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If you’re a marketer who wants to create professional video content with very minimal skills and effort, In this Review, I will show you how to create stunning video content even if you don’t know a thing about editing.

The good part is that after creating your video, you can share it on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and anywhere on the web via upload.

Video content has been the rage for a long time, but more recently, the demand has seen tremendous growth. The industry has seen many BIG players creating video-sharing platforms that allow short and interesting videos.

Unless your need for video content is very specific and highly professional, you don’t need expensive video equipment to create videos anymore.

Online video editing tools like AI video generator have simplified the process so that anyone with minimal editing skills can create amazing visual content.

How to Create Video With

Before you start creating your videos, make sure you have all the necessary material ready – your logo, script, images, voice, video, etc. 

You need to plan your video materials. It helps save time and gives you that advantage for creating stunning videos faster

There are four ways to create your video in the app, each option gives you access to the same set of editing features and tools. What type of video you want to create will determine the option you chose.

Let’s see how easy it is to create and edit your videos…

1. Templates

The easiest way is to use one of the available video templates. There are over 5,000 premade video templates. You can filter the template’s result by aspect ratio, type, and industry.

templates gallery in

Each video template can be customized to fit your brand message and image. When you see a template that you like, click on it and select “use template” on the next page.

There are lots of cool features that let you create amazing videos using templates; you can add different scenes to your video from the template or blank scenes using your creativity. This feature allows you to add text, custom images, or whatever to the video.

And you could delete from the panel any scene that doesn’t fit your message. 

Each element on the templates is a drag and drop, so you can rearrange and move things around as you’d like. It also lets you add animation, stunning effects, transitions, and text to your video.

You can also move an element back or bring it to the front, copy and paste, delete, etc.

Changing the color of an element is easy, there is a “fill color” option at the top. Select the element you’d want to change its color, click on the fill color icon, and select your color from the options. 

It’s as simple as that…

If you want to add music or voice to your video, click on the music icon on the left-hand panel, select the music you want and click on the + sign, then click on “all scenes” on the page to add the music to all the scene’s background.

2. Text-to-Video

Another way to create a video in is text-to-speech. This is an awesome way to turn your blog post into a YouTube video in minutes.

First, you need to gather your video materials – the title, content, main points, images, voice, logo, etc. However, there are three options to use the text-to-video tool in inVideo…

option panel

  • Option 1 – Manually add your video script and enter the headline.
  • Option 2 – Enter a web page URL and the tool auto-fetch the content
  • Option 3 – Upload your media files to create the story

You know your option better than anyone. Whatever option you take, you can check the auto-suggest images/video option on the panel.

options to upload content to text-to-speech

let us keep going…

For this text-to-speech tutorial, I choose the enter URL option and use this page for our study. After entering the page URL, select the auto-fetch media/video, and the tool auto-fetches the content and media on the page. 

After fetching the content, you can manually summarize it or let the tool auto summarize the content. I chose the auto-summarize feature here.

The original content is on the left of your screen, while the summarized version is on your right. The images in the content have been fetched and are available on the storyboard when you continue.

fetching text from URL - fetch and scene panel

Now, we don’t want the whole content to go in as our text-to-speech video. So we need to weed out unwanted paragraphs, sentences, and points.

You need to go through the scenes and delete the ones you don’t need. There is a delete function to do that on the panel.

Some thoughts to keep in mind;

  • Keep each scene at a maximum of 70 characters
  • Be concise 
  • Keep it simple and short
  • Get your background media file ready.

When you’re through, click on the “Go to Storyboard” button on the page, it will take you to the video editor’s page like the one below.

video script

The script is on your left side, the video scenes are on the center of the page. You need to scroll down the page to see all the scenes from the video. 

Remember I told you to keep your text a maximum of 70 characters? This is because if you don’t, the AI will remind you of it and your video won’t look amazing.

See what happens when most of my scene text is beyond the limit…

editing text

If this happens, you need to split it or create another scene using part of the text. To edit any scene, just click on the edit button next to it and make changes to it.

If you want to edit the text, double-click on it to begin editing. On the storyboard editing page, you can change things like font size, color, font family, background images, add video, logo, etc.

When you’re done editing the video content, you need to switch to the advanced editing tab. This is where you add voice to the video and access settings like timeline and customize each video scene.

adding music to video

You can add voice to your video in a few ways:

  • Record your voice
  • Upload your VO file
  • Import from my upload
  • Automated text-to-speech


For my test video, I used the automated text-to-speech…there are a couple of automated voices available, both male and female voices.

Here is the video I made with the text-to-speech tool.

Never mind how unprofessional it is…I’m just playing around the first time. Besides, you can do better than that – I’m in no way a video editor.

I’m a content writer, not a designer or visual editor. The thing is, you can see what is possible with the text-to-speech.

How amazing!

You can edit the background music, upload, or record your voice in the app. And even edit the sound for each scene as you wish.

If you’re satisfied with the result, the next thing is to download your video in either 720p good or 1080 HD full quality to your computer and start promoting across your marketing channels.

3. Stock Media

You can create a video with multiple stock images by adding an image to a scene one at a time. This is one of the simplest ways to create your video presentations.

This can help create presentations, slides, tutorials, testimonies, details reports, etc.

To get started, log in to your account and select “Stock Media” from the option. Choose from the millions of Stock Images to begin, or upload your images. 

To add an image, click on the + scene button, or drag and drop the image. Both options work equally well. 

editor panel in

You can add stock photos or start with a blank canvas to build your images. You can add voice, music, videos, annotations, and text to your presentations.

Blank canvas working area in Invideo

There is no limit to what you can do and achieve here. The more you play around with the tools, the better your video.

When you’re satisfied with your stunning design, you can download it to your computer or have it saved to the folder.

4. Editor

If you want to show your creativity and video editing skills, have some fun…there is plenty here. The editor allows you to create your video using the blank screen. 

You can import your video materials such as media, sounds, etc…and design them to your satisfaction.

This is the blank editor’s interface, you have access to every design and customization tool. 

Collaboration interface - video editor

Customization, editing, and adding voice to your video all followed the same ways as with the others.

The only thing here is that you’re starting from a blank screen. Team Collaboration Feature

You can invite team members by email or via a link to work together on a project. This is a helpful feature for freelancers, in-house editors, and agencies.

Team members can leave a timestamp comment on the video to pinpoint where it needs editing or improvement.

As the admin, you have access to add, and remove members at any time, upload and delete videos, and edit videos created by team members.

team collaboration feature in Top Features offers several awesome features that make it a good investment for small business owners and individuals that leverage video content for marketing.

Here are some features worth mentioning:

  • 5,000 plus handcrafted templates
  • Premium templates
  • Edit video background sound and noise.
  • Over 8 million istock media library
  • Unlimited video export for the top-tier plan
  • 40 minutes video duration
  • Background images removal
  • Create video in any language
  • Resell Right Ownership – Your video is yours
  • Social media calendar
  • Unlimited team members
  • Create Branded Video with your logo
  • 100GB cloud storage for the top-tier plan
  • Priority Supports

For more details on the pricing and features, see the detail page.

FAQ – Review

  1. Is a Good Video Editor? is a good video editing software if you're looking for a hassle-free way to make short and stunning videos in minutes.

    It's simple to use and navigate through. The abundance of readymade templates and millions of stock photos makes it easier for beginners to use.

    There are lots of customization features to make your video standouts from the noise.

  2. How long is InVideo free trial? doesn't offer a free trial of its premium plans, instead, there is a forever free account. And it does not require a credit card to signup for the free account.

    You can remain on the free plans for as long as you want. It's all up to you to decide if your needs require paid features or not.

  3. Does InVideo have watermarks?

    Yes, there is a watermark on any video created with the free account. If you want to remove the watermark, consider subscribing to one of the paid plans.

    If you subscribe today, you can save up to a 50% discount on your purchase. Click here to subscribe.

  4. Is Invideo a Free Video Software?

    There is a free account but with limited feature usage. 

    You have a maximum of 1GB of cloud storage, in watermark, 3,000 stranded photo library, and no priority supports. 

    No access to background image remover, and you don’t have the resell right to sell videos created with

    Also, you have a maximum of 60 videos per month

  5. How do I remove a watermark from

    I have answered this question above…the only way to remove the watermark is to purchase a paid plan.

    There are two plans – the business plan which starts at $15/m, and the unlimited plan at $30/m.

    You can check the one that best fits your marketing and budget on the pricing page by comparing the features.

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