There are SEO that let you gain valuable insight into your industry and competitors so you can make better marketing decisions backed by data, Serpstat is one of those SEO tools.

Serpstat is an SEO tool that lets you do competitor analysis, growth hacking, site audit, PPC keyword research, backlinks analysis, keyword position tracking, etc – Serpstat is a full-fledged SEO toolkit with all the marketing tools you’ll expect from an all-in-one SEO tool.

If you’ve used Semrush or Ahref before, you’ll find Serpstat easy to use and understand the data.

Before we go deep into today’s Serpstat review, there’s an amazing discount offer when you subscribe to a 6 – 12 months plan.

The Serpstat Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer is on at the moment and will come to an end on the 17th of Dec. For new customers subscribing to a 6 – 12 months plan, you get a 40% discount.

For existing Serpstat users you’ll save up to 30% on your subscription plan.

Serpstat black friday pricing table

Away from that, let’s dive in…Serpstat Review

Site Audit

Let’s start with the Serpstat SEO audit tool…

To build a Google-friendly blog, your website pages must be optimized and free of critical on-page SEO errors.

To achieve this, you need to run your site with an SEO audit tool that is efficient and super good.

Serpstat has an SEO audit tool that lets you run an in-depth on-page SEO audit on your site. It will detect any on-page SEO errors, report them, and provide recommended fixes so you don’t have to pay SEO professionals to help you out.

You don’t need to be an SEO guru to read and understand the issues and recommendations in Serpstat. Everything is well laid out in a simple layman’s language.

Here’s an SEO audit I run for my site using Serpstat:

On-page SEO reports - site audit

Like most SEO audit tools, the issues are categorized based on priorities – high, medium, and low.

You may need to attend to the high-priority issues as quickly as possible. These are on-page SEO errors that might be negatively affecting your search engine’s visibility.

To learn more about the issue in each row, how to fix it, and on what page the error occurs, you’ll need to click on the label.

This action will reveal all the information you need to make the SEO correction to that page.

Serpstat audit for cybernaira

Now, you only need to follow through on the recommendation and make the page as optimized as possible.

Keyword Research Tools

I found the Serpstat keyword tool one of the most efficient in the industry.

It let you run in-depth keyword research by SEO and PPC keyword research from Google and Yandex databases.

Under the SEO keyword research formula, you can run keyword research by:

  • Related Keyword
  • Competitors
  • Top pages
  • Search Questions
  • Search suggestions
  • Keyword selections

When you run your seed keyword in the tool, you get detailed information about each keyword in the report. The keyword data will help you in making marketing intelligence decisions based on the data.

Here are the keyword data you get from the report:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • CPC – Cost per click
  • PPC Competiton level
  • SERP Features
  • SERP Results

Keyword features in Serpstat

Website Analysis

If you want to explore your competitor’s SEO and PPC strategies, this is where you can dig into their data. Here you can see how your competitor’s search engine ranking has changed since 2015 or when they first appear in the Serpstat database.

Under the website analysis features, there are tools that let you uncover plenty of SEO and PPC strategies for you and your competitor’s website.

And tools that show you more of your website SEO and keyword data.

Website Analysis has two aspects you can explore for SEO, keyword, and competitor research – Domain Analysis and ULR Analysis.

Let’s go over each aspect briefly.

Domain Analysis

Under the domain analysis, you can see a host of SEO, keyword, traffic, and Google Ads PPC data for the analyzed domain.

First, it shows you all the organic keywords the analyzed domain in the project ranks in Google’s top 100 search results.

Serpstat groups these keywords in this order:

  • All Keywords – All ranking keywords
  • New – Keyword the domain started ranking for
  • Lost – Keywords the domain no longer ranks for.
  • Improved – Keywords that have moved up ranking positions.
  • Declined – Keyword that has lost ranking position.

orgamic keywords data

If you click on the “show all” link, you will get even more organic keyword data that can be helpful to your marketing decisions.

You will see the website page that ranks for each keyword, PPC competition level, estimated traffic number, number of Google search results, keyword cost-per-click, keyword difficulty, and position.

Domain analysis reports

These keyword data can be very useful for many purposes.

Now, let’s dig deeper…

The competitor in the organic search results is one powerful Serpstat feature that is helpful for competitor analysis.

These are websites that rank for similar keywords as your website pages on Google.

Competitors in organic search graph

If you want to dig more into each of your competitor’s website data, you can. Click on the domain you want to explore, it will reveal more data about the website.

You will be able to see their top website pages, ranking keywords, keyword trends over time, traffic trends, keyword position distribution, etc.

Top pages report

Domain vs. Domain

This feature lets you compare up to 3 websites side by side for Google keyword rank. You can see how they stack up against each other in the Google search ranking.

It is a great feature to discover keywords that your competitors rank for but not you. And the keywords you rank for but your competitors are not.

Domain versus Domain graph chart

This feature lets you explore your website and that of two other competitors’ main organic keywords data – along with other important keywords metrics.

SEO search Serpstat

URL Analysis

This feature allows you to explore website SEO data at the URL level.

So you can dig into the website pages individually and get more specific about your marketing plans.

To explore URL SEO and marketing data, enter the URL in the address bar.

You’ll get a detailed overview report of the analyzed URL – top organic keywords, keyword position distributions, missing keywords, ads examples, Facebook shares, and top organic competitors.

Keywords distribution graph

Compare URL

If competitor analysis is part of your marketing strategies, you’ll find these SEO features helpful.

Serpstat URL Compare feature lets you analyze up to three exact page URLs side by side and discover gaps within them. Here you can uncover missing keywords, common keywords, and the number of keywords each URL ranks for.

URL comparisson features in Serpstat

Let’s quickly move on to the Serpstat backlinks analysis tools…

As a full-fledged SEO tool, Serpstat offers backlink analysis tools that let you dig into website link profiles.

This is a powerful link-building and analysis tool to uncover your competitor’s link strategies, discover opportunities, and gain valuable insight into backlink profiles.

When you enter a URL in the search bar and run the search, the tool will return an overview of the analyzed URL link data.

Serpstat backlinks analysis feature

This dashboard gives you an overview of the analyzed URL referring domains, linking pages, new referring domains, Serpstat domain rank (SDR), referring IP, external domain, backlinks, etc.

To explore any of these data further, you need to click on the relevant link from the overview page or from the side menu.

Either way, you get the same data report.

Under the backlink SEO feature, there are other helpful tools to further analyze the URL data:

  • Anchors
  • Top Pages
  • Link Intersect
  • Malicious Sites

Batch Analysis

The batch analysis feature allows you to quickly compare domain and keyword data of up to 200 domains at a go.

Domain Batch Analysis

Domain analysis batch feature

Keyword Batch Analysis

You can analyze up to 100,000 keywords with the Serpstat Keyword batch analysis.

Before analyzing your keywords, you can set the filter and define the search engines. Also, you can set the parameters for keyword data – volume, keyword difficulty, cost, PPC competition, and result type.

Keywords batch tool - Serpstat

Search Engine Storm

In the world of SEO and search marketing, there is a constant need for change in search algorithms.

Serpstat search engine storm is a feature that monitors search ranking changes over the past 30 days.

The higher the storm rate, the more ranking has changed within the last 24 hours for both Google and Yandex search engines.

Storm dynamic tool in Serpstat

URL Submission

Search engines don’t often crawl web pages as quickly as webmasters might want. When you make changes to your web page, you want the current version index as quickly as possible.

Serpstat has a feature that allows you to submit up to 10,000 URLs to Bing and Yandex for indexing.

You’ll need to verify the domain ownership and make sure that the submitted web page is located under the domain.

Serpstat URL submission tool - indexnow

For more details on how to use the Serpstat indexnow URL submission tool, read this article.

Serpstat Black Friday Deals

Now that we’ve explored a bit of Serpstat’s great features, it’s time to get Serpstat at an incredible discount price never seen before.

Serpstat is used and trusted by over 400,000 users worldwide. From freelancers, SEO professionals, and SEO agencies to in-house SEO professionals, every business can benefit from using Serpstat.

For existing Serpstat users, you get a 30% discount when you subscribe to a 6 to 12 months plan. And for new customers who sign up for a Serpstat account, you get a whopping 40% discount when you subscribe to a 6 to 12 months plan.

That’s a great bargain for an SEO tool that rivals the likes of Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz.

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  1. Hi Shamsudeen,

    I have been thinking about getting Serpstat for my SEO needs, but I wasn’t sure. Your article gave me insight into this tool and helped me make a decision. I wasn’t aware of the Black Friday sale as well. With the latest discounts, I am very interested in trying out this tool myself. Thanks a lot for listing all the features of the tool and details about the deal. It has been a great help. Kudos on curating such an informational article.

    1. Hi, John,

      Serpstat is a great tool that tends to rival the likes of Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefs…though not yet on the same level, it gives you value for every dollar spent.

      Now is the best time to give Serpstat a try.

      Thanks for reading through, John.

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