Fiverr is a freelance marketplace with a negative reputation for SEO services, but does that mean there are no best Fiverr SEO gigs that work?

While it’s true that a lot of SEO freelancers on the platform have no clue what they’re doing, there are SEOs you can put your money on and get quality SEO services delivered for the right price.

The problem is finding worthy SEO freelancers isn’t an easy task. Many Fiverr SEO gig optimization services out there are not worth the investment.

Yet, there are good search engine optimization services on Fiverr that make a positive difference.

In today’s post, we’ll focus on the good Fiverr SEO gigs worthy of investment. Most SEO gig services discussed on this page are available on Fiverr.

So first, let’s walk through the benefits of using Fiverr SEO services to improve organic search ranking.

Advantages of Fiverr SEO Services

Fiverr is an Israeli company that started as a $5 services platform in 2010. The website has grown BIG, and it is rare not to find gigs in the range of three-digit prices.

You can find services from graphics design, website audit, bloggers outreach, content writing, video editing, transcript, etc…to full-scale website design projects.

Just name the digital marketing service, and you will find it on Fiverr.

Fiverr buyers could find relevant gigs to meet their needs cheaply.

One of the advantages of the Fiverr marketplace is the abundance of freelancers. According to Cybercrew, there are over 830,000 freelancers on Fiverr as of January 2022.

Here are four advantages of Fiverr for buyers;

  • Scalable Gig – As a buyer, you can purchase the entry-level gig and later upgrade to more features or faster delivery time.
  • Sellers Categories – Fiverr has done a great job categorizing sellers based on performance – delivery, repeated buyers, quality of work, etc. This helps buyers search through and find the right freelancer on time.
  • Affordable Services – Irrespective of the marketing budget, Fiverr bridges the gap and levels the playing field between small businesses and established brands. You can purchase marketing services for as low as $5.
  • Built-in Review System – Buyers are encouraged to leave an honest review or experience of the gig delivered and the quality of the services. This helps potential buyers to make the right decision before placing an order.

Fiverr SEO Gigs to Avoid

Before we get into the best SEO gigs on Fiverr, let’s talk about some of the negative Fiverr website optimization gigs to avoid like a plaque.

Without missing words, Fiverr is saturated with low-quality search engine optimization gigs from newbie SEOs but with only a handful of Fiverr SEO experts.

Most of these gigs will do more harm than good to your website’s search engine visibility.

Here are three SEO gigs on Fiverr to stay away from.

No doubt, links remain one of the Google rankings factors that can move the needle in SERP. However, there is a big difference in the quality and quantity of the links to influence rankings.

Fiverr is full of newbie or shady SEO freelancers without ethical link-building practices. Freelancers who use automated tools to generate links to your website.

They promised you an outrageous number of Fiverr backlinks SEO for $10.

Ultimately, you get shitty links from an obvious link farm or some generic website without relevance and little to no traffic.

This type of link might do more harm than good to your website’s reputation in search ranking. You should be careful about buying link-building gigs on Fiverr.

The seller uses automated tools like Scrape Box to generate hundreds of links from the same website for every customer who orders a Fiverr link-building gig.

Mostly, 95% of the links will be no-followed from pages unrelated to your blog topics.

There are legit Fiverr SEO link-building gigs on the platform, like this one. I bought a link from this seller and never regretted the investment.

Google indexed the link (search console and Ahrefs reports) and drove occasional referral traffic.

Guarantee Google Organic Traffic Gig

This is automated traffic to your website.

Based on your target keyword, you’re promised a certain amount of unique geo-targeted daily traffic for the gig period.

The traffic mostly starts within hours of placing your order.

Many sellers of this kind of gig promised 1st tier country traffic – USA, UK, Europe, and Canada.

For example, this seller on Fiverr promised a ridiculous 120,000 USA, UK, and Europe search engine traffic to your site for 30 days.

That is 4,000 unique daily visits, all for $110 – Awesome!

Fiverr Non-stop Google search traffic gig

I have bought this type of gig in the past. From experience, you get nothing valuable in return for your money other than thousands of automated hits to your site.

The traffic won’t buy your product, you won’t get leads, nor will you see any engagements from the traffic. Your website bounce rate will spike like a space jet.

It is 100% crap, and you should avoid it like plaque.

The only benefit to this kind of gig is an increase in Alexa traffic rank. If that matters to your business, you can buy this gig.

It will help increase your Alexa traffic rank for the moment. But your Alexa rank will drop back as the gig ends, so think wisely.

Think of it yourself, How possible is it that an SEO professional can promise a guaranteed number of visits from the SERP to your website?

Did he own the search engine? Has Google promised him the first-page ranking? Has he discovered a secret to manipulate users to click on your organic listing?

I wish it were as simple as this; everyone would have ranked for relevant keywords and generated $$$ revenue monthly.

Search engine traffic is not guaranteed for any website.

There are things you can do to influence search engine visibility, and they involve hard work, building valuable links, publishing helpful content consistently, engaging with the community, networking, etc.

Here are a couple of things you can start doing to increase your website search engine visibility:

  • On-page optimization
  • Publish valuable content consistently
  • Build a focused blog topic
  • Build valuable links
  • Guest post on relevant websites
  • Use proper schema structure data
  • Optimize for relevant industry keywords
  • Update old content regularly
  • Optimize images with a tool like Imagify.
  • Improve page speed for a better user experience.
  • Link out to other relevant websites in your niche
  • Interlink your article where necessary.

There is no shortcut to greater search engine visibility.

It is a game of hard work, consistency, and giving value to your audience, and it takes time to start seeing the results.

Keyword Research Gig

Keyword research gigs on Fiverr are a hit-and-miss game.

You get a spreadsheet of generic keywords irrelevant to your industry or blog topic.

This spreadsheet is mostly taken from keyword research tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Rank Tracker, etc.

Many factors need to be considered to conduct proper keyword research that will help your business grow.

You must consider your industry, relevancy, SEO strength, keyword difficulty, market value, search volume, keyword intent, etc.

99% of the freelancers who sell this type of gig lack the patience or strategies to run an in-depth analysis of your website for profitable keyword ideas.

You can research valuable keywords with the right keyword research tool to generate growth and revenue.

Rank Tracker and the SEMrush keyword magic tool are two of a kind.

You don’t need to be an expert to use these tools. They required minimum marketing skills to use.

For more information on how to use these tools, check out my Rank Tracker review. And the SEMrush keyword magic tool tutorial review to have more knowledge of keyword research.

Now that we’ve discussed Fiverr SEO gigs that are not worth your investment, let’s walk through gigs that might move the needle.

4 Best Fiverr SEO Gigs That Work

1. Blogger Outreach Services Fiverr Gig

Blogger outreach services on Fiverr

If you want to scale your link-building efforts, this might be a helpful gig to buy.

Building authoritative links isn’t easy, especially if you rely on email outreach for link building.

Many potential link partners won’t open or reply to your email the first time. You need to follow up several times to get a response.

If you’re busy with other marketing tasks, it’s easy to miss out on link-building opportunities by not following up.

This is where a gig like this comes in.

The seller offers blogger outreach services by following certain conditions.

First, you provide a valuable asset worthy of linking to. The seller goes through it to confirm the content quality.

Then, he researches the article on Google or through link-building tools to find relevant link partners.

Next, he analyzes the prospect link profile for relevancy, authority, and traffic.

After that, he starts the outreach process by sending the first email. And a follow-up of 2 – 3 emails increases the chances of getting a response.

If a response is received, he will send you the website information in a spreadsheet for your review.

If you approve it, he proceeds to seal the deal. Depending on the link partner’s request, the seller can also bargain on your behalf if it’s a paid link.

This is a very helpful SEO Fiverr gig if you’re looking to build links at scale with less effort but with a decent investment.

You can check out this gig from mehedeehassan for a review.

2. Surfer SEO content optimization Fiverr Gig

Surfer SEO gig on Fiverr

Content is a big part of an effective SEO strategy. To rank high on Google and other search engines, your content must be valuable to both search engines and users.

Surfer SEO is a tool for writing content that is helpful to the user and search engine.

It is a powerful tool integrated with helpful content-writing tools like Grammarly and Jasper AI.

Sellers on Fiverr offer SEO Copywriting services using Surfer SEO combined with the AI writing tool Jasper to help you write SEO-optimized content that ranks.

You can also request to optimize existing content for better search visibility using Surfer SEO.

This gig is helpful for both existing blogs with hundreds of posts/pages and new blogs just starting.

Some Fiverr sellers offer writing services using Jasper Boss Mode and Grammarly Premium, integrated with Surfer SEO, to produce better results for your content.

You can look up some of the sellers on this page.

3. WordPress SEO Fiverr Gig

This gig could be the ultimate time-saver for busy marketers and newbie WordPress bloggers.

It comprises most tasks required to run and maintain a WordPress blog.

In this gig, the seller offers a comprehensive WordPress SEO checklist to see that all the required on-page elements are present.

The gig comprises on-page optimization such as proper H tags implementation, meta tags, content optimization, permalink structure, etc.

Also, it checks on technical issues such as robots.txt, XML sitemap, broken links, schema markup data, canonical URLs and tags, open graph data, performance issues, breadcrumbs, etc.

Many Fiverr Pro-verified sellers offer this on-page SEO Fiverr gig at a higher cost than the average seller. It is common to see gigs starting at $1,000 and above here.

WordPress SEO services on Fiverr

This is a helpful SEO Fiverr gig if you’re blogging on WordPress and don’t have the time to do all these technical tasks yourself.

You can check out a list of sellers on Fiverr with WordPress SEO services.

4. SEO Consultant Fiverr Gig

This type of gig is not for everyone to order on Fiverr.

If you’re not a brand with a good marketing budget or a marketer with deep pockets, the SEO consultant services gig is not your regular $10 gig.

This is a specific SEO gig where you hire an experienced SEO professional to work with you on achieving your business goals.

There are no promises here, only realistic goals and achievements.

The SEO consultant works on providing expert advice based on your website data and business goals.

By analyzing your website in different analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and competitive analysis tools, the SEO consultant will provide actionable advice to help increase search engine visibility.

This is more like working with an agency to build an online reputation for your brand. Here’s an example of this type of gig on Fiverr.

SEO Consultant gig

As you can see from the image above, the entry-level plan costs $1,500 for 30 days of services, while the premium package is $3,000.

You can check out some of the SEO consultant’s gigs on Fiverr.


Is Fiverr SEO Worth it?

The simple answer is a capital no. However, if you dig deep into the Fiverr SEO services seller list, legit SEO sellers will provide you with quality services.

But don’t expect to purchase the service at something like your $5 Fiverr gig. SEO sellers with quality jobs charge more for their services.

If money is not your concern, there are SEO services on Fiverr worth the time and investment.

I have mentioned a few above.

Are Fiverr Backlinks Services Worth it?

At the start of this post, I already answered this question – do Fiverr backlinks work?

Outright link-building gigs on Fiverr are not worth the investment or the time. It is a total waste of time and money.

You may even get burnt in the process. Your website gets penalized for building spamming links to manipulate the Google search engine’s ranking.
Check out the outreach services above if you must use the Fiverr link-building service.

Are Fiverr SEO services safe?

To say that Fiverr SEO gigs that work are not safe for algorithms policy is a blanket statement.

SEO is a vast industry with hundreds of services or tasks to complete. So, it all depends on what SEO services you order on Fiverr and the freelancer involved that determines whether it’s safe.

I advise you to do due diligence and research before buying any SEO gigs on Fiverr. This will help you not to fall for crappy services.

Is Fiverr an excellent place to buy SEO services?

The answers to this question are Yes and No.
Regarding online marketing and SEO services, Fiverr is an excellent place to find affordable freelancers.

However, the platform can also be a perfect place to find useless SEO and digital marketing services.

Some professionals deliver value for money if you dig deep into Fiverr SEO freelancers. But they are not cheap; it will cost more than the regular $5 gig to get a good SEO gig that adds value to your SEO visibility.

On the other hand, there is an abundance of SEO gigs that will do more harm to your website than good. So, do thorough research before buying that marketing gig.

You can buy an SEO gig for testing purposes on a website you don’t value much before trying it on your money website.


If you look closely at all the SEO gigs mentioned here, you will notice they offer no outcomes guarantee promises.

Instead, they offer a process or advice on growing your blog business.

That’s what SEO should be all about.

Any SEO process or tactic that promises overnight higher ranking or traffic is a scam. Run with your money.

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  4. I recently tested Fiverr in the search for blog writers of SEO optimized articles. We gave the task to two people, but in both cases the quality of the writing was really poor. Also, one writer just stuffed his article with keywords. In an 800-word text, there were 21 exact same phrases, constituting 5% of the entire writing. The phrase appeared in almost every line, sometimes it appeared twice.
    I’m not saying Fiverr is a bad investment, but it may take some time before one finds high quality help.

    1. Hi Grzegorz,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Fiverr is saturated with low-quality or inexperienced freelancers who are just looking for some quick bulks. But from experience, buying gigs on the platform, there are professionals who delivered beyond expectations. Though it could take several trials to find a freelancer that is worth the investment, you will find one.

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