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Mailchimp is one of the famous brands in the email marketing industry. Still, it is not the most suitable choice for everyone, especially if your business requires more advanced email marketing features.

If Mailchimp isn’t the right choice, you can find the six best Mailchimp alternatives on this list. 

In the past, Mailchimp allowed up to 2,000 free contacts and 12,000 free monthly email sending. 

However, in 2019, it introduced a new pricing plan that limited the free plan to 500 contacts and a maximum of 1000 monthly sending limits.

The new plan is unfriendly for beginners, making building an email list challenging. If you’re looking for free alternatives to Mailchimp, here are six options.

6 Popular MailChimp Alternatives 

These alternative email services, like Mailchimp, offer free, affordable, paid plans and more advanced email automation features.

Read through the list to find suitable options. 

You’ll also find ESP (email services provider) allowing unlimited email contacts in its fee plan, workflows, transactional emails, etc.

Mailchimp’s alternative email service providers offer better, more modern email service technology suitable for today’s business world. 

1. Getresponse

Getresponse homepage

Like Mailchimp, Getresponse offers limited features and contacts lists in its free plan; for up to 500 subscribers, it offers more features and many customization options in its paid plans.

It is a full-fledged email marketing solution and sales automation provider, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses and online selling platforms.

It is easier to use, more beginner-friendly, and offers better value for money if you want affordable email marketing services.

Getresponse offers tools that let you design brand kits and reuse them anytime, so you don’t have to start all over each time you want to create a marketing campaign. 

However, if you want to get more from your Getresponse account, upgrading to the Email Marketing plan, which gives you access to features like AI email generators, unlimited newsletters, autoresponder, etc., could be worth it.

Top Getresponse Feature

Getresponse has plenty of features, making it impossible to list them all here. However, consider the essentials you want to use in your email marketing campaign.

  • AI Email Generator – Write better email subject lines and messages faster with AI generators powered by ChatGPT.
  • Sales Funnel – Use a prebuilt marketing funnel to drive more online sales.
  • Transactional Emails – Integrate Getresponse with your ecommerce marketing software and send automated transactional emails to customers.
  • Autoresponder – Create automatic email messages triggered by events or set rules.
  • Landing pages and web forms – Access hundreds of pre-made landing pages and web forms designed to increase conversion. 
  • Promo Codes – Generates promo codes to increase sales and run special deals.
  • Welcome Emails – Greet your new subscribers with personalized welcome emails to increase trust and communications.
  • List Segmentation – You don’t have to create many lists; you can segment subscribers based on topic interest and tagging.
  • Integration – Getresponse allows integration with most of the tools you use in your businesses. 

For complete Getresponse features, check this page.

Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse offers three paid standards and a free plan, giving users different options.

The free plan is ideal if you start with less than 500 or fewer contacts. You will have limited features and services, but you can always upgrade anytime to access more marketing features. 

However, if you require essential email marketing features like autoresponders, marketing automation, workflow, A/B testing, click reporting, etc. You need to upgrade to one of the paid plans below.

Getresponse pricing

2. Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo - email marketing platform

Brevo is one of the best free email marketing services compared to Mailchimp.

Its free plan offers plenty of advanced email marketing features, like workflow, email automation, welcome email, unlimited contacts, etc., but it is restricted to 300 daily email sending limits.

You can access CRM, SMS marketing, limited live chat features, integration with popular list-building tools like OptinMonster, and many more as a free user. 

Brevo is undoubtedly a strong contender for Mailchimp alternatives for email marketers. 

Brevo Top Features

  • Unlimited Contacts – Add unlimited contacts to your Brevo account with no limits.
  • Segmentation – Categorize your subscriber into groups based on interest and other factors.
  • Web Forms – Design your GDPR compliance signup form from scratch using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Campaign – Create email and SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Email Templates – Use the default email marketing message template or edit, preview, or create your own.
  • Statistics – Get detailed performance analytics and user engagement metrics like clicks, ens, conversion, and recipients.
  • Automation – Create a marketing automaton that lets you run your business on autopilot.
  • Transactional Emails – Create marketing emails that improve your eCommerce sales and guide customers along sale funnels.

Check the Brevo features page for more information on what’s available on the free and paid plans.

Brevo Pricing

Aside from the free plan, three standard pricing options exist for businesses of different sizes and needs. 

The plan you subscribe to depends on your list size, feature requirements, level of support, and other factors that help your business grow and be easier to manage.

Here are the pricing options.

Brevo pricing table

3. Mailmodo Email Marketing Software

Mailmodo website

Mailmodo is your all-in-one solution for email marketing, offering advanced features to meet diverse needs. Easily segment customers based on behaviors like abandoned carts and leverage personalized product recommendations.

The intuitive dashboard provides detailed insights into campaign performance, including orders, purchases, and overall revenue. Maintain unlimited mass lists with a bulk email sender focused on driving business growth.

Mailmodo helps businesses build and scale their email automation engine with an intuitive visual builder with drag-and-drop workflows to automate time-based drip series. They make checking responsiveness for different devices easy and have an in-built open rate suggestions feature to fix errors in an email before sending it. 

Best of all, with Mailmodo’s AMP technology, you can add calendars, forms, surveys, live ratings, reviews, polls, and widgets to gamify emails like spin the wheel, quizzes, etc., inside the email to reduce redirections and boost engagement. 

Key Features

  • Interactive Emails – Marketers can captivate their audience by directly integrating dynamic elements like calendars, forms, and surveys within emails. 
  • Seamless Shopify Integration – Seamless Shopify integration with Mailmodo allows for effortless synchronization of customer data, enabling advanced email automation tailored to optimize marketing campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion.
  • Advanced Email Automation – With Mailmodo’s advanced email automation functionalities like the Mailmodo dashboard, marketers can streamline their workflows and deliver personalized experiences efficiently.

4. Moosend


For the price, Moosend offers one of the best beginner-friendly email marketing solutions today.

If you want a simple email marketing platform that features rich content and provides essential needs to grow your business without high costs, Moosend is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp.

First, try the paid plan for a 30-day trial and explore all the Moosend features, tools, and supports.

Moosend is cheaper than Mailchimp yet offers basic and advanced email marketing features like automation workflow, unlimited emails, landing pages and web forms, analytics, etc.

It is an excellent and affordable email marketing service that is cheaper than Mailchimp for small business owners. 

Moosend Top Features

Moosend offers essential features for beginners, intermediate, and pro or enterprise businesses.  

From email marketing tools to branding, tracking, and advanced integration tools, Moosend offers tools for all business sizes.

  • Landing page builder to generate leads and sell your products. 
  • Drag and drop form builder to create when forms and capture leads
  • List segmentation – increase email open rate by sending relevant email content to your subscribers. 
  • Automation – Scheduled repetitive email marketing tasks and sent content to your audience when it mattered. 
  • Moosend integrates with your favorite marketing apps and services. 
  • Create simple signup forms to capture leads on your websites. 
  • Get detailed real-time insights and analytics into your contact performance – track clicks, opens, and engagement rates. 

Moosend Pricing.

The paid plan starts at $9/month to unlock all pro features like list segmentation, transactional emails, and workflow. 

You can sign up for the free plan, which gives you unlimited emails but up to 1,000 contacts. This is Ideal for beginners getting started with email marketing. 

Additionally, the Moosend pay-as-you-go plan allows you only to pay when using the services, similar to the Mailchimp pay-as-you-go plan. 

You only pay or are billed when sending emails. This pricing model might work for you if you’re not a regular user. 

Overall, here is the breakdown of the Moosend pricing plan. 

Moosend pricing

5. Convert Kit 

Convertkit creator - homepage

One of the best free Mailchimp alternatives is Convertkit. 

Convertkit allows 1,000 free contacts, fancy web forms (better than MailChimp), email engagement reporting, unlimited landing pages, audience tagging, and segmentation, and you can also sell digital products in the free plan. 

I have used Convertkit; it is better than Mailchimp in many aspects. 

Creating web forms or landing pages is easier and more beginner-friendly. The signup forms you created in Convertkit will attract and convert higher than with Mailchimp’s basic web forms.

One drawback of the Convertkit free plan is that importing contacts from another ESP is prohibited. So, exporting your list from Mailchimp to Convetkit won’t work if you plan to export it. 

If you want more features and to unlock the restrictions, the creator plan is the right choice. 

Convertkit Top Features 

  • Create unlimited email broadcasts, web forms, and landing pages. 
  • Organized subscriber lists with tagging and segmentation (No need to create multiple lists)
  • Create and set up automated email sequences delivered to subscribers based on rules or events. 
  • Integrates with third-party tools and services to improve efficiency.
  • Live chats and email support (paid users only)
  • Add team members (paid users only)
  • Contact scoring – Good for analyzing performance and filtering subscribers. 
  • Newsletter referral program for users on the Creator Pro plan 

Convertkit Pricing 

The pricing model is more flexible and allows you to choose what you pay based on the estimated number of email subscribers you plan to have.

The price adjusts as you move the subscriber’s count up/down with the slider. 

However, the creator plan starts at $9/month for 300 subscribers. It is billed annually. 

Convertkit plan and pricing

6. Mailerlite 

Create email marketing campaign with Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a much better service than Mailchimp because of its free plan generosity and many more free marketing features. 

Its marketing plan allows up to 1,000 free email list contacts, ideal for bloggers and content creators. The transactional plan is the right choice for e-commerce sites, especially if you want to integrate Mailerlite with a storefront like Shopify or woo-commerce.

The transactional plan has $1/1k emails and seven days of data retention. And you can send up to 12,000 emails monthly.

Marketing is the right plan if you’re starting with email marketing and need the essentials like automation builder, signup forms and popups, landing pages, and list-building tools.

Mailerlite Top Features

  • Collect and add up to 1,000 contacts before upgrading.
  • 24/7 email and chat support for the first 30 days (free plan users).
  • Automatically resend email campaigns to subscribers who still need to open your last campaign/newsletter.
  • Integrates with Facebook and collects leads with ads.
  • Unlimited monthly email sending for paid users.
  • Connect or synchronize your Mailerlite emails with Facebook to build a custom audience and reach new people. 
  • Create beautiful newsletters with a drag-and-drop editor dashboard and pick from hundreds of newsletter templates.
  • Build custom email automation sequences and create multiple automation triggers.
  • You can find the complete Mailerlite features on this page.

Mailerlite Pricing

Mailerlite also has a flexible pricing model, which allows you to calculate your price based on the size of your list. 

However, for a list of 1,000 contacts, the price starts at $9/month for the marketing plan. The transactional plan starts at $25/month if you send 50k emails and above.

The free plan allows 12k monthly emails on the Transactional plan and $1 per extra 1000 emails.

Malierlite pricing

FAQ – Best Alternatives to MailChimp

Do you have questions about similar Mailchimp email marketing software? Here are some questions you might be interested in knowing more about.

What is The Best alternative to Mailchimp For an Online Store

The best options for Mailchimp for a store depend on your specific needs and budget. However, Getresponse and Sendinblue are reliable alternative transactional marketing services for an online store. 

They offered marketing and sales automation tools for an online store, which help you sell more and manage customer relationships better.

What are the Free Alternatives to Mailchimp for a Shopify Store

Several emails, marketing automation, and CRM marketing software are considered excellent alternatives to Mailchimp; they include Getresponse, HubSpot email marketing, Brevo, etc.

To connect Getresponse with Shopify or Shopify Plus, follow this guide after upgrading to the eCommerce plan. There is a free 30-day trial period to test the feature. 

What Are Free Alternatives to Mailchimp for Landing Pages?

Many of the email marketing software listed above offer high-quality landing page builders. You can select from hundreds of premade landing page templates categorized by industry. Getresponse and Converkit offered one of the best landing page libraries in the industry.

From lead generation landing pages to selling products and hosting a webinar, they have hundreds of premade landing pages you can use in minutes.

What are Some WordPress Plugins Similar to Mailchimp

Convertkit has a WordPress plugin that connects your account with your WordPress blog. You can set up default web forms to automatically appear in a particular blog section. 

However, you can use other email marketing providers on your WordPress blog without plugins. They offer code to embed your web form on a WordPress blog. You can also insert unlimited form codes into your blog.


Mailchimp is undoubtedly an industry leader, but many email marketing services providers have also come a long way to pose a significant threat. 

And to today’s technology demands, many Mailchimp alternatives offer better features and tools, allowing small business owners to achieve incredible marketing goals.

The good news is that free alternatives to Mailchimp are not hard to find. You can start with this list to find the best email marketing software, which is better than Mailchimp.

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