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Review of ChatSonic

Chatbots like ChatGPT, but with more power and purpose for content creators to create unique, engaging, and real-time information 10 times less than the time it would have taken.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

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ChatSonic is an artificial intelligence that intends to replace ChatGTP because it can write about current events, research the internet, be less hallucinating, and produce unique and original content.


Now that the ChatGPT premium is $20/month, and the freemium version is not guaranteed to be available at all times, it is time to consider ChatGPT alternatives.

No doubt, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revolutionized the content creator’s industry, but it’s’ not the only Chatbot with such incredible capabilities. 

In today’s article, you’ll learn about ChatSonic review, the best alternative Chatbot to OpenAI ChatGPT. Here are a couple of things you will learn in this review of the ChatSonic Chatbot:

  • What is Chatsonic
  • Is ChatSonic for everyone?
  • All the great features
  • How to use ChatSonic voice command to Create content
  • How to create beautiful images with ChatSonic
  • Writing codes with Chatsonic
  • Why ChatSonic is Better than ChatGPT for content creators
  • How to use ChatSonic to get real-time information from the web.
  • The pros and Cons
  • Pricing
  • And more

However, if you’re in a hurry, use the table of contents below to jump to a section within this ChatSonic review. Or you can click on this link to try ChatSonic out for free today only – no cost, no credit card required. 

All are free, plus you get 2,500 free word credits and access to the full WriteSonic writing templates. So, you have nothing to lose, all to gain. 

Let’s start.

What is ChatSonic?

ChatSonic is an AI chatbot like OpenAI ChatGPT but with more capabilities and features.

Behind the scenes, WriteSonic (Creator of ChatSonic) uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 and ChatGPT technologies to advance its AI model- ChatSonic.

It uses natural language processing (NPL) to understand the context and generates human-like content, plagiarism free, engaging in conversation and accessing the internet to generate real-time information.

Unlike ChatGPT, Chatsonic can give you trending information that is happening now.

It can also provide you with the most accurate information on any topic with links, thanks to its Google search integration.

For example, I asked ChatSonic whether it is true that OpenAI’s ChatGPT now costs $20, and here is the response. Since this is trending online information, I guess it is good to ask.

ChatSonic prompt sections

I put forward the same question to ChatGPT to see its response.

OpenAI's ChatGPT $42 Subscription

As you would expect, ChatGPT does not have up-to-date information on the question; since its knowledge was cut off in 2021, it can’t give information on current events.

ChatSonic gets the information correctly and gives reference links to relevant, helpful content on the topic, which makes ChatSonic better than ChatGPT.

If you’re a content creator who wants to save time researching facts to support your claims and write on trending topics, ChatSonic is a powerful game changer.

How to Start with ChatSonic

To begin using ChatSonics today, here is what you must do. 

First, head over to the WriteSonic website using this link. It will take you to the ChatSonic page. Don’t worry; you’re not subscribing to a paid plan yet.

As seen in the below image, you’re joining the ChatSonic revolution for free. 

WriteSonic Sign up Page

Next, click the button “Join the ChatGPT Revolution! 

On the next page, enter your details to sign up for a free account and claim your free 2,500-word credits.

WriteSonic Signup form page

After completing the steps, make sure to confirm your email address. Once you do that, you’re in. You can start using ChatSonic and other WriteSonic AI tools.

ChatSonic Top Features

ChatSonic has some core features worthy of mentioning, and if you’re a content creator, you might want to take a second look.

Here are some of the top ChatSonic features:

  • Real-Time Information – As you already know, ChatSonic can generate time-sensitive information from the internet. It can be used in the news industry, where information is rapidly changing every minute.
  • Voice Command – ChatSonic recognizes the voice and can take your command to generate content for you. So, instead of endlessly typing your prompt, you can save time telling the AI what you want.
  • Conversational AI – Like your ChatGPT, you can engage ChatSonic in a conversation and get it going like you’ll do with humans.
  • Image Creation – One of the best features of ChatSonic is the ability to create digital art from your text inputs. It takes your description to create an image that fits your imagination. This is good for creating original images for your content.
  • Store Previous Conversation – ChatSonic stores your previous queries and answers for quick reference in the future. This allows ChatSonic to learn more about you and your writing style to produce better content and be more efficient next time.
  • Select Your Personalities – You can tell ChatSonic to write using several personality’ styles. For example, tell ChatSonic to write as a Stand-up comedian or an accountant. As of this writing, 13 personalities are available at ChatSonic.
  • Write Codes – Much like ChatGPT, ChatSonic is a multipurpose AI assistant. It can generate programming languages – PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, React, JavaScript, etc. So, if you’re a developer, ChatSonic will make you more efficient and reduce the workload.
  • Text-to-Speech – You can have ChatSonic read the answers to your queries out loud. This is an ideal feature for visually impaired users.
  • Edit in WriteSonic Editor – You can edit the ChatSonic AI-generated responses in the WriteSonic content editor to make the content more original and SEO-optimized. It makes it easier to have everything in one place. 

How to Use ChatSonic

There are endless possibilities for using ChatSonic in your content strategies; your imagination limits its ability. The more creative you are, the more ChatSonic becomes helpful in your business.

Here are four main ways to use ChatSonic in your business.

Real-Time Information

One of the main advantages of ChatSonic over ChatGPT is the ability to generate real-time information.

It can access the internet to learn about trending topics and give references to supporting web pages.

Most OpenAI writing models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-3, have limited data on current events. Their data had a cuff date in 2021; the AI can not give accurate information on weather forecasts, current events, breaking news, etc.

With ChatSonic, you can write on these topics and get weather forecasts for specific places and locations.

For example, the ChatSonic response to a weather forecast prompt I asked for.

ChatSonic weather forcast result

From the above image, it’s clear that ChatSonic understood the question and the intent and could give accurate information on the US weather forecast. 

To be sure, ChatSonic is not just making things look smart; I asked Google the same search queries, and here is the result from Google.

Google search result for weather forcast in the US

Comparing the two results, it’s clear that ChatSonic is a reliable AI chatbot that can find accurate information on past and present issues.

So, whether you write on evergreen topics, time-sensitive or personal stories, ChatSonic is your best AI writing assistant.

Create Digital Art Images

Another helpful use case of ChatSonic is image generation capability.

You can use ChatSonic to create original images for various use cases if you fear copyright infringement on images you find online.

And it is so simple to create your images in ChatSonic.

Let’s try to create one together.

Go to ChatSonic and enter your image description in the text area. Remember, you can also use voice commands to give your description.

ChatSonic will create the perfect image based on its understanding of your description. 

Here is something I did for Ronaldo De Lima of Brazil (He is my favourite player of all time)

Chatsonic image generation for Ronaldo De Lima

Honestly, it’s not what you would expect. This is far from being good to call an image of Ronaldo De Lima of Brazil. 

I tried a couple of other options to see how it compares to the first one. I asked Chatsonic to create an image of a king with a sword.

Image of a king generated by ChaSonic

You would agree this is more of a gladiator than a king, but not too far from what I had imagined. 

However, you must remember that the underlying AI image generation technology is still in progress. So, the image quality isn’t a lack of efficiency with ChatSonic but with the AI technology used to generate the images. 

I hope AI technology will advance to give us better image-creation tools a few years from now. Until then, I score these images 6/10. 

Write Web Codes

ChatSonic can help you save time and make you more efficient if you’re a developer. It can help you write code in different programming languages.

I asked ChatSonic to write a PHP code to optimize JS, CSS, and HTML files in a WordPress blog; here is the outcome.

Generated PHP code by ChatSonic

Though I am not a developer, I can’t tell whether these codes are up to standard. But it could be a good starting point if I know what to do here.

You could do more with programming languages if you know a thing or two about coding.

Use Case

Beyond the obvious, ChatSonic can help you in various ways in your business. You can use it to write blog posts, generate headline variations, write email copy, and create ad descriptions.

However, the best way to learn how to use any AI chatbot like ChatSonic is to lose your creativity juice. If you need inspiration, here are some positive ways to use ChatSonic:

  • Generate content outline in minutes.
  • Write ebooks
  • Automate customer services in your business
  • Automate employee interview questions and get feedback 
  • Create personalized content for each customer avatar.
  • Generate business ideas
  • Give detailed step-by-step advertising strategies
  • Video script writer
  • Create explainer video content
  • Generate original and high-quality images from text inputs
  • NFT
  • Solve mathematically calculations
  • Improve existing content quality and accuracy of facts.
  • Detect plagiarism content 
  • Compose song lyrics
  • Write jokes
  • Counseling 
  • Generate business plan
  • And so much more…

There is no limit to how businesses can use AI chatbots in their day-to-day operations. The more you explore AI technology, the better it helps improve business value and save you time, costs, and productivity.

ChatSonic vs. ChatGPT – Six Reasons to Choose ChatSonic

Here are six advantages if you’re struggling to decide between ChatSonic and ChatGPT for your content needs.

1. Surfer SEO Integration

Surfer SEO is integrated with the WriteSonic editor, which allows you to write SEO-optimized content that ranks better than your competitors.

You can edit the content generated in ChatSonic in the editor and increase its chances of ranking higher.

Content generated by ChatGPT is just as it is; you have yet to determine whether its SEO is optimized.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it may be difficult to rank your target keyword.

2. Templates 

Though you can get ChatGPT to generate content for many use cases, the lack of templates makes it challenging to get your prompt across faster.

And if you don’t know how to feed the AI with clear and concise prompts, it may not produce the best content.

WriteSonic has over 100 AI article templates for hundreds of use cases. When you use the correct article templates, the AI gets better at producing the right content.

3. Current Information 

As mentioned in this article, ChatSonic can write about trends and current affairs.

It can search the internet for real-time information and include it in its responses. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, has yet to gain knowledge of any information beyond 2021. This is a big concern if your audience demands new and timely information.

4. Image Generation Capability 

ChatGPT is mainly a text-based AI model; it is not trained to generate images. However, ChatSonic has been trained to create images based on text descriptions. 

All you have to do to have original images ready for use is to type your description, and ChatSonic will use that to draw the perfect pictures.

5. Voice Command

For people with physical disabilities, typing could be a problem; ChatGPT does not have a voice input feature. You have to endure typing each time you want to engage the AI. 

ChatSonic has a voice command feature enabled, which allows you to speak to the AI and have a more human-like conversation. It’s fun; try it.

6. More Affordable

ChatGPT premium costs $20/month; while this is not a big deal for many, it still needs to be within reach for beginners or if your need for ChatGPT is limited. 

ChatSonic costs less; you can start at $12.67/month for 190,000-word credits for the economy word quality.

As you adjust to a more word quality plan, the number of word credits decreases, but there is still good bargaining. 

ChatSonic Pricing

ChatSonic offers more flexible pricing options for content creators; you can personalize your subscription plan to fit your marketing budget.

Note: ChatSonic is part of the toolsets in WriteSonic, and a subscription to WriteSonic gives you access to all the features, including ChatSonic.

Also, when selecting a plan, pay attention to the word quality. There are two qualities to choose from:

  • Premium
  • Superior

The higher the quality, the less word credit you have. So, it’s kind of quality vs. quantity. You must trade quality for more word credit for the same price.

3 pricing options are available for customers – Free trial, Pro, and the Enterprise plan.

The WriteSonic free trial gives you access to 10,000 free word credits. You can use it to test the platform and word quality.

The free trial allows access to the new Botsonic – no-code ai chatbot, which you can train on your own website data to create unique and engaging content.

Also, in the free trial, you can access over 100 AI templates, AI article writing, the Writesonic browser extensions, 1-click WordPress content import, integration with Zapier, and landing page generators.

WriteSonic Pro plan starts at $12.67 for 100,000-word credit for the Premium word quality. Switching to Superior for the exact word count costs $32.67 and allows five user seats.

The advantage is that at the point of registration, you choose how many words of credit you want and only pay for that. So, it is when you exhaust it and want to purchase more. You determine your word usage and only pay for what’s allocated to your account.

Writesonic pricing and plan, features and full details.

There are two things to remember when selecting a plan – the content quality and the number of word credits. 

Chatsonic ai Chatbot Pros and Cons

As an AI with improving technology, ChatSonic currently has some of its pros and cons worth knowing.

Also, you need to understand that the raw content output of any AI writing tool today is far from perfect; you need to edit, proofread, and make the final output fit your business goals and objectives.

Most AI writing assistants today lack emotion, empathy, persuasive content, and personalization.

You must ensure the content meets the user’s intent and makes them take the desired action.

Here are some of the pros and cons of ChatSonic AI chatbot.

Pros of ChatSonic

  • Affordable Pricing – ChatSonic is fairly priced, making it one of the most affordable artificial intelligence writing assistants for most bloggers. On top of that, you can take advantage of the free trial to learn about the tool and its features.
  • User Friendly – The user interface is simple, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. You can start using the tool immediately after you sign up; no learning curve is required to understand the dashboard.
  • Internet Access – ChatSonic is connected to the internet so that you can pull information from different sources in real-time. 
  • Endless Capabilities – There is no limit to what you achieve with ChatSonic; the more you explore, the better it gets. It can help you in any industry and niche.
  • Save Time Typing – Use voice commands to engage ChatSonic in conversation. It is ideal for physically challenged people and helps save time. 

Cons of ChatSonic

  • Incorrect Fact – ChatSonic can occasionally generate incorrect facts and numbers. You should cross-check any citations, facts, or numbers from any AI tool.
  • Repetitive Sentences or Points – These are mostly all AI’s weaknesses. ChatSonic can sometimes repeat itself or points made earlier, but you can always correct this if you read the content.
  • Minimum Word – ChatSonic seems incapable of generating long-form content in its responses. You might struggle if you intend to write long-form content with its responses.

FAQ – ChatSonic ai Review

Here are some questions you might want to ask about the ChatSonic AI chatbot. Please ask in the comment section if your question is not listed below.

Is ChatSonic better than ChatGPT?

ChatSonic is a more powerful and helpful chatbot because of its internet access, which is currently impossible with ChatGPT. 

For publishers, ChatSonic is more helpful for writing on current events, news, and content research.

How much does ChatSonic cost?

WriteSonic develops ChatSonic, and it’s part of its toolset. So, your subscription to WriteSonic gives you access to ChatSonic. The price ranges from $12.67/month up to $666 monthly.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT?

Because of specialization, several AI chatbots are better than ChatGPT in some specific aspects. ChatGPT is developed to do all sorts of tasks, while some AI chatbots are designed to do a particular task better. 

In contrast, ChatSonic is an AI developed primarily for content creators. Though it can be used in other industries, its primary use case is for content marketers.

How does ChatSonic work?

ChatSonic is similar to ChatGPT but with more advanced power and capabilities. 
It is a natural language processing AI model connected to Google search, which helps it produce more factual, current, and accurate data. 

As with most AI writing assistants, you must enter a prompt or question to engage ChatSonic.

Is ChatSonic Free?

A free plan allows 10,000-word credit and access to features like Zapier integration, Botsonic AI chatbot, AI templates, AI article writers, and other free features. You can sign up from here; no credit card or payment method is required. Just email and your name.


ChatSonic is the best alternative to ChatGPT for many reasons; it works similarly to ChatGPT, understands text inputs, connects to Google, takes voice commands, generates artwork, etc.

It will make you more efficient in your work, help you write faster and error-free, and can be used by individuals and businesses.  

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  1. Hi Shamsudeen,
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    1. Hi, Lisa,

      Thanks for reading through.

      For now, most AI content needs human supervision to improve its quality, tone, and accuracy of facts. Maybe we will have AI writing without the need for the human touch in the future.

      Thanks for sharing; I appreciate your time here.

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