Competitive analysis and tracking the impact of your marketing strategies are vital to the progress of an online business. Part of your marketing job is to monitor your industry changes.

Especially how frequently your direct competitors update their product pages, source code, keywords, etc.

Several tools let you do that in real-time; HexoWatch is one of the most advanced and efficient. This tool has taken the AI web monitoring software to the next level.

I started using HexoWatch monitoring software recently and immediately fell in love with its simplicity and ease of use. Not to mention the abundance of monitoring tools available.

You will find the most helpful tips in this HexoWatch review if you have never heard of or used it.

You will learn about the monitoring tools available in HexoWatch and how each tool can help your business.

That’s the primary purpose of a tool – to help your business grow.

Also, you will learn how I put HexoWatch to the test by setting an AI Monitoring event for a page and the result of this test.

I wanted to see how the tool works and whether it benefits business purposes or is just another toy.

You will find all the details in this post.

What is HexoWatch Used For?

HexoWatch is a monitoring tool that lets you track several changes on a web page. It’s like having an AI or virtual assistant that helps you with web monitoring tasks.

It keeps track of several changes on a web page – product price, content changes, keywords, source code, and server downtime.

But more than that, you can use it for other purposes such as SEO, domain name expiration check, backlink monitoring, API monitoring, etc.

There are lots of use cases for HexoWatch that go beyond the task design for specific tools.

We shouldn’t get ahead; let’s explore the HexoWatch features below.

HexoWatch Dashboard and User Interface

The user dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind.

Once you complete the signup process and log into your account, you will see a clean dashboard like the image below. And a brief introduction video that walks you through it.

The walk-through video can help first-time users understand how to use HexoWatch to their advantage.

And how each monitoring tool can help your business achieve its objective.

You can switch between the light and dark modes color dashboard. There is a switch at the top-right of your account profile picture.

HexoWatch account dashboard

Let’s explore each of the monitoring tools one after the other.

HexoWatch Features and Tools

Note: There is the option to enter a single or bulk URL for most tools. This allows you to monitor the website’s multiple URLs at once or a specific web page.

After setting up an event and a change is detected, HexoWacth will provide detailed reports, a side-by-side comparison view, and reports highlighting essential changes.

It also archives a page snapshot so that you can refer to it for future analysis or usage.

You can export the field data as downloadable in a .csv file, Google Sheets, RSS Feed sync, or to over 2000 Zapier integration tools.

You also get an email notification with a link to view the changes on your dashboard. Here is one for an event I’d set up.

email event alert from HexoWatch

At the time of writing, HexoWatch has 13 AI web monitoring tools based on marketing objectives. Each tool can serve multiple purposes.

Updated 13/11/2023: Hexowatch now offers over 100 tools, including automation, AI web services, SEO, Data transformation, integrations, web research, etc. Check the complete list of Hexowatch features.

With that out, let’s go through…

Visual Monitoring

Think like heatmap features? There are cases where you might need to track some aspects of your competitor’s pages.

For instance, you want to track when a competitor changes the call-to-action button when they make changes to a particular paragraph, product description, prices, sidebar, product images, etc.

The HexoWatch website Visual Monitoring tool is an excellent feature for keeping track of things like this.

It monitors the website’s visual changes that happen on a webpage.

HTML Monitoring

You can monitor specific HTML changes.

This feature is ideal for an e-commerce website that wants to monitor when competitors adjust their product prices.

Or when you want to track when a page source code is edited.

Keyword Monitoring

This feature can be used for many purposes.

For an e-commerce site, you can use it to track when a particular product is available or out of stock on your competitor’s website.

All you have to do is enter the product page URL and click on Preview.

Then enter the keyword or product name in the Hexowatch Keyword monitoring tool.

Then select the frequency of the check. HexoWatch will now monitor the URL for both the present and absent of the keyword.

It can also be used for affiliate management.

Think of monitoring all your affiliates’ disclaimer pages for compliance with the law.

This tool can help you monitor all your affiliates when they remove specific text or paragraphs from the compliance notice.

Domain WHOIS Monitoring

This tool is handy for managing marketing agencies with multiple clients and websites. And if you’re into domain flipping, this can be a helpful tool.

It lets you track any domain name’s administrative record and expiration date on the web.

So, you can act fast whether to buy or renew it before it goes to the next buyer.

This feature can be used for other domain name purposes; it depends on your goal.

Technology Monitoring

If you’re an SEO specialist, marketing agency, or data analysis expert, this feature helps keep track of script changes and technology available on specific web pages.

Let’s say you manage clients’ projects and insert specific third-party scripts or tools on the website; you can use the HexoWatch technology monitoring tool to track it.

You get a notification per your settings if the script is removed from the page.

Content Monitoring

The content monitoring tool can help keep tabs on relevant information on a webpage.

Let’s say you’re a freelancer looking for job postings on a website. The contents monitoring tool can set notifications when specific text fragments or the entire job listing page is updated.

This can be useful for staying current and being the first to respond to proposals.

SiteMap Monitoring

You might want to monitor your competitor’s sitemap changes for newly published or updated content.

This could be a marketing or SEO strategy to know how often content is published or updated.

You can use this to measure content publication frequency vs. growth ratio.

API Monitoring

For developers and businesses that rely on endpoint API to monitor their responses before they cause havoc to your business or services.

If an application you rely on for a service is down, HexoWatch API monitoring will alert you in time so you can act promptly.

This is a helpful tool for businesses that connect with third-party applications through API for service delivery.

Availability Monitoring

Server downtime monitoring is crucial for any business, especially for high-traffic websites.

This feature lets you monitor server downtime if you manage many websites for clients or run a viral marketing campaign.

Backlink Monitoring

Link monitoring is as important as the link building itself.

If you’re not monitoring the placement of your links, you won’t know when links are removed, broken, or changed in attributes.

HexoWatch backlink monitoring tool is an excellent feature that lets you set up alerts for link profile changes on your partner’s website.

You can also set up an alert when a link is changed from do-follow to other link attributes.

Source Code Monitoring

You can do so here to monitor web page source code changes, such as an HTML tag.

This is an ideal tool for a team of developers who work remotely on a project. You get notified instantly if any team member makes unauthorized code changes.

It can also be used for SEO purposes.

You can use it to monitor any attributes that change your link profile on other websites. If the link attributes change from do-follow to no-follow, you get notified.

RSS Feed Monitoring

Monitor the RSS feed of any website to stay up-to-date with their publications.

As soon as their RSS feed is updated, you get a notification.

Automatic AI monitoring

This allows you to monitor whatever is on the web page.

Whether you want to track changes to an HTML code, visual content, technology availability, or the content on the page, Automatic AI monitoring allows you to track multiple items on a page.

If you’re on the business+ plan, you can set your preferred server location for the check.

This is ideal for websites that operate in a specific geo-location or have a few locations restricted from accessing the website.

Review of HexoWatch – How I Put it to The Test

I signed up for a free HexoWatch account and immediately set up an event using the AI monitoring tool.

This test aims to see how fast and accurate the reporting data can influence marketing decisions.

I set up the event for this page.

The AI monitoring tools allow me to track any changes on a page – visual, content, keyword, etc. This is an excellent chance to see how the HexoWatch works.

I want to test the following:

  • The featured image.
  • Content changes.

After setting up the event, I edited the page for visuals and content. I changed the featured image and edited the content on the page.

Since I was on a free account, I could only set the check frequency to a minimum of 12 hours. So I had to wait for some hours for any notification.

HexoWatch Checks Frequency set for 12 hours

Later in the morning, I received this email in my inbox.

Event Detected by HexoWatch AI Monitoring tool

I clicked through and logged in to my account.

You can see from the screenshots that the data is as accurate as possible. I made those changes to the page. I replaced the featured image.

The “previous” in the data on your left is the image before the change, and the “current” is the image after the change.

The image on your right is the last visual check by the HexoWatch AI monitoring tool.

Data comparisons in the Air monitoring tool

I also made a few edits to the content, and it’s good to see that HexoWatch caught that too. The highlighted text in red is the previous state of the content, while the text in blue is current.

The good is that you can download all these data to your favorite applications for further analysis.

Content data comparisons

This could be a helpful tool for businesses that rely heavily on data and competitor analysis to achieve their goals.

HexoWatch AppSumo Deal

Note you can grab the HexoWatch lifetime deal – Tier 1 and Tier 2 – for a one-time lifetime deal this Black Friday. But you don’t have to wait till the BF day, Hexowatch’s early bird 70% lifetime discount is starting now till 19th November.

Save up to $2,269 when you purchase the Tier 2 plan today. The offer ends Nov 19th.

HexoWatch Pricing

Hexomatic offers two standard pricing options. In addition to the custom plan, targeted at enterprise businesses and requires contacting sales reps. 

Customers can select between the Hexomatic Silver and Gold plans (Stackable).

Hexowatch new pricing structure

The Silver plan is available for a 7-day free trial, allowing you to test the Hexomatic suite of tools before making a buying decision. Gold plan is not available for a trial offer. 

The Silver plan costs $49 for the monthly plan and $40.83 if you subscribe to a 12-month billing plan. It lets you access Hexomatic features such as:

  • 4,500 automation credit
  • Run up to 10 workflows simultaneously.
  • Create an unlimited scraping recipe of your own.
  • Integrate with Telegram, Slack, Discord, Google products, WordPress, Zapier, API, etc. 
  • IP datacenter rotation.
  • Access to premium automation and residential proxies (Requires premium credit)

The Gold plan offers more features and access levels to automation, workflow, and integration. Cost $99 monthly billing and $82.5 when you purchase an annual plan. 

It offers everything in the Silver plan plus unlimited workflow running simultaneously, instead of 10 in the Silver plan. You also get a minimum of 10k monthly credit. 

Aside from the standard plan, Hexowatch lets customers purchase premium credit add-ons starting at $9.99 monthly. 

Premium add-ons include access to ChatGPT, DeepL and Google translate, Google Maps data, SEO backlink data, Amazon Data, and residential data. 

HexoWatch Support

Live chat support is on the main website and within the app to answer your queries.

Also, there is email support within the app you can access directly.

There is a catalog of HexoWatch walk-through video tutorials. These videos are meant to provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the monitoring tools.

These videos can be helpful for first-time users and beginners.

The HexoWatch Academy is a comprehensive content hub for announcements, changes, and company news.

The academy provides regular updates on tool improvement, updates, and tool changes.

Hexowatch Pros and Cons

Hexowtach, like any other tool or service, has its pros and cons. It may not be the right tool for everyone, but this calls for adequate knowledge of the AI web monitoring software.

Hexowatch Pros

  • Stay ahead of the competition 
  • Monitor multiple data sources from one single platform. 
  • Monitor website visual changes 
  • Scrape data from any webpage on the web.
  • Automate workflow with AI copilot.
  • Easy to use.
  • Value for money.
  • Feature-rich 
  • Integrate with third-party tools and services.  
  • Get notifications via several platforms. 
  • Audit website for SEO – on-page and off-page SEO 

Hexowatch Cons

  • It required a learning curve for a beginner
  • Too many tools can be overwhelming for some users. 
  • Price can be challenging for beginner and small business owners with a lean budget. 

Conclusion… HexoWatch Review

HexoWatch is a data analysis software company that helps businesses with advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide AI web monitoring services.

There are uptime and monitoring tools; HexoWatch goes beyond by offering lots of options and tools to businesses of different sizes and goals.

To save time and improve data accuracy while spying on your competitors, HexoWatch is the right tool.

In this Hexowatch website monitoring software review, I have given you the information you need to make the right choice. If you have other questions not answered above, use the comment box to reach out.

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