Are you considering starting an ecommerce store on Shopify but don’t know if it’s the right store builder for you? Or if it has all the features you need?

The best way to get the answers to your question is to subscribe to a free trial. 

When you subscribe to the Shopify free trial of 90 days, you have enough days to test all the features, apps, checkout pages, POS, products, etc.

Whatever features you want to test to determine if Shopify is right for you, you can do so within the 3 days plus an extended 90-day – three months plus an initial 3-day free trial. 

That’s all you need to start selling on Shopify.

But before you jump on the opportunity, there are several things you need to know about the Shopify free trial offer. 

Let’s explain them below.

Shopify Free Trial Details

First, two different Shopify trial offers are available – The Shopify standard free trial and the Shopify Dropshipping Starter kit free trial.

Shopify Dropshipping Starter Kits offer the regular 3-day trial plus $1/m but also give you access to extra features and tools to help you start dropshipping in the best possible way. 

Shopify dropshipping landing page

Now that you understand which trial offer is best for you let’s walk through the signup process.

When you sign up for the free trial, (anyone) your account is activated for 3 days to explore Shopify.

For these 3 days, your storefront is password protected or has a non-functional checkout page. This means you can’t sell products within these three days of the free trial. 

But you can set up your store, select a theme, design it, install apps, upload products, and do all sorts of things you want. You can even publish to your store. 

However, if you want people to find your Shopify store, purchase products, and be able to make payments, you need to subscribe to one of the paid accounts. 

Activating any monthly plan will automatically remove the password from your store and activate the checkout function. Now customers can buy from your store and make payments successfully. 

You won’t be charged the full monthly payment for any plan you select during the free trial. In fact, you only pay just $1/month to activate the plan and begin using Shopify at total capacity. 

This is where the Shopify free trial gets interesting, and you could use it for a whole 90 days for just $3 only. 

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

Shopify Basic Plan subscription details

In the image above, assuming the account subscribes to the $1/m free trial on the 12th of June, 2023 (after the initial 3 days expire), it will continue with this amount till September 11, 2023. That’s when the full charge of $39/m begins.

So, from 12th June to September 11th, the account will only pay just $3 in total for using Shopify Basic plan features. 

Upgrade to Starter, Basic, Shopify, and Advanced for the $1/m free trial. But if you choose the Starter plan, you will lose access to some features. 

Shopify Starter plan details

You can only sell through social media, messaging apps, and a buy now website button in the Starter plan. So, unless you’re not planning to sell via an online shop, you should choose between the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plan for the $1/m offer. 

Another thing to note about the free trial of Shopify is that you don’t need to select a plan if you don’t want to get billed after the first 3 days. 

Your account will automatically be paused till you choose a monthly or annual plan. So, technically, you don’t need to cancel your Shopify free trial registration manually if you don’t want to get charged. 

Since you have not picked up any paid plan, you don’t have any payment option or method in your account, so there is nothing to worry about if you don’t want to pay. 

Now, let’s see how you can open Shopify for 3 days plus a 90-day free trial, making 93 days of almost free access to explore Shopify.

How to Activate Shopify Free Trial

Click this link to activate the Shopify 3-days plus 90 days extended period. 

Once you click through the link, you will arrive on the Shopify signup page. There are two options to sign up. Click the top bar, sign up now, call to action, or enter your email address in the box.

Shopify one dollar free trial signup landing page

Either way, you will arrive on the signup process page.

Next, ensure you complete the questionnaire. Though you can skip all the processes, it will help if you fill them out at this stage.

The questions are easy, just surveys to understand your use of Shopify and how to set up your store better.

Here are some of the questions you need to answer.

Account profile option - Shopify
Account signup process - Shopify

Skip All if you don’t want to answer them at this stage and need to decide later. No rules say you must answer them during the signup process. 

Once you complete the process, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. You need to go back and click the confirmation link in that email.

Clicking on the confirmation link activates your Shopify account automatically. As indicated in the email, the link expires in 10 days. So ensure you confirm your account to add additional security to your account. 

Account Confirmation email from Shopify

Within your first three days, you can activate the 90 days free trial for one dollar per month or wait for the three days to expire. But I would advise you don’t allow too many days to pass after the initial three days are over before activating the extra 90 days offer.

You might lose access to it, or the offer no longer applies to your account. To ensure you don’t miss out, take advantage immediately and activate the $1 monthly plan.

Shopify for one dollar monthly plan

How to Make The Most of Your Shopify Trial

As a beginner, exploring all Shopify features within three days is challenging. You need more time to use the platform, explore features within your plan, and take full advantage of your free trial. 

This is why the 90 days free offer is the best option. 

Still, how do you ensure you’re learning fast about the Shopify platform, apps, features, payments option, and your store? 

Follow the advice below to get the most out of your Shopify free trials.

  • Settings Page – The Shopify setting page can get overwhelming for beginners; use this time to familiarize yourself with the settings page. Here are some settings: checkout, payments option, privacy policies, store language, billing, custom data, store branding, etc.
  • Payments Methods – Shopify has several payment methods. There are Shopify Payments, third-party gateways, and offline payments, such as bank deposits, manual payments, etc. Test which payment option is supported in-store offers minimum transactional fees, and is convenient for your customers. 
  • Shopify Themes – This is a good time to walk through Shopify themes, test them extensively, try different themes, and see which fits your store’s needs. 
  • Shopify Apps – Searching through 8,000+ Shopify apps can be time-consuming and challenging; you can use this time to learn about the app store, test different app functionalities, and get an idea of which app you might need. 
  • Shopify POS – Assuming you sell offline, your trial period is the best time to access the POS feature. You can download the point-of-sale app, run a test sale, order the hardware (POS Go recommended), set up the hardware and features, etc. 
  • Collection Pages – You must create collection pages to help users find product categories easily on your storefront. If you have hundreds of products, doing this can take time. Using the trial period to set up your product and collection pages can be helpful. 
  • Upload Products – Adding products can take time, especially if you have hundreds of products. Or need sources from external sources of marketplaces.

FAQ Shopify Free Trials

Can we Sell Products on Shopify Free Trial?

Yes, you can sell products with a Shopify free trial, but you need to select a plan to remove the password on your store and activate the checkout page. 
If you do not subscribe to a plan, you can not sell with a free trial of Shopify. 

Does Shopify Charge You After a Free Trial?

No, Shopify does not charge automatically after your free trial expires. You won’t be charged if you don’t subscribe to a Shopify paid plan during your trial period. 
Unless you choose a plan, Starter, Basic, Shopify, or Advanced, you never get billed for using Shopify during the free trial period. 

Why is The Shopify Trial Only 3 days?

No, the Shopify trial is not 3 days only; you can extend your trial for another 90 days. The first 3 days are free; there’s no reason or demand to subscribe to a plan. 

However, if you want to extend your 3 days free trial to 90 days, you must choose a plan and pay $1/month for the next three months. 

Do You Need a Credit Card for Shopify’s free trial?

You don’t need a credit card for the free 3 days of Shopify. After 3 days expire, and you want to extend it to a 90-day free trial, you must pick a plan and enter your credit card details. Shopify will request your credit card to activate the $1/month subscription fee at this stage. 

How to Get 1 Dollar for 3 Months of Shopify?

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Shopify for $1 monthly for the first three months’ subscription fee.

Go to Shopify from this link and click the signup button. Enter your email address in the required field, and click the start trial or sign up button, Next, confirm your email address. After this, follow the on-screen process to complete your registration. Your Shopify store is now ready to launch.

How Long is Shopify’s Free Trial?

Shopify’s free trial lasts 90 days if you select a plan after your first three days of free access expires. You will need a credit card to enable the 90 days free trial offer at 1 dollar per month for your first three months. 

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