How to Promote Affiliate Products With Email Lists

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If you’re looking for an effective way to promote affiliate products, look no further than email marketing. Email marketing gives you direct access to your audience. It gives you the opportunity to speak to them directly through their email boxes.

With the rise in new and exciting marketing channels like podcasts, webinars, Video marketing, Social media, etc…email marketing remains as vital as it was several decades ago. Though it could look like an old marketing channel, email remains one of the fundamental and effective marketing methods.

And if you’re one of those who think email marketing is dead or going away anytime soon, you’re wrong. 

According to a report by HubSpot on email usage, there are 4 billion active daily email users. And 4 out of every 5 marketers say they’re rather giving up social media marketing than let go of emails. 

Why Email Marketing is Important for Affiliate Marketing

It takes on average 5 to 7 repeat messages to make a sale – email gives you that opportunity to reach out to your audience frequently with your affiliate product pitches.

It also gives you access to build an engaged audience. People who have already shown interest in your marketing messages and offers. Making affiliate sales involves building trust and authority, email marketing gives you the platform to bond with your audience and consistently show how much you care for them.

Unlike blog content where you’re talking to the audience in general, email gives you the chance to speak on a more personal level. You can personalize your email message based on contact first name, birthday, email address, city, location, mobile number, zip code, date of subscription, etc.

Overall, email marketing allows affiliates to market to a large number of potential buyers with relevant offers. And in the process, earn consistent passive income with minimal effort. 

How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

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#1. Sign up for an Email Service Provider

The first step in promoting affiliate products with an email list is to sign up with an email marketing services provider like Getresponse or ConverKit.

Email services providers like Gmail and Yahoo are not suitable for this type of marketing. These are better for personal email needs like reaching out to family, friends, account sign-ups, business associates, co-workers, etc. 

For affiliate marketing with email lists, you need an email services provider with advanced marketing features like automation, email sequence, drip, segmentation, tags, autoresponders, webinar, web forms, email templates, analytics reports, etc.

I’ve been using Getresponse for years, and it is the number one email service provider I usually recommend both for beginners and professionals. Getresponse is one of the oldest and most advanced email marketing companies today.

There are lots of advanced marketing features that let you build your email list fast. Plus Getresponse is good for affiliate marketing and other industries. You can include your affiliate links in your email campaign and other marketing materials.

You can sign up for the 30-day free trial and see how Getresponse can help your business.

#2. Add Sign-up Form to Your Landing Pages

The next step is to add web forms to your landing page so you can start collecting subscribers immediately.

You can test different types of web forms on your blog. Use pop-up, slide-in, embedded, fade-in, scroll forms, etc. Each form serves the same purpose (to help you generate leads) but in a different style and scenario.

Analyze their performance, test different form positions on your blog, and leverage the best performing sign-up form. 

When you create web forms in Getresponse, you can see each web form’s performance analytics reports on the dashboard. The conversion rate, visits, contact, subscription rate, and date created. This information allows you to know which web form is converting visitors to subscribers and which is not. 

You can build more of this form to increase the subscription rate.

#3. Optimize Sign up form for better conversion rates

Getting a few daily email subscribers is good, but you can increase the odds by optimizing with more advanced lead generation tools like Optin-Monster and RafflePress.

For instance, with OptinMonster, you can add exit-intent popup boxes to grab the attention of your visitor when they’re about to leave. You can also target potential subscribers based on relevant URLs on the blog, keywords, time on site, etc. And even redirect subscribers to a specific web page after they’ve signed up.

RafflePress on the other hand is a WordPress giveaway plugin that let you organize viral contests to build your mailing list. Contests and giveaways are two effective lead generation tactics that work all the time. 

You can try any of these or use both to build your audience fast and start to promote affiliate products with an email list.

#4. Set up Email Automation

Email automation or autoresponders are powerful features that let you send automated email messages to your audience. 

You can schedule multiple email sequences to go out at different times if certain conditions are met. It let you send out hyper-relevant email messages to your subscribers at the point of need.

Email automation helps you maintain healthy and stable relationships with your subscribers and gives you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. 

For many email marketing providers, this feature is rarely available on the free plan, but you can have access to it if you subscribe to the Getresponse 30-day free trial account.

You have access to premium features like automation, webinars, Facebook ads, website builder, lead funnel, landing pages, APIs, and more.

#5. Add a Welcome Message

When subscribers join your list, they want to hear from you. They want to know how you can help them reach their goal. 

Sending welcome messages is a great way to tell your subscribers the benefit of joining your mailing list. Also, your welcome message is an opportunity to continue on your opt-in promises and deliver more value.

You can tell more about yourself to your audience or point them to more resources that will help them get better marketing results. 

#6. Provide Valuable content

Just like your blog posts, your email contents should provide great value to your subscribers. It shouldn’t be all about affiliate links and sales pitches.

Give people good reasons to be on your email list, educate them on relevant industry topics and make your email newsletter another resourceful material.

If you provide valuable content always, your email open rate will increase dramatically. People will trust your knowledge and buy from your affiliate recommendations. 

#7. Add Social sharing Buttons to your email campaign

Including social sharing buttons in your email newsletter is a great way to get more followers, and increase brand awareness, and click-through rate. 

Also, it gives your subscribers a convenient way to share the newsletter with their friends, family, and loved ones. This could have a positive impact on your brand image, and list growth, and reduces the cost of getting people into your email list. 

#8. Include Your affiliate links 

Your main purpose in building email lists is to promote affiliate products, so you need to be sure your email services provider allows affiliate links in outgoing emails.

A few email service providers I have used in the past don’t allow referral links, MadMini for one. So make sure you ask questions from the support department before subscribing to a plan, you never know what’s in the terms of use.

But I know for sure, that Getresponse allows affiliate links in their newsletter. I have been with Getresponse for years and send numerous email campaigns with affiliate links.

However, for affiliate best practices and to comply with FTC law, you MUST disclose your financial relationship with the affiliate program. 

This is not something difficult to do in your newsletter. A few lines that state links in your newsletter are affiliate links and you earn a commission if a sale is generated from it 

– that’s it.

FAQ – Affiliate Marketing With Email Marketing

Obviously, there are lots of questions to cover in this post that you will find here. If you have more burden questions to ask, you can reach out via the contact form.

  1. Can I use affiliate links in emails?

    Sure, you can use affiliate links in your email marketing campaign. However, if you’re in doubt, ask your service provider before subscribing to any of the plans.

    I have come across a few email marketing companies that prohibit the use of affiliate links in newsletters. I wrote about my experience in this post – you can read it for further references.

    Over the past, shady affiliate marketers have abused the system making many email service companies worry about their reputation. They worry about email delivery rates, so they outright ban affiliate links. 

  2. Is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing

    Not only is email marketing cost-effective, but it also gives you the ability to target your message to an already engaged audience.

    Only search engine traffic could bring better ROI than email marketing. Every other being equal, email marketing is more effective than social media marketing.

    It lets you send personalized and a well-tailored messages to your audience.

  3. Can You buy an email list for affiliate marketing

    No, it is advisable not to send promotional emails to people without their permission. If you buy an email list and start sending from it, your click-through rate will suffer, and the unsubscribe rate will be more than average.

    Subscribers will flag your email campaigns as spam and unsubscribe from them. 

    It will affect the email delivery rate, and the email marketing company might ban your account permanently. You should not do it. It is a waste of money and resources.

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