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This is not another WhoGoHost review as an affiliate to make money on your purchase. Here is a detailed account of the good and ugly web hosting experiences of WhoGoHost web hosting and domain name registrar.

So stay tuned, and read every word till the end.

This may help you make a favorable decision (I gave my expert advice on which web hosting companies I recommend at the end of this post).

Before Anything – A Word of Advice…

The quality of services your hosting company offers is one vital area you mustn’t overlook in your online business. If you place less value or concern on this area and host your blog with a “quack” in the industry, your business will suffer greatly.

And you’re bound to lose both revenue and your audience in the process.

Sometimes, we’re trapped on cash or don’t have enough information before purchasing hosting services from a potential web hosting company, so we end up with low-quality hosting services.

Why am I saying this?

I know from experience that most beginner online marketers love to save costs on things like web hosting, blog design, tools, content marketing, etc.

While this is understandable and accepted, I don’t advise you to include web hosting on the list of things you’ll save money on. I also don’t recommend that you go for a hosting package that is not needed at the moment.

It is best to start with a shared hosting plan rather than purchasing a VPS hosting when creating your blog. But you may consider upgrading later, depending on your progress level.

With all these out of the way…here is my hosting journey with WhoGoHost Nigeria web hosting company.

Read this first

What you’re about to read below are personal experiences, decisions, and judgments. This does not represent the true nature of the company’s present quality of services.

My experience with WhoGoHost is now several years old (dated 2016); I assume the company has evolved and should have improved in many areas.

After reading this post, you’re responsible for your decision and have the right to decide.

What is WhoGoHost?

WhoGoHost is a Nigerian web hosting and domain name registrar company founded by Opeyemi Awoyemi in 2007. At the time, he was a student at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Opeyemi started WhoGoHost to help serve the needs of his web design business. Toba Obaniyi later joined him in 2010 to help grow WhoGoHost.

In 2011, WhoGoHost was incorporated, and that was when the company started its actual growth and expanded its products and services. Toba Obaniyi took over as the company CEO in 2012 and built the company into what it is today.

Arguably, WhoGoHost is Nigeria’s #1 web hosting company. Over the years, it has received several recognition awards for excellent services in the Nigerian web hosting market.

WhoGohost offers different types of web hosting plans and needs. They offer cPanel hosting, a shared hosting plan ideal for starters looking to build a simple blog with minimal traffic.

Also, WhoGoHost offers WordPress hosting, an ideal option for WordPress blogs. As of when this line was written, their WordPress hosting plan starts at 1,600/month.

In this WhoGoHost review, you can learn more about all WhoGoHost hosting plans here.

whogohost web hosting plans

Is WhoGoHost a Reliable Web Hosting Company?

The short answer to that question is yes.

WhoGoHost is a reliable web hosting company you can trust, especially for beginner online marketers. If you’re starting your blog and want a simple web hosting solution, WhoGoHost is good to try.

If going with a local web hosting company is your choice, for now, I wouldn’t recommend a better host other than WhoGoHost.

WhoGoHost remains Nigeria’s most reliable and dedicated web hosting company, far above many in the industry.

So, if WhoGoHost is a reliable web hosting company you can trust, why this negative WhoGoHost review from me?

This is where the longer answer to the question “Is WhoGoHost reliable?” will help explain things better in this unbiased WhoGoHost review.

So read on…

The Good Times…

I started this blog in July 2012 and purchased hosting from the WhoGoHost, which also registered the domain.

Until sometime around the middle of 2015, I decided to try another web hosting company. Everything was okay with the quality of services I experienced from WhoGohost Nigeria.

I recommended more than 20 paying clients to WhoGoHost during this time because I can vouch for the quality of their services. Unarguably, they were the Nigerian #1 hosting company at the time—I’m not sure if they still hold that position.

Below is my WhoGoHost affiliate dashboard analysis.

my whohost affiliate earning dashboard

That was when the going was good.

That conversion rate doesn’t tell the whole story. However, many factors may be responsible for low or poor conversion.

I leave that for another discussion.

Moving to NameCheap…

My decision to move CyberNaira.com to another web hosting company was not based on the quality of hosting services WhoGoHost offered back then. I wanted to try something new and see if there was a difference in the quality of hosting services.

So, in the middle of 2015, when my WhoGoHost hosting account expired, I migrated to NameCheap’s web hosting company.


I switched and asked for site migration help from the NameCheap technical department. Something they were happy to do and completed within a few minutes of submitting the request form.

Everything went well with the site migration, as expected. So CyberNaira dot com is now hosted on another server, but WhoGoHost still registers the domain name.

As I told you earlier. During this time with NameCheap, I started experiencing and knowing the difference in the quality of web hosting services.

After about six months with NameCheap, I noticed a sharp decline in the frequency of email notifications I received from the JetPack monitoring team about server downtime.

Not that there weren’t any server downtime issues experienced with NameCheap, but the frequency rate and the total server downtime reduction were significant.

So, I stick with NameCheap.

But Something Made Me Reverse The Gear

Since January 2016, I’ve been going through a very tough time.

My mother-in-law’s illness put a big hole in our pocket due to the HUGE medical bills. (She later died on August 31),I lost my job the same month and had lots of debt to settle.

I started thinking of a way to reduce the cost of running this blog and other things in my life.

All these happened when I was supposed to renew the hosting account for this blog with NameCheap.

So, as a beginner would do, I thought of saving costs on hosting fees. I decided to switch back to the WhoGoHost web hosting service. After all, I have used their hosting services and was pleased with them.

On June 16, I ordered a monthly hosting account plan from WhoGoHost and requested site migration.

Little did I know that this is just the beginning of the end to my four years of hard work on this very blog, which has resulted in the loss of 192 blog posts.

(I decided to go with the monthly plan because I knew I would return to NameCheap as soon as I was financially stable.)

I submitted the site migration request form; like most technical departments, they were happy to assist. Within some minutes, I received an email notification that site migration was successful and that I should check to confirm.

email conversation with whogohost customer rep

Please, for unbiased reasoning and conclusions…I want you to always take notes of the dates in the email messages posted here. This is important so you know how long I waited and have the patience for things to work out fine*

I checked, but to my surprise, the restored backup was from 2015, not the current one dated June 16, 2016.

I replied to the email and pointed out that their technical staff needed to restore the proper backup. They restored the most current backup and looking at everything from the “front end” of the blog, all was fine and good.

email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 2

Here is the reply from the WhoGoHost tech department and my confirmation message (images below)

email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 3
email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 4

So I give a thank you message and call it goodbye. *Note the date in the image above*

The Problem Started.

I noticed the error when I tried to log into the CyberNaira WP admin dashboard and could not gain access to it.

At first, I thought there was nothing suspicious about it, so I left it off and closed the browser. But immediately, I reported back to the technical department.

During this period (the entire month), I am very busy with all sorts of issues in my head, just like I told you earlier.

From my Mother-in-law’s illness and job loss to all sorts of things. With all these going around, I have little time and attention to online activities.

S,o almost a month went by, and I didn’t have the time to log in to the admin dashboard or even participate in online communities like that.

By the time I was through, I was less busy with offline activities. I decided to resume online business as expected in July. That was when I discovered a BIG security issue with the blog that arose from the site migration done by the WhoGoHost technical departments.

I immediately emailed the technical support department, and they replied within a few minutes.

I explained that since they completed the site migration from NameCheap on June 17, 2016, I have been unable to log into my admin dashboard. However, I reported the issue the moment I noticed it.

The available customer care representative gave some technical excuses that might warrant that.

She gave some reason, like browser cookies, which I argued with her about, saying that I know all about cookies but not the cause in this situation.

Below is a summary of some errors I reported to their technical department on July 1, 2016.

email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 5

The technical department went to work, and at a point (after many back-and-forth email exchanges), they got me working login credentials. But to my surprise, the username that was sent wasn’t the one I registered on the blog (note the date in the email)

email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 7

That was when I started to suspect that my blog had been hacked during the site migration process.

I asked why there was a change in the login username.

But my question fell on deaf ears as no one was bold enough to answer why my username changed from the registered one on the blog. Well, I use the username WhoGoHost sent to log in successfully, but here comes the big shocker of them all.

  • All published posts are missing – 192 published posts.
  • All media files are missing.
  • Tags/category pages were missing.
  • Everything was missing.

I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I saw in the WordPress admin dashboard.

My sweat, labor, learning, experience, and hard work. About everything I have put up on CyberNaira.com for the past four (4) years just being wiped out like that?

No! It must be a joke.

So, I emailed the technical department again. This time, I strongly demand an answer as to why a change in the admin username and “WHO” registered that username and email address during the site migration.

email conversation with customer rep - 8

Again, no one from the WhoGoHost technical department explained the change in my blog’s admin username and email address. At this point, I was very annoyed and could not bear the patient anymore.

Luckily, on that same day (August 14), the technical department registered my username and password on the blog, so I could, for once, gain control over it.

email conversation with whogohost customer rep - 9

But unfortunately, they didn’t get it right.

The content and files of another blog were restored to an entirely different domain. At the time, I had three (3) blogs installed in the cPanel.

So they (WhoGoHost technicians) restored the contents of (http://wppressthemes.com) on the domain (https://cybernaira.com.)

Here is the thing: if I typed “https://cybernaira.com” on the browser, it would display the content that was published on “http://wppressthemes.com.” I owned the two blogs, so I could best tell which content belonged to which blog.

I sent this email message again.

email conversation with customer rep - 10

Suppose you look closely at the image above. I underlined the last part of the sentence to show how long we’ve been at this. Two months were running, and we haven’t come to a solution.

At this point, I’m concluding that the technical department is not competent enough to get things right here. So, I have to move on and leave everything in the past.

But before I move on with this WhoGoHost review. Here is the summary of the technical problems we couldn’t resolve:

  • I was unable to log in to the admin dashboard.
  • The login page can’t recognize my username, password, and email address.
  • I tried password resetting, but my email address was not recognized by the WordPress login page.
  • All content and files are absent if I access the admin back-end.
  • But if I can’t log in, all files and content are on the front end.

To end this long story.

When writing this line, the WhoGoHost technical department has yet to find the solution to all these errors. However, I have since put all these behinds and dumped them in the trash.

On August 17, I returned CyberNaira.com to NameCheap web hosting services and decided to start from scratch with a blank WordPress installation dashboard.

Now, I want you to get something from all this drama.

I have the available WordPress backup dated June 19, 2016, restored by WhoGoHost technicians downloaded to my computer. So, after activating my NameCheap hosting account, I tried uploading the backup to the server, but…

All the technical errors surface again, so it is clear that the available backup is corrupt.

With this, I deleted everything and started from scratch with strong conviction.


I have been with WhoGoHost Nigeria for several years before moving to another hosting company; honestly, they’re an excellent hosting company.

  • Maybe I’m just a victim of circumstances.
  • Or I’m not just unlucky with them during my second spell.
  • Maybe WhoGoHost just lost it in that particular era.
  • Some sad events may befall the company, and the customers may be affected by it.

Whatever happens, WhoGoHost needs to bounce back from all these messes. This is because of what I read in some online communities about WhoGoHost hosting services. I’m not the only victim of such a very ugly event.

Updated 04/05/2018

With all these and from other experiences.

If you are seeking my expert opinion on which reliable web hosting company in Nigeria you should go with,

I’d recommend NameCheap as a foreign hosting company, and I’d still recommend WhoGoHost as a reliable indigenous web hosting company you can trust, at least for now.

I still wanted to believe my case was isolated and did not represent the company’s true identity or quality of service.

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  1. author comments Emmanuel Aniekan says:

    So sorry about your experience with Whogohost, Shamsudeen. It could be very painful to see all your hard work over the years go down the drain due to the incompetence and technical incapabilities of their so called “engineers’.

    I never knew you went through such a terrible ordeal in the hands of Whogohost and also I didn’t even know they lack such technical capabilties.

    When I started my blog in 2015, I got poor reviews about Nigerian web hosting companies so I decided not to go for them but surprisingly I ran a quick survey on nairaland (which hit frontpage) and many people voted for Whogohost.

    I even published a post on my blog about it (I’ll have to do an update on it).

    The thing about most Nigerian web hosting companies is that: they are resellers for foreign web hosts and I think Whogohost have attached itself with a bad one.

    Just like you: I use Namecheap to host my blog. Awesome service.

    I don’t know if you’re aware that you can have a back up of your entire site (not cpanel backup): plugins, posts, comments, themes etc. by using a plugin called WPBackitup.
    It helps you run automated back up of your entire site which you can download in a zip file and restore any time you like. May be your blog wouldn’t have lost your posts if you had a back up of your own aside the cpanel.

    Thanks for sharing this post, I found it really enlightening and detailed enough.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for your awesome contributions.

      Talking about WhoGoHost quality of hosting services, I believe they just lost focus or maybe the success they’ve achieved so far went into the head and somebody thinks he has made it all and forget about his primary duty.

      I’m aware of WP backup plugins, but you know…this things are like insurance, you never realize the importance until a disaster like this struck and there is no one to save you.

      I’ve been running this blog for years and never had any hiccups, so I never felt the importance of a personal backup. But now, I know first hand how important a backup is.

      Thank you, Emmanuel.

  2. I used to use QServers for all my sites and had no issues, then when I heard about whogohost I started using them on new projects, I too had issues ranging from low technical knowledge to loss of data some months back, which most people using whogohost know about. Anyway I’ve since moved all sites back to QServers and I’m fine with them. People should find a host that works for them and they are comfortable with, it’s not one host for everyone, so you need to test as much hosts as possible to know, the best for you.

  3. author comments Finco Owen Agbontaen says:

    Sorry about your loss.

    I really think it was an honest mistake from WhogoHost’s end. It doesn’t really mean they are incompetent. From your Emails to WhogoHost, it sounds like you assume it’s only your domain they manage but that’s not the case at all. There’s no way they would note the contents that belong to your blog.

    That being said, you definitely should not have deleted the back up (Especially if it truly contains 100+ blog posts). If you can, please try your best to recover it and contact me. We at FincoApps could assist you to recover most or all of your content.

    1. Hi Finco,

      Nice having you here.

      You made some points that interest me.

      First, I agree it’s an honest mistake from WhoGoHost, no businesses ever set out to treat its customers badly and hoping to make a profit. And yes, a single customer bad experience doesn’t make the company a bad one.

      So I agree with that.

      But this ”

      From your Emails to WhogoHost, it sounds like you assume it’s only your domain they manage but that’s not the case at all. There’s no way they would note the contents that belong to your blog”

      I do not agree.

      How could I assume a web hosting “company” manage “only my domain”? Then they must have been out of business long time.

      Each blog has its own zip folder with a name tag to it in the full backup, so there are no excuses for installing another blog content on a different domain other than lack of concentrations.

      And this one:

      That being said, you definitely should not have deleted the back up (Especially if it truly contains 100+ blog posts).

      Since the backup is corrupt, I see no reason why I should keep it on a fresh hosting account except I want to keep facing same security issues and leave my blog expose to hackers.

      And talking about ” (Especially if it truly contains 100+ blog posts)” oh! oh! oh!…no…no…no…

      This must be your first time visiting this blog.

      Thank you, have a nice day.

      1. author comments Efetobor Owen Agbontaen says:

        hahahaha about this
        “From your Emails to WhogoHost, it sounds like you assume it’s only your domain they manage but that’s not the case at all. There’s no way they would note the contents that belong to your blog”,

        that’s not what I meant at all but let’s forget that issue first.

        About the corrupt backup, you said you downloaded it right ? What you should have done is give a good Webmaster. Of course I believe it had a lot of posts. My point is, with that amount of posts, you shouldn’t have given up so easily.

        Mine was hacked once and I lost just about 7-10 quality posts written by me without backup. If you know what I tried to recover them….

        I went as far as going to Google and Disqus to ask them if they had a cached version of the posts. At the end, I recovered most of them….

        In your case, you have a backup, but it just got corrupt…. trust me on this, that’s the SMALLEST issue you can have

        1. Hi Efetobor,

          Good to hear back from you and many thanks for taking your time to engage here on my blog…I appreciate it.

          Yes, you’re right on that. I would’ve looked for someone more competent but the things is, I have lost all patient and just want to get my blog back online.

          And since I have some published posts draft in MS Word sitting on my computer, I just think is the next thing to do and use the situation to “start a better blog” from scratch.

          Besides, I have found a tool to get all published posts back except the comments and image files.

          Thanks a lot, nice having you here.

  4. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve got so many ideas running through my head now – can’t wait to start putting these tips into practice! It’s really refreshing to read an article that actually provides thorough advice.

  5. So sorry for that sad experience.

    It’s actually very difficult to face such sad moment especially when it comes from a person or organisation you trusted enough.

    But I have gained a lot from this post. I received that post back then so amazing I was wondering what could be cause. But its well. Thank you’re back online.

    Atleast, I, as a beginner have learnt a lot from this post. By this time, I am rest assured I know where to host my blog now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi adesokan, your article got me thinking alot, sorry for your loss, it is well

  7. Hello boss,

    It had been a while and I’m really sorry for the stress you’ve been through for the past few months aside your issues with your host. I will urge you to stay strong and of course never look back.

    It’s good to know Cybernaira is now back on track.

    1. Thanks, Emnma,

      Good to have you here again after a long time off. Thank you, CyberNaira is back for the good reasons.

  8. Hi Shamsudeen,

    I’m sorry about your mother in law my friend. Thoughts and prayers to you and your fam. I’m watching my mom today, back home in the US. She has a long term illness – Alzheimmer’s – so she’s lost her memory and is a late stage case too. She has not passed on yet but I can imagine how tough it was.

    Web hosts; I’ve only had 2. One was not too great. I love the one I’m with now. Krystal, based out of the UK. Awesome service. Great up time. Quick site. So the good-bad experience you share resonates with mine 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Ryan,

      Very tough watching our loved ones going through pains in a situation where all you can do is nothing but hoping and praying the medical team could just get it right.

      Is not one of the memories one will ever wish to remember in a hurry.

      I know the effective of Alzheimer, I have met with a Woman suffering from it…I’m sorry about your Mom health issue, I pray she have the strengths and courage to remain strong.

      Thank you, Rayn.

  9. author comments Anyinature Damasta says:

    That is Nigerian Host for you ,I wont recommend anyone to use whogohost.

    They are actually not doing it right because everyone is complaining about them not doing it right.

    I hope whogohost understands thier flaws on time and do what is right before they loose lot of customers.

    I will suggest http://qservers.net if you want to use a managable hosting service In Nigeria.

    I think they are good.

    1. Hi Anyinature,

      WhoGoHost was once the darling everyone loved to host with, but somewhere along the journey, I think someone gets his head BIG and think “Yes, we’ve reached the sky”.

      Well, like you said, I hope they quickly realize the past achievements is now in the past and focus on what it needs to be done to achieve better things.

      Thank you.

  10. Hello,

    Well web hosting is the backbone of every website/blog. Most of the readers skip reading blog if the page is loading slow. So hence our first preference should be good host.

    I really loved this review. Seems like I’m gonna give it a try soon.!

  11. Hi,

    I read your issues with Whogohost with great interest. That was a sorry case.

    Whogohost was our first experience with a Nigerian host. We run 32 sites shared between three foreign web hosts most of which are wordpress pros. On the 17th January 2017, we tried out a site with them, but until the 25th January, we were battling with the support guys over wp-admin login.

    Since there was no point staying on, particularly, after enduring many unintelligent inputs from the support ranging from ‘you must have used a wrong name, try again; to … the issue is with your cache, we don’t have any problems here. we moved out as fast as we got in.

    Clients will range from mild, hot-head to raving mad when downtimes happen, depending on what value, time presents to them. Competence is profitable. If you’re impressive, you’ll gain the good benefits ‘Word of Mouth’.

    Good to promote Nigerian. Whogohost should gear up. This is a global race with treacherously competitive markets. I hope they’re reading and they don’t wave issues like this off as nothing.


    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for sharing your WhoGoHost experience with the community.

      I think the one problem WhoGoHost is hvaing that leads to so many issues with customers is their poor or inexperience technical depertment. These guys just don’t know what they’re doing.

      I hope they’re reading like you said, and hopefully put things right.

      Thanks for your time, and wish you always stop by.

  12. You’re not the only one. I have serious trouble logging into my webmail sef through whogohost. There’s always one internal serve issue or data base issue or the other. It’s so tiring and frustrating.

    1. Hi Mirabelle,

      Thanks for sharing your WhoGohost experience with us. It goes a long way helping others.


  13. Damn.
    This happened to me too when I was moving my website to another server. But that was all my fault..
    But here, the company shall have supported much actively so that you don’t get too much trouble in this.
    I recommend only Namecheap as it is low cost and reliable support too.
    Thanks for sharing your experience to let us know about WHOGOHOST.

    1. Hi Vashishta,

      I have moved to NameCheap ever since and like you, enjoying the moment. Thanks for your contribution.

  14. It is really nice seeing what whogohost has done to you. I thought i’m the only one facing such issue but have now seen several. I paid for Whogohost PRO plan and I am currently facing server downtime and (500 and 508 error) which happens every 6hrs and lasts for another 6hrs for the past 4months.

    I have complained several via emails and phone calls. Their engineers are not really competent and at not good enough.

    I cursed two of their males engineer named Mr. Lanre and Mr. Lamiyu one day. I was speaking to them on phone and they were still asking to send a mail. I told i’m not in the office and i can’t access the internet from my present location but will get to office in about 3hrs. My visitors have been calling, complaining the my site is down. The answer these Old Knowledge men gave me was to ask me what error am i having which i told them.

    They continue by asking, who developed the site? I said me. They said i should get a developer to solve the issue for me and i asked them, WHAT AM I? They repeated that question again while another lady was laughing out loud as if they were having S*X in the office and this time i couldn’t hold on to my anger and i cursed them more than anyone has ever done.

    I have only used 5months of my 1year hosting and I am already tired of them. I have lost my ranking in google and i brought my site down to localhost to work on it again. I am even now scared than ever and I pray i shouldn’t loss all my files just like you.

    Whogohost is the worst hosting company you should ever think off. Even right now, as i am writing this, my website is currently down. I called them and after talking to them and also sent an email, they switched off their phones (at 5:30pm) and i will only be able to reach them tomorrow.

    Be it novice, starter, beginner or pro, DON’T TRY WHOGOHOST. They will reck and finish you. They have no human feeling and they are technically not Okay.

  15. Hello sham, I’m so sorry for what happened . You’ll still recover all that you lost – only with time.

    Honestly, i wouldn’t say much about the WGH hosting because it was only domain that i buys from them, even at that – Their domain cPanel is not user friendly; i had to raise tickets to make changes in most times whereas this are stuff i can do on my own in the Godaddy cPanel.

    With that said, i hope they look into this facts and transform their services to serve the end users better.

    1. Hi John,

      Good to read from you. I’ve put the incident behind and moved on with a better hosting company (for the moment).

      Thanks for your time here.

  16. It is sad what happened to you but if you want to be honest with yourself, you will admit that it is not the responsibility of web hosting companies to keep backups of their clients websites. They only do so in case the client loses their backup (Read companies terms of service/policy every once a while). Not to blame you but, the fact that you did not have several backups of your content rich website proves that you did not value it. I am a blogger and I ensure I download a backup of my website regularly. I just cannot comprehend losing my content so I take precautions(You can try code guard). Instead of writing bad reviews about the company, i suggest you learn from your mistake and take better precautions now.

  17. Adeshokan sir, Thanks for sharing and for the recommendation.

  18. author comments Wisdom Michael says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have heard many of such news. But yours seems to be really bad.
    I hope you don’t have issues with them again ? I purchased a domain name from Whogohost last week for my blog Naijcrackgist I hope I won’t go through the same situation you went through?

    Once again thanks for this post.. I pray God will strengthen to move higher !!!

    1. Hi Wisdom,

      Despite that ugly incident I had with Whogohost sometime ago, I still believe Whogohost is unarguably Nigeria best Web hosting company.

      So you’re safe hosting your website with them. I’m just one dissatisfied customer out many satisfied customers.


  19. Whogohost is bad when it comes to services and customer care. I lost 5 websites to them. One of the websites had 14,000 posts ( A music blog website). At that time All website on there server “chicken server” got lost. They take in more than they can chew. No ready tech support. I gave call to the support, a girl of around 12 year old picked the call and said the one in charge went to buy Ewa. I lost Many client clients because of the company.

  20. I had had similar experience with this domain countdownlatest.com.ng which I deliberately allow to expire because of the very poor services I was encountering with Whogohost but now I have a better domain hosted with speedyconnect in the united kingdom that is pentameloud.com I hate Nigeria web host

    1. Hi Dickson,

      The issue is not Nigerian host, the main thing is the quality of hosting services a certain web host is providing, in this case, WhoGohost.

      I know of some Nigerian web hosting companies that offers top quality hosting services, on the same level with foreign host. I have used some in the past and now with a certain indigenous web hosting services provider. And from experience, at least for the moment, they’re better.

      WhoGoHost was once the go-to in web hosting for Nigerians, but I think they’ve lost it at the moment. Hope the company realize it quickly and fix things right.

      Thank you, Dickson.

  21. Please I want to know if I can use c++ cgi or if I can install django or bottles in whogohost because my current host only allow that on their vps hosting which I am not ready to purchase now. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      I think is best you ask WhoGoHost customer care rep your questions. They are in a better position to answer your questions.

      Hope you understand?


    2. Actually you generally cannot install custom software on ANY shared hosting plan in any company. Least of all a Nigerian host.

      You will most likely need to get a VPS.

      I find DigitalOcean VPS to be cheaper than most of the others I’ve used. Even cheaper than some shared hosting.

      Best part is if a guy like me should refer you, you get 100usd digital ocean credits. Meaning you can use their 5usd VPS for 20 months without paying.

      Unfortunately for me I wasn’t referred so I did not enjoy this.

      Let me know if you would like the link

      1. 5usd for a vps. Please tell me more like the server configuration

  22. author comments Roberto Perez says:

    I totally agreed to what you said. I also had many bad experiences with the hostings in my blogging career. Now, I am using Bluehost web hosting and it is working perfectly fine for me.

    1. Hi Roberto,

      Blue Host is one of the leading web shoting company around, no doubt about that. Glad you find this honest review educative and informative.

      However, that could just be my personal experience with the said webs hosting company and may not totally reflect the quality of services rendered.


  23. Thanks for the review dude. I was only helping a friend to check it out because he has a low budget and can’t afford a better hosting. But I guess I will be going for another alternative then. Thanks for the honest review

  24. author comments Chukwuka Steve says:

    Well, I never tried to host with a Nigerian Host, but I was unfortunate to use a foreign host that is worse than a Nigerian host. LOL.

    My first website was hosted on Godaddy… and here to tell you that Godaddy hosting is the worst in the world. Steady downtime with their limited bandwidth.

    Fortunately I had to leave them and migrated my sites to Hostgator, ever since then I have had a smooth experience.

    As for whogohost I do buy domain from them… the only issues I have with them is support. I once requested for domain transfer and they couldn’t do it for me ASAP. it took 3 months of disturbance before they completed it.

    Am only with them currently because of .ng domain.


    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your contribution here. Your experience will definitely help someone out there make an inform decision on choosing the right web host.

      Well, I never host with Godaddy before, but sincerely, I think I have heard too many negative customers complain about their hosting services in the past.

      Maybe thing have changed now, though.

      Anyway, thanks for your contribution, and for sharing your hosting experience with us. Hope to have you around some other time.

  25. author comments Alex Raji says:

    I also use whogohost too, early this year my site was hacked, it was Redirecting my visitors to a different Malicious site, i did not know until google webmaster warning warned me that a particular web page on my site is infected and is tricking my visitors to Malicious site. i reported this to whogohost support team for help, and they ask me to pay before cleaning my website for me..
    That is bullshit how can they ask me pay for that, This a site i hosted under there watch got hacked and you guy still have the Got to ask me to pay for Scanning my website, that was not enough they suspended my Domine Account.
    since i was not having the money to pay them i plead them to open it for a while, i have no choice than deleted the who WordPress Script since i couldn’t locate the infected page myself.

    My other Big Challenge with them is that My site always Go offline, there is no single day i dont receive Jetpack Message that my site has gone offline for 20mins or more, apart from from that i might be working on my site or trying to post content i will just get server Not found or error 405. i have to wait for some minute before my site can be active.
    am Sick and tired of all this problem am encountering with them, if have money i will go for another hosting company too.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Good to see you here. Your experience will certainly help someone make an inform decision. Especially concerning Whogohost. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Greetings Sham,
    This exactly answers the question I asked you a few weeks back.
    Thanks a lot.
    Sorry for your sad experience.
    Budding bloggers should also know that they can automate daily backups to their email (and I believe cloud storage sites) – independent of the hosting company.
    Also, I’m weary of having registering domain and hosting with the same company – I prefer to split them up.
    Currently I register domains with Namecheap and host with Hostgator.
    I’ve had repeated issues with Namecheap whenever it comes to taking them up on their limited-time special offers – their scripts often hang or crash, and I get only apologies or am totally ignored when I contact customer service!
    On one occasion, their two-factor login verification wasn’t working, and one of their operators had the cheek to ask me how much I had in my bank account, as a verification question. They reversed their position only when I threatened to leave them.
    I have also read not-too-complimentary reviews about Hostgator on the international scene (e.g. from WPBeginner).
    All this to suggest that our direct backup may be the last solace, so we must set such a procedure up using appropriate plugins. You may want to write a specific review on this topic if you haven’t already done so.
    Do keep up the good work, and cheers and hearty regards to you, loved ones, and followers.

    1. Hi Chukws,

      Thanks for reading through and sharing your experience with us.

      You’re right, having an external backup is an even better option. And like you, domain registration and hosting are not tied to one service provider. I have my domains registered with another company while hosting remain with NameCheap.

      Though, unlike you, I have a satisfactory experience with NameCheap customer services.

      Thanks Chukws, nice having you here.

  27. Greetings Shamsudeen!
    i so much appreciate your honest review of whogohost. I am just starting out in my blogging journey and i am using their services both domain registration and hosting for affordhost.com.ng. I have been with them for two months now and i have had no issues with them. I even enjoy their customer support as they respond quickly to my concerns.

    but, i got scared while reading the comments on this post as many people have had bad experiences with them.

    Nevertheless, i have gained insight on what to do to secure my contents. I wanted to write a positive review about them. but i decided to see what orders have to say about them and i landed in your site.

    Please what do advice? should i go ahead or should i wait to gather more experiences?
    i would appreciate your response ASAP. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Odoh,

      First, I wrote this post way back 2016, that’s many years gone in the online marketing world. A lot of things have changed. Businesses have learned more about their customers, companies have learned from past experiences, services upgraded, etc.

      So, I believe WhoGohost has learned a lot from that time too, and fix a lot of things right.

      I would have loved to bring this post down, (I hate to be a spoiler to someone’s else business) but for some reason, I just can’t do that.

      For now, I believe Whogohost is way better than before, but I haven’t tried them for years. I would advise you to follow your own assessment and base your judgment on the quality of hosting service you experience from Whogohost.

      I hope this helps?

      Thanks for reading through, if you need help relating to this issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always here to help.

  28. author comments Odoh Onyekachi Pascal says:

    Hi shamsudeen!
    Thanks for your response and advice.

  29. Thanks for letting us know your experience with WhoGoHost.

    Please which Foreign Web Hosting with good support can you recommend for a high traffic site (e.g a site with 50k daily visitors)?

    1. Hi, Fidels,

      At the moment, NameCheap and Cloudways are my picks.

      I have hosted with both and have practical experience using their hosting services. Though Cloudways require a bit of tech knowledge to connect your domain to your hosting since they don’t offer domain services, I think it is more suitable for high traffic blogs.

      NameCheap EasyWP cloud hosting is my pick if you’re going for NameCheap. Affordable, fast, easy to set up, and hands-free hosting.

      I hope this helps? Thanks.

  30. I’m glad I’ve left the hosting platform long before I stumbled on this post, even though they’ve improved now but then my eyes saw Shege when I was using their hosting.

    1. Hi, Abdulsalam,

      My experience with WhoGoHost is a bit old, some six or seven years ago. I believe the company has improved in many aspects of web hosting services between then and now.

      I wish to try their services sometime in the future.

      Anyway, Thanks for reading through.

      1. Please DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.
        This is a prime example of never going back to your toxic ex.

        As for WHOGOHOST, I hope this message them in the same abysmal spirits that their service has left me in. I wish to express my deepest disappointment in the service they have provided me over the course of 1 month.

        From the very beginning, their lackluster performance and pitiable customer support have demonstrated a complete disregard for basic standards of professionalism. It is astonishing to me that a company purporting to be in the business of hosting could operate with such ineptitude and indifference.

        I must admit, it is my sincere wish that the entire establishment, vanish into the abyss from which they came. It is my hope that they find themselves in the most unpleasant corner of existence, contemplating the impact of their deplorable service on their once-loyal customers.

        In this moment, as I pen this missive, I fervently desire that the fiery depths of customer dissatisfaction be the only warmth WHOGOHOST feels. May the echoes of disgruntled patrons resound in their ears, serving as a haunting reminder of the woeful path they have chosen. May they experience a revelation of their own shortcomings and emerge from this fiery crucible of critique a better, more competent service provider. Alas, I shall not hold my breath as I path with a not-so-fond farewell.
        They ruined my reputation with my client and cost me more than financial loss if I had seen this article much earlier.

        1. Hi, Kasope,

          I understand the loss the sad incident must have had on your business and person. However, don’t take it personally; WhoGoHost is trying its best, but it’s just that the company is not getting it right. I hope to see the company someday take its rightful place in the Nigerian hosting industry.

          Sorry for the loss, and I hope you’ve put that behind you and moved on.

          1. Please stop defending them. I have lost over 6 clients and lost GBs of data because of their inefficiencies. Enough is enough.

          2. author comments Shola Adewole says:

            Hi Adesokan,

            I guess you are just marketing for Whogohost, Kasope is not taking it personally because I am currently an Whogohost victim too with websites disappearing off my account for 72 hours now and they have no answer to this yet even with their recent high change of service price comparing to other Nigerian hosting companies. There service is just so poor in the past months and I wish I could upload the screenshot of my different tickets with their support.

          3. Hi, Shola,

            I guess you didn’t read the post before assuming I’m marketing for WhoGoHost. I’m not marketing for WhoGoHost (Why should I?); I’m only doing what I feel is right, just like I did when I lost 192 blog posts and my blog due to WhoGoHost incompetency.

            Have a good day.

  31. The service has turned into a real shit show. Server migrations taking weeks instead of hours. Client websites being down with no reasonable explanations. It’s over. I am moving on.

  32. author comments Abdulkabeer Habeebullah says:

    I’m really frustrated with @WhoGoHost right now. 🙄 Their web hosting service has been an absolute disaster for me! 😡

    Just lost DAYS of hard work and data because of their unreliable servers. 💻😤 If you value your website and data, STAY FAR AWAY from #WhoGoHost! 😡

    Their customer support? Non-existent! 😠 It’s like talking to a brick wall. Save yourself the headache and look elsewhere for web hosting. #EpicFail #WhoGoHostSucks 💩🚫

    1. Hi, Abdulkabeer,

      Your case is just one out of many.

      I hope you’ve put all that behind you and picked up where you left off. Wishing you success.

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