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If you write several places online, always use Google Chrome; here are the nine best AI writer Chrome extensions to help you write faster.

You can use these AI writing extensions for social media posts on Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, email copy, Medium posts, and text editors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.

Whether you want to respond to social media posts, answer Quora questions, write email copy, or engage your audience, you can achieve much in less time.

The good thing is that many of these Google Chrome AI writing extensions do not require a paid plan. But you must register an account on the vendor website to use them.

After that, install the extension from the Google Chrome store, sign in with your account details, and start writing anywhere on the web.

So simple and easy.

Let’s see the list of nine essential Google Chrome AI content tools.

From writing blog posts and social media statuses, answering questions, and generating marketing materials to writing emails, you’ll find plenty of AI writing use cases on this list.

1. ScaleNut

Scalenut - Ai writing tool

Scalenut is one of the best AI Chrome extensions I have used for writing. It works on Docs, emails, Quora, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, etc.

It works perfectly for answering Quora questions in seconds. With a few clicks, you can generate detailed answers to Quora questions.

The extension also worked with email clients like Gmail and Yahoo, making it easier to compose AI-autogenerated emails with the ScaleNut AI Chrome extension.

You can use it to rephrase, expand, give commands, and complete and simplify text/sentences in Google Docs. 

But you must register an account on the Scalenut website to use the AI extension on Chrome. If you want access to the full power of Scalenut AI writing assistant, you must upgrade to a premium plan.

Scalenut AI Writer Chrome Extension Top Features

  • Content Rephraser – You can use the content rephraser to rewrite your sentence and get variations to choose from. 
  • Simplify Complex Sentence – The extension discovers and analyzes complex sentences in your writing and suggests shorter versions that are easy to read. 
  • Premade Writing Templates – Use pre-built writing templates to generate copy in one click.
  •  Complete – This helpful feature scans your text for incomplete sentences and helps you find the perfect words to complete it.
  • Command – The command features elaborate on selected text to generate relevant paragraphs in seconds.

Scalenut Chrome Extension Price: The Scalenut AI extension is free. However, you must sign up for an account here to use it.

2. Originality.ai AI Content Detector Extension


Do you want to know if a piece of content is generated by a human or an AI writer tool? And check for plagiarism-free?

Originality.ai is the perfect AI content detector Chrome Extension tool to clear your doubts.

The Originality AI model is trained to check plagiarism and to detect content from popular natural language processing AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-2, GTP-3, GTP-3.5, GPT-NEO, GPT-J, etc. 

This free AI-generated content checker is helpful for business owners who employ freelancers for content production. You can never tell what your content writer is up to.

Originally.ai Chrome Extension Top Features

  • Detects whether the content is from humans or AI with 94% accuracy.
  • Scan content for plagiarism
  • The team management module allows you to monitor and control members’ activities.
  • Check content originality anywhere on the web.
  • Less expensive. $0.01 per credit. One credit scans 100 words. 
  • Unlimited content scanning
  • Detects content from ChatGPT and other popular AI models.

3. Rytr AI Chrome Extension

Rytr ai writer

Rytr AI is another popular AI tool for writing online copy. The Chrome extension works great and makes it easy to write anywhere online.

The Rytr AI extension works in Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and anywhere you write online.

Like many AI writer extensions for Chrome, you must activate it by signing up for an account. After that, you can set the tone and switch it off/on for specific websites. 

Though the extension is in beta, you can use it effortlessly to perform many writing tasks.

Rytr AI Chrome Extension Top Features.

  • Access to over 30 use cases.
  • Rytr has an inbuilt plagiarism checker powered by CopyScape.
  • Control the AI creativity level – from maximum level to none.
  • Get up to three generated content variations.
  • Use the content rephraser to generate a different sentence.

Rytr AI Chrome Browser Extension Price – The price is free.

4. Writecream AI Chrome Extension


Writecream AI is a powerful tool for email marketing professionals, link builders, and bloggers. It is an excellent tool if you leverage cold emails for growth hacking.

The Writecream AI Chrome extension allows you to send personalized cold outreach emails on LinkedIn and other websites. It allows marketers to scale outreach campaigns and ensure their messages meet the right people.

Also, you can use it to generate blog posts, content outlines, YouTube video ideas, podcasts, ad copies, bullet points, product reviews, etc., and it’s available in over 70 languages.

Writecream AI Chrome Extension Top Features

  • Write and send personalized email messages on LinkedIn and other websites.
  • Works in Google Docs, Tumblr, Facebook, Gmail, WordPress, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Excellent for writing compelling product description text
  • Good for making AI and human voice-overs.
  • Available on Google Andriod and Apple IOS.

Writecream AI Chrome Extension Price – Writecream Chrome AI extension is free, but you must register an account on the website.

5. Jasper Everywhere AI Chrome Extension

Jasper ai

The Jasper Everywhere AI Chrome browser extension brings the core functionality of the Jasper AI content generator closer to where you write on the web.

The extension works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, so you can confidently write with AI in many places and more browsers.

You can create high-quality, plagiarism-free content directly in your favorite app – Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, Social media, and more. 

Unlike other Google Chrome AI extensions on this list, Jasper is not free; you must sign up for a paid plan to use it. But you can try it for a five-day free trial through this link – today only. 

You won’t be charged within the five-day free trial. If you don’t want to subscribe, you must cancel your free trial before the five days expire.

You can read our honest review for more in-depth information on how Jasper can help you write better content.

Jasper Everywhere AI Browser Extensions Top Features.

  • Get access to over 60 AI content templates for different use cases.
  • Write directly in your favorite writing app – WordPress, Gmail, Canva, Webflow, and more.
  • Access to current and future Jasper updates
  • Write 10x faster and scale content production and marketing.
  • Content readability improver with “Explain it to a 5th grader” feature.
  • Shorten or expand the content/sentence in one click.

Jasper Browser Extension Price – You need a premium plan to use the extension. Sign up here.

Jasper AI Pricing

6. ContentBot AI Chrome Extension

Contentbot AI

Contentbot AI is a fantastic artificial intelligence tool for writing long-form content in minutes. It has many helpful features not found in other AI writing tools.

The content bot AI Writer browser extension gives you access to over thirty content templates.

You can choose from sentence rewriter, bullet points expander, engaging questions to Brand Story, and more.

It is a powerful AI writer that lets you write incredibly faster, error-free, and anywhere on the web. It works smoothly in Google Docs, WordPress, Quora, Social media, emails, and anywhere online. 

The content bot AI Writer integrates with Hemingway to ensure your content is plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, and error-free. 

Content Bot AI Writer Browser Extension Top Features

  • Get a free 2,000-word credit when you sign up.
  • Write in Google Docs, WordPress, Medium, Stackoverflow, Shopify, Facebook, Gmail, and more.
  • Write high-quality, long-form content faster.
  • Access to over 31 content use cases.
  • Expand short sentences into long and exciting content.
  • Content paraphrasing tool
  • And a lot more.

Content Bot AI Writer Price – The Chrome extension is free, and you also get 2,000 words of free credit after signing up.

To upgrade to a paid plan, here are the price details.

  • Starter – $29/month (40,000 words credit)
  • Premium Plan – $59/month (100,000-word credit)
  • Premium + Plan – $99/month (300,000-word credit)

7. HyperWrite Chrome Extension

HyperWrite AI

If you’re tired of staring at the blank page or struggling to find the right words, HyperWrite can help you.

HyperWrite AI-powered writing assistant is a powerful tool that helps you write 10X faster, increase productivity, and on any topic.

It is built on the GPT-3 generative pre-trained language model and Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence image generation model.

The browser extension gives access to its core features, like generating long-form, high-quality content in minutes.

And it works across platforms – WordPress, Google Docs, Gmail, Medium, and more.

However, HyperWrite AI is not available for some countries, so you should check for your country’s eligibility first.

HyperWrite AI Browser Extension Top Features

  • Auto Write – Input your content topic and generate a complete paragraph with one click.
  • Typeahead – The Tyephead features auto-complete your sentence with new ideas and original thoughts.
  • Auto Image –  Enter your image description and generate original images in one click.
  • Write Faster – HyperWrite AI tool produces long-form content in one click.

HyperWrite AI Chrome Extension Price – The extension is 100% free for Chrome; however, you must register an account on the website.

8. Frase Chrome Extension

Frase AI

If you research content topics on the go, the Frase Chrome extension summarizer is one of the go-to Chrome extensions.

This extension allows marketers to research and save content in their Frase folders.

You can read more content and new articles on the go, increase productivity, and scale the content research process.

You might want to experience the full power of the Frase AI writer; this is a good time. You save 60% off the first month’s subscription if you subscribe today.

That’s a massive saving.

The Frase AI writer gives you more tools to write high-quality content faster, generates content briefs, and optimizes and analyzes new and existing content for better search engine visibility.

Frase AI Chrome Extension Top Features

  • Read news and blogs on the go
  • Increase productivity
  • Research more on the go and scale the content production process.

Frase Chrome Browsers Extension Price – Frase is a free AI extension for Chrome, but you must sign up for an account on the Frase website.

9. LongShot AI Chrome Extension

LongShot AI

The LongShot AI Writer is an excellent long-form content tool. It enables writers to generate high-quality, long-form content in minutes.

It allows writers to edit and add text to their content without losing context or going off-topic. And you can set the tone of the AI writer.

LongShot AI Chrome Extensions Top Features

  • Long Rephraser – Rephrase up to 100 words at once.
  • Joom-out-text – Use the AI Browser extension to summarize the selected paragraph. You can select up to 3,000 characters. 
  • Select Tone – You can customize the AI writer’s style or tone of voice. You can request to write in a particular influencer style.
  • Cross Platform – Use it to write anywhere on the web, emails, docs, word documents, blogging platforms, Social media,  etc.

LongShot AI Browser Extension Price – It’s free to use; you don’t need a paid plan to use it. But you need to register for a free account.

FAQ – Google Chrome AI Writer Extensions

I thought about some questions you might have, but if I missed something, don’t hesitate to reach out via the comment box below.

Is There a Free AI Writer

Several free AI writer tools only require an email address to sign up. No credit card is required during the sign-up process. And you can use them for as long as you’re ready to upgrade your account.

Some of the best free AI Writers are WriteSonic, Scalenut, Copy AI, Content Bot AI, and ChatGPT-3.

Is HyperWrite AI Free?

HyperWrite AI is free but requires credit card details to sign up for an account.

Is Rytr Free to Use?

You can use Rytr’s free plan for as long as you want, and the free word credit resets monthly. You must wait for the monthly quota to reset when you use the free word credit. 

If you don’t want to wait, upgrade to a premium plan and get more word credit and high-quality content output.

Is There Any AI Writer for Google Chrome?

Several AI writing assistants are available for Chrome extensions you can download and use immediately. Some popular AI extensions include Jasper AI, Writesonic, ScaleNut, Originality, CopyAI, and more.


Some of the best AI writer Chrome extensions can help you in many ways; you can use them to increase productivity, write faster, scale marketing processes, generate visual content, optimization, write codes, etc.

The good part is that many of the AI browser extensions on this list do not require paid plans. With the free plan, you can use them and start writing better and error-free content.

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