You may want to preview Instagram stories without being seen for several reasons. You don’t want the user to know you’ve watched their Instagram story preview.

Though social media has left our lives open, we may sometimes wish to scroll the feed in silent mode.

I have decided not to watch some Facebook reels because I don’t want the person to know I watched the clip.

Often, these are family members, and the reels might not be appropriate for everyone’s consumption.

It could be your colleagues, family members, spouse, friends, etc. Some people in our lives deserve some privacy or minding your business. 

If there is a way to see their social activities without them knowing, that better for everyone. The Instagram story preview bar allows its user to preview stories. 

So if you’re looking for ways to preview Instagram stories without being seen, here are some helpful tips you should try today.

4 Ways to See Instagram Story Preview in Ghost Mode

Partial Swipe

The first hack to try is the partial swipe method. It is not the best way to preview IG stories in ghost mode, but it gives you a glimpse of what the story might be all about.

It’s simple and requires no tricks or technicalities; here is how it works.

Open your Instagram app and on the stories bar, don’t tap on the story you want to view; instead, tap on the story next to it.

Open the story next to the one you want to preview, and as it plays along, slightly swipe to the right side of your screen to view the story. 

If you do this correctly, you can view about 40% of the story without actually opening it.

For example, let’s say I want to watch John Obidi’s story on the Instagram app but don’t want my name to appear on his “seen list” Here is what I will do.

Instagram stories bar

I will tap on the man_like_cbankz story to get to Jonhobidi’s story.

As you open the story, you can use one finger to pause and the other to swipe right to view Johnobidi’s story without him knowing.

This is what you should get if you do it correctly. 

partial swipe of Instagram story

As you can see, I have partially viewed Johnobidi’s story while watching another person’s Instagram story.

It is a simple hack, but it worked 90% of the time.

To verify if this hack worked and if Johnobidi does not have my profile on his seen list, you can go back to your story list to view the ring color around his story.

Instagram Stories bar

Here is it…as you can see, johnobidi still has his color ring around the story while man_like_cbankz has the seen ring.

You can try this as well to preview Instagram stories without being seen.

One of the disadvantages of this method is that you can’t watch the video, and you may accidentally swipe 100%. If you swipe all the way, the Instagram account author will know you’ve watched it.

So careful not to swipe fully.

Airplane Mode

The airplane mode is a very simple tip that you might have overlooked. You’ll be able to preview the story completely anonymously.

This is how it worked. Open your Instagram app and let the stories load on the main screen.

Once the story you want to preview loads, you can turn on airplane mode on your phone and tap to preview the story on Instagram.

You won’t be able to watch the story fully as the internet will be cut off from your phone. But it’s a good hack to get a glimpse of the story.

Blind Story


If you want a foolproof method to preview IG stories without leaving any traces, the Blind Story app is a good option.

This simple Android and Apple IOS app lets you watch and download Instagram stories and even repost them without leaving any clue.

It has extra features that make it an even more interesting IG preview app if you’re a regular or heavy Instagram user. You can search for any public account on Instagram and see their stories. 

You can download stories, repost them, and add people to a list such as favorites. This option lets you receive notifications when they post on Instagram. 

And that’s not all; the app lets you automatically catch and save stories to your device memory before they get deleted.

This feature is useful for saving special memories, videos, and photos on Instagram.

Blind Story is available on the Android and Apple stores for your smartphones.

Anonymous view for Instagram Stories

This is a Google Chrome extension that lets you view Instagram stories anonymously. The story’s author will never know you watch it.

You must install it on your Google Chrome browser and open Instagram on a laptop computer. Sorry, you can’t use this on a mobile phone. It also allows you to upload photos and videos to your Instagram stories.

And you can record Instagram live streams for offline watching later.

This is a cool feature for recording your favorite shows or educational videos on Instagram. This is a good Instagram story viewer tool that is worth giving a try.

Download Anonymous View for Instagram Stories Chrome extension here.


Viewing Instagram stories in ghost mode is possible. And it’s something we all might want to do at some point; you can try any of the listed tricks. 

Try the swipe method if you don’t want to download or use a third-party tool. But tools will give you what you want, more features, and a total anonymous view.

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