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Do you want to start fashion blogging on WordPress but don’t know how to go about it, this guide is for you.

From finding the right platform to setting up your blog and the techy side to monetization strategies, you will get all the answers to becoming a fashion blogger in this guide.

Here’s precisely what you will learn in this post…

  • The benefits of starting a fashion blog
  • How to select your domain name and niche
  • The best web host for your fashion blog
  • Which WordPress Theme is suitable for you?
  • Fashion Blogging Monetization Strategy
  • Top Fashion blogs you should follow
  • And lots more…

Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

Benefits of Starting a Fashion Blog 

There are lots of benefits to writing a fashion blog today. 

First, fashion is a global trend; no community in the world does not embrace fashion. So you’re not limited by geolocation or community, and your niche has a worldwide appeal and audience.

You’re constantly updated with the latest in the fashion industry. This is true, especially if you’re a fashionista yourself.

You get updates from leading fashion blogs in the industry that help shape your appearance and Style.

Assuming you already work in the fashion industry, starting a blog around your passion or hobby might be the wisest decision you ever make.

You’re creating a platform where you can share your Style, designers, trends, and swag with the rest of the world.

Trust me; you will enjoy the ride more than you can imagine.

Blogging is a way to communicate with people you never meet in real life, share your ideas, learn new things, and improve yourself on a different level you were never taught possible.

Now is the best time to start your fashion blog. So, let’s explore the six-step formula for fashion blogging for beginners.

6 Steps to a Succesful Fashion Blogging Career

From researching the right niche to picking the best fashion blog themes and publishing content to making passive income from our blog, this post contains all the information you need to succeed.

Step 1. Pick a Niche

It sounds obvious that “Fashion” is a language everyone on earth understands, but when it comes to digital marketing, that’s a broad language or niche.

You can not go into fashion blogging without knowing who your audience is.

You need to carve out a subset of a small group of people in the fashion niche. This is how you can create a fashion blog that appeals to its audience.

For example, what is your intended audience’s taste, quality preference, price point, or Style?

What fashion style gives them confidence and boldness and makes them look gorgeous?

You need to carve out a small set of the fashion market for a few reasons. 

First, competing against brands will not be a brilliant marketing move on your part.

Going up against big brands like Nike and Adidas will not help unless you have a bottomless marketing budget to compete.

But to start a fashion blog on a budget, you must define your fashion niche and ask yourself a few questions.

  • What is your main Style? – You need to be specific and think this through before starting your blog. Are you into casual Style, exotic, artsy, or Grunge? You know yourself better and can tell what’s your best here. However, there is no limit to one Style; you can combine different tastes and styles on your blog and appeal to both audiences. But the more you narrow it down, the better for everyone.
  • What’s Your Selling Point? – Sure enough, other blogs or people in your niche already identify with it. So what makes yours different from what we’ve seen already? What will you bring to the table to make people look in your direction? If you need inspiration, look for existing fashion blogs in your niche and see what they do.
  • Research The Market – Digital marketing is a guessing game without user data. And you don’t want to waste your time guessing around your marketing strategies. This is why you need to perform market research before choosing your niche. For the most part, you need a keyword tool for this task. Keyword tools like Semrush and Rank Tracker will help you with market research and validation. Anyone is good, and they are also free.

Step 2. Register Your Domain Name and Hosting

You can start a free blog on Blogger or WordPress.com, and no one says it’s not a good choice. If you’re a hobbyist blogger, starting a free blog on Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, WordPress .com, and the like is okay.

But if you want to make money from your fashion blog, you need a self-hosted WordPress blog. Or at least a place you own and have total control over what goes in or out of it.

You must invest in hosting and a domain name and create your brand.

Aside from the blogging platform, you must register your domain name and purchase a hosting account from a reliable web host.

If you need guidance on which web host is good, cheap, affordable, and reliable to host your fashion blog, my recommendation is Namecheap or Hostinger.

Namecheap Web Hosting Features

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Website Builder
  • Automatic backup
  • Free 1-year domain name registration
  • SuperSonic CDN 
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited website (Except the Stellar plan)
  • Free Whois data protection
  • The price starts at $2.18/per month
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Live chat and email 24/7

Hostinger Web Hosting Features

  • Free CDN (Content delivery network)
  • 1-year free domain name registration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Domain privacy protection
  • 100 websites
  • The price starts at $2.99/per month.
  • 24/7 support channels
  • WooCommerce integration
  • WordPress Core auto-updates

Note: You can register your domain name and secure web hosting from any of these two web hosts. They’re both excellent and affordable.

Once your hosting account is set up, you must log in and install WordPress software.

If you go with any of the two web hosts above, installing WordPress is one click, and Hostinger will automatically install WordPress for you. 

So that’s it; you can begin with the theme design.

Step 3. Design Your Blog 

Now that your WordPress blog is live, you must design it uniquely. Make it stand out from the crowd and give the best user experience.

Fashion blogs are more images than text, so you need a theme that showcases styles, swag, and looks prominently on the blog.

There are many free and paid themes; the WP Astra theme is one of the best. It’s fast, SEO optimized, and allows customizing every part of the theme.

You can customize colors, links, typography, buttons, H tags, backgrounds, headers, footers, etc. You can make the Astra theme entirely yours.

The basic plan starts at $47/yr, and you can get a lifetime deal for $227. Check out the full Astra theme pricing and features on this page. Alternatively, check out other comparable themes to Astra.

Install WordPress Plugins 

As part of the design process, you must install plugins that extend and bring more functionalities to your fashion blog.

Some essential plugins are required for every WordPress blog, and you might need to install these plugins as a start.

  • JetPack – Jetpack offers several features, including blog security, backup, optimization, social sharing, and more.
  • AIO SEO This plugin helps improve the search visibility of your WordPress blog. It offers many SEO features, including schema markup, link suggestions, integration with other SEO services, and many more.
  • Yoast SEO – Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps optimize your content and blog for better search engine visibility. 
  • Akismet – It protects your site against spam comments.

Step 4. Create a consistent Publishing Schedule

Fashion blogging requires two essential things: unique quality fashion images and consistent publishing.

Despite being an essential aspect of a fashion blog, you don’t need an expensive camera to create high-quality photos.

With your smartphone’s camera, you can take good pictures. You must get an excellent high-end smartphone and practice your photography skills regularly.

Consistent publishing is key to success in blogging, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality for consistency. Many fashion blogs publish multiple times per day, and that’s okay…

If you find it difficult to post every day, consider once a week or twice. It is vital to keep to a posting schedule and be consistent.

You’ll be successful if you follow these two fashion blogging tips and stay consistent.

Step 5. Monetize Your Fashion Blog 

The end goal is to make money from your fashion blog; that’s what this section is all about. I will show you how to monetize your fashion blog as best.

Here are some ways to make money from fashion blogs:

Display Advertising 

For many fashion blogs, display advertising tops the list of how fashion bloggers make money, and it works well in the fashion industry and is something you should consider.

When discussing contextual advertising, Google Adsense always comes to mind, but it is not the only one out there. You can try many alternatives, such as Taboola, Mediavine, AdThrive, Ezoic, etc.

You will consider sponsored posts at a point in your blogging career. You can make good money from sponsored posts if you have a popular blog with a massive follower base.

Chiara Ferragni is an excellent example of a fashion blogger who makes money from sponsored posts. On average, she makes $60,000 per sponsored post. 

And she is also a good example of how fashion bloggers make money on Instagram. With a follower base of over 27 million, she could earn more than that.

This won’t be possible at the start of your blogging career, but not outside your reach. With consistency and hard work, you can achieve it. 

Product Sale

You can use the blog to sell your products if you’re a designer. Create a brand and use the blog to expand your reach.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can sign up with affiliate networks in your niche and promote other people’s products on your blog. This is a reliable monetization strategy if an audience trusts your advice.

Many affiliate networks exist, and ShareAsale is an excellent place to start. If you do a Google search, you will discover other affiliate networks.

Step 6. Join Relevant Fashion Community 

Being part of relevant communities can help grow your fashion blog. It will help you share ideas, meet new people, and get inspiration to succeed. 

There are several platforms to seek people-like minds and share ideas.

If you look up Facebook groups, you will discover several relevant fashion groups for your topic.

The knowledge and benefits you gain from community participation are invaluable.

Top Fashion Blogs to Follow 

If you need inspiration on how to succeed in fashion blogging? These blogs will inspire you to do more.

The fashion industry is expected to be worth around $1.7 trillion in 2022, which shows how big the industry is. 

Now is the time to start and take your share of the million-dollar industry. Here are some fashion blogs you can follow to gain more knowledge and inspiration.

  • Business of Fashion A leading voice in the fashion industry and a blog that focuses on the business side of fashion. An excellent source of information on all things fashion trends, celebrity news, styles, and more.
  • Who What Wear Founded by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, Who What Wear covers everything from fashion to celebrity trends and styles. The blog is one of the UK’s top fashion blogs and has evolved from a fashion blog newsletter to a clothing brand.
  • GQ Magazine Founded in 1931, GQ Magazine focuses on Men’s Style, culture, and looks and inspires men to look sharper and better. The blog features various fitness, fashion, accessories, culture, and grooming topics. 
  • Fashionista – The New York-based fashion magazine blog offers news on celebrity trends, fashion, beauty, events, etc. They receive over 2.5 million monthly visitors, and you will learn more about the fashion industry by reading this blog.


There are thousands of fashion blogs to draw ideas from.

If you follow the fashion blogging tips and strategies this post shares, you will start a fashion blog that supports your lifestyle and may become a full-time business.

You need to follow these steps to create a successful fashion blog: narrow down on niche, purchase web hosting, get a good premium theme like Astra, install WordPress plugins, and start publishing content regularly.

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