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Are you searching for Divi Black Friday sales in 2023? Look no further; I’ve got all the Elegant Themes Black Friday and Cyber Week discount offers on this page.

From 21st November to December 9th, customers can save 25% off the new Divi membership plan and lifetime upgrades. It doesn’t stop there, 60% off Divi marketplace is in the offering, too. 

Furthermore, you can also save up to 44% off Divi AI. You think I’m done, No..don’t go yet, hold your breath, I have not finished…

You save a flat 44% off Divi Team, Divi Cloud, and Divi VIP. 

Now, you’ll agree with me that the Elegant theme BFCM sales 2023 is one of the biggest ever. There is an opportunity for anyone to get something special at a crazy discount. 

Let me break the discount and available products into bits you can understand better. 

Divi ThemeDivi AI Divi TeamDivi VIP Divi CloudDivi Marketplace

How to Activate Divi Black Friday 25%/Discount

To activate Divi Black Friday sales 2023, click this link. It will open the Elegant Themes website on a new browser tab.

On the Elegant theme website, click “Get this deal before it’s gone” at the top bar of the page. 

As you can see, the countdown timer is ticking; the deal is gone when the time is up. So you should grab it now rather than later.

Upon clicking on the button, it will open the Elegant theme pricing page. You must select the plan that best suits your budget and business needs. 

Elegant Theme Divi Black Friday Price List

Two plans are available: The Elegant yearly and the Elegant lifetime access. Pick the option that works best for you.

Here’s a brief explanation of what each plan is:

  • Yearly Access – This is an annual plan. You’ll need to renew your plan yearly to keep your account active. You can access all the features, themes, support, and updates from the Elegant theme for the period.
  • Lifetime Access – Your one-time payment for this plan gives you “lifetime” access to all the features, supports, themes, and updates from Elegant Themes – forever. As long as Elegant themes exist, your account remains active.

Note: Regardless of your chosen plan, have access to all products, such as the Divi theme page builder, bloom, monarch, and extras.

The only difference is the subscription period.

5 Reasons to Use Divi Elegant Theme

In case you’re wondering why is the Divi page builder WordPress theme so popular? Seriously, Divi is one of the best WordPress page builders. And it’s also a WordPress theme.

Here are the 5 top reasons to use Divi theme builder:

1. Over 2,000 Templates

By choosing the Divi theme, you can access over 285 layout packs, which give you 2,090 templates.

Categories sort the templates to make finding the right project layout or theme easy. 

This massive collection of pre-built layout designs is for any WordPress theme developer.

2. Divi is Optimized for SEO

Many page builders are known to slow down your WordPress blog, loading unnecessary codes in the source files.

Initially, Divi wasn’t as fast as you would want from a page builder that is so loved and used by thousands of businesses. 

However, after the updates or revamp of Divi in 2020, a lot of improvement was made to how Divi loads its code on the page.

The Divi PHP and framework assets were modularized to load and process only what is needed on demand. This is based on the theme features and modules you only used. 

The new Divi theme code automatically detects critical CSS, combines duplicates of Divi’s builder CSS styles, and defers non-critical style scripts.

All these improvements have made Divi lightweight, fast, and built for WordPress SEO

3. Affordable WordPress Theme

Spending 89$ per year for a theme might seem expensive, but considering all the features, security, and tools available, you’re getting more for less than the price.

You can use thousands of free WordPress themes for your blog design, but many are not secured, lack regular updates, and are built with bloated codes. 

This is where a WordPress theme like Divi checks all the boxes and makes for the best theme option.

It receives regular updates; more features are added regularly, secured, and backed by a thriving WordPress enthusiast community.

4. Realtime Front-end Editing

When you design your blog with Divi, it’s like painting a house or drawing on paper. You see everything on the front. 

Divi gives you access to full site frontend editing. As you browse your site on the front end, you can make design changes to any page part – header, footer, and post templates without leaving the front end.

With the Divi theme builder, you can change font size, adjust the layout colour, drag and drop elements, and more. All without leaving the front end.

5. Unlimited Websites

Unlike many of its competitors, the use of Divi on a website is unlimited.

Whatever your subscription plan, you can use the Divi theme on any WordPress blog and as many as possible.

Why is this important? 

You can use Divi themes page builder on unlimited WordPress websites if you’re a freelancer, agency, or even blogger with several WordPress blogs.

This gives you the advantage of spending less while achieving more in your business.

Divi Pros and Cons

As good as it is, the Divi theme has pros and cons. Let’s quickly walk through the top pros and cons of Divi page builder from Elegant Themes.

Pros of Divi Theme

  • Drag-and-drop theme editor.
  • Use on unlimited WordPress blogs, including clients’ and businesses’ websites. 
  • Access to over 2,090 prebuilt theme layouts in over 285 theme packs
  • Fully responsive 
  • Fast, lightweight, and optimized to deliver high-performance SEO. 
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Access to over 200 design elements – slider, image gallery, testimonials, accordion, call-to-action, countdown timer, etc.
  • Build all kinds of websites, including eCommerce stores.
  • Custom CSS editing control
  • Save and manage design templates for later use.
  • One-click redo and undo button, and go back in time to restore revisions
  • Developer friendly – plug your custom code and make Divi yours completely.
  • 24/7 support channels – Chat, Facebook group, blog, email, documentation, and community.

Cons of Divi Theme

  • It requires a learning curve for beginners.
  • No free version

FAQ – Divi Black Friday Sales

Can I Get a Refund

Yes, you can cancel your subscription within the first 30 days and get a refund. It’s that simple and has no complex process or question. Elegant themes offer a no-question-asked refund policy.

How Much Can I Save in The Divi Black Friday Sale?

You save a whopping 25% off your purchase. Black Friday is the only time you can get this huge discount offer from Elegant Themes on the Divi page builder. Click here now to buy Divi today at a 25% discount offer.

Does Divi Theme Have Black Friday Sales?

Yes, Elegant Theme, the maker of Divi theme is running its Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales starting Nov 21st for all its products – Divi theme (25% off), Divi VIP, Divi team, and Divi AI save you 44% discount.

In addition, you can save a maximum of 60% off the Divi marketplace this holiday sale. And get a flat 25% off Divi theme.

Conclusions… Divi Elegant Theme BFCM

At the time of writing, the Divi theme is used by over 800,000 marketers worldwide.

You’re in good company if you purchase the Divi Black Friday sales today and start designing stunning web pages in minutes.

If you’re a web development agency, freelancer, or blogger with several blog projects, this is the perfect bargain to save you a ton of money in the future.

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