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Since the early 80s, buying and selling have been online activities. One of the very early adopters of eCommerce is the Boston Computer Exchange website.

Soon afterward, several companies like Amazon and eBay emerged, took the baton, and made eCommerce what it is today. 

If you want to start selling products online, especially using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, here are some of the best Shopify stores to draw inspiration from and build upon proven and tested formulas. 

No need to reinvent the wheels; stop wasting time figuring things out yourself. 

Get a handout, and fast-track your way to success…

But before I show you some of the most successful Shopify Stores in different categories, there’s something important you need to know about the value of this post…

How I Pick The Best Shopify Stores 

Anyone can pick a random website and label it the top-selling Shopify Store without any proven number or data to back it up. 

You will find several articles online that claim this is the best eCommerce Shopify store of the year. The problem with such publications is that there needs to be objective evidence or data to show why a Shopify website is a success and has made a list.

So, what makes this post different?

In this post, I revealed some numbers behind the websites listed below. 

Where possible, the traffic number, popular location, categories, and most popular selling products, are based on the number of keywords the website is ranked for.

Why is this data important? 

The data or SEO metrics will help you uncover hidden SEO and competitive tactics and give you some information to start your store with proven marketing and SEO data

So, you can rest assured the websites listed on this page are getting traffic, ranked for industry eCommerce search terms, and making sufficient income to pay the bills and make the owner enough to live full-time. 

Some of these Shopify stores are enterprise-grade businesses running the Shopify Plus plan. So, you may find several features not applicable to your current situation.

With that out, let’s start.

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7 Popular Shopify Stores

These top Shopify stores share something; you will notice creativity if you carefully analyze the website. The stores combine creativity with high-quality products.

It is not just about creating a global brand for these businesses; they demonstrate a high level of industry knowledge, expertise, dedication, and love for what they do. These traits have helped build the brand and products and a loyal customer base worldwide.

If you’re a beginner or need to grow your online store, you will find helpful information in this guide to help you build a popular and profitable Shopify store.

1. kylie cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics homepage

Kylie Cosmetics is an excellent example of a high-traffic Shopify store. 

The website drives an insane 500k plus organic monthly search engine traffic. As of December 2022, it has over 83,000 keywords in the Google Top 100. Kylie Cosmetics also drives traffic through paid search marketing, which helps bring additional 30k+ traffic to the Shopify store.

Kylie Cosmetics Semrush data overview

Kylie Cosmetics was founded by Kylie Kristen Jenner, an American businesswoman, influencer, and media personality. She is made famous by her role in the popular television series “Keeping Up With The Kardashian.”

The website sells baby products such as hooded bath towels, baby creams, skincare, and cosmetics. Also, it sells face moisturizers, lipsticks, etc.

The unique selling point for Kylie’s cosmetics is her lips. She emphasized this aspect of her throughout the website, making it a point of attraction for her young audience and customers. 

She used her personal story to create an online brand that has grown and now drives half a billion monthly website visitors. 

When you visit the website, you immediately know what it’s all about, even if you’ve never visited. 

The website is designed to promote the brand, fit the product image, and quickly guide users to find what they want. 

2. AllBirds

Allbirds homepage

Another popular and high-traffic Shopify eCommerce online store. 

AllBirds drives an average of 450k monthly search engine unique visitors worldwide. According to Semrush SEO data, the website has 329.3k linking pages from 16k+ referring domains. 

It combines paid marketing with organic traffic, driving nearly 500k monthly traffic to the website. For any eCommerce store, this number is outstanding, considering 89% of this figure comes from the US.

Allbirds Semrush Domain overview data

AllBirds rank for branded keywords, which contribute immensely to the traffic numbers. 96.9% of ranked keywords are branded search terms, and only about 3.6% are non-branded. 

Now, let’s talk about the website’s products and offerings.

Tim Brown co-founded Allbirds with Joey Zwillinger; they both believe in starting a footwear fabric created with natural wool and making a difference in the industry.   

So they started Allbirds to sell men’s, kids, and women’s footwear – running shoes, everyday footwear, and work. 

The brand is known for its natural and sustainable products. 

The AllBirds Shopify website’s home page tells more about the brand, the product, activities, and stories. The focus was to improve sales conversion and give links to essential pages on the website.

3. 8 and 9 

8 and 9 website homepage

This website does not drive much traffic like the above two, but if you’re looking for a unique Shopify store that blends streetwear with unique creativity, 8 and 9 is the best one you should watch. 

8 and 9 Semrush domain overview data

When you visit the website, you are immediately hooked on the BIG photo portraying the street style wears and shows teens in their swags. 

8 and 9 is dedicated to selling urban clothing, streetwear, and sneakers for the target audience, most significantly, teens. 

One of the things I love about this website is that the message and product styles are well-targeted to their audience. From the footwear to the clothing lines, it’s prominent who the target audience is. 

This is one of the things you must understand about the eCommerce business. You must define your target audience and know the people you’re selling to. 

Look at the 8 and 9 Shopify stores; the products are designed with a young audience in mind, especially Gen Z. 

8 and 9 cloth line display

The website design, colors, and brand style match the target audience’s expectations.

4. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks website homepage

At its peak, Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks has an average of 30k+ monthly visitors, which has since dropped to 10k plus unique monthly customers. Still, that’s an impressive figure for an eCommerce site to make good sales regularly. 

It was launched in 2012, in Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, NY, as a small family business that has grown into a brand supplying heirloom popcorn nationally and internationally.

The beautiful website design, excellent user experience, and how easy it is to find things on the website are one of the things I liked about the website. 

The website uses a unique eCommerce design, giving it its distinct look, and the store calculator, which helps visitors find what they are looking for, are some of the special features. 

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks uses the website home page to capture visitor attention, collect leads, tell the brand story, and sell its products. 

Overall, Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks is one of the best Shopify stores to learn from, analyze their marketing tactics, and accelerate your eCommerce success. 

5. Beardbrand

Beard brand website home page

Beardbrand was launched in 2012 and featured on notable websites like Forbes, Men’s Health, The New York Times, Shark Tank, and more.

The brand focuses on Men’s facial hair grooming, selling products like oil, shampoo, softeners, balm, etc. 

Beardbrand is one of the best examples of successful Shopify stores you could see around. The website drives approximately 280k+ monthly SERP traffic from Google and other search engines

Beardbrand Semrush domain overview SEO data

Unlike previous websites, the Beardbrand derives approximately 90.3% of its ranking keywords from non-branded search terms.

This could be an indication of solid SEO strategies and robust marketing efforts. The website ranks #1 for keywords like “Shape a beard” and “Beard shaper.” These are competitive industry search terms. 

The website design is unique, gives the first impression, and immediately tries to capture first-time visitors’ trust by demonstrating authority and showing social proof. 

You could see industry mentions on the homepage, followed by two product showcases and a YouTube video detailing what the Beardbrand does and how it can help you achieve confidence and a better look.

Also, the navigation is created to help users find what they are looking for. You can quickly browse and find hair, body, and beard products.

Beardbrand also incorporates email marketing on the homepage, encouraging visitors to sign up for the blog newsletters to receive blog post updates, grooming tips, giveaways, and more. 

Beardbrand newsletter email form

6. Naja

Naja homepage

Naja sells women’s underwear. You know, bras, bikinis, thongs, high-waisted, etc.

At its peak, Naja drove more than 30k unique monthly search engine traffic and ranked for more than 5,000 relevant search keywords in the Google top 100. 

With 58% of its traffic coming from the USA, Naja is simply a top Shopify ladies’ underwear store destination for people looking to buy beautiful sexy undies. 

Naja is founded by designer Catalina Girald, the CEO,  and the Golden Globe-winning actress, Gina Rodriquez. The two met while filming Procter and Gamble’s Orgullosa Series, Nine Up and Coming Nueva Latina Shows. 

The website makes underwear, employs single mothers and heads of household to make their underwear brand, and empowers women to gain employment. 

From its proceeds, Naja gives back to the local sewing program and runs the Mask 4 Good program, which donates 70% of its sales to the Soi Dog Foundation. 

7. Goodfair

Goodfair homepage

Goodfair is one of the most popular Shopify eCommerce stores, getting up to 99k monthly organic traffic at its peak. 71% of the traffic comes from the US, with less than 2.5% from India and the rest of the world. 

The website ranked in Google’s top 10 for search terms like an “online thrift store,” which is highly competitive in the US market. 

Founded by Topper Luciani, Goodfair operates a unique online Shopify thrift store that encourages people to see beyond second-hand clothes and becomes smarter and combats fashion waste caused by fast fashion changes globally. 

Goodfair encourages customers to buy mystery bundle sales, which saves them time and money and also helps the company save money. The clothes are checked for quality, and Goodfair wraps them in bundle sacks for customers’ purchases. 

The website operates a blog alongside its product collection pages, which helps drive relevant traffic from search engines and educates users on the needs and benefits of second-hand products. 

The homepage is carefully designed to showcase product collections, bundle packages, and links to the blog page. 

If you want to go into a similar eCommerce business, Goodfair is one of the best Shopify stores for an online thrift business to study. 


Creating a successful Shopify store isn’t a straightforward answer; many variables and factors determine success in an eCommerce business. 

But what makes a list like this help is that instead of figuring things out yourself and going through years of trial and error, you now have a place to kick-start your journey, draw inspiration, and start with much clarity. 

While researching this article, I came across many Shopify stores with varying levels of success, tactics, audiences, and designs. 

But one thing is straightforward, if you want to be successful with your Shopify eCommerce website, don’t try to copy them; instead, use what you learn to inform your decision. 

Use your imagination, creativity, and the things you discovered to adapt your marketing and strategies to fit your target audience. The easiest way to start your Shopify store is to get the $1/m for your first three-month invoice offer. Click here to start.

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