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10 Easy Online Jobs to Make Money in 2023

If you’re looking for easy online jobs that pay in 2023 to earn a side income, here is a list you can go through today.

It is no longer safe to depend entirely on your brick-and-mortar job or business. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has learned to move on to the internet and work remotely ever before.

One of the advantages of the internet to humanity is collaborating, sharing, and working from anywhere in the world with other people.

With a laptop and an internet connection, anyone with the right skills can make money online by doing some easy online jobs that pay.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a business you set up. You don’t need a website of your own, either. You can apply for online jobs, and if you’re qualified, you get the job and get paid.

It is that easy…

So here is a list of 10 easy work-from-home jobs you can start immediately today.

10 Easy Work-From-Home Online Jobs – 2023

These high-paying online jobs require some sets of skills. So you’re in a better position or advantage if you possess these skills.

1. Paid Writers

a man sitting on the chair while writing a book

As more people come online to start their businesses and create websites, the demand for online content writers has skyrocketed.

If you love writing and know how to write for the web, you can earn consistent income from writing gigs.

There’s no formal education required to start writing content online. The only requirement is your readiness to commit to writing, meet deadlines, and learn to improve your writing skills along.

However, depending on your entry-level writing experience, there are many places to improve your writing skills and get more experience.

SmartBlogger by Jon Morrow is a free resource blog for writers of different levels, niches, skills, and experiences. You can start your writing education there and be a part of the writer’s community.

And if you’re already a good writer, you can start looking for online writing jobs from these places:

At the moment, writing is a very lucrative online job in its own right. And that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

I can only see the demand for writers going up each year. The more people and businesses come online, the higher the demand for freelance content writers.

There are over 2,000 best and easy online jobs posted on LinkedIn for the term “freelance writer” in the US alone when writing this line.

Freelance writer job posting search result on LinkedIn

Even if you don’t know how to write, but you’re prepared to be one, you can start your writing lesson by reading this post. It will help you learn the basics of becoming a better writer.

2. Video Editor

A video editor professional sitting

The demand for visual content has been on the rise year after year. According to the Cisco annual internet report, video content will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.

This means that the demand for video content will be on the rise. And for business owners, there would be more video content out there.

This visual content comes in different forms, and it could be:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Webinar
  • Video Ads
  • Interview
  • Explainer
  • Tutorials
  • Product Launch
  • Customer’s Testimonials
  • Live Streaming

You’re good for the job if you’re skilled in video editing and know how to use advanced video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video editors are in high demand because of the rise in visual content and their conversion rate.

You can get paid anywhere from $10 per hour to $4,000 per month or per successful project completed.

If you can seal a full-time video editing job with a small business owner, this could replace your 9 – 5 days job.

As good as it sounds, video editing is time-consuming and challenging. It would be best if you had patience, thoughtfulness, and the ability to follow through on the client’s instructions.

You need to upgrade your editing skills to meet today’s marketing and technology demands.

You will find more video editor jobs in places such as:

3. Language Translator

word translation board and a woman smiling

These days, more and more online content is being translated into other languages, from the English language.

If you’re fluent in other languages, Spanish, French, Chines, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, etc…you can work from home and get paid as a full-time content translator.

Since content publication is an ongoing task for many websites and small business owners, securing a full-time job in this field is possible.

Language translators can work in many industries.

It’s not only in the content production niches alone. You can be a translator for government officials, conferences, video translators, script, film industries, music, etc.

There are lots of opportunities available in this industry. You have to be that good and fluent in the required language to be considered for the job.

What Languages Are in High Demand for Translators?

As in many industries, there are high-in-demand languages, especially in the marketing industry.

According to this report, the Spanish language is one of the high-in-demand languages in the world, followed by Chinese Mandarin.

Mandarin is one of the official languages of the Chines people. And it is spoken by not less than 1.2 billion people.

Unlike the Spanish language, which many European countries speak, Mandarin is not a geographical language. This means it is well received and spoken by the Chines people mainly.

But if you consider the impact and size of China in today’s business and technology world, it makes good sense to consider learning the Chinese language.

There could be a lot of potential in this field.

As a language translator, you can get paid based on a piece of content translated or by the hour. And if you manage to secure a full-time translator job, you can get paid a monthly fee.

Language translators earn between $13 and $40 per hour. And could earn between $3,000 to $5,000 per month.

Here is a sample of what an employer is willing to pay monthly vs. what another employer wants to pay per hour.

A lot of factors play vital roles in how much you’re paid.

The language, business, content size, job description, full-time or part-time, etc., will determine your payment structure and amount.

Where to find Translator Jobs?

4. SEO Services

There are abundant opportunities in the SEO industry.

From full-time in-house SEO professionals to on-demand SEO agencies/experts. Anyone with the right content marketing skills and proven track record can get a job in this niche.

You can earn up to $10,000 per month as an SEO specialist. Or charge your client based on the work done and achievable results. It all depends on what the clients want from the SEO gig and what you’re comfortable with.

This is an example of what a company is willing to pay for a remote SEO specialist full-time in the US.

example of SEO specialist fee in the dollar

And here is the job description of the SEO specialist’s responsibilities.

SEO specialist job description

From experience, an SEO gig has different layers, tasks, requirements, and tools needed for the job.

There are lots of freelance SEO gigs you can take up. From link building, site audit, Optimization, and keyword research to full-scale SEO projects.

SEO services is a broad industry with lots of demand for SEO professionals.

Talking about tools, SEO tools make the job easier to execute. So, you must be familiar with many of the top SEO tools.

And knows how to use these SEO tools to achieve better search ranking visibility for your client’s projects.

Here is a list of some of the SEO tools widely used by many SEO professionals today. Besides experience, these SEO tools will make a big difference in your SEO efforts.

Where to Find SEO Gigs?

You can sign up for SEO marketplaces like SEOclerks. SEOclerks is one of the largest SEO marketplaces on the internet.

Small business owners come to this place to get their SEO job done at a very affordable rate.

Also, be a part of an SEO community like a Facebook group. I belong to several SEO communities where people ask for SEO help with their websites.

These places are good for attracting clients.

You start by sharing your SEO knowledge for free. As you get noticed and help others out, you can start pitching your gig to group members.

That being said, here is a list of SEO marketplaces where you can list your gigs.

5. ProofReading

a woman reading from the book

If you’re skilled in proofreading and editing, this is one of the best easy online jobs you can do to make money.

And the good news is that you don’t need any formal education or degree in the English language to be a proofreader.

A proofreader’s job is to edit the content and make it error-free from spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

A proofreader edits all types of content, from web content to script novels, transcripts, essays, etc.

Mostly, proofreader charges anywhere between $10 to $50 per hour. They could also charge a fee of $20 for every 500 words.

A proofreading job doesn’t really require any particular kind of tools to begin with. But you’re better off with some sets of writing tools like Grammarly.

As a matter of fact, like SEO tools, writing tools could be a big difference and make your job easier. You can paste the content into your favorite editor and let the writing tool do the job for you.

If you’re using the Grammarly Pro version, it will check your content for spelling mistakes, wrong use of words, punctuation, space, etc.

And it even lets you select between US, Canadian, Australian, and British English.

You will find many companies and small business owners looking to hire part-time or full-time content proofreaders in places like:

6. Ads Manager

ppc - pay per click and a smartphone

Your job as a PPC specialist or ads manager is to create and manage ad campaigns (mainly search engine ads) for clients and small business owners.

Many business owners know the importance of pay-per-click advertising to the growth of their business. But they do not know how to run an ad campaign that gets results.

This is where the opportunity lies as a PPC expert.

You can make a significant income here if you know how to set up, manage, and run an ad campaign that gets clients the result they want.

Your experience in Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook advertising will play a more significant role in winning clients over.

You’ll work with clients on a possible monthly advertising budget. After that, you work together to understand the client’s advertising goals.

Your job will include PPC keyword research, ad creation, ad setup, optimization, and ad monitoring. The process involves a lot of work to be done upfront; after that, you can frequently monitor the ad every three or four hours.

Depending on the agreement, you’re expected to send your client a monthly ad performance report. This will help show the clients if doing business with you is worth the time and money.

The good thing is that you can take as many clients as you can handle. There’s no limit to the number of ad campaigns you can run simultaneously.

You can charge from $1000 up to $10,000 or more. It depends on the client’s business size, goals, and marketing budget.

Here are a few places to get PPC ad gigs:

  • Black Hat World
  • Warrior Forum
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • SEO Clerk

7. Data Entry

a computer with data entry

Data entry is one of the best and easy online jobs that pay you to earn a consistent income online.

Some data entry jobs require certification or a particular academic degree and prior experience with data entry jobs and the data entry software you’ll be using.

Primarily, your job will require inputting information into a data entry program like Excel.

Though data entry jobs won’t make you BIG money, this is one if you’re looking for the best and easy online jobs you can do either part-time or full-time.

You only need a modern-day computer, an email address, good typing skills, and experience in a data entry job.

Also, you need to be a good listener and pay great attention to details because even the slightest mistakes can cause BIG problems with the entire data or document.

You can sign up with Click worker or Axion data to get started with data entry jobs. Payment could start from $10 to $100 per hour. It depends on the job requirement and how difficult it is to complete the task.

8. Virtual Assistant

A lady virtual assistant with headset

Though this could require a specific academic degree, a virtual assistant is one of the high-paying online jobs you can do in 2023.

An employer may request a Bachelor’s degree, Masters’s, or any other relevant degree and experience in the virtual assistant job.

Your job as a virtual assistant is to provide support services to clients or businesses from remote areas. And it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable doing—the task you can execute flawlessly.

You can work from anywhere in the world. This is the beauty of working from home.

You need a computer, a working email address, and a video conference tool at the bare minimum. These tools will be required to get you off to a good start with a virtual assistant job.

You can earn hourly or agree to a flat monthly payment as a virtual assistant. This will depend on the task involved and the period of the contract.

It is prevalent to see virtual assistants earn from $10 to $50 per hour. You’re free to negotiate your terms with the clients.

You can find virtual assistant jobs from places like LinkedIn, Upwork, Boldly, and Freelancer.com.

If you want to learn more about becoming a virtual assistant, here is an article you can read today.

9. Social Media Manager

At the moment, this is one of the easy work-from-home jobs you can do.

Though I said easy, a social media manager’s job involves creating social media status updates and visual content, consistently growing follower count, engaging with followers, taking and answering customers’ inquiries, etc.

So you see, it’s not that easy kind of a job.

There is a lot to do as a social media manager. You need to effectively use social media management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Awario, etc.

Also, creating visual content and media is part of your task. You can use a free Graphics design tool like Canva to create beautiful images.

Depending on the client’s needs and business goals, you can negotiate to be paid based on completed tasks by the hour or agree on a fixed monthly payment.

According to the popular Upwork freelance marketplace, relevant gigs are charged $10 to $50 per hour. This will give you an idea of what is obtainable in this field.

To be a social media manager, no formal education is required. Anyone with the right marketing skills and experience can be a social media manager and be successful.

Though you can work for clients on various social media platforms, specializing in one or two platforms will get you better results and exposure.

You will be more recognized as a Facebook marketing expert, LinkedIn expert, or, let’s say, Pinterest marketing expert if you focus on one platform than trying to be everywhere.

Business owners will hire you to manage their social media accounts and get the expected results. You will be given a complete job description and requirements.

Here is an example of a complete job description and requirement from the Player One Trailer.

example of social media manager job description

You’ll have to understand your client’s business goal to determine a plan, budget, and strategies to achieve it.

This is important because the strategies and marketing budget will also defer for various business goals as businesses defer.

You will find relevant work in places like:

10. Online Blog Commenting

You can sign up with freelance marketing places like Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer, and PeoplePerHour to get online commenting jobs and charge by the hour. It is an easier way to make money from home.

It won’t make you rich, but you can earn a few weekly dollars to supplement your side hustle. What you need to get started is a good understanding of what makes a good and remarkable comment.

And how to make sure your comments are not labeled as spam. You can automate the process with tools like Scrapebox, but you will get many spam comments unapproved. I

f you only take a few online jobs with blog commenting gigs at a time, you can do it manually and give more value to your clients.


Many people have found success with easy online jobs listed on this page.

If you’re also looking for the same, I encourage you to review the list and see what suits your lifestyle and skills.

A particular job will be more suitable for an individual than others. If you find one that will benefit you, go for it.

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