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What are the blogging myths?

You may be wondering. Is there any myth is online marketing too?

Yes, there is.

We’ve watched and heard about the stories of superheroes.

Like Superman, the incredible hulk, Voltron, Batman, etc. All these are manufactured creations that live 100% in our imaginations than in reality.

There are similar myths that exist too in blogging and online marketing. These are widely held ideas, views, beliefs, and theories, but sadly, they are false or, at least, a half-lie.

They are not 100% as accurate as you were told. They begin with some element of truth, but as you dig deeper to analyze things, you’ll discover they’re just “paper tigers.”

If you ignore them, you will succeed in blogging; they’re the minor factors that can slow you down.

Most of these blogging myths get thrown around by the so-called “guru” and picked up by, especially beginner bloggers.

If you turn deaf ears to these blogging myths, they are minor factors that could ruin your blogging career. This is if you know what you’re doing and follow the path that leads to success.

But before you read further, be warned that some of what you will find on this list may surprise you. You may have different views or opinions on some of them.

It’s okay.

I will advise you to go deep in your search and return here; after that, comment on what you discovered.

Who knows, you might come with some surprises too.

So let’s get started.

Debunk These 5 Blogging Myths Now!

Myths #1. Publishing Daily Will Lead to Success

I stand to be corrected on this.

Publishing fresh content daily won’t automatically result in building a successful blog. You need to know what you’re doing and what you want from blogging.

If you have to be published daily to achieve success in blogging, then it is obvious you’ve set yourself up with another 9-5day job.

Marketing is more important than hitting the publish button every day. What you need more to build a successful blogging career is marketing.

If you’re in doubt about this fact, consider reading this post on info links by Derek Halpern of the social trigger blog.

Here is an extract from the post:

If you’re looking to get more traffic to your website, here’s what you need to know:

Stop creating content. Yes, you read that right.

Derek Halpern of Social Trigger

The secret to getting more people to visit your website has nothing to do with how much content you create. Instead, it has to do with how good you are at getting the content you already have into the hands of more people – Derek Halpern 

Unless you have a team of authors and editors, you will compromise quality with quantity if you must publish daily content to build a successful blog.

Three posts per week or just one are enough to build a profitable blog, except for the news, tech, and entertainment blog.

News, tech, and entertainment blogs need fresh content consistently. Events are mainly happening every second of the day around the world. So keeping up with what’s happening in these blog niches is in high demand.

Myths #2. Write for Humans, Not Search Engines


Don’t start throwing stones at me.

This is true and the best way to approach content writing. I, too, preach and promote this belief.

But many bloggers get this phrase wrong: writing for humans, not search engines, meaning not doing keyword research before writing articles.

If you’re writing your articles without knowing what is popular, trending, and marketable in what geographical location and your niche, you’re speaking to an empty chair and not pulling traffic from search engines.

There was a time I felt sick and could not update my blog for close to a month; that was when I realized the benefits of content optimization and referral traffic.

The blog traffic didn’t stop. In fact, on some days, it’s higher than most days I published content. Traffic keeps coming from search engines and referral links from other blogs.

Don’t take write for humans, not for search engines, as keyword research is meaningless. This means don’t stuff your post with your focus keyword in all paragraphs so your article reads awkwardly.

Search is still the highest activity internet users perform online; why not give your post a chance to get found?

Besides, organic traffic remains the most targeted and rewarding of all traffic channels.

As a beginner blogger, you must find the balance between publishing posts that build a community around your blog and content that stands the chance of ranking high.

This way, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Even if you stop writing for months and your blog readers are tired of seeing the same old stuff on the home page, you’ll keep driving traffic from the search engines for as long as those posts remain on the first pages of SERP.

Time, circumstances, situations, knowledge, skills, and determinations will determine how specific advice will benefit different individuals.

When taking advice from Pro bloggers, be aware of their status, credibility, and authority in the field. The same tactics and strategies may not benefit you due to your current status and online popularity.

Write, write, and write many keyword-optimized blog posts that will remain relevant today, tomorrow, and forever.

For sure, these posts won’t get ranked on the first page of SERP immediately, but keep writing until Google shows mercy and give you a spot on the search engine’s top page.

When this happens, please don’t stop at it; keep writing keyword-optimized posts till you dominate the entire first page of Google.

Myths #3. Readers Have Short Attention Span – Shorter Posts are better

I have lost count of times I heard this in forums, articles, and blogger communities.

If this claim is valid about web readers, then Pro bloggers like Neil Patel, Pat Fylnn, Yaro Starak, and Ramsay of Blog Tyrant shouldn’t have built such amazing followers of readers.

These bloggers are known for their constant long-form content.

And when taking into consideration the average industry content length by total shares. Content within 1000-2000 word count performs best.

graph chart - content length stats

A good blog post is like a woman mini-skirt; long enough to cover the whole subject and shorter enough to make it look interesting.

Don’t leave readers hanging. Write whatever word count it takes to get your message across. But don’t start beating a dead horse or rambling.

Remove unnecessary words and redundant phrases and make it one point per paragraph.

If a reader finds your post helpful, he will read it to the last alphabet. I have read a blog post that is about 4,500 plus word count.

Why do I have to read such a season film?

The answer is simple.

The lessons contained in it are what I need to learn at that time. So I have to pay attention and read every word of it.

Myths #4. Blog For Fun, Don’t Blog For Money

Well, maybe you’re talking to Bill Gates, a multi-billionaire.

bill gates quotes

But if you’re talking to a man like me, I had better find something else as a hobby, not blogging.

Consider the hectic task associated with professional blogging. And the importance of blogs in today’s society, blogging is more than a hobby; blogging is a business.

  • Why do you worry about Alexa’s traffic data?
    Why do you look for links in all places?
    Why worry if you don’t post regularly?
    Why do you build a Google-friendly blog?
    Why do you spend money building a list of subscribers?
    Why do you worried about Google algorithm updates?
  • Why run paid ads?
    Why? Why? Why?

I guess hobby bloggers don’t care about all these tasks.

Blogging is a business that needs to generate revenue to keep it alive and, as expected, generate enough cash for the bloggers who created it.

I am a business blogger.

I started this blog to create a system that will generate consistent income significant enough to live full-time on it.

And that is what I always pursue here.

Myths #5. Content is King – And That’s All You Need

This is getting serious.

Who said content is not king?

Did I hear you yelling at me?

Yes, I go with you on this. Content is king. But wait!

Publishing excellent content, sitting back, and waiting for thousands of readers to flood your blog to read your post will not happen overnight.

No matter how top-notch quality content you’ve just published.

Without compelling content marketing strategies, even the highest quality content writing by the most authoritative blogger will go down unnoticed – or at least only a few readers will see it.

But I tell you the truth, not-too-good content writing by an average blogger will get found more and go viral if given the maximum exposure and strategic content marketing tactics.

Internet marketing is about creating awareness, building connections, networking, and excellent marketing skills.

If you want to get readers to your quality content, you have to pursue it actively. Although, the better your content, the easier it will be to retain and own readers.

You shouldn’t be surprised by my argument if you’re a regular blog reader.

I have often said marketing your blog should be more critical than writing content.

Spend time writing your quality content, but spend days, weeks, or even months marketing your quality content. Only this way can you start seeing the reward of your brave efforts.


I know there are more blogging myths out there that are from decade to decade. Examine these five and see which one you still hold to your heart.

If you ignore it, it won’t hurt your blogging success. Unless you don’t know what you’re doing, you might consider it a setback.

The BIG idea here is to stop following the crowd. Look within yourself and discover what works for your blog and business.

I wish you the best of luck.

What other blogging myths have you discovered to share in the comment section? Or do you have any to disagree with on this list?

Let’s hear you speak out.


  1. Wow nice article.you have here. I so much agree with most of the things you have said here ranging from blooming for fun, the contents is king and writing for human. These are the parts I have heard from some pro bloggers too much and I have never been a fan of that. I only write for search engines and human alike( you can’t leave anyone of the parts). Then the second part blogging for fun, i find it funny to me, I mean managing a blog these days is so stressful( I can’t do that for fun). Thanks for this articke, just what I needed to hear.

    1. Thanks, Jibade,

      I’m glad you find some truth in this. Much misleading information out there, it takes years of personal experience to weed out the good from the bad.

      Thanks for reading through.

  2. Hi Shamshudeen,

    I get the feeling you’re a fan of the Avengers. I am, though. However, your content is good, and you did well busting the myths about blogging. The is a correlation in blogging for humans and search engine. You create content that humans would love to read and at the same time impress search engine bots to index your content. Thus, if you fail to impress Google, search engine spider will not index your page, which will result in humans not being able to find and read your blog.

  3. Hello Shamsudeen,

    What a lovely post you’ve published here today, I sincerely love how you made your research on this.

    Well as per you number 4 point, I started out my blogging career as a hobby. I never taught about the money till i got paid and decided to make it my career.

    Blogging is sweet if you are doing it for fun, and it’s more “sweeter” if you are doing it for the fun and money 😉

    Thanks for the wonderful post and do have a wonderful week ahead…

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Good to see you here after a long time, thanks for your visit.

      Yes, blogging has to be fun and enjoyable. But I believe professional blogging takes more than fun..there has to be some high-level of discipline, commitment, consistency, persistent, investments, etc.

      All these make it more than just a hobby, but a serious business.

      Thanks for your comments, and hope to see you more often here.

  4. author comments Tony Blames says:

    Hi Shamshudeen,

    This is probably the best, This is so chock full of information I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources that you gave me. Thanks for the Post

  5. Hey Shamsudeen!

    This is a really important post because even today, many people still believe these myths. Even experienced bloggers may not fully understand!

    I have a belief that I hold firmly, which is that a good product marketed very well will always do better than a great product that is marketed poorly. You are spot on when you say that, although content is king, it isn’t doing us very good unless it is marketed well.

    Great content and great marketing together is what takes people to the top very quickly. I have seen this time and time again.

    As far as frequency goes, I’ve been more of an advocate of publishing a little more frequently than I have been in the past. The internet is so busy these days, you need to be seen often if you want to be memorable and have your brand principals stick. However, I don’t think this always has to be done through blogging.

    The strategy that has worked well for my companies has been publishing the big content – blog articles – fairly infrequently. 1-2 times a week. Then, hammering social media with 3-5 posts a day with unique valuable content, in order to remain top-of-mind. Most of my content these days is done off of site.

    However, the same principals apply. If you can’t market the content, then it doesn’t matter how often you publish – it will never drive results!

    Great post!
    – James McAllister

    1. Hi James,

      Good to read you agree with some of these blogging myths.

      I have come to know the importance of marketing to any successful business. Be it offline or online, marketing is what makes the BIG difference in the result you get.

      If we spend more time promoting the quality content we already published, we might reach more audience who are in need of it more.

      Thanks, James, good to see you here.

  6. These are some of the best known myths we often come across while posting our content on the various platforms for the audiences to see.

  7. Hi Shamsudeen,

    This is such a well written post that tells us bloggers what we don’t want to hear, but ought to hear.

    I have to say many bloggers are guilty of believing these myths and even actively letting them affect their blogging success.

    I like the first 2 myths the most as they are actually connected – instead of publishing daily it’s best to publish once or few times per week and spend the rest of the time promoting.

    And one of the best forms of promotion is taking advantage of the search engines, rather than ignoring search engines.

    Google is bigger now than ever before and will keep getting bigger.

    If bloggers spend more time writing articles that rank and promoting such articles to get more links, success will be easier and long term.

    1. Thanks, Joy,

      Marketing is what makes the BIG difference between a blog that struggles to attract a relevant audience and the one that builds a decent following.

      With the number of information that is been published on the internet every day, staying in the mind of your audience is important today than any other time.

      Thanks, Joy, and sorry for the late reply.

  8. Hi Shamsudeen,
    all around great tips. I especially agree with number #5. Content promotion is crucial and promoting content should never stop.
    Link here, share there, comment over there. It builds up into something magnificent down the line.
    But it’s crucial to think long term with promotion.

    1. Hi Nikola,

      Good to have you here.

      Yes, content marketing is now more of importance than ever before. More important than just publishing”great content”.

      The more relevant audience we could reach, the more targeted traffic to the blog.

      Thanks, Nikola.

  9. These are some of the best-known myths we often come across while posting our content on the various platforms for the audiences to see.

  10. I have to say many bloggers are guilty of believing these myths and even actively letting them affect their blogging success.

    I like the first 2 myths the most as they are actually connected – instead of publishing daily it’s best to publish once or few times per week and spend the rest of the time promoting.

    And one of the best forms of promotion is taking advantage of the search engines, rather than ignoring search engines.

    Google is bigger now than ever before and will keep getting bigger.

    If bloggers spend more time writing articles that rank and promoting such articles to get more links, success will be easier and long term.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thanks for adding more value to the post here.

      I agree with you, Google will continue growing bigger.

      Myths are everywhere, these are just some of it in internet marketing. I hope we all have one or two to learn from and put them in the trash can.

      Thanks for your valuable comments, hope you have a nice time here.

  11. Hey Adeshokan,

    Its really very interesting as well as informative piece!!!

    Blogging is one of the best online marketing tactics to gain visibility for your brand. It is also one of the most lucrative professions to make an income.

    Blogging required a massive network to get successful but your strategies along your businesses play most crucial role. Thanks for exploring your wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      Thanks for the visit, great having you here.

      Yes, networking plays a crucial role in building a successful blogging business. And of course, your marketing strategies is more important too. Thanks, Amar, nice having you here.

  12. Wow. This is a great post.

    Thanks for explaining thoroughly, why those blogging myth need to debunk.

    Thanks for you post.

  13. I can’t believe I’ve been believing nearly all this myths, this is an eye-opener

  14. Wow, I never knew so many people believed these things. Thanks for clearing up some of the misconceptions.

    This article was helpful and very informative.

    In your post you said “Publishing fresh content daily won’t automatically result in building a successful blog. ” and “Marketing is more important than hitting the publish button every day.”

    Can you please help me with some marketing strategy that wont cost much $$$!???

    I’ll be waiting for your feedback, Thanks.


    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for reading through. I appreciate your time here and would love to see you more often.

      To answer your question, I assume you’re asking about low-cost marketing strategies.

      Facebook ad is an affordable paid ad you can always run to promote your brand and content. Consider sharing your content on relevant social media platforms. Build your email list – you can start with the free Getresponsive plan – up to 500 contacts in your free account.

      For some blog topics, Flipboard is a very good traffic stream.

      I hope this helps?

  15. Thanks For Your Reply
    I’ll definitely try out Flipboard to see if i can generate traffic from the platform.

  16. I agree with your points.

    Your first point is “Publishing Daily Will Lead To Success.” I have been in this blogging field for almost 8 years now. Publishing daily also drives success, and sometimes it doesn’t.
    Suppose you have a gaming website where you upload games. Regularly uploading games will create a better impact on your visitor’s minds. The visitor will know that this website owner uploads games daily, but if you have a Real Estate website where you upload properties. Regular property listing is only beneficial once you get some conversions. So both these points can provide a breakthrough, but it depends on the niches you are working on.

    “Write For Humans, Not For Search Engines”

    I also agree with this point because humans will never read the entire article word by word. Webmasters use images and videos to keep them engaged with the words. You’ve to optimize your content for search engines when you’re revealing information that is boring for people. Keeping humans engaged is the real challenge.

    “Content is King”

    This is the biggest lie I have ever heard. We have seen websites publishing great content but having 0 traffic because they need to optimize their content for backlinks. They don’t outreach their pillar content which is the primary reason for 0 traffic. Always write unique content, but keep the backlinks in mind. My strategy is to see my competitor’s content. I try hard to write outstanding content where my competitors have the most backlinks. I usually find a page where my competitors are linked the most. Then I try hard to create even better content to reach those people who have linked to my competitors. That’s when your Content is King. Your content is useless if it never attracts backlinks.

    Overall, outstanding article on Blogging Myths. You uncovered the things where newbies face confusion.

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