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Why do you seek to grow your social media following?

Let me guess.

You want to grow your social media following because of one of two things, perhaps, three things:

  1. To improve your client base
  2. To improve your chances of making sales
  3. To become an authority figure
  4. To boost your website traffic.

Whatever your reasons are for growing your social media following, I’ll try to the best of my knowledge I’ve gained over the years about ‘growing social media following’ to provide the best and basic strategies there are to grow your following by over 100 percent.

I should, however, remind you that the rule ‘less is more most times plays in and of course plays a major role in getting the results that you seek from growing these many followings.

That said. I have seen and heard a lot of so-called gurus’ advice that you should get a huge number of followers if you truly want to get the best results.

I am sorry to burst your bubble and I will tell you why the idea of getting huge followership will most times frustrate you into thinking online business is not for you or think that the whole idea of social media marketing is overrated.

Listen, increasing your follower base is important. Very important! But you must make sure to get quality followership rather than quantity followership.

Here, quality is the keyword. It is what gets the job done.

What I mean is that getting a follower who is already engaged with your brand (or those of your competitors) converts more and is more valuable than getting a follower who is interested in food-inclined updates.

Now that you get my drift, I will just delve into sharing with you my five strategies for doubling the size of your social media following. Without having to sacrifice the quality of your followership.

5 Tips For Growing Your Social Media Following

1. Craft Quality-filled Contents

I have said this over and over again; the buck of the things that makes online marketing work is content and you’ve got to be in the habit of crafting and sharing valuable content that connects well with the hearts of your audience.

I am not going to remind you of that mantra that flies all around the online space but you know that Content is truly the King. Don’t you?

Trust me if you were to attract and engage your followers, you will want to make sure your content comes across as being useful and helpful to take them from where they are to where they ought to be.

You don’t take people from where they are to where they ought to be by merely serving them with stale and not-so-cool content.

To win your reader’s heart, you will need to saddle your mind with the responsibility of producing practical, shareable, and yes, ORIGINAL content.

Notice the capitalized word above?

That was intentional!

It will be inhuman to serve your loyal followers’ crappy and stolen content – someone’s intellectual property, not to talk of new folks who are just trying to get to know you and maybe be your best-buying clients

After all, is said and done. When you take the pain and time to serve your followers shareable, original, and practical content, they will most times stick around to become your most valued, engaged audience thereby following you everywhere you go.

2. Follow for Follow

Have you ever heard of the term, ‘follow for following?’

Well, if you are frequent on Twitter, you would have noticed some folks Direct Messaging you to follow them back because they’ve just followed you. I know this because I have gotten many of these kinds of messages.

Call it crazy but this strategy works like magic! You’ve just got to try it out and see for yourself.

Let me explain.

I am a fan of Facebook and asides my offline home, the next place you are sure to find me is Zukerville City. Not joking.

What I do mostly is that I share my muses about many different subjects, from politics to fashion to blogging and the list is endless.

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The other thing I do that makes the ‘follow for following’ strategy effective is that I stick around to join, listen, and participate in conversations. If I like the thoughts you express, I engage you.

Then, I will follow you and most time, you will follow me too. Not so?

To make the strategy more effective, you will want to reach out to this person (engage them in their inbox) by introducing yourself to them. Like what you do and what you care about. It’s called building relationships!

3. Join Conversations

I expressed a little bit of this point above.

Now, why is it important to join conversations?

It helps you demonstrate Thought Leadership, which inevitably helps you Build Influence online, maybe offline.

The leadership they say is an influence.

People will follow and engage with you only if you are able to influence them in a way that makes them look and feel different about themselves in a positive way.

You can’t achieve this properly without being a member of a community.

As the social nerd that I am, I am on at least 20 communities on Facebook.

Asides from contributing to these communities, I also make sure to listen in on conversations just so I can contribute my knowledge to the conversations going on.

Friends, if I have been able to build and grow my social media following to the point that people add and engage with me almost on a daily basis, it will be because of joining and adding value to the conversations going on in the online communities find myself on.

4. Soar on the Wings of influencers

What do I mean by soaring on the wings of influencers?

Influencers are a big factor in doubling the size of your social media following in that they already have access to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Talk about power and influence, reputation and credibility, they’ve got it. It just makes sense to leverage their influence to get your desired results, which I already highlighted above.

The one million dollar question will be how to build on an influencer’s reputation to get what you want. Not so?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

There are several methods of doing this: content collaboration, mutual conversation, or an interview. I most times leverage on the latter and it has thus been effective in growing my online influence and fan base.

As His Royal Awesomeness (Jon Morrow) will always say, you need to stalk the influencers, and follow them bumper to bumper until they have no other choice but to notice you.

This means you should always watch out for their tweets so you can also retweet them. Apart from that, it’s also wise to constantly tweet their new posts this way, it will be easy for them to notice you.

You will agree with me that one tweet of your blog posts by Jon Morrow will perform wonders and magic for you.

So folks, to increase your social media following by over 100 percent means to engage and collaborate with top influencers in your space of influence.

5. Don’t Be Everywhere

As marketers, we’re often told that the best way to succeed online is by being everywhere at the same time. Believe me, if you form the habit of doing this, you will hardly get any return in your time.

There are so many social media platforms on the internet today and the best way to boost your following is to focus on a few of them, especially the ones that have proven to be more effective for your business.

For me, I’m only active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, every other one can wait. These ones alone can really grow your following and business beyond your imagination.

If you put all your time into them believe me, you will see a huge spike in your followership.

Focus on them, engage in them, and also, try to be sharing your blog posts multiple times, and with time, people will start getting used to you because; you’ve positioned yourself as an authority in your niche.

Wrapping up on the Subject

These are my 5 not so popular tips for growing your social media following and I am sure if you take your time to follow some or all of the tips I have so well shared above, you would have succeeded in growing your online followership to over 100 percent.

I should remind you that your priority should be to grow quality rather than quantity follower base. The numbers of followers you have are not proportionate to the success you’d be able to attract.

Please let me know what other strategies you’ve been deploying to get and grow your social media following.


About The Author.

Theodore Nwangene is a blogger and Freelance Writer. He’s currently on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs write kick-ass content, build a better and more profitable blog, increase visibility, and boost their online authority.

He is currently writing a Kindle book titled: 21 Writing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Writing Compelling Articles That Will Open Doors and Land you Clients. Join His Waiting List Here and get the book free once it’s ready

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  1. author comments Jenny Rev says:

    Hey Adeshokan,

    Indeed some great points.

    Social Media has become powerful and for me it is the best place for marketing. And yes, all your points are crucial, specially follow for follow, because I have used it and it really works well.

    So, keep giving vital tips on Cybernaira.

    ~ Jenny

  2. You are utterly right about the part where you said, “Don’t be anywhere” and I guess its pretty straight forward. We should not signup on all networks as it will look a bit spammy. Joining top networks are recommended.

  3. Such a great share.Awesome information in there about how to gather more social followers by wrapping up and other techniques.I am glad to have such an helpful information and it helped me a lot

  4. Hi Shamsudeen,
    What a joy to be here again! 🙂
    Good to read these great tips often many bloggers neglect to take seriously.
    Yes, unique contents and useful tips which are shareable are always getting a kick start.
    Plagiarism is a common practice in this online world, I am sure that will not have a lasting life.
    Influencer factor is a good point to note, you very well explained it here.
    Stay alone is a bit confusing, of course in marketing it may help but as a whole, we need the co-operation of fellow being that too are noted here but I think that too contradict a bit.
    Byt the way about the presence in social media too is an important factor, I agree to that sticking the major ones will help to get solid feedback and follow.
    Hey, by the by please make the correction about the mention of G+ It is no more now! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this amazing information.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  5. Thanks for this helpful article, my best tip is following to be followed.

  6. Hey Adeshokan, Glad to read your interesting post and I agree with your whole points. This amazing post impressed me a lot in my work and I also got some useful ideas from this post.
    Thank you very much again!

    1. Hi, Vasundhara,

      Glad to read this helps in your work. Thanks for reading through.

  7. Great post. I have tried so many tips for my social media page. I do engage with my followers, reply to evry dms and comments, also I am consistently posting oin my account. Trust me these thing are evry effective and it help me a lot to get more followers. I will definitely try your other tips also. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks, Elena,

      Good to read you’ve been doing good ith your social media marketing. Thanks for reading.

  8. Hi Shamsudeen,
    I often read blog posts about social media, but the way you explained how to increase followers is amazing. I know that joining the conversation increases your chance to get more followers but the #4 point that you mentioned is just awesome.
    Soar on the wings of influencers- that is amazing and I’ll try it too.
    Thanks for sharing such brilliant information.

    1. Hi, Nitin,

      I’m glad to read you find something helpful here, thanks for reading through.

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