Google Forms is free and is an excellent choice for creating online forms, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. 

It lacks many advanced form features to create more professional, personalized, and custom web forms. So, if you’re looking for Google Forms alternatives, we’ve got plenty of choices here. 

Read this post and find the best alternatives to Google Forms that suit your professional needs. 

But first, let’s see why Google Forms might not be the right choice for everyone.

Cons of Google Forms

Though Google Forms is free, intuitive, and allows unlimited form creations, file upload might be a BIG issue for non-Gmail users. 

If your customers or readers do not sign into their Google accounts or need to submit large files,  it may not be possible with Google Forms. 

Third-party services integration is another disadvantage of Google Forms that you must look into. 

While it has several free add-ons and integrated services, Google Forms integration with third-party services is limited compared to similar web forms like WPForms and Gravity Forms.  

That being said, let’s search through 5 of the best online contact forms builders better than Google Forms. 

Best Google Forms Alternatives

If you can’t find the essential features in Google Forms, you will find one of these alternatives to Google Forms sufficient for your needs.

Whether you want to create conditional logic web forms, conversational, Surveys, multi-step forms, popups, slide-ins, or embeds, you will discover many form features for different use cases here. 

Here we go…

1. WPForms

WPForms - WordPress Drag-and-Drop form builder

If you’re a WordPress user looking for the best Google Forms alternatives, WPForms is the best choice. It is a drag-and-drop WordPress form builder that lets you create any contact form effortlessly.

You can create unlimited forms using prebuilt templates for different contact forms. It has templates for feedback, accident reports, customer services, organization, newsletters, marketing, government forms, etc.

WPForms has over 600 readymade templates, making it a superior contact form builder to Google Forms. 

And integration is another significant advantage of WPForms over Google Forms. 

You can integrate WPForms with every popular tool in digital marketing to manage leads or extend its functions and features.

WPForms is GDPR compliant, allowing you to add the checkbox to your forms easily. Also, you can add reCAPTCHA to your form to protect spam and bot entries.  

You can download the free lite version, which gives you access to essential features but limits access to the premium features and add-ons.

Suppose you want to unlock features like the PayPal addon, Authorize.Net, entry form management, smart conditional logic, conversion tools, and form automation features; you must upgrade to one of the paid plans with these features. 

WPForms has many advanced features, which makes it far ahead of Google Forms. For example, it has form revision, allowing you to revert a form to its previous version or changes.

Check this post for more information about why WPForms is better than Google Forms.

WPForms Top Features 

  • Integration – WPForms support direct third-party integration, Zapier, and API.
  • Upload Files – Users can upload files and other media easily.
  • Form Templates – You don’t have to design from scratch; over 600 ready-made form templates are for every use case.
  • Offline Forms – WPForms offline add-on allows automatic form entries to be saved in the browser when the user’s internet connection is unavailable. 
  • Save and Resume – Users can fill web forms halfway and save them to complete later at their convenience. 
  • Conditional Logic – Create web forms that adapt the next steps based on the user’s previous inputs. 
  • Conversational Forms – Create contact forms that allow people to interact and complete longer forms without feeling bored.
  • Rich Text Submission – Users can style their content entries by bolding a particular text, italics, underlining, etc.
  • Payment Processors – You can integrate WPForms with your payment processors effortlessly. If you use PayPal,, Stripe, CreditCard, etc.… WPForms makes connecting these services easy. 

WPForms Plan & Pricing

There is a free version of the WPForms Lite plugin that gives you more free features than Google Forms. You can download the plugin, upload it to your WordPress site directly from the website, and upgrade if you require paid features. 

Here are the pricing and the four standard plans.

WPForms Pricing

2. GravityForms

Gravity Forms - home page

Gravity Forms is also a WordPress contact form plugin. 

It is one of the best Google Forms competitors that offers excellent form features and tools. 

However, one of the cons of Gravity Forms is that there is no free plan to test its premium license. 

But if you need a contact form builder with spam protections, integration with payment processors like 2Checkout, and Paypal, and other features like Webhook, Quiz, etc., you should try Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Top Features.

  • Integration – Gravity Forms allows connection with other tools like Dropbox, payment gateways, team collaboration tools, CRM, email marketing tools, etc.
  • Digital Signature – Users can sign your web forms on their devices using a touch screen, pen, touchpad, or mouse. 
  • Spam Protection – Gravity Forms integrate Akismet, Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3, and other advanced web security to keep form entries from bots and spammers.  
  • Drag & Drop For Builder – The drag-and-drop editor makes creating and designing your web form easy without coding. 
  • Responsive Design – Forms created in Gravity Forms are mobile responsive and adapt to the user’s device automatically. 
  • Paginated Forms – Break longer forms into multiple pages to make them more fun and convenient to fill out. 
  • Save and Continue – Your customers can partially fill out a web form and continue later at their convenience. 
  • Custom CSS – Flex your developer skill with custom CSS possibilities and take control of your contact forms. 
  • 30+ Form Filed – You can select/add to your contact form from over 30 form fields to collect the user’s data. 

Gravity Forms Plan & Pricing.

There is a free demo of Gravity Forms which you can access from this link. It lasts 14 days, and you can test every Gravity Form premium feature during your demo account. 

The Basic plan costs $59/yr for 1 site installation. If you want to use Gravity Forms on multiple sites, consider one of the Pro or Elite licenses. Here are the complete price details.

Gravity Forms Pricing

3. NinjaForms

Ninja Forms - home page

Ninja Forms is one of the most downloaded WordPress form builder plugins of all time; with over 90k active installations, it is one of the best Google Forms alternatives. 

Notable brands using NinjaForms include Forbes, American Red Cross, Duke University, Toyota, Harvard, YALE, and NBC. 

Like most WordPress form builders, Ninja Forms uses drag-and-drop form editors, making it easy to build complex form designs without coding. And it is beginner-friendly, too.

Ninja Forms is GDPR compliant and offers several form template features that make it easy to opt out of data privacy for users who request the right to be forgotten.

Ninja Forms Top Features

  • Premium Support – The Ninja Forms premium support is available to all paid users. 
  • Accept Payment – With its payment process add-ons, PayPal express checkout, Stripe, Elavon, Recurly, and Authorize.NET, you can accept payment on your store with Ninja Forms. 
  • Email Marketing – Integrate Ninja Forms with your email marketing solution to collect leads to your list. 
  • Integrations – Ninja Forms allows seamless connection with other productivity and collaboration tools like Zapeir, Slack, Trello, etc.
  • SEO and Mobile Friendly – Ninja Forms are mobile and SEO optimized; your contacts form will look the same irrespective of user devices. 
  • Unlimited – Ninja Forms does not limit how many forms you can create or send for form submissions. 
  • Spam Protection – Your forms are protected with built-in anti-spam protections against known and unknown bots and spammers. 
  • Add-ons – Several add-ons are available to extend the features of your Ninja Forms. You can find a list of different Ninja Forms add-ons on this page and their description

Ninja Forms Plan & Pricing 

Ninja Forms has a free lite version that is forever free to use. It comes with the core features, though it limits access to several advanced features, like the payment features and conditional logic, and it is suitable for beginners.

The Basic Ninja Forms license starts at $49/yr, which allows access to four add-ons and premium supports.

You get 10% off additional add-on purchases in the Basic plan.

Other higher licenses (Plus and Pro) come with 20% and 35% off an extra add-on purchase. If you want to install the Ninja Forms plugin on multiple sites, buy the Plus license (3 sites) or Pro package (20 sites).

Check the image below for complete Ninja Forms pricing and license type details.

Ninja Forms Pricing

4. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms 365 homepage

Microsoft Forms is part of the Office 365 suit, so technically, it is not totally a free Google Forms alternative. You must have an active Office 356 account to access the advanced Microsoft form builder features. 

However, you can still access Microsoft Forms for personal use only, which gives limited access to several essential features like an extended number of respondents and beautiful templates. 

You can create Quizzes, Questions, Response forms, Surveys, etc. Add basic features like a date picker, required field, drop-down, and access to more features that give you control over your forms. 

Forms created with Microsoft Forms can be shared directly to the social media platforms via a shareable link, QR Scan code, or directly sent to individuals.  

QR code in Microsoft Forms 365

Microsoft Top Features.

  • Create forms with multiple choice forms filed.
  • Add date picker 
  • Send form results to Microsoft Excel.
  • Share form links to social media, individual recipients, or allows users to scan with a QR code.
  • Add a rating field and custom rating icon.
  • Add images and videos to your forms. 

Microsoft Forms Plan & Pricing.

As I said, you need a Microsoft Office 365 account to access the premium forms features. 

The price depends on the plan you subscribe to. Several pricing plans and packages are available for personal, Enterprise, and Business licenses. For more information on the pricing and available features, check this Microsoft 365 website. 

5. HubSpot Forms

HubSpot Free online form builder

Hubspot is a marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platform with features allowing you to create free online web forms. It is one of the best Google Forms alternatives for beginners allowing free accounts.

You can build many form types with Hubspot forms, pop-ups, slide-ins, dropdown banners, embeds, standalone forms, etc.

The Hubspot form software is suitable for businesses booking appointments, and meetings, offering file downloads as incentives, and wanting to collect leads via web forms. 

Creating forms is easy with the drag-and-drop form editor and integrates with other Hubspot tools. Your form entries are automatically added to your Hubspot free CRM, where you can continue to engage and nurture leads. 

As a free user, you can create unlimited web forms and target users on your website with unique and relevant web forms. 

You can target exit intent, on scrolling, after x number of seconds on the page, page URL, list segments, device, location, etc. There are more targeting options you can play with to make form display more relevant and personalized to each user.

Hubspot Forms Top Features

  • Available to free users.
  • Drag and drop form builder editor.
  • Create and design many form types.
  • Automatically adds lead to Hubspot CRM.
  • Personalized form content and advanced website targeting options.
  • Add featured images to your forms.
  • Create a thank you page displaying after subscribers sign up for your forms.
  • Preview forms design and content on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.
  • Add a Call to action button. 
  • Redirect form submission link to custom URL or triggered file download. 
  • Third-party services integrations.

HubSpot Forms Plan & Pricing.

The Hubspot form is freely available to everyone with a Hubspot Hub marketing account. Aside from the free Hubspot forms, you can access more features like conversation tools, contact, ads and email, and reports in the free account. 

Upgrade your account if you need more advanced features like automation, SEO, feedback survey, removing Hubspot branding, and Workflow.

Check out the Hubspot breakdown pricing page for more details and an understanding of available features in each plan.


Google Forms is a dependable form builder for many small businesses and individual marketers. Still, some cons make it less appealing or suitable for everyone or their needs.

If you’re looking for better contact form builders than Google Forms, you have five options in this post. 

You can compare their offerings, accessibility, ease of use, and available free features to see which option is similar to Google Forms but offers the necessary features and tools. 

However, if you seek my advice, WPForms or Ninja Forms are the best free Google Forms alternatives worth the time and investment, especially if you’re a WordPress user.

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