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With the rise and advancement in AI technology, many industries are finding ways to explore the opportunities it brings. Job recruiters are now focusing on using the best AI recruiting tools for talent acquisition.

AI screening tools are gradually changing the process companies hire job seekers from the past as we know it.

AI recruiting software is now integrated into the company’s administrative departments, from video interviews and answering questions to collecting resumes.

Using AI hiring tools, companies can now focus more on planning the recruiting exercise, asking the right questions, reaching more people, and automating every step of the process.

But, with too many recruitment AI tools in the market, it becomes challenging to make the right choice.

As a company that wants to leverage the power of AI screening tools to hire the right talent and save time, you need a sourcing tool that aligns with the company’s vision and integrates seamlessly with other services you are already using.

To this end, and to help you narrow down the research process, I have compiled a list of the best AI recruiting tools for companies of all sizes and budgets.

What is AI screening Software?

An AI screening software is a machine learning program that uses natural language processing, big data sets, data mining, and semantic reasoning to learn about your company’s culture, goals, objectives, and the type of job candidates that fit into the mission.

The AI screening or resuming tool then analyzes the candidate’s input data, screens, performs hiring preliminary tasks, and gives you a list of the best-qualified candidates.

Using most AI recruiting software’s built-in filtering and scanning mechanism allows managing recruiters to instantly identify qualified candidates and create a list of matched candidates.

How is AI used in Talent Acquisition?

From sourcing prospective talent, screening, hiring, and to the onboarding process, AI talent acquisition software has a significant impact on the recruiting process. 

The old ways of recruiting employees can slow the pace of hiring, especially when it involves massive job position openings.

Artificial intelligent talent recruiting software helps automate many steps, has access to big data that helps in the research and screening process, and helps companies simplify the hiring task.

For most companies, the recruitment exercise is more complicated and complex, and finding the best person for the position is not always as easy as it looks. 

For example, the best talent for the position may not be actively searching at the time of the job opening in your company or not in your target recruitment sources.

These candidates may be the best persons for the job. Without AI sourcing tools that let you research professional databases, it could be difficult to find these people.

To solve the issue, recruiting managers can use AI talent acquisition software to research job application boards, sources, and databases to find these sets of professionals, get their contact details, and reach them via personalized messages.

Another reason for using the best AI recruiting tools is that some job vacancies are too challenging to apply for.

The recruitment exercise is too complex and difficult to complete.

Artificial intelligence screening tools help simplify all the complex processes and allow job recruiters to do more in less time.

Plus, it allows job applicants to research and apply for their job of interest from a more convenient platform and environment.

1. Kickresume Remote Talent Hub


Kickresume Remote Talent Hub is a remote job board that uses AI magic to match you with the perfect candidates who fit your criteria like a glove. 

With a global talent pool of over 10,000 active job seekers, you can access the best talent worldwide.

Post a job, define your criteria and expectations, and Kickresume’s Talent Hub will provide you with a curated list of prospective hires.

No more sifting through irrelevant resumes — with the help of AI-powered auto-matching algorithms, you’ll only receive candidates who are an excellent fit for your open role. 

Kickresume Remote Talent Hub Top Features:

  • Access to a global talent pool.
  • AI-powered auto-matching algorithms that deliver the best candidates for your open roles.
  • An extensive database of top-quality resumes.
  • Browse candidates who are actively seeking new job opportunities.
  • Effortlessly manage your recruitment process with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Directly contact relevant candidates via chat.

2. MeetGeek

MeetGeek front page

MeetGeek is an AI-powered virtual assistant that records, transcribes, summarizes, and extracts key points from virtual meetings.

The platform allows recruiters to focus on the conversation with a candidate while automatic note-taking happens in the background. After the online interview, MeetGeek provides a quick candidate profile that can be logged in your preferred ATS or easily shared with a hiring manager.

MeetGeek Top Features:

  • Meeting and interview recordings and transcription are available in 40+ languages.
  • AI meeting summaries were generated right after the call, featuring key highlights and action items from the conversation.
  • A searchable repository of conversations allows you to recall the candidate’s answers even weeks after the interview.
  • Integration with thousands of other tools to easily share meeting summaries and highlights with others.

3. hire EZ (formerly Hiretual)

hireEZ Automation recruiting tool

HireEZ gives you access to over 800 million job seekers from nearly 50 diverse professional platforms.

So, you can leverage its database of professionals to access and hire the right candidate for the job. It helps to bridge the gap between finding, accessing, and hiring suitable candidates.

Being a search engine, HireEZ connects recruiters with the best job applicants.

More than 5,000 companies trusted and used HireEZ to find and hire professionals.

Among the notable names that use the platform are Deloitte, Visa, CERIDIAN, Commonspirit, Wayfair, Amtec, and more.

Hire EZ (Formerly Hiretual) Top Features 

  • CCPA, GDPR, SOC Type 3, Type 3 certified, and even the EU-US privacy shield compliance. All of these mean your data is safe with Hiretual. 
  • Hiretual is industry-focused on health, tech, nonprofits, security, and defense.
  • Access to applicants’ email, phone numbers, and social media accounts for faster and more direct communication lines.
  • Deep marketing insight that allows you to build and make recruiting decisions backed by data.
  • Integrates with third-party services and apps through API connections.
  • Manage recruiting teams from one centralized dashboard and give access restrictions based on members’ roles.

4. Humanly.io

Humanly.io automation recruiting tool

Humanly.io is an AI conversational tool that unifies recruiters with automation tools to bring the most qualified and deserving applicant pool to scale.

The platform helps recruiters automate and schedule hiring tasks such as screening, interview scheduling, engagement, candidate feedback, and reference checks tasks. 

Humanly.io Top Features 

  • Get your time back by letting Humanly help with hiring preliminary tasks.
  • Based on their extensive library of screening questions backed by data, Humanly.io removes personal or biased opinions and asks direct questions that matter.
  • Hiring managers are giving insight into candidates’ interactions with the interview application; this gives the hiring managers the data to make better hiring decisions.
  • Humanly AI conversational tools are stripped of unconscious biased triggered words so the hiring team can focus on factors that predict success for the company.

5. Seekout

SeekOut ai recruiting tool

Seekout is a talent-intelligent and diverse recruiting software.

It helps companies source, hire, develop, and retain talents while focusing on culture, expertise, and other hidden applicant skill sets.

When applying for jobs through Seekout, candidates are provided with user-friendly tools such as video interviews and resume parsing to customize their experience and application process to fit their needs.

In a competitive marketing role such as HRM, talent recruiters of different skill levels can quickly leverage the Seekout search engine to find and recruit job seekers.

Seekout Top Features 

  • Get tailored applicant recommendations based on your business input to help you hire the right candidate.
  • Ability to source candidates without gender bias using features like AI matching, custom boolean, talent insight, and blind search.
  • Seekout gives you a 360-degree view of millions of untapped employee pools, including GitHub, public profiles, referrals hub, alumni, etc.
  • Create a diverse pipeline with highly qualified individuals and create actionable recruiting strategies that meet the company’s all-inclusive goals.

6. TurboHire

TurboHire Automation recruiting software

TurboHire helps companies with AI screening, interview scheduling, feedback, job marketing, and more…to get the best out of the hiring process.

It is data-driven and collaborative hiring software that helps recruiters save time, increase productivity, and gather deep and accurate applicant data to help hire the best candidates.

TurboHire provides a platform that lets recruiters engage all stakeholders, track and record talent pipeline, and generate recruiting reports within one platform.

TurboHire Top Features

  • TurboHire integrates with your CRM, recruiting sites, and other third-party services to give you more convenience and control over the application process.
  • Provide military-grade security of customers’ data that comply with GDPR, encrypted between the customer and the cloud.
  • Save hours hiring fast by building an intelligent recruitment process with augmented intelligence.
  • Managing recruiters can collaborate in the hiring process to find the best employees for the task.

7. Fetcher


Fetcher adopts a straightforward methodology to achieve significant results for recruiters. AI powers their all-in-one solution and 1-click sourcing to automate candidate searching.

It is trusted and used by big tech companies like Sony Music, Shopify, Getty Images, and Reddit.

It uses machine learning to source potential employees you can later engage with via email and text.

Recruiters can use the Fetcher training and data validation algorithm to create a successful hiring candidate funnel.

And automate repetitive tasks to allow you to put more time and energy into candidate engagements and the hiring process.

Fetcher Top Features

  • Cut down time on repetitive tasks and random resumes, hire the right candidate, and focus on what matters to the organization’s hiring process.
  • Instead of digging through endless job seekers’ databases, Fetcher provides you with a tailored list of job applicants based on your search criteria, and the Fetcher team will review and customize the list for your use.
  • Send automated personalized email messages that meet interested candidates at the right time and with the right message.
  • Measure and track your email message effectiveness, get deep insight into applicant geolocation and gender analysis, and access your recruiting team’s performance within one analytics dashboard.

8. HireVue


Founded in 2004, one of the oldest video interview software technologies.

Specializing in financial and hospitality services, industrial manufacturing, tech and telecom, and the public sector, HireVue is one of the best AI recruiting tools in the market today.

HireVue is an AI-powered and on-demand recruiting software that lets human resources managers execute the initial screening process efficiently.

The platform allows you to automate the hiring workflow, speed up the process, improve how you engage screen, and hire candidates with text recruiting video interviews and candidate assessments.

With partnerships and connections with industry tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Avature, IBMKenexa, Greenhouse, and more…

HireVue gives you the platform to help reduce redundancy, improve efficiency, and help you achieve a tremendous synergistic human resources ecosystem that allows recruiters to perform at their best and focus on the candidates.

HireVue Top Features

  • Screen a high number of job applicants in less time. The HireVue virtual assistant is self-dependent in screening applicants, leaving messages, and responding to feedback.
  • Great for on-demand interviews and the ability of recruiters to sit and watch candidate interviews at their most convenient time. You can also adjust the speed of the interview while watching.
  • Excellent customer support makes HireVue one of the right choices for ai screening software. 
  • The AI text-powered recruiting assistant allows recruiters to do more, achieve more, work 4x more, and receive fast responses from applicants.

9. Loxo

Loxo Recruiting Automation

Loxo is an intelligence talent recruiting software that’s easy to use and helps you save time by focusing on what matters.

It is a full-fledged AI recruiting CRM that allows hiring managers to leverage AI technology to find the best candidates.

Loxo is known for having one of the largest updated databases of job seekers – a 530 million contact lists of people across hundreds of data sources with verified email and phone numbers.

The Loxo AI ™️ recruiting automation allows you to rank talent by best match and get smarter with every search.

Loxo Top Features

  • Loxo claims using the platform can lead to 75% in hiring costs.
  • Access over 530 million user databases from hundreds of professional business platform sources with the world’s most valuable talent pool.
  • Automate and use pre-built messaging material like email, SMS, phone numbers, and LinkedIn activity campaigns to plan your outreach and increase efficiency.
  • Access to verified email addresses, social media profiles, and phone numbers through the Loxo proprietary search engine that has gathered publicly available data sets and premium data.

Conclusion…Best AI Recruiting Tools

Hiring has never been easy; if you’re going to accelerate the process and upgrade your job application software, you should consider one of the best AI recruiting tools on this list.

These tools can help your organization streamline the process, simplify complex tasks, build trust and transparency, and help you find the best person for the position.

Based on your input, talent recruiting software can help candidates understand your company’s philosophy, mission, goal, and expectations.

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