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Are you searching for the official Jasper.ai free trial plus 10,000-word credit? You’re on the right page. Do you want to try Jasper risk-free so you can make the right decision without financial commitment?

Don’t worry; on this page, you will gain access to try Jasper AI assistant for free and see if it is worth all the hype and could help your writing process.

Jasper is the most popular AI writing assistant on the market and received a 4.5 rating on trustworthy review sites such as G2 and Trustpilot.

Marketers in big tech companies like IBM, Google, Logitech, HarperCollins, Airbnb, and more use it.

But if you’re in a hurry to get free Jasper ai trial access, click the blue button below. It will take you to the signup page, where you must enter your details, confirm your account, and claim 10,000 words of free credits.

5 Steps to Activate Jasper ai Free Trial

Step 1. Visit the official Jasper.ai website by clicking on this link here. It will open a new browser tab where you will see a page similar to the image below.

Click the “Claim 10,000 Words Free” button or two other signup options on this page.

Sign up page for Japser ai

Step 2. You need to create a new Jasper account on the website. This is important because if you already have an account registered, you can’t get another free trial of Jasper AI.

So follow the instructions on the page to set up your account profile. You need to enter a valid email address to create your account. You can click the Continue with Google button if logged into your Gmail account.

Email sign up page for Jasper ai free trial

Step 3. A confirmation code will be sent to the email address you enter on the registration page. You must copy this code and paste it into the verification box, as shown in the image below. Alternatively, you can click on the “Log in to Jasper” button in the email.

If you don’t verify your email ID, your account won’t be activated, and you won’t get the free 10,000-word credit. So make sure to confirm your account. 

Email verification Jasper

Step 4. Once your account is confirmed, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked a few questions on how you plan to use Jasper ai and other relevant info.

Take your time to answer these questions. There is no big deal here. Just routine checks to understand their customers better and get feedback for product improvement.

Jasper onboarding questions

After that, you will be asked to enter your domain URL and its name.

Checks all that apply

Next, confirm you’re not a robot…

Jasper sign up verification - confirm you're not a robot

Step 5. Select your plan from the two available options. You can choose any plan that fits your business needs – Starter and Jasper AI Boss Mode.

Both plans are available for the Jasper ai free trial offer. After selecting a plan, you will be directed to the payment page. An authorization charge will be made to your card; it will be refunded in 2-3 business days.

Jasper plan - starter and boss mode

But you need to enter your payment details to activate the offer. This is important, and it is what many companies do to prevent scammers from abusing the offer.

If you do not find value in using Jasper and it is not the right fit for you, you can cancel five days before, and your credit card won’t be charged.

Once you complete these steps, your account is ready and activated, and you can log in to start using the Jasper ai content writer.

Stripe payment page for Jasper free trial offer

It is that simple and easy.

Why Should You Choose Jasper AI Writer?

Jasper is not the only AI writer in the market; there are other AI-powered GPT-3 copywriting machine learning programs, such as Copy ai and WriteSonic. So there must be reasons why everyone is talking about Jasper.

For one, Jasper is more efficient and produces better content quality than other AI writing editors.

You can use Jasper to write in over 25 languages, write marketing content in any niche, social media content, ads, blog posts, blog outlines, long-form content, etc.

And because Jasper integrates with the Surfer SEO, you can now write SEO-optimized content that increases your chance of ranking high for your target keywords.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

There are two subscription plans to choose from – The Boss Mode and the Starter plan. The option you take will depend on your writing and business requirements.

1. Starter Plan. 

The starter plan is ideal if you want to use Jasper for short-form content such as:

  • Ad copy
  • Email Subject line
  • Products description 
  • Social media post
  • Blog intro
  • Short paragraph
  • And more…

The price starts at $29/month if you’re paying monthly, but it’s billed at $24/month for the annual subscription for 20,000 words monthly.

You can adjust your plan as per your word count request. If you need to write more than 20k words monthly, you can buy 5,000 words for $10.

2. Boss Mode

The Jasper AI boss mode is where you experience the full potential of Jasper. It allows you to unlock the AI’s full power features and capabilities.

You can write long-form content optimized with Surfer SEO (you need a Surfer SEO account).

The price starts at $49/m if you choose the annual plan and $59/m if you’re paying monthly. It gives you 50,000 words per month, and you can buy more if you exceed and need more words.

If you want to have a discount, you need to subscribe to the annual billing. The yearly billing gives you a 16% Jasper discount off your total payment.

So, instead of $29/m, you’re paying $24/m in the starter plan. And $49/m instead of $59/m in the Boss Mode plan.

Which Plan is Right for You?

As I said earlier, the right Jasper plan depends on your content and business needs. But here are a few differences between the Starter, Boss Mode, and the Jasper Business plan for custom solutions.

I have tried to make the table easy to understand and read through. If you have any questions, leave your message below.


Boss Mode


Start at $24/m (20,000 word/month)

Start at $49/m (50,000 word/month)

Contact Jasper.ai for details

For marketer just getting started. Alllow access to all base templates and write short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs, and much more.

  • 50+ AI Writing Skills.

  • 25+ Supported Languages

  • Chat Support

  • Up to 5 Team Users

  • AI Copywriters Community 

For bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. Everything in the Starter plan + powerful tools for writing full-length content (like blog posts) with added control and flexibility.

  • Google Doc's Style Editor


  • Compose and Commands Features


  • Increased Limits On Templates

  • SEO Mode

  • 25+ Languages

  •  Unlimited Content Lookback

  • Grows With Your Team

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Repeatable Recipes

  • Priority Support 

For business and writing teams with over 10 users and for platforms to integrate AI writing.

Top Features 

  • Add More Than 10 Seats

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Custom Integrated AI Writing

  • Flexible Tech Support

FAQ – Jasper.ai Free Trial

Who is Jasper.ai for?

As with any tool, Jasper AI writing assistant is not for everyone; find out if you’re one of them.
Though Jasper tends to cater to many needs and writers, most prefer the templates-only plan. In this plan, you can only write short content like blog post intro, headlines, product descriptions, etc.

If you have an in-house writer and want to produce more content in less time, Jasper will help you achieve that. With Jasper, the writing process can experience an increase of 150% – 200%.
If time is money, Jasper will help you achieve much in less time – especially if you subscribe to the Boss Mode.

Though you still need to train the AI tool in the right direction and topic context, steer it to learn your content to follow better.

Does Jasper AI have a Free Trial?

Yes, when you sign up, your account will receive 10,000-word credits free. You can use these free credits to test how Jasper.ai works. The free trial lasts for five days, and it requires a Credit Card.

How do I Cancel my Free Trial on Jasper AI?

You can cancel your Jasper.ai billing at any time. Log into your account, click on settings, navigate to billing, and scroll down the page to see the cancel button.

The cancellation is auto-set for the end of your billing circle. This allows you to use your remaining allowed credits still. But if you’re on a free trial account, the cancellation takes effect immediately and will enable credits to be deleted.

Do I Need a Credit Card For Jasper AI Free Trial?

Yes, you’re required to enter your credit card or PayPal info to complete the free trial of the Japser AI signup process. This process is to protect against spam and account abuse. But don’t worry, you will not be charged until your trial period expires.

What Jasper AI Features are Included in The Free Trial?

There are no feature restrictions during your free trial period. Use all Jasper AI Team and Plus plan features with up to 10,000-word credits and unlimited user access. You have access to brand voice, templates, memories, campaign setup, admin analytics, etc.

Can I Get Another Japser Free Trial?

No, you can only sign up for the Jasper free trial AI assistant once. Multiple free trial account signup is prohibited and seen as spam. This is one of the reasons free trial users are required to enter their credit card or other billing information during free trial signups.

Conclusion…Jasper Free Trial

Currently, Jasper AI seems the best among existing GPT-3 artificial intelligence writing tools. But that does not mean it can replace your human writers.

AI is a tool to reduce the workload and is not here to completely replace humans in the workplace – at least for now.

As with Jasper’s ai writing assistant, you can train your writers to use the power of Jasper to be more efficient and productive and do more in less time. At least, you can get 3-5 pieces of content ready instead of one.

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  1. Is there any other AI other than Jarvis? I feel like the trial period is too short. Please let me know.

    1. Hi, Madina,

      If you have time on your side, 5 days is more than enough. Besides, you can try Rytr or Peppertype.ai, they’re good. I hope this helps? Thank you.

  2. this is one good AI interface to use but it would be great if they have free version not trail as some may not get to know about it in short time period

    1. Hi, Anna,

      That’s a good point there.

      I think the people behind Jarvis might look into this in subsequent updates. This will give users the opportunity to learn more about Jarvis better before deciding if it is a good fit or not.

      Thank you.

  3. this is cool they have money back guarantee so we can take the trail and see if it suits us not

    1. Hi, Jenny,

      Yes, there is a money-back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied – no question asked. Thanks.

  4. such a great tool for generating the great content but the only problem it is bit on pricy side and new and startup cant afford

    1. Hi, Carol,

      I agree with you on the pricing side, it’s a bit pricy. But if your business revenue can cover the cost, Jarvis.ai is a helpful tool to speed up the content process. It will save you time, money, and workforce in the long run.

      I hope this helps?

      Thank you.

  5. is there a similar type of AI that gets a free trial for new users?
    I’m having a hard time using Jarvis because it’s quite difficult to understand.

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