NameCheap Hosting Plans – How to Place Your Order

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Namecheap hosting plans

If you’re looking for more information on the NameCheap hosting plans, you’re on the right page.

Before you go on, a bit of background history and why this blog has remained hosted on the NameCheap servers for many years.

During the course of running this blog, I had the opportunity of hosting websites (both clients and personal) with some of the web hosting services providers.

All I can tell you is this; not many web hosts really know what hosting is all about and how important it is to the life of a business.

If you have an online presence for your business, you need a reliable and dedicated web hosting company to host your website files. After testing, comparing hosting services, Cpanel features, customer support services, downtime, etc.

I “recommend NameCheap as a reliable web hosting company you can trust. With as little as $2.18/mon, you can get started with NameCheap’s shared hosting account and have your website online in minutes.


Initially, CyberNaira was hosted on the NameCheap Stellar hosting plan. But I have upgraded and moved to the NameCheap EasyWp managed WordPress hosting, which is more reliable, faster, and gives a better hosting experience.

Below is a summary of how to order your NameCheap shared hosting package.

How to Order NameCheap Shared Hosting Plan


  • Go to the Namecheap homepage by clicking on this link here. (Yes! That’s an affiliate link)
  • On the NameCheap homepage, click on the Hosting tab at the top of the page navigation menu.
  • Click on Shared Hosting from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the service/package you require.
  • Select the length of time you require this package for and location – US or UK data center.
  • Click on Add to Cart. 
  • That’s it!

Now, let’s walk through the process one after the other.

Step 1

While you’re on the NameCheap homepage, click on “Hosting” from the top navigation menu, as seen in the image below. From the drop-down menu button, click on “Shared Hosting. “

namecheap homepage

Step 2

Next, choose the NameCheap hosting plans of your choice.

There are 3 (three) NameCheap shared hosting plans available at the time of writing:

As a starter, I advise you to go with the “Stellar hosting” package for a start. Not because it is the cheapest, but it is possibly what you need at the moment. Plus, you’re able to host up to 3 domains in your NameCheap stellar hosting account.

Take Note…

If you chose the yearly NameCheap Hosting Prices, you get a whopping 50% discount for the first year payment.

Subsequent yearly payment is at a regular price. Click here to save 50% off NameCheap Hosting Plans.

namecehap 50% off regular price.

Step 3

Once you’re through on your Namecheap hosting plan of choice, click on the “Add to Cart Button.”

*You really don’t need to change the data center to that of the UK*. However, the choice is yours. There are no performance advantages between the US data center and that of the UK.

I have inquired with the Namecheap customer service and was made to understand the price tag to the UK data center is due to the cost of maintenance on their part.

It is not related to performance issues or hosting advantages.

Namecheap hosting plans nd package features

Step 4

You will be prompted to choose a domain name for your new hosting package on the next page that opens. This is if you don’t already have a domain name you wanted to use for your hosting account:

If you already have a registered domain name elsewhere with another domain registrar you wanted to use for your NameCheap hosting package. Choose “use a domain I own from another registrar,” as seen in the image below.

namecheap add to cart page

Step 5

In the next step, you can review your order details and apply a NameCheap coupon if you have one. If you have a NameCheap coupon code, enter it in the promo code box as seen in the image.

Click on Confirm Order to proceed to the checkout page:

Step 6

Once done, choose the NameCheap payment method for your hosting package. You can choose one of three NameCheap payment methods – Master Card, Paypal, or Account Funds and enter your payment details:

If you’re paying with a MasterCard Card, enter the Card Number details in the appropriate field and click on continue from the right side of the page, as seen below. The same applies to other payment methods.

namecheap payment page

Step 7

On the next page, you will see the final order listing and agree to NameCheap Terms and Agreements. Agree to the term and agreement by checking the box; after that, click on the Pay Now red button as seen in the image below:

namecheap terms and condition button

NameCheap shared hosting account is usually activated instantly; however, it might take up to an hour in some cases.

Once your account is activated, you will receive your NameCheap hosting welcome message via the email address you submitted during the registration process. It will have all your hosting account’s login details, settings, and instructions.

Go here now to purchase your hosting account from NameCheap and register your domain name.

NameCheap Payment Methods

NameCheap payment methods make it convenient and easy to make your payment on the website.

There are two ways to make payment for the purchase of your Namecheap products. You can choose between PayPal or MasterCard payment.

You can add up to 3 MasterCard to make payments on the NameCheap website for purchased products and services. And you can set up a Card as the primary default card to charge first when the automatic renewal is set on.

For a PayPal account, you will have to make at least one purchase from the NameCheap marketplace before you can set it up for automatic renewal.

This helps to protect an unauthorized PayPal account for making payment for your NameCheap account purchase.


NameCheap Hosting is one of the best web hosting and domain name registrar companies you can trust.

I have been with Namecheap since 2015, and honestly, I never for once regret my decision.

Though I may move to another web hosting company in the future, I hope that wouldn’t be for lack of quality hosting service provided by Namecheap.

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