How to Create A Successful Blog In 30 Minutes

Wait, do you really want to create a successful blog in 30 minutes?

Actually, you can set-up a blog within 30 minutes, but, in real sense, you can’t create a successful blog within that time frame. Creating a successful blog is a process that needs to be measure for continuous progress over a career period.

The above headline is wrong, actually, is not one of my own, is meant to do a job, to arouse the curiosity in you. This article headline is right below this paragraph.

10 Steps To Create a Successful Blog.

Building a successful blog need more than just setting it up, you need a basic plan to follow, a foundation at which your blog is built, your blogging strategies. patient, persistence and of course, group of master mind people.

I do not claim to be a guru on this subject, but the guide line below will put you on the right path to create a successful blog that will stand out from the crowd.

The first section is to be considered a most before you start a blog, they are what I have found to be true about anyone seeking to find his way to the very top of his/her field of calling. No matter your career, these factors are the starting point to all outstanding achievement.

Section 1. Starting Point.


This is the starting point to all successful blogs you see out there.

Do not blog for money, if you do, you will meet with frustration, and eventually throw in the towel. Start a blog based on your passion for blogging, and blog about something you’re passionate about and willing to learn more about presently.


According to the author of “Think And Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill, he said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement”. Without a strong desire for blogging that is driven by passion, you won’t be able to keep going day-by-day with blogging activities.

Your desire to succeed will keep you strong enough to create a successful blog that will stand out from the crowd.

Be Yourself.

This is a bit complicated, you will need to learn and borrow ideas from other bloggers you found already successful, but don’t copycat, or try duplicate someone’s success. NO, it won’t help you, there is a foundation upon which a building is build, focus on building your own foundation and leverage upon it.

A blogger may sell 1000 copies of its recently launched e-book, don’t even think you can replicate that by selling the same e-book to the same audience. You’re not him, work on yourself, so you gain credibility, trust, authority, and popularity among your own audience.

Section 2.

Join Bloggers Community.

In what I have experience so far in blogging to be a true learning school, join the communities of bloggers. Either in form of forums or bloggers groups. There is more to learn in these places. Personally, I have gain a lot from these places.

Hard Work.

Without this, you will not build a successful blog over time.

You have to be prepared for hard work , the true stories of successful bloggers will give credit to this. Most of them work more than nine to twelve hours a day on their blog for over a year before any significant progress.


Enough of it is required to create a successful blogging career, when I started out with this blog, I spent more than 10 straight hours trying to perfect the look and feel of it every single day.

Each time I change theme, I spent more than that testing each features out to see what works best and why.

Blogging is a very time-consuming job, part of the reason you need to be dedicated, have passion and the desire to succeed in what you’re doing.

While I was writing this post, is exactly 1:07 am in Nigeria, Africa. You can see, I still have to be awake by this time and make sure I write this blog post while my wife and kids have all gone to bed sleeping.


Don’t go about looking for traffic in all places, not all traffic are good traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 unique visitors a day or 100 page view a day, what really matter most is what the traffic is doing for your business.

Target your audience, know your customers and let your customers know you. Give readers what they want, not what they need. Hope you understand this very well.

People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they think they want, so give it to them.


There is only one way to keep customers coming back to you and that is, give value in what you do. People love it when they get more value than what they bargain for.

Your content must offer this to your readers so they keep coming back to you, this way you will get great value readers who will be keen to read your blog always.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Blog.

If you really want to create a successful blog, then, don’t hide behind your work anywhere. I have learned this to be true with all successful bloggers I have met online.

Your blog and you should be identified with each other, put a picture and a short bio of yourself at a very visible place on your blog. This makes people feel more confident dealing with you and engaging with the author of the blog.


Know exactly what you want from your blog, how you want it and find out how you will achieve it. If you have a vision in sight, you will know what you want from your blog and how you will get it.

Without a vision, you won’t know what you want neither will you know how you want it.

What other ways do you know of to create a successful blog?

We like to hear from you in the comment box.

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    Thanks a lot for these steps, passion is important while creating a blog and running it. I’ve seen that many bloggers quit blogging after 3-4 months.


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