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Content is everything in online marketing, from text, video, ad copy, landing pages, etc.

The more content you put out there, the more you write on different levels of industry-searched queries. And the more traffic you can drive to your website.

However, maintaining the pace of publication can be stressful for any human writer, and the best AI Copywriting software has come to solve this problem.

If you want to start publishing more content at a fraction of the cost, in less time, and with more accuracy and upgraded quality, AI copywriting software can be the game changer.

These artificial intelligence copywriting tools can increase productivity from 300% to 500%. And help you write original content (at least, that’s what they claimed), SEO optimized, structured, and free of plagiarism.

Most AI Copywriting tools claim to be capable of writing quality readable content all the time, but in many use cases and studies, only a few are worth the investment.

AI copywriting tools can produce shitty content as much as it produces readable, logical quality content.

This is why I have narrowed down the list of the best AI copywriting tools you can try today.

This list was drawn from my own test experience and other reliable sources with credible test results on AI copywriting tools.

What is an AI Content Writer?

In its simplest definition, AI Content writers are software applications that use the GPT-3 deep learning language model to generate content that can be understood and read like humans.

The users specify a few content parameters and text.

The artificial intelligence writer uses that information as the guidelines to generate relevant content in the required format and the context of the information.

You can use AI Copywriting tools to generate content in any industry and for many purposes: blog posts, social media content, ad copy, email copy, content meta description, headlines, outlines, video script, etc. 

There are a lot of use cases for content generated by an AI writing tool; it all depends on your needs and how efficient or the quality of the content is. AI Copywriting software can help you create content for many purposes.

Let’s look at why you might need AI copywriting software as a writer and business owner.

6 Advantages of AI Copywriting Tools for Business

As a writer or business owner, AI copywriting software can help your business in many aspects. It can save you time and make your work easier to complete. 

You can scale your business faster, focus on other aspects, and let AI produce the content your business needs at a faster pace.

Here are six ways businesses and writers can use AI writing tools. 

1. Increase Productivity

If there is one advantage of using AI that businesses should leverage, it is productivity.

AI writers will help you improve productivity by up to 500% and help reduce costs significantly. Instead of two contents, you can produce 5 in the same amount of time.

You can generate content faster and get them ready for publication.

Copywriting tools can set the pace for writing in seconds, so you can skip the initial content research and outline the process to focus on the writing.

This will increase productivity and save time for other marketing tasks.

2. Solve Writer’s Block

AI will solve the writer’s block misery – sometimes you want to say something but don’t know how to phrase it. You want to write, but it’s been five minutes since you’ve stared at the blank page.

AI can help you get past this huddle and write the following paragraphs or content intro for you. 

Writer’s block happens in every writer’s career; it is normal, but you can help.

3. Use it to Become an Editor

Most AI content needs to be edited by humans – there is still a lot that needs to be achieved before AI can completely replace human copywriters – at least not for now.

The more you edit content written by an AI platform, the better you can become at editing other people’s content.

It can also help improve your writing skills because you can see many aspects of your writing that need improvement.

4. Save Cost

For business owners with in-house content teams, using AI writing software can help reduce the cost of content creation by up to 300%. 

This is because AI can automate the content writing process, which reduces labor costs and the workforce.

5. Create Content Templates and Outline

You can use AI copywriting tools to generate content templates and outlines to get you started in minutes. It saves time and gives you plenty of options to begin with.

Most artificial intelligence writing software has plenty of content templates and outlines you can tweak to make yours and run with.

Writing and completing the content is easy, with the outline and a few paragraphs ready.

6. Increase Revenue 

For freelancers, AI writing software can increase your revenue growth significantly.

This is because you can complete more clients’ jobs in less time, get more done, and be open to new opportunities.

It can also increase productivity and save time and the initial writing research process for some content topics.

6 Best AI CopyWriting Software

Now that we’ve walked through the what, why, and reason you should consider ai copywriting software, let’s see the best six worth the time and investment.

Best AI Tools


Free Trial

Starts at $29/m (20,000 words)

Yes (10,000 free credits)

Starts at $19/m (15,000 words)

Yes, (2,000 words/m)

Starts at $10/m (12,000 words)

Yes, (6,500 words/m) *Good plan*

Starts at $9/m (50,000 characters) 

Yes, (5,000 Characters/m)

Starts at $12/m (100,000 words)

Yes, (7 days - All Premium Features)

Starts at $1/1,000 words

(2,000 free word credit)

1. Jasper

Jasper ai copywriting software

Jasper is first on the list for a few reasons. First, it is the most comprehensive and advanced AI copywriting tool in the market today.

It uses the GTP-3 Natural Language Processing program to generate humanly readable, usable, and plagiarism-free content.

The robot claims to have read 10% of the internet and therefore knows about every topic in many niches.

However, Jasper is capable of creating content in most forms and for any purpose, such as:

  • Blog post (short and long-form content)
  • Ad copy
  • Social media content
  • Email copy
  • Content headline
  • Meta Description
  • Product Description
  • Sale page (landing page content)
  • And more

Jasper Ai can read and write content in over 25 languages worldwide. Another helpful feature of Jasper is the ability to set up a content tone. How do you want the content to be read to your audience?

Humor? Funny? Witty?

No problem just set the tone and give Jasper your content parameters.

One of the cons of Jasper is that it can sometimes repeat itself, especially with long-form content in Boss Mode. And when citing or referencing facts, data, or figures, don’t trust or leave that to Jasper. 

If the content requires referencing data or historical facts, you must do the research and make the necessary findings and citations.

This is one area Jasper is lacking and needs improvement.

Jasper is a time saver and the most advanced artificial intelligence writing tool.

2. Copy.AI

Copy ai artificial intelligence writer

Like Jasper, Copy AI uses the GPT-3 program to process content. It has a wide range of writing tools for businesses and startups. 

There are lots of content templates to get you started in minutes; 

  • Blog post outline
  • Discount offers
  • Testimonials
  • Cold outreach
  • Content intro.
  • Content section
  • Video Intro and description 
  • About us copy
  • Case Studies
  • Sales Landing pages
  • And lots more…

Having used copy AI, much of the generated content was irrelevant to the context and, sometimes, totally random.

However, the result was better and good to use without much editing for short-form content like product descriptions, short email content, and social media posts.

The content parameters input field is limited. There’s no field that requires much to guide the AI writer in the right direction.

But there is the ability to set the content tone so it reads exactly how you want it. You can be professional, witty, adventurous, bold, empathetic, persuasive, etc.

Copy AI is a good investment if your writing needs short-form content.

3. Writesonic

WriterSonic AI - Copywriting

Writesonic is an AI writing tool for a wide range of content and use cases. It uses the GPT-3 deep machine learning program to process auto-generated content.

Apart from the commonly found templates, Writesonic offers helpful templates for other content types:

  • Song lyrics 
  • App and SMS notification
  • Tweet Generator
  • Quora Answer
  • Tiktok video hook
  • Analogy Maker
  • Company Mission
  • Short press release
  • And lots more…

Writesonic integrates with the Semrush keyword tool for content optimization for a few use cases, such as:

  • SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post)
  • SEO Meta Tags (Homepage)
  • Product Description
  • AI Article Ideas
  • SEO Meta Tags (Product page)

When you use template use cases, the content is optimized with relevant keywords from the Semrush keyword and ranking database.

SEO Optimization by SEMrush for WriterSonic ai - article writer

Another impressive feature of Writesonic AI is the AI Article Writer 3.0 headline generator. When you input your proposed content headline in the templates, it gives you 3 to 5 variations.

From my experience, the AI Article Writer 3.0 can write content intros and headlines better than many human writers.

For example, here’s a content intro that Writesonic wrote for a test content I entered;

Evidence shows that the struggle with grammar is a universal problem. A study by Grammarly found 76% of job applicants had weak grammar skills, which could lead to problems for companies in the future. It is not just about having to redo your essay because of all the mistakes; poor grammar can make you appear uneducated and make you look like you lack attention to detail regarding written communication. Over time, we have generally accepted that people don’t know how to correctly use different tenses or commas. Fortunately, there are free tools available that can check spelling and grammar for you. They won’t catch every mistake, but they will help you proofread your writing before you submit it as part of an application process or individual blog posts.

Impressive, right? The tool gives variations and even incorporates the focus keyword into the introduction.

I ran the content through Grammarly for punctuation and grammar, and just one error was spotted. 

Content example generated by WriterSonic ai copywriting software

I also analyze the content through a premium Plagiarism checker tool – Pro Writing Aid – to see how original AI-generated content could be. Here is the result.

plagiarism checks with pro writing aid

Well, 5.9% of non-original text and one grammar error are not bad, considering most grammar-checking tools work differently.

The tool could be a good headline option to generate clickable content ideas. Here are the headline variations from Writesonic AI Article 3.0 for the blog topic “WordPress Speed Optimization.

WriterSonic ai headline variation

Though Writesonic can sometimes produce inconsistent results or irrelevant content, it works best for short-form content and is average on long-form.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick way to get your content production on the way, Writesonic is good value for the money.

4. Rytr AI

Rytr ai copywriting - homepage

Rytr is another popular AI content-writing tool. Like every other AI tool on the list, Rytr uses the GPT-3 neural marching learning model developed by OpenAI to generate content.

At the time of writing, Rytr has more than 32 content templates for different use cases, such as:

  • Story plot
  • Song lyrics
  • Business ideas pitch
  • Content framework – AIDA
  • Interview Questions
  • Magic Command
  • Testimonial and Interview
  • Video Description
  • And more…

The user interface is good, user-friendly, and easy to navigate through. The signup process takes less than a minute to complete and to start using Rytr.

After the signup, I tested Ryrt for content accuracy, uniqueness, and readability. I was thrilled by the quality of content produced by Rytr.

It reads well, is relevant, and is high quality.

Look at the definition or how Ryrt explains affiliate marketing – even a ten-year-old could understand it.

Content intro variations by Rtyr ai copywriting

That was written by an AI Copywriter – Rytr. Impressive. Awesome

I tested the blog ideas and outline templates; they were messy and cluttered.

It didn’t show a logical progression from the intro to the concluding part. And it’s stuffing keywords as part of its keyword recommendations.

For example, this is a blog idea and outline template for a test content I tried with Rytr.

Content outline variations by Rytr ai copywriter

The outline was good, but it stuffs too many keywords into it. However, for an experienced writer, this is not a concern or something to worry about. 

If you have a Semrush account, you can integrate with Rytr for SEO optimization, making the content search engine friendly.

One drawback I noticed with Rytr is the lack of consistency. It could sometimes produce content that’s way off the place.

So, you must go through the content and remove unwanted words or phrases.

Take a look at the headline below.

Content headline by Rytr ai

Importance of Ownership” is irrelevant in the context of the headline in the image above.

All in all, Rytr is one of the best AI copywriting software you can try today.

It is worth the investment and can help you scale the content production process to focus on other essential things in your business.

The quality of content produced by Ryrt does not require much editing effort from humans; with a few edits, you can run with it.

5. Scalenut

Scalenut pricing

Scalenut is another AI-powered writing machine that completely changes the writing process. There are over 30+ use cases, including:

  • Sales email generator 
  • Google Ads copy
  • Problem Agitation Solution (PAS)
  • Active to passive voice converter
  • The first person to third person converter – write in the third person.
  • Answer the Question in Bullet point
  • Simplify long sentences into short, readable sentences
  • And many more

Scalenut also features an AI-powered SEO hub, a writing assistant that checks your content for on-page SEO optimization against the top 30 ranking pages for your target keyword.

It analyzes the top-ranking pages for your target keywords and gives detailed guidelines you can follow to beat the competition.

It also features related questions and citations from top-ranking pages that you can incorporate into your content to make it rich.

Scalenut SEO content anlysis

The Scalenut Crusie Mode is an AI editor that cuts writing time in half. 

Scalenut is a powerful SEO AI writing assistant that takes your content from average to the top of the SERP.

6. Content Bot AI

Contentbot AI homepage

ContentBot AI is a powerful writing tool for crafting long-form SEO-optimized content. 

Powered by OpenAI generative pre-trained transformer 3 (GPT-3) to generate content like humans, Content Bot AI is the game changer. 

As of writing, it can generate content in over 110 languages, has more than 40 content use cases, and you can sign up for a free account.

You can use it to generate different content types, including:

  • Blog topic 
  • Complete blog post 
  • Paragraph 
  • Blog post section 
  • Complete sentences 
  • Content introduction 
  • Bullet points expander 
  • Advertising copy 
  • List-post 
  • And lots more.

The Content Bot AI editor is intuitive, unclutter, and easy to navigate. 

You can use the drag-and-drop module to create different content sections, rearrange paragraphs, use the undo/redo function, download content in different text formats, and more.

Contentbot AI Editor

The SEO feature allows you to analyze SERP’s top ten results for your input keyword so that you can write content backed by data.

Also, it allows you to run the report by location, Medium, and Reddit only.

Here are other Contentbot AI Features worth mentioning:

  • Discover – Semrush powers this feature; it helps you discover relevant content topics based on your input keywords.
  • Built-in Hemingway – Contentbot AI uses Hemingway to ensure your content is error-free.
  • Content Repharser – Rephrase selected sentences or paragraphs 
  • Plagiarism Checker – Content bot ai has an in-built plagiarism checker to ensure your content is original. It can run through 2,000 words.
  • Content Automation – You can set up content topics to be automatically delivered daily, weekly, or monthly via email. 
  • Folder – Organize your content into a folder for later use.

FAQ – The Best AI Content Writer

Is AI going to replace human copywriters?

Capital NO! AI copywriters, for now, can’t replace human copywriters. 
Writing a good copy or content requires more than just putting words together. It involves lots of processes and logical and critical thinking.

You must understand your audience, their pain points, needs, and what resonates with them. It also involves a sound knowledge of your industry and the topic, the initial research process, and the creative ability to draw the readers’ attention to the picture.

And good copywriting techniques that blend the human search intent into workable SEO strategies. These and more are things no artificial intelligence copywriter can achieve for now. 

Is AI copywriting worth it?

In a word, yes. It is worth investing in AI copywriters for some reasons.

AI copywriting is an excellent tool to generate content consistently and quickly, but you need the mechanism or system to make this content better for your readers.

The content is not good enough to be published as it is unless you’re not in a competitive industry with lots of authority websites with high-valuable content.

Most of the content produced by AI is thing content – even the long-form content is low-quality. If you can make the content better, you can go with it.

What is the best AI content writer?

By a long shot, I will go for Jasper as the one option, and then I will pick Rytr as the second. Both work great if you know how to improve the content, especially the long-form content.

There are other AI writing tools in the market, such as WordSmith, Copysmith, Hypotenuse AI, Wordtune, and Anyword, but from experience, these six stand above in content quality.

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