels. 

Social media has become a good forum to promote your brand and build authority in the market.

You can also get an instant analytical report of engagement for your campaigns.

An online presence for a business is one of the major content marketing strategies in today’s scenario. Most small businesses start their journey on Instagram today.  

10. Benefit From User-Generated Content

Considering you follow all the content marketing strategies and can convert many visitors into consumers, you will have a community to give feedback.

This feedback could be given through their entities or on your website. 

User-generated content refers to reviews and feedback from the general public.

They might mention you in their blogs, posts, video content, etc.

This content can be utilized by interlinking their article or mentioning them in your Instagram stories.

This feedback helps you build trust in the brand in the market, which might result in audience interaction and sales.

Testimonials are your treasured content that must be promoted for your brand reputation.  

11. Omnichannel Distribution Of Content 

We’ve discussed the various types of content that can be created to promote and sell your products/services. This alone tells us that content marketing is not restricted to any form or style of writing.

Content styles that fall under the umbrella of content development are all parts of content marketing strategies.

Hence, the distribution of this content is executed through omnichannel platforms. 

Omnichannel distribution refers to creating and marketing content across different platforms.

This helps brand positioning and reach a wider audience than traditional marketing.

However, you need to create content according to the platform interface. 

For instance, Instagram allows you to write 2,200 words in a single post, whereas Twitter allows 125 characters.

So, the content size might differ, but the synthesis must remain the same, i.e., the motive of your brand.     

With this, we conclude our list of the best content marketing strategies to help you expand your business. I hope this article was helpful for your strategy. 

This is a guest post written by Kulwant Nagi. He founded AffiliateBooster, a WordPress plugin to help affiliates add conversion-optimized elements.

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  1. When you hear the phrase “social media” I believe most people think about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are important, but I would also suggest building your brand awareness and professional image on such platforms as Quora and Reddit. They are excellent for giving advice and increasing reach.

    1. Hi Grzegorz,

      I agreed with you on that. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…all seems like a default channels for business.

      However, Quora is one platform I have seen to be a very good place to get more qualified traffic to any businesses.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi SHAMSUDEEN, I’ve used native ads via Taboola with some success. I like they go all over the web-based on the targets you include for your audience. Some are on social media but others are on news sites and other places online. A great way to boost your content marketing efforts that is cost effective.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for sharing your Taboola ad experience with us here. The platform is a good place for advertisers to drive more targeted traffic, get more exposure and generates leads.

      Good to see you here, and thanks for all the shares.

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  4. Hey Shamsudeen,

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  8. Amazing tips and strategies, you nailed it Shamsudeen! Thanks for sharing this gem. I would also suggest using Quora and Reddit as they are a gem for content marketing.

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