If there is one thing sure on the internet, it is that the future of SEO is AI. We are in the AI revolution, and there is no going back, nor is there a single industry not touched by artificial intelligence technology. 

But here is the thing: too many AI tools are out there. How do you know which is helpful, suitable, and will make a difference in your business?

In today’s article, I searched the internet for the best AI SEO tools to help marketers achieve incredible success in several digital marketing endeavors. 

From on-page SEO to content creation, website optimization, and competitive analysis to off-page SEO, you will find many top AI SEO tools in this article.

But first, let’s explore how to choose the right AI SEO tools for your website needs. 

Choosing The Best AI Tools for Your Need

Many AI tools are shiny objects selling the hype.

On the surface, it looks promising, but when you explore the tool further, you’ll discover it has no real value or benefits for your business. 

So, be careful when you find a new AI tool with bells and whistles. 

Nonetheless, several factors must be considered to ensure the AI tool aligns with your website or business needs and delivers the expected value and features capabilities.

Data Security and User Privacy

One of the growing concerns about the use of AI in every industry is user privacy, security, and the protection of sensitive data.

You must ensure the AI software adheres to data protection and user privacy regulations

This is important if you do business in any EU country or process user data in the European Union. 

If the developers still need updated information on their website, consider contacting the help desk. 

You don’t want to be in lawsuits over breach of customer data and privacy law.

Also, you must evaluate the AI software security protocol and potential vulnerabilities. Choose a tool with a proven track record and robust security features against cyberattacks and data breaches. 


Your focus should be on your specific needs for the tool. 

You must ensure the functionality of AI SEO tools aligns with your digital marketing needs. Clearly define the problem you want to solve or the task you want to get done with the AI tool. 

This will help you narrow your options and focus on tools with the functionalities and capabilities that help your business move forward. 

Whatever your use case, ensure the AI can perform the task efficiently. 


Even as AI tools can perform several tasks at scale, reviewing performance scalability is essential, especially when you experience sudden growth.

You must choose a tool that grows with you as your business builds up and requires more resources. Focus on AI plans offering flexible solutions and subscriptions accommodating potential business growth. 

Transparency and Data Ownership

Many AI tool developers need clarification about who owns the data generated by their AI and how it is used. 

You must be wary of this, especially if you generate AI-generated visual content. Some AI platforms prohibit using certain materials in the public domain outside your website or selling them to make money.   

You should read the fine print carefully before using an AI platform to ensure you’re not against terms and conditions. 

Additionally, trademark law is another aspect of data ownership you should consider. You may unknowingly use trademark property in your AI content and get sued. 


Choose an AI tool with seamless integration with your existing software and infrastructure. The artificial intelligence tool should blend seamlessly with your current workflow and operations. 

Consider who in your team or organization will use the tool, so think through the interface and learning curve.  

Ideally, the AI tool should allow customization, control, and flexibility. It should be easy to use, control, and plug into your existing workflow or automation. 

Cost and Pricing 

Cost is another significant factor when choosing the best AI SEO tools for your business. 

Be wary of pricing models that lock you into long-term contracts without room for account cancellations. Learn about any hidden costs or unclear pricing structures. 

Choose a tool with flexible pricing models and a transparent pricing structure, and align it with your marketing budget and business needs. 

You should consider its cost benefits and how the tools will help your business, such as improved efficiency, increased productivity, safe time, and reduced operational costs. 

Also, if the developers offer a free trial or demo version, this is an excellent opportunity to try it out before making financial commitments. Free trials are a good opportunity to test the product functionalities and features and learn about any shortcomings before deciding. 

1. Surfer AI

Surfer SEO AI - Website Homepage

Surfer is an AI-powered SEO tool that takes the guesswork out of content creation and optimization. It lets you create content that ranks higher and optimizes for the right target audience. 

It combines a variety of content planning and optimization tools, such as keyword research, AI, content analysis, and competitor insights, to help you create content that beats the competitors. 

With the Surfer AI tool, marketers can generate SEO-optimized articles in less than 20 minutes. From ideation and content planning to publication, Surfer is one of the best AI SEO tools you should take advantage of. 

Top Features I Loved About Surfer AI. 

  • Export content to WordPress in one click.
  • Optimizes existing and new content with basic and advanced SEO optimization suggestions.
  • Audit content for the latest SERP algorithm changes and make necessary changes to help it rank higher. 
  • Write in Google Docs for a distraction-free content editor. 
  • Get detailed insights into SERP competitiveness for your target keywords.  
  • White Labeling SEO services for agencies to attract more clients. 
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO audit regarding backlink analysis, internal link suggestions, NLP sentiment, meta tag structure, content length, outlines, etc.
  • Generate content with Surfer AI writing assistant and close the content gap with your competitors. 
  • Automatically generates ideal image suggestions and alt tags for your article. 
  • Boost your Surfer AI content with an anti-AI detection tool. 

Surfer Pricing 

Surfer is priced to make it affordable for most content creators. With its new pricing plan, including the AI content writer, you can use Surfer AI SEO for market growth and get more value for money. 

Check the price list below.  

  • Start – $49/mon – Optimizes up to 240 articles. 
  • Scale – $99/mon – Optimizes up to 1,200 articles.  
  • Scale AI – $179/mon – Optimizes up to 1,200 and generates 120 AI Articles.
  • Enterprise – $399/mon – generates a custom number of AI and optimizes articles. 

2. RankMath Content AI

RankMath AI SEO tools

RankMath Content AI is exclusive for WordPress users, making it one of the essential on-page WordPress SEO content optimization tools. 

It integrates with the RankMath SEO plugin and includes over 40 AI-powered tools to help you supercharge your SEO content strategies. 

Content AI is created to help you with every step of content creation. 

You can generate blog post ideas, content outlines, introductions, topic research, FAQs, descriptions, YouTube Video scripts, etc. RankMath Content AI is developed to make content creation more straightforward than ever. 

In addition, Content AI comes with over 125 pre-built prompts, allowing you to generate high-quality content effortlessly. RankBot, the built-in Content AI conversational chatbot, generates relevant answers to your questions and queries in seconds.

Top Features I Loved About RankMath Content AI

  • Perform keyword research, generate new content ideas, and outline and write long-form content in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Track your content progress and get detailed reports on performance and SEO suggestions. 
  • Suggest missing search terms to make the content better and improve optimization. 
  • Identify and fix common SEO errors to make the content better and increase search visibility on SERP.
  • Generate different sections of your content, such as the introduction, headline, outlines, descriptions, meta tags., etc. Also, Content AI can improve content clarity and conciseness. 
  • Content AI can help you generate bulk SEO meta tags, which can benefit large sites with hundreds of product descriptions and images. 
  • It is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and uncluttered user interface. 

Content AI From RankMath Price

Content AI is separately priced, or you can buy the RankMath SEO plugin and get a 15-day free trial of the Content AI tool. You can get up to 30k Content AI free credits with the RankMath Agency plan.

However, if you need to access Content AI separately, there are 3 standard prices and plans. 

Each plan is carefully targeted at different user categories – Starter (Small businesses), Creator (mid-size businesses), and Expert (for high volume content creators).

All three plans offer unlimited website usage, user seats, access to over 40 AI tools, RankBot, and over 125 ready-made AI prompts. 

  • Starter – $3.99/mon
  • Creator – $7.99/mon
  • Expert – $12.99/mon

3. Jasper

Jasper AI Copilot homepage

Jasper is one of the pioneers of the AI revolution, especially as an automated content generation tool. 

However, Jasper, as a platform, has transformed into an AI copilot machine providing enterprise solutions for agencies and large-scale businesses. 

You can use Jasper AI copilot for content generation and business needs, including project management, review summary, optimization, repurposing content for multichannel marketing, art generation, etc. 

Jasper AI is a fantastic tool if your business needs to scale content publication, manage multiple projects, integrate with popular tools and platforms, and get access to advanced AI SEO tools. 

Top Features I Loved About Jasper AI

  • Generates SEO-optimized content inside Jasper AI with its Surfer SEO addon. 
  • Jasper AI Engine gives you access to several AI models, including Jasper’s AI natural language processing algorithm. 
  • Get SEO recommendations to improve content quality and SEO ranking. 
  • Jasper automatically saves all your work, including your prompts and outputs, and restores it with one click if necessary. 
  • Use Jasper API to build custom integration or automate tedious and manual processes. 
  • Jasper can write on the latest information with references or backlinks to its source of information.  
  • Streamline multiple workflows to reduce time spent and improve efficiency and productivity. 
  • Generate content or use Jasper in over 30 languages.  
  • Manage team member access and account usage limitations. 
  • Create custom content based on your brand voice or train Jasper AI to understand your writing style, audience, and tone. 
  • Generate high-quality image art for different use cases. 

Jasper AI price 

Jasper maintained a straightforward pricing model targeted at small to large businesses.

Two standard Jasper AI pricing options exist: the Pro and the Creator plan. The Business Plan required that you contact the Jasper sales team for negotiation. 

  • Creator – $39/mon
  • Pro – $59/mon
  • Business – contact sales. 

The creator plan allows 1 user seat, 1 brand voice, and access to the Jasper Everywhere AI extension. 

The Pro plan allows up to 5 user seats, 3 brand voices, team collaboration access, features, 3 instant campaigns, and 10 knowledge assets.

4. Copy AI

Copy AI - All-in-one Marketing platform

Copy AI is another all-in-one artificial intelligence platform and end-to-end solution for sales teams, business owners, and content creators looking to take their SEO game to the next level.  

You can use Copy AI for various SEO and content marketing needs. 

From generating content briefs, Facebook ad copy, competitor analysis, press releases, and LinkedIn profile insights to swapping ad copy via URL, Copy AI lets you execute marketing tasks with less effort using the power of AI. 

SEOs can use copy AI to research keywords, audit content against Google’s helpful content updates, automate internal and external linking, auto-generate image ALT, create SEO titles, etc. 

Additionally, copy AI will streamline your SEO workflow and generate email marketing content, such as webinars, newsletters, FAQs, CRM, G2 competitor analysis, SEO title generator, blog posts, etc. 

Top Features I Loved About Copy AI 

  • Integrates with over 2k services and products to support your workflow and make collaboration easier. 
  • Create unlimited brand voices.
  • Create and save custom AI prompts and use them anytime. 
  • Automatically create internal links based on your settings and auto-link to relevant sources within your article. 
  • Repurpose old content automatically for different marketing channels. 
  • Automatically refresh content for freshness and user experience. 
  • From keyword to content brief, Copy AI lets you create content with less effort and processes. 

Copy AI Price

Copy AI has five standard plans, including the free plan. You can use the free plan with limited access, features, and tools. 

If you need to up your SEO game, consider one of the paid plans, starting at $36 per month if you subscribe to an annual plan.

In summary, here is how the Copy AI plan is laid out.

  • Pro – $36/mon
  • Team – $186/mon 
  • Growth – $1,000/mon
  • Expansion – $2,000/mon
  • Scale – $3,000/mon

5. Kadence AI

KadenceAI - WordPress-Solutions

Good website design is the foundation of effective SEO strategies. Speed and user experience matter to SEO; it all begins with your website design architecture. 

This is where the Kadence AI WordPress theme enters the room as one of the best AI SEO tools to achieve faster web pages and optimal user experience. 

With Kadence AI, you can sit back and let the AI Engine generate your site descriptions, suggest AI-powered templates perfect for your business, content, and website design, and create your website in a minute.

Also, the design library, sections, and patterns are powered by the Kadence AI, endlessly extending design possibilities and customization. 

Top Features I Loved About Kadence AI

  • Generate Kadence AI starter templates to launch your website design and content in minutes. 
  • Let Kadence AI suggest relevant keywords for your business website homepage.
  • Seamless, easy to use, and beginner-friendly onboarding or setup process.
  • A powerful AI design library gives you endless customization possibilities. 
  • Generate patterns and sections using the Kadence AI Engine. 
  • One-click image suggestions and search.
  • Generate marketing copy and blog posts using Kadence AI. 

Kadence AI Price

Kadence AI has two plans and prices available to individuals and web development agencies. 

The Essential Plan costs $149 annually and offers 4,000 AI credits to write content. 

Mainly, it unlocks access to essential design tools and features from KadenceWP.  Tools such as Kadence block, Kadence theme Pro, Pro starter templates, and custom fonts make it suitable for small and solo business owners. 

You need the Kadence AI Full plan to access advanced features such as Kadence cloud, woocommerce shop kits, child theme builder, reCAPTCHA, and access to all KadenceWP plugins and future products. Additionally, Kadence AI gives you access to 8,000 AI credits, so you do more creating AI content.


On average, it takes 6 to 12 months for search engine optimization efforts to start paying off. 

Considering all the tasks involved in the life of any SEO, it can only make sense to use artificial intelligence SEO tools. This way, you can automate many tasks, speed up processes, get deeper insights, write more confidently and clearly, and scale content publication. 

This article lists the best AI SEO tools to manage several aspects of your online visibility, including keyword research, competitive insights, optimization, content audit, fixing grammar and spelling, research planning, etc. 

No doubt, AI has changed how we search and find information online. This means that for SEOs, some marketing is no longer effective or works as expected. You must adapt your SEO strategies to align with the AI reality and learn to use technology to improve your marketing results and value. 

The best thing is to start with the AI SEO tools on this page. 

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