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As a website owner with NameCheap since 2015, I can write about Namecheap hosting reviews. The NameCheap WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting – Easywp vs. Shared Hosting.

I have hosted several WordPress blogs on the NameCheap shared hosting servers. And in April 2020, I moved to EasyWP-managed WordPress hosting.

So I believe my practical hosting experience with NameCheap will be helpful to you today.

I take a practical approach to the Namecheap shared hosting vs. EasyWP review in this Namecheap hosting review.

After reading through, you’re going to learn the following:

  • What is shared hosting?
  • What is managed WordPress hosting?
  • My personal experience with NameCheap managed WordPress vs. shared hosting. (I tested page speed with GtMetrix for two different versions of this blog and shared the result in this post.
  • What is EasyWP?
  • The primary differences are the NameCheap shared hosting features and Easywp features.

So, in a nutshell, this is both the NameCheap hosting review and the Easywp NameCheap WordPress review.

NameCheap WordPress Hosting

Back in 2012, I created this blog, and WhoGoHost hosted it. But after a few years with WhoGoHost, I decided to give another web host a try.

NameCheap is the ideal web hosting solution for my needs in searching for a better web host.

So, I moved CyberNaira (this blog) from the WhoGohost web host to NameCheap shared hosting server in 2015. And it remained so until the middle of 2016 that I decided to switch back to WhoGohost for personal reasons unrelated to the quality of hosting services.

But it wasn’t long before I migrated the blog back to NameCheap shared hosting in the same year. And since then, till April 2020, the blog has been hosted on a shared NameCheap hosting server.

In April 2020, I moved to a managed WordPress hosting – Namecheap Easy wp. Now, this blog is hosted on the NameCheap-managed WordPress hosting Easywp server.

If you want a raw user experience you can rely on to make better marketing decisions, you’re on the right page. This is not about affiliate review posts but an actual customer experience with NameCheap web hosting services.

Whether you’re a beginner WordPress user, an advanced user, or a WordPress blog expert, web hosting is a critical aspect of your online business.

So, choose your web host wisely.

What is Shared Hosting?

Before we go into the comparison details, we must discuss what shared hosting is and why you may want to opt for it.

The secret to understanding shared hosting lies within the name – Shared Hosting; a hosting account shared among many users.

This is a type of web hosting where multiple hosting accounts are located on a single web server. You shared the server’s primary specific resources, like disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc, with every hosting account user on this same server.

One of the disadvantages of shared hosting is that if a website on the server experiences a spike in traffic, it may cause other websites to downtime or be unresponsive. The resources to power the webserver have been used/shared among all the hosting accounts.

In most shared hosting account types, users are given a web-based cPanel to gain access to and manage their website files, database, email account, install software, etc.

It is relatively cheap compared to Managed WordPress hosting. And if you’re starting, you may consider Shared hosting for your blog.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is specifically designed to cater to WordPress websites. It is built on top of a cloud platform to deliver fast and secure web pages to users around the globe.

Based on its cloud-based platform, server downtime or failure doesn’t affect your website uptime, and your resources are not shared among other users.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, the web host handles many technical aspects of running a WordPress blog. Like caching function, backups, WordPress updates, security, speed, etc.

You also get premium support from real-world WordPress experts that know and understand WordPress like the back of their palm, rather than generic web hosting support from people who read about WordPress on the web.

What is EasyWP NameCheap?

EasyWP is the NameCheap-managed WordPress hosting solution ideal for bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs of all sizes and budgets.

It is powered by NameCheap cloud hosting technology to deliver fast cutting-edge speed for web pages. EasyWP is one of the cheapest and most affordable managed WordPress hosting services today.

With NameCheap EasyWP, you can manage all your WordPress blogs from one administrative dashboard. So you don’t have to worry about the complicated cPanel interface.

Creating backups, changing domain names, and accessing files through SFTP can be done through one centralized dashboard.

EasyWP has its own in-built three layers WordPress cache system, so you don’t need an additional WordPress plugin.

Now you can use any domain name with your EasyWP NameCheap hosting.

Whether it is a domain name with another registrar or with NameCheap, you can connect your choice domain name with your Easywp blog.

Installing WordPress on Easy Wp

This is one of the advantages of creating a blog with Easywp.

You can practically install your WordPress blog within two minutes. And this is not an exaggeration. I have done it in less than that.

To be clear, here is a 3 minutes video that explains how to install a WordPress blog with Easy wp.

My Experience With NameCheap Shared Hosting and Easywp

Before I moved to NameCheap in 2015, one of the cons of shared web hosting services I experienced was server downtime. At least, on average, I used to receive the Jetpack server downtime notification emails every week.

This is one of the reasons that prompted my move to NameCheap in 2015. My former host was so sucked that loading the admin dashboard took ages.

After the change of web host, server downtime notifications became a thing of the past. Though occasionally, I experience server downtime, the decline in frequency was significant.

Speed is something positively noticed after the web hosting changes. There was a slight improvement in page speed metrics in Gtmetrix and other performance testing tools.

But it wasn’t great to make a BIG difference in user experience.

So while trying to improve performance and website speed, I decided to try NameCheap Easy wp managed WordPress hosting.

I have nothing to lose in the trial.

Since I can test Easywp for less than a dollar for 30 days and see if it is worth it, NameCheap Easywp hosting is one of the best cheap WordPress hosting today. With $1, you can test NameCheap-managed WordPress hosting services for a 30-day run.

I purchased the Easywp starter plan and upgraded CyberNaira from NameCheap shared hosting server to a managed WordPress hosting server in April 2020.

But instead of moving to Easywp WordPress hosting with guesswork, I let the data guide my decision.

My Short Web Hosting Performance Experiment.

I understand that speed is part of web hosting. And the importance of speed can never be overemphasized in today’s marketing world.

So if you want to ask;

Is Namecheap web hosting fast?

I have already taken the above question to mind and provided an answer to it. Read on to find out.

After exporting files and content, before changing the domain name in the Easywp user dashboard, I compared the same version of this blog with NameCheap shared hosting and Easy wp manage WordPress hosting.

I exported all the content and files from the shared hosting blog to the Easywp blog, except for a caching plugin. EasyWp already has its in-built caching function, so exporting alone was unnecessary.

I did this to know if there are any significant performance differences between NameCheap shared hosting server and Easywp-managed WordPress hosting.

The result is fantastic.

Here is a screenshot I took during the test.

The web page on your right is the shared hosting server, while the web page on your left is the Easywp-managed WordPress hosting server.

cybernaira shared hosting vs easy wp server performance comparison test

As you can see from the image above, there is a BIG difference in the performance score. But it doesn’t end there…

On April 20th, after changing the domain name in the Easywp dashboard to point to cybernaira.com and completing migration properly, I tested the blog homepage to see the final performance score.

Gtmetrix performance score for cybernaira - 1.6 second

That’s 1.6 seconds with a blog compressed size of 586kb. Achieving this type of performance score doesn’t come without a price.

Even after moving your blog to a better host like the NameCheap Easywp server, you must sacrifice some blog functionalities to achieve better page speed and performance.

Especially blog features that execute with JavaScript. JavaScript is the common culprit for slow website loading. If you run Google Adsense on your blog, you might have to deal with slow web pages.

While migrating to Easywp, I tested Google Adsense codes on this blog. The results were not encouraging, so I removed the codes and let them be.

As you can see in the image below, CyberNaira average 9.5 seconds in page speed with Google Adsense code running on the blog. And the blog size went from under 600kb to 1.31MB leading to 196 requests made.

Gtmetrix score for cybernaira with Adsense code running - 9.5 second

To be sure of my discovery, I search the web for other websites running Google Adsense code on their blogs, and here are my little findings. Not one of the blogs I tested running Google Adsense codes averages anything less than 10 seconds minimum.

Apart from the page speed score, the performance grade is very low.

The images below speak better…

Gtmetrix score for jefflenny blog running Adsense code - 9.5 seconds
Gtmetrix score for Forbes with Adsense code running - 22 seconds

I tested a dozen sites running Google Adsense on their blogs, and the result was nothing impressive; even your Favorites Forbes blog is not exempted.

If you want faster web pages, minimize the use of JavaScript on your blog. But if you must use Google Adsense, you might have to sacrifice page speed and performance for clicks.

If you combine minimum use of JavaScript, good web hosting services, and a powerful caching system, you will experience a faster loading web page.

Remember that the more you add resources to your blog, the heavier it becomes and loads slowly.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a fast web page.

  • Use a few WordPress plugins.
  • Avoid Javascript resources to the barest minimum.
  • Optimize your images with an image optimization plugin.
  • Host Google Analytics locally – I use Webcraftic Clearfy.
  • Use an Optimization plugin like Autoptimize.
  • Avoid installing outdated plugins. If the plugin has received no updates in the last six months, it’s probably abandoned.
  • Use a Cache plugin like WP Rocket

Which Hosting is The Best for your WordPress Blog?

I can not tell you the best ideal hosting option for your WordPress blog. The best web hosting or plan is the one that fits your current website needs and wants.

As I told you earlier in this post, I started with NameCheap’s shared hosting plan, and after many years, I migrated to EasyWp Managed WordPress hosting.

I did this when I was certain there was a need for a change in hosting services for CyberNaira going forward.

Depending on your current website needs and wants, you must review the details below to compare each hosting detail, advantages, disadvantages, pros, and cons.

Afterward, you can decide which web hosting type is ideal for your blog.

NameCheap Shared Hosting Features

#1. Besides WordPress, you can install other content management systems with a shared hosting plan. Like Drupal, Joomla, etc.

#2. Shared hosting resources are allocated among all users of a server.

#3. There is an option to create add-ons and subdomains within one Namecheap stellar hosting package. You can host at least 3 websites in the NameCheap stellar hosting plans.

#4. The possibility to choose a different PHP version sets cron jobs, manages email accounts, and more to use web-based cPanel features.

#5. SFTP, SSH, and database access grant you complete control over your website files.

#6. The possibility of installing a different WordPress version, including subdomains, and having “multi-site” WordPress installations.

#7. NameCheap shared modern network infrastructures and server hardware with fast SSD storage run hosting server.

Easywp Managed WordPress Hosting Features

#1. All Easywp server-side configurations are managed by Namecheap, eliminating the need to choose a PHP version, configure limits, or manually upload your website files.

#2. SFTP and database access that gives you complete control over your WordPress blog files.

#3. Easywp comes with an in-built three levels advanced caching system to ensure fast web pages without installing a caching plugin.

#4. The EasyWP platform is WordPress website specifics.

#5. NameCheap Easywp is built on a Cloud-Based Platform, your website is never affected by server failure, and you’re not sharing server resources with other customers

#6. Setting up an Easywp blog with NameCheap in the admin dashboard is effortless.

#7. Support for Namecheap-registered domains pointed to free DNS, Basic DNS, or premium DNS, and third-party ones pointed to Free DNS or premium DNS.

#8. You can use NameCheap Easywp hosting with a domain name registered with another domain name registrar.

Conclusion…NameCheap Hosting Review

While it may seem like moving to manage WordPress hosting is the ideal option, it is not always the best decision.

Examine your situation, and identify your website needs and wants before deciding.

Most importantly, consider the hosting renewal fee before making your choice. Many web host gives meager entry-level price but with very high renewal fee. This is a standard marketing strategy in the web hosting industry.

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    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Hi, Vishwajeet,

      Thanks for sharing your NameCheap hosting experience with us. Yes, Enstine just moved to Easywp recently, and from what I read from him online, he’s experiencing better hosting services.

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    I am too using EasyWp right now for my blog. I noticed one of thing I don’t like is there is no way to redirect non-WWW to WWW, it is easy to do that in the cpanel web hosting.

    However, I like the speed especially if I use lightweight themes.

    1. *typo, I meant redirect from WWW to Non-WWW.

    2. Hi, Iqbal,

      Easywp is one of the best-managed WordPress WordPress hosting around today. No doubt. You can contact the support center for your case, which should help provide the guide to solve your issue.

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