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Are you searching for the best Fiverr logo designers for your brand or website logo? I share ten Fiverr freelance logo designers handpicked by the Fiverr research team in this post.

You have many options to explore, from low-cost Fiverr logo makers to expensive designers; it does not matter your budget, project requirements, or quality – you will find affordable logo designers on Fiverr on this list.

These professional logo designers are vetted and ranked by Fiverr as the top seller on the platform, so you can rest assured of the quality of services.

However, as much as I can recommend these Fiverr logo design services, you must do your due findings and research before placing an order. 

I am not responsible for any outcome, dispute, quality of services, or lack of professionalism by the freelancer/seller. It is your sole responsibility to ensure quality and service delivery.

If you understand the above clearly and agree with me, continue reading.

Why Do You Need A Logo Designer?

Branding is one of the critical strategies for online visibility. 

While there are many tactics you can explore to build and increase brand visibility, your brand or website logo is one of the essential tactics. 

Your brand logo is often one of the first visual contact points with your readers or potential customers.

A well-designed and high-quality logo will build trust, confidence, credibility, and professionalism with your followers; a flawed and poorly designed logo will put many questions in the minds of your followers about your brand.

This is why hiring the right logo designer or freelancer is essential to creating a logo design that represents your brand identity, builds trust, and demonstrates your authority and professionalism in the industry.

A professional Fiverr logo designer will work closely with you to understand your business needs, brand image, personality, mission, and values.

These are essential factors you must consider when hiring any freelance logo designer now or in the future.

Another reason you must consider hiring a logo designer is time and money.

Though you may think creating a logo using free online logo makers like Canva is quick and saves money, you will often create a low-quality and generic logo that does not represent your business, build trust, and showcase professionalism.

This may cause rebranding in the future, changing brand identity, and more time and money hiring professionals to do all cleaning and fixing. 

Also, you can request a freelance logo designer to provide your logo in different sizes and formats. 

This will allow you to use the correct logo size and format for various marketing channels and platforms, including social media, website, email, letter heading, flyers, business cards, etc. 

Now that you understand why you, your website, or your company need to hire a professional logo designer, let’s check the list of the seven best Fiverr Logo designers.

Let me reiterate this point: I recommend these Fiverr freelance logo designers based on experience, but I beg you to do your findings and due diligence before working with freelancers.

You have the absolute right to ask questions, request past work, request samples, and provide your business requirements before agreeing to work with a freelancer. 

It is your right, and you must ensure the freelancer understands your needs before moving ahead with the services. 

As I said above, I am not responsible for any outcome, service quality, dispute, or whatever arises from dealing with any recommendations on this list. 

However, if you have issues with Fiverr freelancer relating to gig delivery service, you can contact the Fiverr resolution center for support and reconciliations. 

With that out, let’s jump in.

PS, some of the listed Fiverr logo designers have taken and passed the Fiverr skill test, which you can verify on their gig profile pages.

1. Rroxx

Rroxx is a top-rated business logo designer with fantastic talent and skill for creating high-quality brand logos.

A Fiverr member since 2010 from India, rroxx is a fantastic professional graphic designer in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He has worked with over 100+ Amazon sellers, Airbnb hosts, RE/Max, etc. 

His Fiverr gig profile has more than 16k user reviews, with 15k five-star ratings. That’s an excellent happy customer vs dissatisfied users ratio.

User stars rating and review on Fiverr for freelancer seller rroxx

Among all the positive user feedback, this one caught my attention.

Fiverr user review on rroxx profile

And here are some of his design portfolio

rroxx Fiverr graphics design portfolio

Also, Rroxx has passed the Fiverr skill test to prove his credibility and vast design skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, social media marketing, and English.

Rroxx Fiverr skill test

Rroxx premium package includes a 3D mockup, source file, logo transparency, printable and vector file, and five concepts. To work with rroxx, check out his Fiverr gig page below for more high-quality logo designs.

2. Skydesigner

Skydesigner is a team of design enthusiasts specializing in branding, UX/UX design, graphics design, web development, and mobile design. 

Located in Bosnia and Herzegowina, the graphic design agency is a top-rated Fiverr logo design freelancer. 

With 19k+ five-star user ratings, Skydesigner is one of the best Fiverr graphics designers you can hire today.   

Skydesigner 19k plus user ratings on Fiverr

Look at the Skydesigner portfolio below; you will agree these are excellent minimalist logo designs and top-quality work.

Skydesigner Fiverr portfolio

Skydesigner has been directly involved in redesigning the Fiverr logo maker page, the Smashing logo homepage, and a few inner pages.

If your brand needs high-quality business logo design graphics jobs from talented design agencies, try Skydesigners on Fiverr today. 

3. Borydesign

Borydesign is also a top-rated Fiverr graphics and brand logo designer.

The Borydesign Fiverr profile claims to have worked with Amazon Brooklyn and Queens warehouse design projects. And a few other big industry brands on business logo and graphics design projects. 

From Argentina, she joined Fiverr in 2014 and has an average response time of 2 hours. 

Also, the Borydesign logo and brand identity gig profile have an excellent 17k+ five-star user ratings on the Fiverr platform, and one notable dissatisfied user with this negative review.

Borydesign negative user reviews on Fiverr

But this shouldn’t be a matter of concern as a business such as freelance services can’t satisfy every customer. 

When you have 17k+ five-star user ratings, one or two dissatisfied customers make no big deal to the overall customer’s expectations.

Borydesign Fiverr user reviews

You can use the negative review as a guide when dealing with freelancers on Fiverr or other platforms like People Per Hours, Upwork, etc.

BoryDesign has also worked with the Fiverr editor’ pick, developing the categorized images based on logotype and styles. 

Borydesign working with Fiverr editor's pick

Here are some of its portfolios if you want to check out the Borydesign logo and design projects.

Borydesign Fiverr logo design portfolio

4. Grandpa_Designs

Grandpa_design is a level-two Fiverr seller with vast experience and skills in signature logos, minimalist logo designs, vector, business card and stationary, and any web design jobs.

This seller has also taken and passed the Fiverr skill test.

Grandpa_Design Skill test result on Fiverr

The seller has listed their skills in logo design, graphics design, photo editing, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, photography, and illustration.

This profile has over 10k five-star ratings from happy customers.

However, after reviewing some reviews, the Grandpa_designs logo design service appears to mix top and essential design quality.

For example, read through these two user reviews.

Grandpa_Designs Fiverr user reviews
Grandpa_Design user reviews

The gig is also one of this list’s cheapest Fiverr logo designs. Sometimes, the price you pay determines the service quality. 

Still, Grandpa_Designs has over 10k loving customers, which points to the fact that many customers are happy with the service delivery.

Grandpa_designs fiverr customer review

Overall, Grandpa_designs is one of the Fiverr top logo design picks. Check out their logo design services below.

5. Antonclevela97

Something is impressive about the Antonclevela97 logo design Fiverr gig; it’s the cheapest on the list but has outstanding user review ratings.

This seller’s Fiverr gigs profile has over 50k five-star ratings, 57k+ overall user ratings, and more than 200k orders completed on Fiverr. 

That’s an incredible statistic for a Fiverr logo design seller.

Antonclevela97 Fiverr user reviews

By all indications, those are good numbers to consider. 

Antonclevela97 listed Indonesia as their location, fluent in English, and have skills in graphics design, Adobe Photoshop, logo design, Animation, Adobe After Effects, and illustration.

You will notice a trend if you review the 2 and 3-star customer reviews. 

Most of the negative reviews are past six months old. This means the services have been improved in the past months to have gathered such a positive review number. 

Antonclevela97 customer reviews five stars ratings

This seller is a good option if you want a good quality logo design for a low price. I also noticed that the seller did not list the work portfolio to verify past client work.

However, if you’re looking for a good quality logo design done for $10, you may consider taking this gig; otherwise, check on the next seller. 

6. Zera93

Zera93 has exceptional repeat Fiverr buyers and excellent skills in 2D and 3D logo design, business cards, graphics, and Mascot designs.  

The Fiverr seller profile has an incredible 9k five-star customer review ratings, excellent communication skills, and the ability to understand your business needs. 

Zera93 User five starts reviews ratings

Zera93 is a Fiverr top-rated logo designer with a price starting at $30 for the basic package and $75 for the premium package.

The seller offers unlimited revision and three days of standard gig delivery. You can order AI, JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS, CDR, and SVG image file formats.

Below is the Zera93 work portfolio if you want to order the logo design gig.

Zara93 Fiverr work portfolio

Zera93 has also completed the Fiverr Learn course program. This program is taught by top industry experts and tailored to help freelancers and professionals build their skills.

7. Lisavideointro

Lisavideointro is a top-rated Fiverr logo designer with a reputation for having worked with some of the best and top brands in the world – Nike, Walmart, and the Fiverr team.

The seller profile has an excellent 7k+ five-star customer rating out of the 7,986 reviews. That’s an impressive customer satisfaction ratio to unsatisfied customers. 

Lisavideointro Fiverr customers reviews ratings

Though Lisavideointro isn’t your regular $5 Fiverr logo design gig, you will get better quality work if you give more details and pay for her service.

You should expect to pay an average of $100 for her Fiverr logo design gig. 

Check out some of her portfolios below. 

Lisavideointro work portfolios
Lisavideointro work portfolios
Lisavideointro work portfolios

These are undoubtedly excellent designs from a graphics designer who knows her work like the back of her palm.

Suppose you need high-quality graphics design projects for your video marketing, brand identity, businesses, social media, or images.

In that case, Lisavideointro is one of the best Fiverr logo designers you should hire.

Remember, she is not cheap. 

8. Weperfectionist

Weperfectionist is a top-rated Fiverr logo creator with vast experience and exceptional skills in logo design, modern logo design, adobe, business cards, brand identity, etc.

He goes by the name Darshak but loves to be called San.

San (Weperfectionist) has an excellent 53k five-star rating and has worked with some of the world’s top brands, such as Walmart, Audi, Fiverr, etc.

Weperfectionist Fiverr user ratings

Here are some of the clients San has worked with. 

Whether on a tight budget or with a deep marketing purse, there is an affordable logo design package for everyone.

The San logo design package starts at $10 and is as high as $125 for the premium logo design package.

San has also completed several Fiverr learn course programs like Adobe Illustrator mastery, craft a Logo by Hand, Logo Design Fundamentals, Brand Strategies and Design for Small Businesses, Symbol Design for Branding, etc.

Take a look at San’s work portfolio below.

Weperfectionist work portfolio
Weperfectionist work portfolios 2
Weperfectionist work portfolio 3

If San matches your expectations, consider hiring him today.

9. Ei8htz

Ei8htz is another top-rated logo designer with an outstanding 61k five-star user reviews, 4k four-star reviews, and over 1k three stars on Fiverr. And has completed thousands of design jobs on Fiverr.

Ei8htz Fiverr freelance logo design user reviews rating

Ei8htz is a team of design professionals specializing in icons, prints, flyers, logos, stationeries, and branding.

The team has completed logo design jobs for top institutions like the University of Cambridge, Avondale University, and Airbnb.

Fiverr member since 2012, ei8ht has also completed several Fiverr learn course programs, like Logo design fundamentals, Symbol design for branding, and crafting a logo by hand.  

Whether you’re looking for a $10 logo design job or have a decent budget of up to $300, everyone can work with this seller.

With an outstanding 61k user reviews, no doubt you can read many positive user reviews like the ones below:

Customer reviews on Fiverr for ei8htz logo design service
ei8htz user review

If you’re looking for talented and reliable freelance logo designers on Fiverr, Ei8htz is the team you can trust.

10. Cristiansticea

Cristiansticea is an experienced Fiverr freelance logo designer based in Romania. 

Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, Cristian has an excellent 12k five-star user reviews. He’s specialized in Adobe Illustrator, graphics design, photoshop, branding, and logo design. 

Cristiansticea user reviews on Fiverr

Among the clients Cristian has worked with is VARTA. 

A German company manufactures automobile batteries with a company in Romania, helping them redesign and translate graphics and media promotional materials.

Cristiansticea work testimony with VARTA Germany

Cristian has been a Fiverr member since 2015 and has one of the cheapest logo design gigs on the list. You can get a logo design gig for as low as $10 for the basic package, making it one of the best Fiverr logo designers for budget-conscious brands and individuals.

The premium package averages $100 with unlimited revisions, 3D mockup, image file, source file, vector, printable, and logo transparency. 

While going through the user reviews, this particular feedback gives a glimpse of the quality of Cristian services.

Fiverr User review

If you’re searching for affordable, reliable, and high-quality logo design, Cristian is one of the most sorted Fiverr logo designers.

Editor’s Pick – Best Fiverr Logo Designers

Going through the list and having worked with some Fiverr graphics designers, rroxBorydesign, and Lisavideointro stand out.

These freelancers deliver excellent graphic design work, have great communication skills, can listen and understand clients’ needs and requirements, and give value for money.

However, consider taking up the premium logo design package to get the best of their services if budget is not an issue. 

Regarding budget, Rroxx is more budget-friendly than Borydesign and Lisavideointro.

Lisavideointro delivers unlimited revisions and a day service delivery, while Borydesign provides a maximum of 6 days for its brand-style ebook cover design guide gig.

Rroxx delivers in 3 days maximum and five design revisions in its premium package. 

So, it is all about choice, fast turnaround time, and overall service quality demand. 

If you’re on a low budget and need a $10 – $40 graphic design job, Grandpa_designs and Zera93 are your top choice. 

They offer good quality design for the money’s worth, fast delivery, and unlimited revision for the basic package. 


Which good logo designer on Fiverr would you recommend?

I have given my recommendations above in this post. However, here are some tips to help you find a suitable Fiverr logo designer.

Look for a freelance logo designer with a high five-star rating and positive reviews from past customers. Also, if the freelancer listed their portfolios, check if their style and past quality of work match what you’re looking for. 

And lastly, you must reach out to the Fiverr logo designer to ask relevant questions before ordering the gig. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect, turnaround time, and overall service quality.

Who is the best cheap logo designer on Fiverr?

Knowing the best cheap freelance logo designer on Fiverr is difficult. But here are some tips to help you find one.

Use the Fiverr search filter to narrow your search to your desired budget. Communicate with the seller, and check out their portfolio to determine the quality of logo designs. Also, look for past user reviews, communication levels, and delivery time. 

You should consider working with new or up-and-coming Fiverr logo designers looking to build up their reputations and client databases. These freelancers may be willing to work for less but offer high-quality work. 

What is the best way to buy logo design on Fiverr?

First, you must know what you want from the service. What type of logo design do you want to create? What is your budget, expected delivery time, quality, and brand identity?

Next, use the Fiverr filter search function or explore the list above to find a designer matching your business needs and requirements. 

When you identify a suitable logo designer, contact her to get inquiries about the service and delivery, ask questions, and get clear on your expectations. 

These steps will ensure you work with the right Fiverr logo designer for your project, budget, and business requirements.

Is Fiverr still Reliable for logo design Jobs?

Fiverr is still a reliable platform for finding affordable and reliable logo design freelancers. 

However, you must research and do due diligence before hiring a logo designer on Fiverr. This is because, as with any platform, there are low-quality freelancers, and you may be a victim of poor service delivery if you don’t find the right freelancer.

Also, in the case of any issue concerning poor service delivery, Fiverr offers a resolution center to help sellers and buyers resolve disagreements and find a suitable solution for both parties. The resolution center can help you get a refund if no solution is available and you need to recover your money.

Is Fiverr worth it for logo design?

Fiverr freelance logo designer comes from diverse skills, backgrounds, and knowledge, which gives buyers access to a pool of talented freelance logo designers on Fiverr.

From essential to complex logo designs, Fiverr is a platform for finding logo design projects with different price points, delivery times, quality, and packages.

Fiverr design logo gigs are a cost-effective option to complete your design project without hiring full-time or in-house graphic designers.

However, whether Fiverr is worth it depends on your specific design needs, budget, quality expectations, the scale of work, and your readiness to research for the right freelance designer. 

Fiverr is a good and reliable option if you’re looking for a quick one-time design job at an affordable price, cost-effective, and by top logo designers in the industry. 

How much should I pay for a logo design on Fiverr?

Fiverr logo design costs vary significantly, depending on several factors. 

The complexity of design, seller expertise level, experience, skills, and quality of work. You can find a Fiverr logo gig for as low as $5 and as high as $500 for logo design work. 

For a more experienced, skilled graphics designer, you should expect an average of $50 to $150 per logo design. 

The cost of logo design on Fiverr can increase due to several factors, such as faster delivery time, additional image files, source files, multiple formats, number of revisions, etc.

When hiring a Fiverr logo designer, you must consider other factors, like customer reviews, package delivery, communications skills, work portfolios, and past clients. Cost should not be the only factor in deciding on the right freelancers.


With thousands of freelance graphic designers on the Fiverr platform, finding a suitable service for your projects could be challenging. 

From the initial research phase, checking freelance portfolios, going through gig descriptions, comparing price points, and asking questions before finally making the order, finding a good and reliable match takes excellent effort. 

I created this information to help you scale the research process and narrow your choice to the best Fiverr logo designers for hire for any design project.

No matter your budget, design needs, requirements, etc., you will find affordable, reliable, and the best logo designer on Fiverr for your projects by reading through this article.

Let us know your favorite designer in the comment box.


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