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Jasper ai copywriting software

Jasper.ai is a popular AI writing assistant, but is it worth all the hype? Let’s find out in this Jasper.ai review.

Most artificial intelligence writers can produce content in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. And often produce better quality content, error-free, SEO optimized, all within a blink of an eye.

AI can get you 5x content instead of one. You’ll be able to increase productivity, scale faster, get more traffic, increase revenue, and be free to focus more on other aspects of your business.

When you put all these benefits together, how it will help your business grow and increase revenue is the major thing.

These and more are what you’re going to learn in this review of Jasper.ai. And how you can secure a 5day free trial of Jasper.ai with 10,000-word credits to test all the features and tools for free.

If you’re reading about Jasper AI for the first time, here’s a walkthrough of what Jasper.ai is and how it can help the content creation process.

Also, you might be wondering why the change of name from Jarvis to Jasper. Don’t worry, the answer is right below.

Why did Jarvis Change to Jasper?

Jasper ai CEO and co-founder, Dave Rogenmoser, in a YouTube video, explained why the name change was due to a trademark legal suite from Disney (Marvel) for the name Jarvis.

J.A.R.V.I.S ™️ is the name of Tony Stark’s AI personal assistant in the movie Iron Man created by Marvel Studio.

Marvel studio taught there is the need to protect their trademark name for Jarvis, so they got their lawyers involved and sent the cease-and-desist notice.

Instead of fighting the lawsuit in court, the AI copywriting team chose to rebrand to Jasper.

Considering they’re up against a giant like Disney, I think it is the wisest thing to do in order not to get distracted and drain all their bank account fighting for a name.

You can read the official announcement on their blog here.

What is Jasper.AI (Conversion.ai)?

Jasper.ai is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool trained to write any type of web copy in under a fraction of the time it takes human copywriters to produce similar content.

The team behind Jasper.ai has vast experience in direct response copywriting. This helps in no small measure to train Jasper in writing better copy that ranks and converts.

Jasper is trained to write original content free of plagiarism and grammatical error in any type of copy for your use:

  • Blog Post
  • Email Copy
  • Facebook Ad
  • Social Media Post
  • Long-form content
  • eBooks
  • Document
  • Stories
  • Ad copy
  • The company, Business, or Personal Bio
  • Sales Letter/page
  • Product Description
  • Google My Business Listing
  • And many more

Don’t even think about it, this AI copywriting tool can’t replace human writers. If you think the opposite, you may be disappointed.

Instead, train your copywriters in how to use Jasper to speed up the writing process. So, they could be more productive and work less.

The final output still needs to be refined to fit your tone, personality, and audience type.

Compared to other AI writing assistants in the market, Jasper.ai is superior in terms of quality and speed. Also, it doesn’t produce fluff like other tools.

How Jasper.ai Work

If you prefer a visual demo of how Jasper.ai works, you’ll find the video below helpful and in-depth.

In this video, Austin Distel, co-founder of Jasper.ai explains how Jasper.ai can be of immense help to your business. How the ai assistant can write content for the web? How Jasper.ai has been trained to read about 10% of the web content.

The video is well-explanatory and informative.

If you’re more of a reader, keep reading.

Jasper uses a well-trained GPT-3 OpenAI API to write content. GTP-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3) is a third-generation autoregressive language that uses deep marching learning to write content like humans.

GPT-3 AI assistant requires a small amount of text input to generate a substantial volume of readable content.

This is how Jasper AI works.

You need to train the tool in the context, scoop, and depth of your content so it can produce well-targeted and high-quality content.

Jasper.AI Content and Writing Templates

There are over 50 writing templates to choose from for your content foundation.

To start, you need to select a content template, write out the content outline, then Jasper goes to work.

Jasper supports 25 languages at the moment. This means you can write in or translate your content from 25 languages of the world.

Here are a couple of templates you can use.

  • AID – Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Content Improver
  • Product Description
  • Creative Story
  • Sentence Expander
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction
  • Persuasive Bullets Points
  • Video Description – YouTube
  • Text Summarizer
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph
  • LinkedIn Personal Bio
  • Facebook ad Primary Text
  • Google Ad Headline
  • SEO Title and Meta Description
  • PAS – Problem- Agitate- Solution
  • Unique Value Proposition

To learn more about how to use the writing templates, watch the video below.

SEO Optimized content

Currently, Jasper integrates with SEO Suffer to ensure your content is well SEO optimized. You can enter up to 3 keywords you want to target in your content.

Jasper will then write the content and make sure it’s Google-friendly and search engine visible.

Suffer SEO is one of the top SEO tools in the market today. To learn more about using Jasper with SEO Suffer, watch the video content below.

Jasper.ai Boss Mode

The Boss Mode is where the full power lies.

With the Jasper Boss Mode activated, you can write long-form content, blog posts, 100% original content, and SEO optimized including the free Grammarly word checker tool.

And that’s not all, Boss Mode allows you to give commands to Jasper so it can write exactly what you want. Also, Jasper will read the past 3,000 characters before writing the next to better understand the scope, context, and tone of your content.

For example, you can tell the AI to write an outline for a blog post you’re about to write.

To do this, simply give the command:

Jasper, write an outline for a blog post titled (insert blog topic)

When you’re done, hit the CTRL + Enter tab on your PC and Jasper goes to work.

The Boss Mode allows you to use different templates within the content so it can be more readable and human-friendly.

How to use Jasper.ai Boss Mode?

Here are a couple of benefits of activating Jasper boss Mode.

1. Create Long-Form Content

One of the great benefits of activating Jasper Boss Mode is the ability to write long-form in-depth blog posts with the help of the AI tool.

Writing long-form in-depth content takes hours to put together, excluding the research process. With the help of an AI writing assistant, you do more in less time.

2. Write eBooks

Dozens of authors have used Jasper.ai Boss Mode to write and publish their books on Amazon, and other marketplaces.

Many writers have gotten stuck in writing and publishing their first book because time is not their best friend. Jasper can help you get your first book online in minutes.

To see a list of authors who have used Jasper.ai to author books see this page.

3. Use Jasper in Document

The Boss Mode allows you to use Jasper.ai in documents. For a complete overview of using Jasper to write documents, watch the explainer video below.

4. Use Multiple Copywriting Templates

Depending on the type of content you’re writing, you can easily switch between multiple copywriting skills to write the perfect content for your campaign.

For example, you can ask Jasper to write the blog post introduction, thereafter, ask the AI tool to write persuasive content next to the same content.

This is a powerful feature for marketers, sales reps, freelancers, and content marketers.

5. Marketing Framework

In Boss Mode, Jasper gives you a marketing framework to write persuasive copy with a variety of templates.

  • AIDA – Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.
  • PAS – Problem – Agitate – Solve.
  • BAB – Before – After – Bridge.

6. YouTube

For YouTubers, Jasper comes with plenty of tools to help you get your next video online as quickly as possible.

You can use Jasper to write the following for your YouTube Videos:

  • Video Title
  • Video Script Outline
  • Script Hook and Introduction
  • Description

7. Ads

If you run Facebook or Google ads, you can use Jasper to write your ad copy. I once saw an ad for Jasper on Facebook that was written by the AI tool.

Jasper can help you write:

  • Facebook ad headline
  • Primary Text
  • Ad copy and Product Description

8. Content Improver

You can take existing content and let Jasper re-write it for you to make it more interesting, engaging, SEO optimized, and of better quality.

This is a helpful feature if you have lots of low-quality posts on your blog.

9. Sentence Expander

The sentence expander lets you take a short sentence or a few words and turn it into a more elaborate sentence to look more interesting, engaging, and creative.

To see the full list of what you can do with Jasper.ai Boss Mode, visit this page.

How much does Jasper copywriter cost?

Jasper AI has two standard pricing plans – Starter Plan and Boss Mode.


Boss Mode


Start at $20/m (20,000 word/month)

Start at $59/m (50,000 word/month)

Contact Jasper.ai for details

For marketer just getting started. Alllow access to all base templates and write short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs, and much more.

  • 50+ AI Writing Skills.

  • 25+ Supported Languages

  • Chat Support

  • Up to 5 Team Users

  • AI Copywriters Community 

For bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. Everything in the Starter plan + powerful tools for writing full-length content (like blog posts) with added control and flexibility.

  • Google Doc's Style Editor


  • Compose and Commands Features


  • Increased Limits On Templates

  • SEO Mode

  • 25+ Languages

  •  Unlimited Content Lookback

  • Grows With Your Team

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Repeatable Recipes

  • Priority Support 

For business and writing teams with over 10 users and for platforms to integrate AI writing.

Top Features 

  • Add More Than 10 Seats

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Custom Integrated AI Writing

  • Flexible Tech Support

Jasper Starter Plan

The Starter plan starts at $29/m with 20,000-word limits for the month. If you used up the maximum word and need more you can buy an additional 5,000 words for $10.

Jasper.ai starter plan gives you unlimited user login, 50+ writing templates, and 25 languages to write from.

The starter plan is ideal if you use Jasper AI for short-form content like social media posts, headlines, product descriptions, etc.

You do not have access to unlock most of Jasper’s advanced features like Grammarly, Jasper command, document, Suffer SEO integration, and more.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

The Jasper.ai Boss Mode is where you unlock the full power and features of the Jasper AI writing assistant.

If your need for using Jasper is for writing long-form content, documents, eBooks, blog posts, emails, reports, and stories, the Boss Mode is the perfect plan.

You unlock the full features of Jasper like SEO Suffer, Grammarly, command, 50+ templates, 25+ languages, plagiarism checker, Jasper Recipe, etc.

The Boss Mode allows a maximum of 50,000 words per month. If you need more, you can buy an additional 30,000 words for $40.

Though you will be asked to set up billing details during the free trial sign-up process, this is to prevent spammers from abusing the trial offer.

You can always cancel your trial offer if Jasper is not for you.

Jasper.ai Pros and Cons

As helpful as Jasper AI is for marketers, bloggers, authors, freelancers, agencies, and business owners, it does have its pros and cons.

Jasper might not be for everyone, especially for low-budget marketers. Here are some of the pros and cons of Jasper.ai writing assistant


  • Over 50+ writing templates
  • Support over 25 languages
  • Write 5X Faster than humans
  • Jasper Command
  • Plagiarism-Free
  • Grammar checker tool
  • 100% original content
  • SEO Optimized content
  • Developed to write any type of web copy
  • Great support team and onboarding live group video calls


  • Jasper is not yet good at giving accurate facts, data and stats
  • Budget can be of great concern for beginners
  • Jasper can be more effective and write better in some niches than others.
  • You can do little in the starter plan

Jasper ai Money-Back Guarantee

If you sign up for Jarvi ai and within the next 5 days you’re not satisfied with the product, simply write an email to hey[at]jasper.ai to request a refund.

Your 100% total purchases will be returned without any question asked.

This is the word from Jasper.ai co-founder and the CEO – Dave Rogen Moser.

Jasper ai money back guarantee

But from what I have seen with Jasper, I’m sure you will love the content output and overall user experience. The people behind Jasper have invested massively to make the product as helpful as it could be for writers of diverse backgrounds, niches, and needs.

Look at some of the satisfied customers using Jasper for diverse needs and purposes. You can read over 1,000 Jasper happy customer reviews on this page.

Jasper Customer testimonies page

FAQ – Jasper.ai Free trial

  1. Who is Jasper.ai for?

    As with any tool, Jasper AI writing assistant is not for everyone, find out if you're one of them.
    Though Jasper tends to cater to a wide range of needs and writers, most people go for the templates-only plan. In this plan, you can only write short content like blog post intro, headlines, product description, etc.

    If you have an in-house writer and want to produce more content in less time, Jasper will help you achieve that. With Jasper, the writing process can experience an increase of 150% – 200%.
    If time is money, Jasper will help you achieve a lot in less time – especially if you subscribe to the Boss Mode.

    Though you still need to train the AI tool in the right direction, and topic context, and steer it to learn your content to follow better.

  2. does jasper ai have a free trial?

    Yes, when you sign up your account will receive 10,000-word credits free. You can use these free credits to test how Jasper.ai works. The free trial lasts for 5 days and it required Credit Card.

  3. How do I cancel my free trial on Jasper AI?

    You can cancel your Jasper.ai billing at any time. Log into your account, click on setting, navigate to billing and scroll down the page to see the cancel button.

    The cancellation is auto-set for the end of your billing circle. This allows you to still use your remaining allowed credits. But if you're on a free trial account, the cancellation takes effect immediately and allowed credits will be deleted.

Conclusion…jasper copywriting free trial

As of today, Jasper AI seems the best among existing GPT-3 artificial intelligence writing assistants. But that does not mean it can replace your human writers.

AI is a tool to reduce the workload and is not here to completely replace humans in the workplace – at least for now.

As with Jasper’s ai writing assistant, you can train your writers to use the power of Jasper to be more efficient, and productive, and do more in less time. At least, you can get 3-5 content ready instead of one.

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  1. this is one good AI interface to use but it would be great if they have free version not trail as some may not get to know about it in short time period

    1. Hi, Anna,

      That’s a good point there.

      I think the people behind Jarvis might look into this in subsequent updates. This will give users the opportunity to learn more about Jarvis better before deciding if it is a good fit or not.

      Thank you.

    1. Hi, Carol,

      I agree with you on the pricing side, it’s a bit pricy. But if your business revenue can cover the cost, Jarvis.ai is a helpful tool to speed up the content process. It will save you time, money, and workforce in the long run.

      I hope this helps?

      Thank you.

  2. is there a similar type of AI that gets a free trial for new users?
    I’m having a hard time using Jarvis because it’s quite difficult to understand.

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