5 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress to Speed up Your Blog

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One of the things you can do to speed up slow loading website is to install one of the best cache plugins for WordPress on your site.

WordPress caching plugins help reduce the number of HTTPS requests. It enables compression, improves performance, defers off-screen images, and combines and inlines CSS and JavaScript files.

Also, a good cache plugin will leverage browser and page caching, enable support for content delivery networks, etc.

According to Think with Google, a mobile site speed testing tool, you need to improve your website pages to load in under 2.5 seconds.

A WordPress cache plugin can do all these tasks and achieve a faster page speed without touching a line of code or needing to be a developer.

So, in this article, I will share a list of the best cache plugin for WordPress to speed up your blog pages.

You will also improve the user experience, boost website performance, increase duel time, get more search engine visibility, and drive more revenue.

But before that, let’s define what exactly cache is in website performance.

What is Cache?

A cache is a temporary unique data storage space for storing static files that makes website contents, apps, devices, or browsers load content faster and more efficiently.

When you visit a website, you use an app or device for the first time, and the cache system stores a copy of the content to your web browser, app, or device.

The next time you visit the website or use the app and request the same content URL, the cached page/content is served instead of a live version of the Url.

This process makes retrieving and downloading the content faster and improves the user experience.

Why Does Cache Matter to WordPress Websites?

The same concept of caching described above is also used in WordPress websites to improve page speed and optimize performance.

By default, WordPress is a dynamic content management system that runs many steps to serve users the requested information from your website database.

The process WordPress runs to serve users your website content makes the loading of web pages slower, especially when many users request information simultaneously.

This is where a caching plugin comes in handy to help skip a lot of the process and makes WordPress pages load insanely faster.

Instead of WordPress going through all the serving processes for every web page request, the caching plugin copies the web page after the first visit; it then serves the cached copy on every subsequent visit.

This reduces the load on your web host servers, reduces page loading time significantly, and improves user experience.

Since Google announced that page speed is part of its search algorithm signals, improving page loading time has become an essential SEO task.

On top of that, faster web pages mean more search engine traffic, leads, low bounce rate, and, consequently, more revenue generation.

With that said, let’s explore some of the best cache plugins for WordPress blogs in 2023.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket website homepage - WordPress plugin

WP Rocket is the best cache plugin for WordPress blogs year after year.

Also, it is one of the best cache plugins for woo-commerce websites.

Over 2.8 million WordPress blogs optimized page speed by WP Rocket; this is a number no other WordPress caching plugin comes close to.

WP Rocket in numbers

Unlike many other WordPress caching plugins, WP Rocket is beginner-friendly. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to configure the settings for maximum page speed optimization.

Upon activation, WP Rocket automatically deploys the best WordPress caching settings like Gzip compression, browser cache, page cache, cross-origin supports for web font, and cache-preloading.

When Gzip compression is enabled in WP Rocket, it compresses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. It helps reduce total page size and makes your WordPress pages load faster.

WP Rocket also auto-disables WordPress emojis, optimizes Google font files, auto-detect, and supports third-party WordPress plugins.

While WP Rocket’s main feature is cache, it also includes optional optimization features you can turn on/off at will.

These include CSS and Javascript minification, lazy image load, delay javascript execution, CSS delivery optimization, and load javascript deferred.

You can A/B test WP Rocket to see how much of a difference it brings to your site speed.

You can do this by appending a query parameter (?nowprocket) to the end of an individual URL on your site. This will render the page without any cache optimization features, just a simple WordPress page.

Before running this experiment on your blog, run a website speed test with tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight, etc.

This will help you to know if there is any significant improvement in loading speed and website performance after deploying WP Rocket on your website.

As you will expect, WP Rocket is a premium-only cache plugin. No wonder it gives so much more than any other WordPress cache plugin.

For a single website license with one year of support and updates, WP Rocket costs $59/yr. And for three website licenses with one-year updates and support, you’ll buy for $119/yr.

WP Rocket prices

The Infinite plan, which gives you the license to use WP Rocket on unlimited websites with one year of support and plugin updates, costs $299 annually.

You can learn more about WP Rocket’s settings on this page. Or you can check out my full WP Rocket review on this page.

2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache by Bold Grid - WordPress plugin

One of the popular best free WordPress plugins is W3 Total Cache—a comprehensive cache plugin with lots of settings to play with created by BoldGrid.

Though configuring the W3 Total cache can be a bit confusing for beginners. It includes most of the features you’ll expect from a free WordPress caching plugin.

W3 Total cache-free features include page cache, object cache, browser cache, and limited support for CDN (content delivery networks).

While W3 total cache is a free cache plugin, you can enjoy limited features in the free version.

If you upgrade to W3 Total cache pro, you’ll get cache and performance features for your money.

In the W3 Total cache pro version, cache and performance features include:

  • Fragments cache
  • Full site delivery via CDN
  • WordPress rest API caching
  • Eliminating render-blocking CSS
  • AMP supports
  • Genesis framework support
  • Tickets support
  • WPLM extension

You can find a list of the W3 Total cache pro features on this page.

Upgrading to W3 total cache pro does not automatically enable the pro features; it only unlocks the elements in the plugin.

It does not auto-configure each cache and performance feature like WP Rocket.

You still have to configure each cache and performance feature manually. If you can’t do it yourself, the W3 Total cache support team to do it for you.

It costs $99/yr for the W3 total cache pro license key.

You’ll have to purchase a separate license key for each website if you need to use the W3 total cache on more than one website. In a WordPress multi-site, you can use a single website license on all websites.

3. WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest cache - WordPress cache plugin

With over 1,000,000 million active installs, WP Fastest Cache is one of WordPress blogs’ best popular cache plugins.

Unlike many other cache plugins in this list, WP Fastest cache has fewer configuration settings. This makes it one of the best WP cache plugins for beginner WordPress users.

You can combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files into one file to reduce the number of HTTP requests on your site.

WP Fastest cache is rated five stars on the WordPress.org plugin directory. And it is frequently updated too. WP Fastest cache has a free version anyone can use.

The pro version offers lots more than just a primary cache function.

Pricing starts at $49.99 per 1 website license. This is the bronze plan. The Silver plan license allows you to use the WP Fastest cache on three websites. And it costs $125 for a one-time fee.

If you want to use WP Fastest cache on up to 5 websites, the cost of the product is $175.

WP Fastest cache pricing advantage is that you only pay a one-time fee and use it forever. No yearly renewal fee like other plugins on this list. Check out the WP Fastest cache here.

4. Comet Cache

Comet cache  -

Comet cache is one of the best free WordPress caching plugins on this list. It is the successor cache plugin to Zen cache, a plugin by the same WordPress developers – WP Sharks.

Comet cache is more beginners friendly than any other cache plugin here. Fully plug and play. You only need to install and activate the plugin; no rigorous or complicated configuration is required.

Comet cache is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. The cache plugin is popular among WordPress users, with over 60,000 active installs and 4.5 average ratings.

Comet cache takes a real-time snapshot of your WordPress pages, posts, links, tags, and category pages.

It stored these snapshots for faster retrieval at each request. This helps to save WordPress all the data processing steps. It improves the user experience, reduces your server’s load, and serves static pages faster.

The free version of Comet cache comes fully packed with features you’d expect from any other cache plugin.  All cache features include:

  • Page cache
  • client-side cache
  • 404 cache
  • automatic cache expiration time
  • RSS and Atom feed caching
  • And lots more you can find on the WordPress download page

If you need more cache and performance features, Comet cache pro comes with more advanced cache features and settings.

For a single WordPress site license, Comet cache pro costs $39. Comet cache three WordPress site licenses cost $99, while an unlimited WordPress site license costs $139.

All Comet cache pro license is a one-time payment. You only need to pay once and use the products forever.

Your purchase of Comet Cache only covers up to 3 years of support, and lifetime uses of the plugin, and updates. Comet cache pro comes with lots of advanced features such as:

  • CDN supports
  • Ajax clear cache button
  • HTML compression button
  • Option to cache logged-in users
  • Automatic updates
  • Auto cache engine (cache preloading)
  • GZIP Compression
  • WP-CLI compatibility
  • Translation compatibility
  • Leverage browser caching
  • User-based role explicit cache permission
  • Domain Sharding/multiple CDN host
  • Server load monitor
  • WordPress multi-site.

5. WP Super Cache

WP Super cache - WordPress plugin

2+ million active installations?


WP Super cache is arguably one of the best free WordPress cache plugins. It is brought to you by the same people that give you WordPress- Automattic.

Like any other WordPress caching plugin, WP super cache generates static HTML files of your dynamic WordPress pages. 

When a user requests the server, your web server will generate static HTML files instead of WordPress processing PHP database requests.

This significantly speeds up page load time, reduces latency, and serves cached pages thousands of times to your site’s visitors.

By default, users who have not left comments on your blog do not have to view password-protected pages. And all not logged-in users will be served the static generated HTML pages.

WP Super cache is not beginners friendly. Configuring the plugins to work with your site requires a few tech skills.

The plugin works in 3 ways to serve users the cached file or pages and by speed:

  • Expert
  • Simple
  • WP-cache caching

The expert mode uses the Apache mod_rewrite. Or a similar module your web server uses to serve “static ” HTML files.

This is the fastest and completely bypasses the PHP database call. However, it requires editing the h.access file.

You could break your site altogether if you don’t know what you’re doing here. The Simple mode is the recommended way to use the plugin. It doesn’t modify the h.access file.

And like the expert mode, It requires a custom permalink, and a portion of your WordPress pages is served dynamically.

WP-cache caching cached pages for logged-in users, registered comments authors, or URLs with parameters.

If super caching is disabled in the WP Super cache, WP-cache also caches pages for unknown users. It is the most flexible cache option but a bit slower than the expert and simple mode.

WP super cache is an utterly free-to-use plugin. But this does not take away its quality as a dependable free WordPress cache plugin.

The plugin integrates the OSSDL CDN off-linker to support most CDN services.


While there are several caching plugins in the WordPress directory, your website needs only one.

I intend to help you simplify the search process for the best WordPress cache plugins.

Although there are still a handful of good cache plugins for WordPress blogs like Autotomize, many of these plugins’ function is not cached.

Many of these plugins well-focus on file minification, image optimization, etc.

The 5 WordPress caching plugins listed here are suitable for every WordPress blog. If you want my recommendation, I’ll advise you to go for WP Rocket.

WP Rocket offers more for page speed improvement and performance as a premium WordPress plugin than any other cache plugin in the market.

If you have any questions regarding the caching plugins listed here, please reach out via the comment box below.

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    Awesome post with fabulous work. Glad to say that you have shortlisted the best cache plugins for WordPress users and to boost the site speed. You have introduced each plugins impressively along with their features and every necessary details that are true enough to understand. Yes cache plugins are so important to boost the site speed and also it provides good advantages. While scrolling through your post i have noticed that you have also discussed about cache and its importance in website performance that are also providing a good understanding. Your each listed plugins are effective to use but according to me WP Rocket, W3 total cache, WP super cache & WP fastest cache are good options to use and favorite of mine among the list. Using these plugins will helps a lot and will effectively boost the site speed & performance as well. Every WordPress-user should have a cache plugin.

    After going through this complete guide i got ideas and am sure that this post will surely help lots of people, readers and especially WordPress-users who are looking for the best cache plugins to use. This is a perfect post to know about various WordPress cache plugins. Fantastic work and keep sharing more similar post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such an informative post.


    1. Hi, Aadarsh,

      Thanks for adding your voice to this post.

      As you rightly said, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Fastest Cache are top on the list for many WordPress users.

      Having a good cache plugin for your WordPress blog is not an option anymore, it’s now a necessity and something every WordPress blog owner should take seriously.

      Thanks for reading through, Aadarsh.

  2. Shamsudeen,

    I have been using WPRocket premium – it really makes difference in optimizing the WordPress sites for greater speed and performance. Anyways, great list of WordPress caching plug-ins here!

  3. Hi Shamsudeen!

    I’ve been familiar with these plugins for a while now, but I always like reading over articles like these to see if anything’s changed, or if I can learn something new. This time I did!

    When I picked a caching plugin several years ago, WP Rocket was around and recommended by just about everyone, however it scored lower in speed tests than WP Fastest Cache (which is what I ended up going with.) WP Rocket still might have been the most recommended, but it was pretty universally agreed in marketing circles that this was only because of their generous affiliate program and not because it was actually the best plugin out there.

    Out of curiosity I looked for updated data after reading this post and independent tests are now placing WP Rocket above the others in speed test comparisons. I’m glad to see that they’ve continued investing in it and it actually may be the best caching plugin now!

    – James McAllister

    1. Hey, James,

      Good to have you around here once again and many thanks for providing an unbias “short” review of WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache.

      Yes, a few years ago when WP Rocket was launched, it wasn’t the best cache plugin out there for speed and performance. Over the years, the WP Media team had done greats works improving the WP Rocket plugin for speed and performance. I think that has paid off well.

      Now I see many big outlets, mainstream media houses, blogs, and many top digital marketers using and recommending WP Rocket above other cache plugins.

      These are not affiliates, and of course, not in the position to receive incentives for endorsing a product.

      Thanks, James, glad you find this helpful.

  4. Wp Rocket is a great product with great customer support. I have been using it for the last two years and is the best plugin I have found for caching.

  5. Hii,
    Amazing article!
    Wp Rocket is a great cach plugin with great customer support. I have been using it for the last 6 months and is the best plugin I have found for caching.

      1. Hi Shamsudeen.
        My compliments on an excellent post highlighting WP cache plugins.
        Ive been ussing WP Rocket in combination with autoptimize to try and obtain the the elusive “page loads in 1 second” mark.
        Hopefully this target will eventually be obtained

        1. Hi, Mark,

          The combination you chose is a good one – WP Rocket with Autoptiize – let me know how it helps improve overall site speed and performance.

          Thanks, Mark.

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