Removing posts dates on Your Blog – Bad or Good Practice?

remove post datesAfter so many worries, considerations, meditation and research – and looking at it from both users and marketers points of view, I decided to write about it - removing posts dates from your blog and or, search engine results pages.

If you’ve noticed lately on this blog, I have removed post dates on it – though not yet permanent, still testing to see what really works better and what doesn’t.

But before anything, I have a question for you and this directly apply to webmasters – why removing post dates (in the case of those who have already done this on their blog) or would you wants to remove dates on your blog?
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Content Marketing Strategies: 5 ways To Market Your Existing Contents

content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies - in its literal meaning - is the process, tactics and strategies you planned and executes to market your existing published contents and not the process you undertook in writing a new one. The name of the concept is … [Continue reading]

How to make money on the internet

make money on the internet

If you run a quick Google search on "how to make money on the internet or online", I guess you'll be bombard with thousands and if not, millions of pages with very similar headlines like these - 10 sure-fire ways to make money online; 24 never to … [Continue reading]

Why Following The FootSteps Of Authority Bloggers Could Be Dangerous

bloggers to copy

Two years ago, I got started with blogging; it was a daily routine to always read top blogs and tried to follow in their footsteps - copy what they're doing and tried to implement it into my blog - everyone has some bloggers to … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Social Networking Qualities for Building Successful Blogging Career.

social networking

Don't be a lonely blogger; no man knows it all. Social networking and relationship building are just about what you'll need most in building that blog of your dream. I learned this lesson the hard way, and until I did; all about my blogging career … [Continue reading]

How To Get More Comments To Your Blog Post

get more comment

Get yourself a chair, a jug full of water or coffee – whichever is your favorite………because this might take a bit longer than usual. In a very recent development, an authority blog just shot down the comment section of its blog and says, “No more … [Continue reading]

Social Networking Sites For Marketing Blog – Which Is The best?

social networking sites

With all the buzz/hype about how important social networking sites for marketing blog can easily drive free targeted traffic to your blog/websites, is easy for bloggers to get tempted trying to be in all these social networking places – marketing his … [Continue reading]

How to become a better writer

become a better writer

This is another installment post in our series of how to write an article that get read…… but this time, we’re looking at how to become a better writer. Hope you’ll share with us through the comment box below your vast experience so far on how you’ve … [Continue reading]

5 Blogging Myths You’ll Need To Debunk In 2014

blogging myths

There are lots of blogging myths been inherited from generation to generations of bloggers; and the worst case is - most of us accept and believe these things without evaluating their true position or benefits. Most of these blogging myths get … [Continue reading]

WordPress Themes – Yoast Releases Three Themes

wordpress by yoast

Joost De Valk,  developer of the number one self acclaimed popular WordPress SEO  plugin - WordPress SEO by Yoast - add another mind-blowing product to their achieves - Yoast WordPress Themes. This indeed is another great achievements by Yoast and … [Continue reading]