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Jasper ai is an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence writing assistant for marketers, developers, content creators, and anyone who writes and publishes content.

It serves many content writing purposes; from blogs, coding, music, story, academics, and reports, there is so much you can do with Jasper ai. 

If you’re about to subscribe to Jasper, you must know its pricing, available features, and access level. This is why I will guide you through its features and custom plan in this Jasper ai pricing post.

You will know what features or plans are ideal for you and what to expect when subscribing. This article was created to help you decide which Jasper ai pricing is best for you.

Without delay, let’s explore the Jasper ai price list.

Jasper AI Pricing Plan

Three plans are available for Jasper, and customers can choose depending on budget, business needs, and size.

The Jasper ai plan is designed to cater to freelancers or individuals, agencies or content writing teams, and large-scale businesses or organizations with custom requirements for ai writing assistants for technical needs and features.

So, if you’re a solo user, agency, or business with specific ai needs, Jasper ai is an ideal chatbot to try.

Let’s see the three plans in Jasper and how they fit your content requirements. 

Jasper logo


Suitable for freelancers, solo website owners, and writers.
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Suitable for content writing agencies and teams of up to 3 writers.
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For large-scale businesses with custom requirements, API and user access permission.
Custom Pricing

We start with the Creator plan.

Jasper ai Creator Plan

As mentioned earlier, the creator plan is best for content freelancers, which costs $39 per month if you subscribe to annual billing. This saves you 20% off the monthly billing plan at $49.

It is suitable for Individuals who write for a living and freelancers who need to speed up the writing process, get more done in less time, and create content for more clients without sacrificing quality. 

The plan gives you unlimited word credits; there is no restriction to the amount of ai generated words within your creator account. 

You have one user seat. This means only one account login is allowed. Multiple users cannot log in to your account. 

You can access over 50 ai writing templates and train Jasper ai with your brand content by uploading up to 5o knowledge assets like your business bio, product descriptions, content, or links to an article.

The knowledge asset features allow users to teach Jasper ai to write more factually relevant content to the existing business articles.

You have access to the Jasper ai Engine, which allows users on the creator plan to combine several AI language models and get the best content output. 

You can set the tone of voice, guiding Jasper to write in your style. The creator plan is sufficient to cater to your needs if you write about current events, news, or trending information. 

Still, in the creator’s plan, users can access the Jasper ai core features, such as:

  • Jasper ai chatbot.
  • 50+ ai templates 
  • Dynamics templates – generates prompt-based templates. Single-use, you cannot reuse it.
  • Only one campaign creation is allowed in the creator plan.
  • Generates ai art without a watermark and for many purposes.
  • Use Jasper ai rewrite and rephrase features.
  • Edit your ai generated content in documents 
  • 1,500-word lookback review to generate more context for future generations.
  • Use Jasper recipe features to run repeatable tasks, save them, or share them in the Jasper community. 
  • Creator plan users can use Jasper ai everywhere online through the browser extensions on Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

One of the significant differences in Jasper ai pricing for creators is in the account management and administration section.

First, single-user login details are allowed; you can’t collaborate with team members on a document.

The creator plan also denied access to usage statistics, valuable features that should be available for all plans. The feature is only available on the custom plan. 

But you can save, star, and tag your content prompt and output, label them, and reuse them for later. The automatic save feature is on for your account, allowing you to revisit past work and use them anytime. 

If you’re concerned about data security, Jasper gives almost equal access to all users. 

On the creator plan, your content is protected. Jasper never uses your content for training its third-party ai models. And your data is secured with state-of-the-art security systems.

99% uptime guarantees, so the Jasper website is always available when using the platform. Also, Jasper is SOC2 Compliant, protecting customer data and ensuring it follows regulatory data protection law.

Onboarding and support are other features of Jasper you must look into if you require specific features or help.

Creator account users can request support via email, attend live workshops, and watch on-demand webinars. This allows you to get training access using Jasper and make the best of it.

Jasper Team Plan

The team plan gives you everything in the creator plan and more. It costs $99 for the yearly plan, and $125 monthly if you subscribe to the monthly billing cycle.

For clarity’s sake, we will explore the added features you get for subscribing to the Team plan and not repeating everything above.

So, in addition to one brand voice in the creator plan, you have up to 3 in the Team plan. Instead of 50 knowledge assets, you have 150.

You can create up to 10 campaigns, which allow users to create all marketing assets by uploading one brief. 

Jasper SEO mode is available on the Team plan, allowing you to create SEO-optimized content within Jasper. Though the Surfer SEO add-on is sold separately, users on the Team subscription can generate content and optimize with Surfer SEO

In the Team plan, you have more user seats, a maximum of 3, instead of a single user seat. You can save and share dynamic content templates created, which is not possible in the creator plan.

Lastly, Team subscriptions allow account owners to give access permission and control who can edit, view, or make content private. You can set permission levels for team members.

Jasper Business Plan

While this targets enterprise business, some of its benefits and features are worth discussing. 

Jasper ai Business plan gives you everything in the Creator and Team subscriptions, plus more.

First, Jasper Ai will look at up to 10,000 words to write the next, ensuring it remains in context and produces better content quality. 

Business account users can create custom templates and workflow, get a dedicated account manager, and access usage analytics reports. Something which is not possible in the Creator and Team plan.

One of the advantages of being on the Jasper ai Business plan is access to the API feature. Businesses can create custom integration and automate manual or repeatable processes by connecting to Jasper REST API. 

Business account users have unlimited tone-of-voice access and unlimited assets, making it possible to teach Jasper your content needs by giving it directions like referencing article links, PDF documents, FAQs, product details, etc.

Check the pricing page to learn more about Jasper ai cost and the core differences in the feature plan.

Which Jasper AI Plan is Right for You?

There is no right or wrong answer here; it depends on your content needs, budget, business size, and how often you use the platform.

However, the Jasper Creator plan is best for most freelancers and website owners. It gives you the essential features to create content, manage processes, and stay organized.

It is also budget-friendly and worth $39/month for an unlimited ai content generator. It empowers writers to create content at scale, publish regularly and never run out of ideas.

Though it has its pros and cons, for what you’re paying, you wouldn’t fault the value it offers.

The Team plan is the best for content writing and web development agencies with multiple writers. You can have up to 3 user accounts, which is often insufficient. 

Still, it is better than having one user account access. If you need more user seats, pay $49/user, assuming you’re on the annual billing plan.

The Business plan is suitable for businesses with high needs for content creation, publishing high-volume content, and custom integrations, and needs to give account usage permission. 

FAQ – Jasper Pricing Plan

I might have missed some of the important facts or questions in this article; here are other questions related to the prices of Jasper ai and its subscription plans.

Does Jasper Ai cost Money?

Yes, Jasper ai costs money to use. The Creator plan costs $39/month for unlimited content, assuming you subscribe to yearly billing, which gives you a 20% discount. The Team plan costs $99/month for the annual plan, with the same 20% off. It allows access to the software for up to 3 users and an additional $49/m per user.

Can I use Jasper ai For Free?

You cannot use Jasper ai for free. However, Jasper has a 7-day free trial which you can access from this link. The free trial gives you up to 10,000-word credits to test the word quality and the platform.

How Much is Jasper ai Annual fee

The Creator plan is billed at $39/m, the Team plan at $99 per month, and the Business plan has custom pricing. All prices assume you subscribe to the annual plan. If you choose to pay monthly, the price increases by 20%. 

Can I Pay Monthly for Jasper Ai?

Yes, you can pay monthly for your Jasper ai subscription plan. The monthly price for the Creator plan costs $49, the Team plan is $125, and the Business plan remains custom pricing. You need to contact support to get a quote.

How Much is Jasper ai Unlimited Plan

All Jasper ai plan now comes with unlimited word generations. No restriction to how many words you can generate in your account. However, a fair usage policy exists to check platform resource abuse and excessive usage.


As I said earlier, Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools, and its pricing makes it even more cost-effective and worth the investment. 

If you know how to use ai to aid your writing process, get more done in less time, and write better content quality, ai can be an incredible writing tool. 

If this is you, Jasper ai pricing makes it a good decision to invest in a tool that lets you write 10 times faster and better.

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  1. Hi Shamsudeen, I’ve used Jasper for over a year and it really saved me time. However, I found a new tool that saves me money and may be better. I just started testing it out. I feel like I’m cheating on Jasper but, time will tell!
    The only thing I haven’t tried with Jasper is the graphics since I use Canva all the time. But I hear it’s good too.

    1. Hi, Lisa,

      Can you share the name of your new found tool? Curious to see how it compare to Jasper or other ai writing assistants.

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