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Each time you stop by to read blog posts on that “A” blogger’s blog, there is always one or many takeaways from it.

Great advice, practical, valuable information to turn any blog’s fortune to a profitable height.

This information always comes freely, and you’re never charged a penny to access it. After all, they’re just blog posts. Isn’t it?

But have you asked yourself these questions;

  • Why do you read blog posts?
  • What is in it for me?
  • The last post I read, what do I make out of it?
  • Am I just consuming information?

I mean, do you put the lesson learned into action?

Daily Small Actions, Makes Big Success

A Happy woman

Good, it’s okay to read blog posts on how to drive targeted free traffic to your blog, and one of the recommendations is to guest post.

So, you set out to find popular blogs in your industry. Pitch the bloggers for a guest article; you’re lucky to get a positive response. Then you write your post, submit it, and luckily, it gets published.

But what happened next?

It turned out not as expected. The traffic from your guest post wasn’t encouraging. So, you never attempt another guest post. You do it once and expect the result to be that great.

It doesn’t work like that.

You read that post on how to make your Twitter updates go viral, and there you go again, tweeting all day.

Good, that’s it.

You are doing something that won’t yield the expected result. Only if you are committed to regular planning, implementation, and consistency would you give what you want.

The truth is most of us don’t need another piece of information to get our success right. What we need is to utilize to the fullest the once we’ve already learned.

You don’t need another blog post; all you need is to start working daily and taking actionable steps towards achieving your goals.

The problem with most people is, they don’t think through what they’ve learned or read so far. They scan through the words and pages and move on to the next post.

That’s a pretty lousy way to learn.

You don’t need millions of ideas to make a hit; you only need a single working idea to make a million hits.

I once read a post by Darren Rowse.

In the post, Darren said to get his first eBook ready, he had to devote 15minutes every morning to writing for the course of the book.

He didn’t sit down at a go and wrote the whole pages, no. It took small daily actions to complete the book over time.

Good Intention is not enough

Of course, you read the post to find a lasting solution to your present obstacle. But the truth is, you never implement the tactics and strategies mentioned in it more than once.

Have you stayed on course and focused on a laid-out plan for at least a month?

Countless times you tune into a popular blog and read all about how they got there.

Your intention was right, and you know what you want. You know why you had wanted to read the piece of information; To replicate his success, right?

You even bought his most popular eBook where he laid it out bare open how he made his first $100,000 online. But what happens after you finish reading all this stuff?

You tried some of his tricks and tactics for a day or two, and when it seems things are not working like you were told, you trash everything you’ve labor hard to read.

Consistency is key to every success in life. Your good intention to digest every piece of information will not be enough to make things happen.

Having good intentions isn’t enough, you need to do more. You need to work practically on what you’ve read. Start taking regular, consistent actions that lead to success.

Make a Plan, Stick to it

There is nothing like any plan.

You need to map out a definite strategy plan that works along with your goals.

Your plan must not be too rigid for you to execute. And it shouldn’t just be anybody’s plan. Evaluate yourself, analyze the situation at hand before making your plan.

Don’t just read a blog post. There should be a reason why you must read it if you have a plan already going for you.

Part of which may be…

If your goal is to post five articles a week, map out a plan to make it happen. If you don’t have a laid-out plan before the week starts, you will not meet your targets.

It is not enough to have that gear push up inside you and say, oh! I will have 50 blog posts at the end of the month without the tactics and strategies in place to make it a reality.

If you read a blog post that teaches how to write an article people want to read, you know that occasionally, people read your post deep down.

Don’t just read the post along and nod your head in acceptance of the author’s point. Consider bookmarking the page. Print it out if that’s what it will take to have the post by your side always.

Devote 20 to 15 minutes of your time each day to practice what the author teaches in the post. Give yourself time to work on it for at least 2 to 3 weeks to measure progress.

Only an attitude like this will move you from one achievement to another.

However, don’t just consume information for the sake of it, but read blog posts for a purpose that helps the growth of your business or for self-development.

Big Things Comes in Small Package

Why do you care so much about blog posts?

Something freely available everywhere on the internet. Isn’t it?

Yes, that’s the irony of it.

There are great blogs on marketing. Self-improvement. Bogging. Social media marketing. Content marketing etc.

Suppose you read these blogs regularly and put their advice into action. In that case, you’re equipping yourself with some of the best resource material any consultancy firm could have charged $200 an hour.

The fact that this information is a mere blog post doesn’t take away the writer’s quality or expertise.

We are lucky to be born at this age. Information is the cheapest commodity on the face of the earth today.

Take advantage of it; next time you read a blog post that deals with one major problem you’re facing, don’t just read on; take note of what you read and put the lesson learned into practice.

That is how to read a blog post and make the best out of it.

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  1. Great Advise here, really. Work hard consistently over time = success. Us humans need direction in life to succeed and a plan is direction. When you plan something out you are more likely to stick to it. I work in a similar way to Darren as I have a big task but work 20 mins a day consistently to achieve it. It works.

    1. Hi Macky,

      Good to see you around here. And thanks for your valuable input.

      I do plan a lot, also I make use of to-do list apps to remind myself of the important tasks of the day. This is because having a plan is not enough, one needs to keep it close to mind always.

      Thanks, Macky, nice having you here.

  2. Thanks for this article.. Am loving your articles as you share great insightful tips to build a blog. Am bookmarking this blog.

  3. Hi Shamsudeen,

    In every undertaking, when you make plans and stick to it, you will have success. On the other hand, if you are inconsistent, your business will suffer. One can say the same about every other endeavor, including reading.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Moss,

      Thanks for your valuable input.

      My football coach usually says this,

      when you fail to plan, you’ve already planned to fail.

      Thanks, Moss, your visit is highly appreciated.

  4. author comments Chetan Maini says:

    I read Your Post & I must say it’s really very Nice Information and helpful for us… Thanks for Sharing

  5. Hey Shamsudeen, great post man.
    I so agree with you that it’s better to read and then do; then to read and read and read and read.

    It’s a trap many fall into (I did too for a while).
    Too much “learning” never doing anything.

  6. This is very useful trips thank for share articles about blog read this is great post

  7. Hey Shamsudeen, this a great message.

    People get excited about some new tactic or bit of knowledge they pick up, and overestimate how quickly it will actually begin to work for them. They may get fired up and be super excited to try it out, but when the results don’t come as quickly as they were expecting, they feel disheartened, quit, and essentially wasted the time they spent learning about it.

    As marketers a lot of the things we are taught really are true – they do work if enough time and energy are put into them. The problem is a lot of people are looking for some magical solution that will solve all of their problems, and don’t put enough faith into any one strategy. They read about it, but don’t put it into practice long enough to see the results they’re aiming for.

    Let’s hope that changes!
    – James McAllister

  8. Thank you for great post. I read you articles and found them really helpful especially for beginners looking for help.

  9. Another piece of great informational content! Thanks for sharing the content. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and would like to read more such blog posts from your end.

  10. Hey Adeshokan,

    Blogging is fairly easy to start but difficult to maintain. It’s very hard to write a new blog post if you have no fresh ideas for new content.

    In my opinion – One of the best things you can do to get yourself going and to ensure you’re never stuck for ideas on what to write about is to start a big list of blog post topics.

    One thing I learned from experience is that consistent blogging is the key to successful blogging.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing these interesting facts for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      Yes, I do agree with you on that.

      Consistent blogging is the key to successful blogging. It helps grow in experience, build expertise, improve the skills and expand your networks of people like minded.

      The more you continue doing this thing called blogging, the more likely you improve yourself intellectual property, tech, and marketing skills, meet new people, etc.

      Thanks, Amar, have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Thanks for this article. Am loving your articles as you share great useful tips to build a blog. I am bookmarking this blog.

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