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BFCM season is here with lots of goodies for internet marketers. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with premium AI tools, now is the best time. 

Many of the best AI tools Black Friday deals are going on from now through Cyber Monday. 

You can save big on your favorite AI-powered tool, from AI writing tools to SEO, speech manipulation, website development, and image creation. 

In today’s post, I show you several Black Friday promos for AI Tools 2023 that you can purchase in different categories. 

So, go through the list and check out what aligns with your current business needs and budget and will produce significant results. 

As a side note, many AI tools are shining objects. So unless you’re convinced your business requires a tool, don’t purchase for the sake of spending. Other digital marketing tools sell at unbelievable discount prices this Black Friday; you can check them below. 

Web hosting sells at up to 85% discount, and SEO tools are available at up to 35% off. 

Away from that, here are your favorite AI tools Black Friday unique offer details. 

1. ScaleNut (60% off Lifetime – Now Live!)

Scalenut Black Friday landing page

Scalenut is an AI copilot, content-creation, and marketing platform that empowers marketers to create content backed by research and data. 

You can use Scalenut AI to research keywords, create content outlines and briefs, research ranking pages, generate FAQs, optimize content for higher rankings, etc.

With the Scalenut Black Friday AI deals, you can gear up your subscription to AI tools while saving a lot less. Subscribing to an annual plan saves you 60% off a lifetime plan license, plus other benefits. 

Here are the complete details. 

  • Offer Date – Nov 20th – Nov 30th.
  • 60% off Scalenut lifetime on annual plans.
  • Guaranteed to Scalenut addons.
  • 3X limits.
  • Access to free SEO courses.
  • Access to free exclusive deals worth over 10k
  • Complete access to the “Top 100 SEO Growth Hacks eBook by Graig Campbell.
Black-Friday-Sale - Scalenut pricing image

Why Should You Get Scalenut Black Friday AI Deals?

  • One-click content planning.
  • Cluster keywords 
  • Scalenut cruise mode creates SEO-optimized content. 
  • Generate keywords and get deep insights into content. 
  • Write content with your brand tone and voice.
  • Write factually correct content.
  • Optimize content with NPL search terms.
  • Automatically optimize content with the fix-it feature. 
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Plagiarism free. 
  • Analyze competitors and develop a content strategy to reach the top of SERP. 

2. Hexomatic (BFCM Sales is Live)

Web Scraping and Workflow Automation Hexomatic

Hexomatic is a web scraping and AI work automation platform that allows marketers to monitor content or data changes on any web page 24/7/365. 

With the Hexomatic suite of tools, you can transform the internet into your personal data source, stay ahead of the competition, make smart and intelligent marketing decisions, and respond proactively. 

The good news is that Hexomatic Black Friday AI sales are running from Nov 19th till midnight November 27th. You don’t have to wait till the Hexomatic Black Friday promo offer ends before you enjoy the 70% lifetime deals.

Hexomatic BFCM Deals 2023

Yes, you read that correctly – 70% off the Hexomatic bundle suite:

  • Hexomatic
  • Hexowatch
  • Hexofy
  • Hexospark
  • Hexometer

Hexomatic Early Bird Deals Details

  • Offer Date – Nov 19th – Nov 27th
  • Discount Offer – 70% off Lifetime license on all Hexomatic products. 

Here is what you get from subscribing to the Hexomatic bundle software for a one-time 70% lifetime deal – just in case you’re wondering. Plus, your purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Check the image below. 

Hexomatic Everything Bundle Software Black Friday

Why You Should Get Hexomatic Early Bird Deals

  • Scrape any content source, data, information, content type, etc. Including Google Search, Google Maps, etc.
  • Automatically scrape Google Maps into spreadsheets 
  • Improve outreach efforts by automatically finding email contact details on any website.
  • Integrates ChatGPT into your Hexomatic workflow.
  • Extract Meta tags from any URL on the internet.
  • Scrape news articles 
  • Discover the tech stack used on any platform or website. 
  • Monitor real-time changes (text, media, video, code, etc.) made to any website or page. 
  • Collaborate and achieve success with team members. 

3. Surfer AI SEO 30% Off AI Plan.

Surfer SEO BFCM Landing page

Surfer AI is a revolutionary on-page SEO tool that audits your content against 500+ ranking signals. It improves content relevancy to search intent and keywords, helping it improve its ranking potential. 

From now till Dec 1st, new customers will save 30% off Surfer AI SEO tools and 10% off the monthly plan for six months. 

  • Offer Date – Nov 24th – Dec 1st.
  • Discount – 30% off the 12-month and 10% off the monthly plan.
  • Coupon code – Not needed.

What makes this Black Friday and Cyber Monday week AI SEO deal interesting is the new Surfer SEO AI plan, which includes AI content and enhanced SEO boost in each plan. 

Now, you can generate and optimize content within Surfer with an AI writing tool, reducing the back-and-forth between two independent tools. 

The new Surfer AI plan lets you generate the following:

  • 60 AI articles in the Essential AI plan.
  • 120 AI articles in the Advanced AI plan
  • 240 AI articles in the Max AI plan.

Why You Should Get Surfer SEO AI?

  • You’re saving money when you buy Surfer SEO AI during the BFCM deals. 
  • Optimize content to drive more organic traffic. 
  • Write content with an SEO-optimized AI editor.
  • You’re leveraging the power of AI to enhance your SEO efforts.
  • Surfer SEO offers a 7-day free trial, so you stand to gain everything and lose nothing if you don’t like it. 

4. WriteSonic BFCM (Extra 20% off Live)

Writesonic BFCM landing page

WrietSonic is your one-stop AI content-creation and customer experience platform, offering several advanced tools to power your online business on steroids. 

Since its inception, WriteSonic has added more AI-powered tools to its products, such as BoostSonic, ChatSonic, PhotoSonic, and AudioSonic. Each caters to more specialized marketing needs.

For example, instead of having one AI doing everything from text generation to voice generator, which can result in mediocre output, you can have WriteSonic do the text generation and have AudioSonic generate your voice content.

This approach will produce better-quality output and make you more focused and efficient. 

WriteSonic’s Black Friday deal is the best time to sign up and take advantage of its vast array of AI tools for less than the price. You can save BIG (20% extra discount on top of the regular offer) if you subscribe to an annual plan this season.

  • Offer End Date – Midnight Black Friday
  • Discount – Extra 20% Off Annual Plan.
  • Coupon Code –BFCM20
  • Eligibility – New and Existing Customers.

Why Should You Get WriteSonic Black Friday Deals

  • Powerful AI writing platform with over 100 tools to help you build and scale your business. 
  • Build your AI Chatbot for free with BotSonic, and upgrade if necessary. 
  • Use SEO Optimizer to create content that increases its ranking in SERP.
  • Optimize new and existing content with minimal effort.
  • One-click image generation with PhotoSonic.
  • Generate real-time content with ChatSonic. 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker – write with confidence. 
  • Landing page generator
  • Expand short text 
  • Generate content for most industries using templates. 

5. Jasper AI Black Friday Deals

Jasper-AI-copilot-for-enterprise-marketing-teams landing page

Jasper is one of the first AI tools that revolutionized the content writing industry. 

It powers over 60 AI template tools, catering to various marketers’ needs, from marketing to blog articles, advertising copy, email copy, social media content, story, essay writing, ebooks, etc. 

Jasper AI lets you and your team move quickly from ideas to creating content to publishing. 

It integrates with Surfer SEO, letting you create SEO-optimized content that ranks. It is one of the few AI writing tools that produce consistent quality content. 

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or a large enterprise, Jasper is suitable and affordable for everyone. 

Even as affordable as it is, you can save more with the Jasper AI black Friday promo. 

Why You Should Get Jasper Black Friday Deals

  • Create a content brief for multiple campaigns in one click. 
  • Text to image generation.
  • One-click content optimization based on SEO recommendation. 
  • Auto-publish articles to your CMS.
  • Get actionable insight into content improvement.
  • Powered up your social media marketing with AI tools.
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Brand voice
  • Jasper AI Chrome extension
  • Generate and translate content to over 30 languages.
  • Conversational Jasper AI chatbot. 
  • Use Jasper API to power your web app.
  • And lots more. 

6. Copy AI (60% or 30% Savings Live)

Copy AI discount landing page

Copy AI is the right tool to create long-form content using an AI tool.

Used by over 10 million professionals, marketing teams, and companies, Copy AI is a powerful platform for completing all your AI content-generation needs. 

Copy ai logo

Copy AI BFCM Sales

Copy AI Black Friday deal is live. Users can save 60% on all annual plans with coupon code “60BF2023“.
On-Going Offer

Whether you want to create long-form articles, social media content, product descriptions, content grief, or ad and sales copy, Copy AI lets you write faster and wiser. 

This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, save up to 60% or 30% off Copy AI annual Pro or team plans. Here are the official Copy AI best Black Friday deals details.

  • Offer Date – Nov 7th – Nov 30th.
  • 60% off Copy AI Pro plan – Use Coupon Code “60BF2023” on the annual Pro plan.
  • 30% off Copy AI Team Annual Plan – Use Coupon Code 30BF2023” for a flat 30% discount.

Why You Should Get Copy AI Black Friday Deals

  • Unlimited conversational chat
  • Translate your content into 95+ languages.
  • Save your custom prompt.
  • Over 90 prompt templates.
  • Integrate with GPT-4 and Anthropic, and more.
  • Create unlimited brand voice.
  • Include AI workflow.
  • Create workflow forms.
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Developer API access.
  • And more. 

7. Rytr AI Black Friday (30% Lifetime Deals)

Rytr ai bcfm deals

Rytr is a unique AI content writer with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use editor. 

Choose a use case from its templates, select tone of voice and language, and generate your content in one click. 

There are several content use cases you can choose from. SEO Meta title, question & answer, profile descriptions, captivating author bio, reply to reviews and messages, song lyrics, AI story plot, etc. These and more are what you can do with the Rytr AI tool.

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday week, you can save up to a 30% discount on an annual Rytr lifetime deal. Use coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY30” at checkout to get the lifetime deal and save 30% off your purchase.

This discount is good for Rytr AI’s annual lifetime unlimited account subscription. And it is ending Nov 27th. So, you have just a few hours left.

Why You Should Get Rytr AI Black Friday Deals.

  • Summarize long, boring text into engaging, short text. 
  • Rephrase content to read better and unique.
  • Automatically generate the following sentence based on previous inputs.
  • Use content expander to give more meaning and context. 
  • Generate testimonials and reviews for products and sales pages. 
  • Quickly generate engaging story plots using Rytr AI.
  • Generate original song lyrics with AI song generator templates. 
  • Use magic commands to generate AI assistants on any task. 
  • And more features.

8. Writecream Black Friday Deal

Writecream ai

Stop staring at the blank screen. From idea to creation, Writecream lets you transform your imagination into reality. 

You have several tools to generate content for many use cases. For example, with Writecream, you can create product comparison posts, icebreakers, advertising copy, social media content, voiceovers, images, blog content, etc.

With Writecream’ ’s ChatGenie, you can create real-time content using the power of Google search. ChatGenie is connected to Google Search, allowing the chatbot to pull real-time information from the SERP. 

Why Should You Get Writecream Black Friday Deals?

  • Transform your thoughts into beautiful artwork.
  • Generate podcast and voice notes.
  • Quickly generate answers for Quora marketing.
  • Generate YouTube script in one click. 
  • Generate catching and optimized headlines. 
  • Transform product features into benefits. 
  • One-click content paraphrase and summarizer.
  • Content expander and text rewriter. 
  • Generate long-form content with SEO-optimized signal. 

Other BFCM Deals You May Be Interested


With the sudden rise in AI development, many emerging tools leverage AI technology. 

There is no shortage of tools, from image generators to text and voice manipulations to more complex AI tools such as landing page creators and theme builders. 

AI tools can help marketers in many ways, like increasing productivity, enhancing your workflow, automating complex tasks, writing faster, generating programming language, etc.  

With AI tools, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Your imagination limits what you can accomplish with artificial intelligence technology. 

This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can save BIG when you purchase from one of the AI tools listed above. They offer incredible discounts; some even give up to 75% promos. 

With this opportunity, you can now do more while paying less. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your favorite AI tools this BFCM season. 

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