How to Start a Blog In Nigeria That Makes You Money

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Back in 2013, I wrote and published an ebook in pdf format titled “How to start a blog in Nigeria”.

Initially, I had wanted to put the guide on for sale. But after considering some factors judging by my online status and followers back then, I decided to give it out all for FREE.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t request an email address in exchange for the FREE blogging for money PDF download (how to become a blogger in Nigeria).

I wanted beginner bloggers from this part of the world to benefit immensely from my experience as a blogger. And to kick-start their online journey on the right path to success without the heavy cost.

The previous PDF guide is a total of 72 pages that contain no fluff. Just raw information, my experience back then with blogging for money, and how to become a blogger in Nigeria.

Things I know and believed to be the right way to start a blog that makes you money in Nigeria. And how to be a successful blogger in Nigeria starting from scratch.

This short guide you’re reading won’t be that long. Consider this post a short step-by-step guide on how to start blogging in Nigeria. A handy tool you can keep for reference purposes on how to create a blog in Nigeria.

I encourage you to download it in PDF format. Read it and take action on the things you find interesting and relevant to your online business.

Not all information in this guide will be relevant to everyone who reads it. Picks what matters most to you. Works on its implementations long enough to see the expected result.

If something is working fine as expected for you, do more of it. If it’s not…try something else.

The success of that guide (the first edition, how to create a blog in Nigeria) was encouraging and something that makes me realize I need to keep it updated to meet with current blogging best practices.

A reason that gave birth to this post you’re reading now.

It is my hope and sincere wish that the information presented here on this page will serve positively everyone that reads it.

This post is over an 8,000-word count, I understand if you can’t digest every information in one read. That’s why I encourage you to download the PDF version of it. This way, you can conveniently read it in your free time.

I have made the download process easy, just click here to access the download page.

Whether you’re starting a free blog or a self-hosted WordPress website, most of the information on this page will work equally.

How to be a Blogger in Nigeria – A Word of Advice

puzzle box made out for advice

I see many young Nigerian beginner bloggers struggling to get their voices heard among the millions of blogs on the internet. It is not easy for my fellow Nigerians.

We have to work three times harder than most of our counterparts living in developed countries like the Europeans, Americans, Indians, and the rest.

When taking into consideration the ready-made available resources at their fingertips. Compared to what is available to us here. And the environments we lived in – many limitations on how to start a blogging business in Nigeria.

I have been trying my luck with different internet business models since 2009.

Paid to Read, paid to click, Online Survey, HYIP, make money online programs – before settling down with this crazy thing called “blogging”. That was back in July of 2012 after coming in contact with the word “blog”.

You can read my story on the about me page. How I started my blogging journey.

Seeing what I have achieved within the space of my time blogging. I decided to share my experiences (what works and what’s not) with you. And the rest of the world as a blogger living in Nigeria.

So, you could scale through quickly and build a better blogging career by building upon the foundation and experiences set by others.

Therefore, what you’re about reading on this page are the collections of eleven years of experience in internet marketing. Ten years of hands-on blogging (going from a novice to a professional).

I believe the advice you get here is unique. One that will certainly add more value to the quality of your internet business. And after reading through, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to start a blog business in Nigeria

Let’s go…

What is a Blog?

Depending on where you’re coming from and who is given the definition.

You might have read that a blog is an online diary. A journal, or a place where you keep your personal stories on the internet.

I believe that’s an old or outdated meaning of what really a blog is in today’s marketing space and demands. A blog is more than a book diary or journal today.

It has become an indispensable marketing tool. A means of communication. An office space, a company, or call it a building, etc.

what is a blog

Since we’re making use of our blog as a means to an end. The end is to earn money online. And to run our business activities smoothly without any hiccups …I’ll define a blog as follow:

A blog is an online office space. A company. A shop or an apartment you operate to meet and attend to your customers in order to carry out the business of the day.

Just as an offline office, company, shop, or store, houses your goods and services, so also a blog does to your online business. A blog is a visual company you own online where you do all your business transactions and meet with your customers.

Traditionally, a blog is where a writer or group of writers (as the case may be) shares their opinions, views, or knowledge on a subject for others to learn from and participate in the discussions.

It’s as simple as that.

What Blogging is Not?

Blogging is no different from running a brick-and-mortar business in the offline world. Everything that exists and affects your business in the offline world also exists here too.

Don’t get caught up with the cliche “Make money online while you’re sleeping“. There is no sleeping here.

For your information, especially during the early days of your blogging career. You might need to be working for more than 10 hours on your blog and content promotions every day.

Blogging is for the serious, determined, and hardworking entrepreneur. Not for the fainthearted or the lazy type. Blogging is a serious business and you MUST treat it as such.

Blogging is for the serious, determined and hardworking entrepreneur.

Without the proper orientation. The mindset of a successful entrepreneur. You will never move your blog to a level you can quit your day job to become a full-time internet businessman.

One major reason many bloggers have failed to make money with their blog(s). For you to depend financially full-time on your blog(s), be ready to invest your time, energy, and money.

Growing your blog into a full-time business is not going to be an easy task.

You have to work your way up to it from scratch, going through many obstacles. Learning a lot on the way. Trying so many tricks. Investing in necessary premium tools, being consistent, time, money, etc.

Blogging is more than a hobby; it is a career.

It doesn’t have to be something you kill yourself over.

You just have to learn to work smarter, consistently. And with the right attitude and fortitude. The mental approach and the right mindset of a successful businessman.

…you’re on your way to starting a blog in Nigeria and making a profitable blogging career from it.

Why You Shouldn’t Blog Alone

When I started as a beginner blogger, I was so excited and wanted to prove to everyone I could do it. I was determined to build a blog no one else has ever built.

Since I wanted to do something different from what everyone else was doing. I decided to figure out everything on my own and build something I have never seen before.

Boy…I was completely wrong.

Building a popular successful blog involves many things done right.

Among those things are collaboration, outsourcing difficult tasks, and getting help from the outside. Inviting guest authors to share their experiences with your blog readers, promotions, etc.

Like you, I taught myself everything that can be done using Google to find the right answer to any challenges or obstacles I come across during the course of growing my blog.

No! It never happened that way.

I failed to realize one powerful weapon to greater achievements – Mastermind Group.

Look around yourself, and analyze every special inventory that was created by man in history.

Then tell me one single inventory single handle and bring it to life by one Man. A Man without a group of Mastermind individuals to help with one thing or the other?

Don’t try to blog alone, it is never done.

a woman sitting alone in the bush with a tablet in her hand

Get people involved in your blogging career.

Seek help from the outside. Learn from others – join relevant forums. Be part of your blogger’s communities. Consistently learn about your industry and always strive to improve your knowledge.

Starting a blog in Nigeria means getting started from scratch. Maybe a complete novice to the online world without any connections. Or with zero levels of entry.

Therefore, you’ll need the help of other bloggers to achieve success in blogging.

Relying on free tools/services will not see your blog grow in time. Be prepared to purchase premium services/products when the need arises. Spend time, money, and energy building that blog of your dreams.

Don’t even attempt fixing everything that got broken. Appreciating other people’s talent is the way forward to a professional blogging career.

If writing useful content is your weakness, hire someone who can do that job better and agree on terms. Give the person his/her dues and claim the content.

It’s as simple as that.

I learned this lesson the hard way. Until I agreed with this simple rule, my blogging career was crawling like a snail.

snail crawling

In this post, I talked at length and in detail.

I talked about why building friendships and establishing useful connections are vital to blogging success. You’ll discover why your peer groups are your best marketing channels.

But before that, there is a question for you…

What’s The Purpose of Your Blog?

In the first edition of this guide (How to Start a Blog in Nigeria – back in 2013). I advised starting your blog based on what your passion is.

What you can easily write about without too much extensive research or technicalities involved.

As a beginner, that advice is valid and one you should take.

The year is now 2021, which means I’m nine (9) years older and more experienced as a blogger and internet marketer.

You want to learn how to start a blog and make money in Nigeria, right? How to make money from blogging in Nigeria? How to monetize your blog in Nigeria?

Then follow the advice below…

The advice I’m going to share with you here might be a bit above your current online marketing knowledge. But I assure you it is the one you’ll need most going forward starting your WordPress blog in Nigeria.

Choosing your blog topic around what your passion is has been the default advice the “Gurus” usually sold the newbie on.

But from experience, this is not always the best approach to starting a blog that will earn you significant money online.

Validation is everything in online marketing.

You need to analyze, evaluate, research, and validate what your passion is vs market demand.

You need to be sure people are interested in what your passion is. Otherwise, you might just be starting a blog no one really cared about.

There are certain questions you’ll need to answer before choosing what your blog topic will be all about.

This becomes necessary to do because you’re not starting the blog just for fun or a hobby, right?

Do you want to make money blogging?

A clock and plenty of coins on a table


Hope I’m right on that.

If that’s the case, then start a blog people want to read.

Start a blog that provides solutions to the current problem people are facing. Start a blog that solves a problem people are readily paying for its solutions.

That’s how to start a blog and make lots of money in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, every successful business is built on the back of providing solutions to issues facing the community.

How to Start Blogging Business in Nigeria – The Niche

One of the obstacles beginner bloggers faces in starting their blog is what to blog about in Nigeria. Many believe that Nigerian online users are more into reading entertainment blogs.

But in reality, this is not true.

You can build popular blogs in Nigeria in any niche and make money from it – BIG time. All you need is the right technical approach and the resources to make it work.

Let’s assume you’re a professional doctor in the brick-and-mortar world.

Why not start a blog on health-related issues?

And if you’re an architect by profession. It is best to consider starting a blog that discusses related issues.

The thing here is that you should build your blog around a topic you’re competent with. Something you’re familiar with. Something you can teach others how to get better at.

This does not mean you must attain expert status in your field before starting your blog. A little knowledge about your chosen topic is enough to get you started.

As you move along with your blog and teach others what you know, you also improve your knowledge, skills, and experiences together.

So don’t allow the lack of adequate knowledge about your blog topic to deter you from starting your blog. No man was born an expert in his chosen field.

Everyone has a beginning and a learning period.

Something Very Important to Know…

This little secret I want to share with you here is very important you read it carefully and adhere to it.

This is because it might just be the BIG difference between a blog that falls flat right from the word go and the one that makes a very big impact in the world.

Create a focused blog…it is as simple as that

five piece of paper witting on it - focus

At this time on the internet, there are more than 500,000,000 million blogs already in existence excluding yours.

Although a larger percentage of these blogs are better classified as inactive or dead zone. Because their owners can’t just figure out how to create a blog that people read.

You’ll find many Nigerian blogs too on this list of dead/inactive blogs. This is because the bloggers can’t figure out how to make money through blogging in Nigeria

I don’t want yours to fall into this category nor do you want that to happen too, right?

So, create a blog that focuses on a section of an audience.

Don’t create a blog that talks about every subject under the sun. It takes lots of resources, workforce, marketing budgets, energy, time, and money to create a blog like that of the Huffington Post.

Though you might be tempted to emulate their style of blogging. The thing is, you’re only opportunity to see the front-end of the blog. But everything that goes behind the scene you never see.

The sweat, blood, resources, manpower, time, energy, dedication, money, authors, marketing budget, and everything necessary to make such a blog a reality – you never see.

How to Create a Focus Blog

Let’s take the health niche for example.

Instead of starting a blog on all things health, why not create a blog that discusses HIV-related issues only? Or let’s say High blog pressure?

You might even create a blog that only discusses a particular disease in a certain country.

For instance, South Africa is well-known for having the highest population of people living with HIV. You can create a blog for this section of the audience only.

This approach will make it easy for content ideas and marketing to your audience well targeted and direct.

Though if you’re starting a blog in the entertainment niche. This approach might not be a good option to follow.

Because in such industries like entertainment – everything from gossip, breaking news, celebrity news, and gossip, politics, society, sport – everything goes here.

The main idea here is for you to think through before starting a blog. And to know exactly what section of the society or audience your blog caters to.

Define your target market. Narrow down your choices so you can be more focused and speak to a well-target audience.

Two Types of Bloggers – Two Types of Blogs

two men holding a poster with question mark writing on it.

Based on my experiences, there are only two types of blogs and bloggers on the internet – Expert bloggers/blogs and advertising bloggers/blogs.

I know this might confuse you a bit, but don’t let it be. Every blogger you see on the internet falls into one of these two categories.

It is either the blogger is teaching others what he knows how to do better and, in the process, making money from it by charging for some premium services.

Or the blogger leverages the existing website traffic to sell advertising space on his blog to interested advertisers through which he earns money.

The former is more of an expert who has practical skills, knowledge, or goods to sell to people who require his services.

This type of blogger doesn’t publish breaking news, gossip, or events on their blog. 90% of their published content is evergreen and timeless information.

They teach others how to do something better.

With little traffic volume, but well-targeted, this type of blogger can earn significant income from their blogging activities.

This is because their earning potential is more dependent on the quality of services, lead generations, marketing funnel, and not traffic volume.

While the latter might not necessarily have that kind of practical skills or goods to offer. He is not a teacher, what he does is to inform the public, break news, entertain, or make an announcement.

He leverages the volume of website traffic to earn money on his blog. Most of the content on such blogs as this is time-sensitive, gossip, breaking news, events, etc.

This type of blog trades traffic volume for money. The more traffic they could drive to their blog, the more the earning potential.

Before you go ahead to start your blog.

It is important you evaluate yourself, analyze your potential, gift, and capability very well and see which category of bloggers you fall into.

This is because the approach and operations of the two blogs are different.

One demands regular publishing of content daily (in fact, multiple times per day) while the other is good to go even with 1 (one) published article per week.

Do you see why you’ll need to think through it before you start your blog?

It’s Time! Let’s Get Your Blog Live on The Internet

The first thing you’ll need to have in place before getting your blog ready is a domain name and hosting space. I have already discussed what these two are in the opening chapter of this guide.

If you forget, go back and read that chapter for a better understanding of these two terms.

There are lots of domain name registrar and hosting services providers available today online, but not many worths patronizing.

In the previous edition of this latest guide, I strongly recommend WhoGoHost as the ideal indigenous domain name registrar and hosting services provider you can try out.

That has changed for now.

After the ugly hosting services, I experienced at the hands of WhoGoHost back in 2016. I decided to try another hosting services provider.

Namecheap is my recommended web hosting services provider.

You can check out the Namecheap website here or read my extensive NameCheap EasyWP review from here...

Namecheap hosting plans

After you purchase hosting and register your domain name, it is time to get your blog online.

This is where your practical aspect of blogging starts.

After registering your domain name and secure hosting, you’ll want to install your blogging software. To save you a whole lot of time, go for a self-hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress is the industry-acclaimed number one blogging platform. It makes blogging more convenient and fun both for beginners and professionals.

Of course, there are other blogging platforms. Like blogger owned by Google which comes in pretty handy and a very quick easy way to start blogging in minutes.

The good part of the blogger platform is that you can start blogging in minutes without having to spend a kobo on hosting and domain names.

Blogger is completely free.

But you don’t own the platform nor do you own your blog itself. Google owns everything and can take your blog down without notice at any time for whatever reason best known to them.

When you consider that WordPress now powers more than 58% of the top 100 blogs. And over 39% of the web is powered by WordPress…you have little to no choice but to blog with WordPress.

Plus you owned your blog and have absolute 100% control over what goes in and out of it.

Popular CMS Pie chart

After getting your domain name and hosting in place, I will advise you to get the service of a professional web designer to set up your blog.

You can do it yourself, but you should go for a 1-on-1 practical tutorial on how to build a WordPress blog from scratch before attempting to do it yourself.

If you need a one-on-one tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog in Nigeria with fully functional SEO optimization, feel free to call my direct mobile number ( 09056169849 WhatsApp number).

Your overall blog layout and design should flow along with your blog topics. There are several WordPress themes specifically made for a certain niche.

Think about how you want your visitors to engage with your content or services before opting in for a particular theme.

Astra is a leading WordPress theme developer. You will find a theme that suits your needs by browsing through their website.

Of course, there are thousands of free WordPress themes available for anyone to use. You can start with it. Especially if you’re on a tiny marketing budget or need to test things out before diving into your bank account.

Based on my experience with the free WordPress themes, you’ll never get all that you desired in a theme. And you can’t do more with it than what the developer allowed.

Most of the themes are not well SEO optimized, lack responsive design, and sometimes don’t get regular updates or support from the developers.

In fact, the majority of free WordPress theme developers offer no support of any kind whatsoever.

Besides, you’re not the only one with the same theme for your blog design. It’s might be well over-saturated depending on the download rate and usability.

But like I said in the past, blogging is a journey, not a race.

So, it is good to start with free tools. Especially when you’re just getting started and don’t know much about how things are working here.

As you grow older in internet marketing and gain more experience, you’ll need to shift from freemium to premium.

Blog Marketing – How to Promote Your Blog

I decided to tag this section with the headline above for a reason.

The reason is that you’re just starting with a brand-new blog or probably your first attempt at blogging for money.

A marketers table with a ruler and pencil

In the first edition of “How to start a blog In Nigeria” PDF guide.

I discussed some practical ways or tactics you can explore to market your blog for business growth. I also advise that it is important you map out your marketing strategies even before getting your blog ready.

That advice is still valid and I recommend you do so before stepping out of the gate.

Often, in Nigerian online marketing communities, you will see beginners asking this question, how do bloggers make money in Nigeria?

I’m going to answer that question here with a very simple straight answer.

Behind every blog monetization strategy or tactic, there is a need for targeted website traffic. Without super-targeted significant website traffic, you will always struggle to make money blogging in Nigeria.

No matter how good your product or services are, if no one is aware of them, they do not exist. In this post, I discuss some beginners level traffic tactics you can start applying immediately.

But if you want to be more aggressive in your content marketing approach, I strongly recommend you read these posts here, here, and here.

They’re a massive guide on how to increase website traffic that results in sales.

Continue reading, I discuss more practical ways/tactics on how bloggers make money in Nigeria in this post. You will discover some proven industry monetization tactics you can start with immediately.

Build it, They Will Come…

Maybe you have read this phrase before or not, I don’t know. But it is one of those cliches that are easily thrown around most especially, given to the newbies by the so-called “Gurus”

Build it, They will come!

Yes, the gurus told you to go build your blog. Put content on it and see the magic happen – money in your pocket, right?

But what happens next when you follow this advice?

Zilch, Nada, Nothing! The sounds of crickets!

If you follow the advice to go build it, they will come. I bet anyone will ever find your blog.

In today’s marketing world, competition is getting heated every second of the day. More startups here and there. Buyers are getting wiser and lots of distractions are happening.

Customer acquisition strategies are now more important than before.

You must be on top of your game most times if you win the race here and rake in the maximum return on your investment.

Promoting your content is more important than hitting the publishing button now and then.

Spend 1/4 of your time writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing your content. But spend the other 3/4 of your time marketing the same content.

It is called the 20/80 rule.

The success of your online business could be tied to two important factors –

the quality of content, services/goods, and effective content marketing strategies.

If you’re better at these two things, I promise you’re going to build a blog that not only makes you money but also is a reference point for others in your field.

You need to promote your content aggressively across multiple relevant marketing channels where your target audience gathered regularly and in a larger crowd.

As a newbie or beginner with little to no marketing budget. You’ll need to leverage the free marketing tactics and channels.

Like social media platforms, blog commenting, and guest posts regularly on relevant blogs. Participate in the communities where your audience hangs around.

But remember not to stretch yourself too thin across all social media sites.

Pick two or three marketing channels at most, and give them the best of your resources, budget, energy, time, and attention.

It is better to be the master at one thing than to be average at all things.

At this stage of your online marketing career, you really don’t have the resources, technicalities, knowledge, etc…to be everywhere.

Don’t go after traffic tactics because everyone says it is the next big thing in Internet marketing. Unless you’re sure it is going to benefit you in the end and that you’re capable of making it work for your type of business.

For instance, podcasting is one of the big shifts in online marketing at the moment. But I tell you the truth, not more than 3% of online entrepreneurs can get significant results from podcasting.

podcast equipment on a table with a cup of coffee by the side

This is because there are lots more to it than what you see on the surface.

From equipment, influencer status, existing followers’ loyalty, brand recognition, marketing plan, connections, and budget to energy, time, and determination.

There is a whole lot more that goes behind the scene to what you see on the outside than when put into consideration, an average blogger like you can’t handle it for now.

So don’t get caught up with some marketing tactics that won’t help you at the moment. Instead, focus your energy and time on things you can handle. Things that will help improve the value of your blog.

But don’t limit yourself to things that are too easy to accomplish too. Like blog commenting, social media sharing, group posting, etc.

In online marketing, you’ll always get what you pay for.

Most marketing tactics that are easy to complete will always bring mediocre results. While other tactics that are not so easy to complete will always bring better and more significant results if done right.

Given everything equal, a successful guest post will perform better and bring significant results than a remarkable comment you leave on a blog post.

It takes on average 2 to 5 minutes to craft out awesome comments on a post – assuming you know what you’re doing. But it might take days or even weeks (depending on the level of research involved) to complete a guest post.

Do you see the difference?

I have already shared 5 practical ways or tactics you can start using immediately to promote your brand new blog in this post. It’s a massive guide too, but not extremely long like this one you’re reading.

Take a moment to go through all the five (5) tactics discussed and see the one that best fits your current blogging needs.

Nevertheless, let’s explore some of the industry’s well-known marketing tactics that are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and professional bloggers.

I’ll begin with some simple stuff you can start doing immediately to kick-start your blog marketing. And to build effective communication channels while you also build your network in the process.

Then I’ll be moving on to some complex tasks that need a bit of planning, skills, and resources.

Blog Commenting and How to Use It

I will have to talk at length about using blog commenting for traffic building, establishing networks, and driving traffic back to your site.

Blog commenting is the interaction that happens between the author of a post and the blog readers. A box is placed at the very end of the post for readers to leave their thoughts, opinions, and views on the post.

It is a great way to improve blog interaction and one major difference between traditional websites and what we now call “blogs”.

Benefits of Regular Blog Commenting

Without missing words here. There are lots of benefits you stand to gain just by leaving valuable insightful comments on relevant niche blogs:

  • You drive free targeted traffic back to your blog.
  • You’re building your profile as a ProBlogger.
  • You establish a good relationship with other webmasters.
  • Guest post opportunity.
  • You learn new ideas and meet new people.
  • You’re building links back to your website pages.
  • Expand your industry knowledge.

Among all these benefits, there is only one I want you to focus on while leaving comments on other blogs.

Establishing a good relationship with other webmasters.

Yes, that’s the one most important benefit I want you to focus on achieving while you’re leaving comments on other blogs.

This is because driving massive relevant blog traffic comes from two important factors:

“Links and existing connections”.

The more meaningful effective connections you have out there, the better your blog growth.

By leaving valuable comments on popular blogs, first, you’re leaving your blog footprint on that blog for other readers to see and possibly, follow through to your blog.

Secondly, you’re building a relationship with the blog owner that might open doors to more significant achievement. It helps in collaboration in the future like a guest opportunity, interview appearance, business deal, etc.

Don’t focus on traffic or links building opportunities when you’re leaving a comment on blogs. Rather focus on building connections, establishing a relationship, and networking with others.

The amount of traffic you could get from blog commenting is not significant.

The better part of this strategy is when you focus on leaving valuable comments on blogs to build a good relationship. The traffic you want will naturally flow in your direction without you forcing it and it might be regular.

Other blog readers will start looking out for you through the insightful comments you’ve left on the post and who knows…the blog owners too might invite you for a guest opportunity.

After leaving comments on the post, take a moment to share the link on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Do this for the post you find interesting and worthy enough to be shared.

Don’t share it for the sake of it. People share information with their friends because they want others to know what they’re reading.

If you don’t feel good or comfortable letting others know you’re reading such stuff, don’t share it.

Sharing what you find interesting on other people’s blogs is a very good strategy to get on the radar of other bloggers. Hopefully, they will do the same for your blog post too.

This is how you start creating awareness for your blog content and promoting it across social platforms. This strategy might even gain you some social media followers if done right.

This is how you grow your blog as a beginner until you have a good enough financial marketing budget to support yourself and the blog. Until then, you’ll have to work your way up in a baby-step manner.

Most of the blogs I have been featured on were the result of the relationship I have managed to establish with the bloggers behind them. This is through valuable blog commenting that has expanded into a good cordial relationship.

Here is a list of blogs with high authority SEO juice and popularity you can start reading. Then leave valuable comments on the post they publish, understand the message in the post, and contribute your opinion to it.

This way you can get closer to the blogger behind the blog and get on their radar.

These blogs moderate every comment before it goes live. So, make sure you leave a remarkable comment and not some “well-done”, nice post, etc.

This type of one-liner comment won’t bring any value nor will it result in anything meaningful. In fact, it might cause more harm than good.

Read and understand the author’s view before posting your comment.

And if you don’t have something good to say, it’s better if you can just share the link on your favorite social media sites or just walk on.

In no particular order, here are some of the top blogs in Nigeria:

  • Ogbongeblog owned by JideOgunsanya.
  • Geek Ng is owned by Wale Adekile. A.K.A Doncaprio.
  • Onenijablog owned by Babanature.
  • Oscarmini is owned by Larry Frank.
  • LindaIkeji – Owned by Linda Ikeji.

Join online Blogger’s Communities

Join communities of like-minded people and establish good friendships with other bloggers.

It helps in learning quickly and is a very good marketing channel for exposing your blog. Also, it helps you prove your expertise, make friends, learn more, and gather valuable knowledge about your industry.

There is nothing like learning from others, their mistakes, success stories, comments, and so on. Join relevant groups to share thoughts and experiences.

Try to make friends, build a lasting relationships, network, and connections in these places which you’ll need mostly on your way up to build a popular blogging career.

But remember, don’t spam the group with your content. Follow the community guidelines, contribute positively, and always play by the rules.

Interview Popular Bloggers

This is one of the easiest methods of driving free targeted traffic and marketing your blog. There is simple logic as to why interviewing popular bloggers works well for blog marketing and traffic building.

two men sitting down at an interview section

You’re leveraging on someone else existing traffic channels to build your own traffic foundation. And to market your blog to a larger crowd you could not possibly reach on your own.

So, if you can find a popular blogger to interview on your blog, it will not only drive free targeted traffic to your website but also lays the foundation for a good lasting relationship.

Though as a beginner blogger, it will be difficult to find influencers bloggers to interview on your blog. This is because people like to associate with an existing success.

The thing here is that you don’t have to go after the “A” list blogger in your industry.

Look within your peers.

Find someone who is just a few steps ahead of you in the industry. Someone with good significant followers and authority.

Reach out to this person, and let them know you’d like to interview them on your blog. Tell them your audience wants to know more about their online success story.

If you’re lucky, you get a positive reply, and if you’re not, don’t feel discouraged. Not everyone you request something from will respond positively.

Learn how to handle disappointment.

There are other small traffic channels like forum discussion, blog carnival, press releases, articles submission to directories (outdated marketing tactics), etc.

But in my opinion, all these will bring in small occasional traffic but not really something you should depend on for massive blog traffic. This does not mean you should ignore their importance, use them.

Massive blog traffic comes from combinations of referral links, and direct, and organic traffic.

Right down this guide, I’ll be taking you on some proving marketing tactics for big traffic streams, both paid and free marketing strategies.

Advance Blog Marketing

You start with your audience.

Your audience is the best marketing channel. These are people who are genuinely interested in your content and always come back for more.

Why are your audiences your best marketing channel?

Imagine you published a post on your blog and at the time, all you have is just 10 regular readers who frequently visit the blog to read your post.

Let’s say out of these 10 readers, 7 love what you published and three decide to share your post to their followers either on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

Each one out of these three loyal readers has an average of 2,000 followers.

What this means is that your content is now been viewed by a total of 6,000 people. Wow! With a little effort on your part, your content is now in the hands of 6,000 followers.

Assuming you published really good stuff. You should see significant improvement in the traffic to your blog. Except that your content is not interesting, useful, or irrelevant to this audience.

Let’s take it a bit further:

Out of these 6,000 external followers, just 5 decided to check on what their friends had shared with them. So, they follow the link down to your blog post and find it as interesting as their friends had thought.

They too decide to hit the sharing buttons after reading your post, and guess what?

Each one out of these 5 people has an average of 2,500 followers on Twitter, 2,000 Facebook friends, and 500 LinkedIn connections.

What does this mean?

Gradually, your content is going viral and your blog is now becoming a portal for a targeted audience. This greatly explains why you must always produce good quality content.

Your readers will play a bigger role in the growth of your blog.

You need to appreciate the existing small traffic channels at your disposal. While you’re gradually building the gateway to potential large traffic channels which are the key to a successful blogging career.

All you need to do constantly is to work on your small communication channels regularly.

And I hope an opportunity will present that a popular blog will link to you from within their published post. Feature you on their blog as a guest author, in their newsletter, or in an interview.

If one of these happens, you’ve just hit a bang!

Never stop working your way up, guests post regularly on different blogs.

This allows you to showcase your blog and creativity to different communities. Who knows – an authority blogger might pick your article and feature you on his blog.

The Power of Peer Groups

Next, you’ll need the help of your peer group to build up your blog traffic. Not just traffic, but also building a popular successful blog.

This is why I told you earlier that making friends, establishing connections and networking are the backbones of a successful blogging career. When you have good friends in high places, it gets easier to get what you want.

Alphabet made as friends

Let’s go off blogging, and come back home to Nigerian politics.

Why do you think some of our dear politicians are so successful in getting appointments, contract awards, senatorial seats, executive positions, and even presidential seats?

The answer to all these questions is tied around one important factor to greater achievements…

belong to the right caucus and you’ll always get what you want.

Connections are what bring most of our dear politicians to where they are today. We have many worthy people who are more deserving of political appointments but without belonging to the right party – you and I know they will never get there.

The same thing happens in the blogosphere.

That’s why you’ll always see pro bloggers linking to each other more often than to an average blogger. Your friends will help you a lot in achieving massive blog traffic.

Here is a typical example of what I’m trying to get across here.

Some time ago, a roundup post was published by Philip Ariel on his blog which featured 130+ experts on the subject of sleep and productivity.

I was opportune to be featured on the list. The expert opinion post was later republished on the popular Huffington Post blog for maximum exposure and traffic.

I have also landed many guest posts on some industry-leading blogs like Daily Blog Tips, Blogging Tips, Enstine Muki, NinjaOutReach, etc.

All this wouldn’t have happened if not for the circle of bloggers I belong to. Belong to the right group, and things won’t be difficult to get.

Build your email list

Whatever your marketing techniques are, make sure they are tied to one end – building an email list of targeted subscribers.

Whether you’re marketing your content on social media sites, guest posts on other people’s blogs, running pay-per-click advertising, solo email, etc… make sure you turned this cold, earned, or paid traffic into owned traffic. 

email marketing photo

For many reasons, the email list will be your best traffic channel especially if you want to consistently earn money on demand.

Your email subscribers are the people who have been exposed to your content and appreciate your work. As a result, they gave you permission to send them featured post updates via email box.

A lot has been said about the possible decline of the email newsletter as a marketing tool. But that’s not going to happen anywhere so soon.

As long as people pay attention to their email messages, email marketing will always be around as an online marketer’s marketing tool.

Your email list of active subscribers is, if not more important than your blog itself. But together they’ll make for a perfect business tool if done right.

I made the mistake of not adding an email opt-in box on my blog when I started blogging back in 2012. Only God knows how many subscribers I lost during that period.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake. So start today with your list-building strategies.

I urge you to start from day one to place an opt-in subscribers form on your website to collect prospect details. Lots of benefits await you when you have a good healthy list of subscribers.

  • Promoting affiliate products and services.
  • Selling your own products and services.
  • Make an announcement of newly created product(s) to your list.
  • Driving targeted traffic on demand.
  • Making money online with the list –Solo Ads.
  • Get feedback on your services.
  • The benefits are only limited by your own imagination.

There are many good email marketing services you can start with but most of them cost money to use.

At the beginning of your blogging career and especially when you’re not earning any kobo yet, I would advise you to start with the free available email marketing services.

My favorite “free” email marketing services provider at the moment is…

MailChimp email marketing allows you up to 500 subscribers before upgrading to the pro plan.

Until you reach 500 subscribers, you can use MailChimp for free and send upto 2,500 emails each month. But you won’t have access to advanced email marketing features like autoresponder, email automation, sales funnel, webinar, beautiful email templates, etc…

But that’s ok, and you’re good without them.

There are many other email marketing services you can try. Some of the listed companies only offered a trial period. You can use this trial period to test-run the service.

  • MailerLite
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Sendinblue
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendpulse
  • Benchmark
  • Ominisend
  • EmailOctpus

Try any of these email marketing services to see what best fit your marketing needs. But if you request my expert opinion, I will suggest you give Getresponse a try.

GetResponse is one of the leading email marketing services providers in the industry today. With lots of advanced email marketing tools, you will build your email list faster and grow your business better.

Another option is SendPulse, a marketing automation platform that allows you to send email campaigns with up to 15000 emails to 500 subscribers for free every month.

Unlike many competitors, SendPulse free plan lets you use automation features and send drip email campaigns or use their autoresponder.

Traffic Level, Monetizing Strategies, And Money

a man sitting down with a laptop on his knee

There are lots of debates going around in the blogosphere on how early a newly created blog should monetize based on a traffic level, especially for beginners.

I believe you need no traffic level to start monetizing your blog from day1. Unless you’re not planning to monetize at all in the future. Or you’re waiting for a certain event to occur before testing out different monetization strategies.

Like I said earlier in this guide, you’re here to earn your living online using blogs as a tool to that end, right?

I see no reason why you shouldn’t monetize your blog from the get-go.

The earlier you start with everything in mind, the better for your blog growth and learning curve. You keep learning here till you stop marketing online.

Some argument for early monetization includes the potential to start earning from the word go assuming you have enough targeted traffic to your blog.

Ability to test different monetization methods out when your blog is at the infant stage. So, you grow your marketing experience alongside your blog growth.

If you choose not to monetize your blog from day1. You might risk losing your loyal readers in the feature when you start pitching your affiliate offers or even your product sales in their faces.

When your readers have accustomed your blog to a text-based blog. But later you start placing banner ads everywhere. This may turn off some visitors and eventually you lose your loyal readers.

Your blog may lose its overall design too. And this will eventually give “you” the blogger, another hectic work to do. Possibly you will settle for another blog theme entirely when you decide to monetize.

So, if you desire to keep your blog image and style for the long term, start with everything in mind from day1.

Though, there are some benefits too in not monetizing early on your blog.

It gives you enough room to focus on the core aspect of a professional blogging career which is “content creation”. Content is the reason people visit your blog; every other thing is a by-product of it.

Your only focus is on your readers’ satisfaction – providing them with useful actionable information tailored to their needs. But as I said, you’re here to make money, right?

So, monetize early.

How to Monetize a Blog?

If you run a Google search for the keyword “How to Monetize a Blog”, I’m 100% confident you’ll find millions of pages with generic advice like this:

search result

They contain information on some monetization tactics you can implement on your blog that might result in earning money.

Monetization tactics like:

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling Your Own Product and Services.
  • Run Membership Program.
  • Freelance Work.
  • Marketing Your Skills.
  • Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog Directly to Advertisers.
  • Run Google Adsense Ads and other Contextual Ads etc.

Well, surprisingly, from experience, I tell you this…those are tactics and not the actual fundamental principles that lead to earning money from your blog.

If you really care to know how bloggers make money from blogs. Then focus on attracting the right attention to your blog – the right attention in large quantity.

Attention is what leads to earning in online marketing. If people are not paying attention to your offer or blog content, no amount of monetization methods out there will result in anything worthwhile.

If you have been following my advice in this guide, especially on blog marketing, getting the attention your blog needs to make a BIG impact in the world should be right there standing boldly in your front.

If you master the art of blog marketing effectively, you already have the attention you need to make things happen and earn significant income from your blogging activities.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria – Summary

Starting a blog in Nigeria is not that difficult. Despite the environment and the infrastructure at our disposal, anyone with the right attitude and mindset can build a successful blog in Nigeria.

All you need is to be patient, work smarter, not harder, and be consistent in your efforts towards achieving your goals.

I hope this short guide on How to Start a Blog In Nigeria will go a long way in helping you start a blog worth reading….one thing before I drop my pen, let me know if you need help starting your own blog.

I’m here to help.

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  1. Thanks so much, Shamsudeen for sharing this huge information about starting a blog in Nigeria. Even as I’ve been blogging for 3 years, I still find this guide useful.

    There’s no need repeating what’s on the content. I’m going home with a hand full of ideas and things to get fixed on my blog.

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  2. Excellent explanation about blogging! Well executed and helpful article for every beginner or newbie blogger living in nigeria ! Thanks for sharing such an valuable article!

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    This is one of the best post I have ever read about making money online. You really gave a detail explanation on how one can make money online by blogging. I really love this post. This is like a tutorial.

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  4. Excellent explanation about blogging! Well executed and helpful article for every beginner or newbie blogger living in nigeria ! Thanks for sharing such an valuable article!

  5. Thanks so much, Shamsudeen for sharing this huge information about starting a blog in Nigeria. Even as I’ve been blogging for 3 years, I still find this guide useful.

    There’s no need repeating what’s on the content. I’m going home with a hand full of ideas and things to get fixed on my blog.

    I suggest you add a table of content for this post to allow quick navigations.

    Bytheway, Thanks for sharing.

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