3 Ways to Kickstart Your Online Business This Year Without Failing

kick start your business

It is another warm moment here at CyberNaira as I have in the house today another guest author. Today, we have Oyema Shedrak from Nairawealth speaking to us on the 3 important tips to kickstart your online business this year and beyond…..over to you Shedrach. Online businesses are one thing that gives any person the […]

5 Advance SEO Techniques 2015 That Really Works

seo techinques of 2015

Content marketing is all about strategically distribution of your quality content to find targeted audience; search engine optimization is an integral part of the most important strategies to gain higher visibility in search result pages which should be your most trusted and reliable distribution channels to focus your energy, resources and time on. From time to time, […]

3 Stages To Build a Blog Worth Reading – From Newbie to Pro blogger

how to build a blog

Just as I sit on the chair, thinking about my activities in internet marketing, how far and well have I done with my blog; something from inside just struck within on how to build a blog, and immediately, I picked up my Android smart phone, click on the WordPress android app installed on it and […]

Why I Switch Back To Prose Theme on Genesis Framework From StudioPress

facebok chats with adesoji adegbolu

If you’re a regular reader of this blog since last past three months, you already know this is not the usual theme you see as the blog design. I use Parallax theme from StudioPress, but as from today, am saying Goodbye to it. But first, let’s get this straight……it is not an easy decision for […]

How to write a perfect blog post when you’re clueless In 20 Minutes

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Nothing I shared here is new, there is no secret to how to write a perfect blog post even when you’re clueless in as little time as possible; as a writer, you know within that you must write. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re ready or not, the deadline is just around the corner. How […]

Are You Promoting More Than You Blog?

blog post promotion

Thanks for keeping a date with me, I guess no need for any intro or formalities, right? I already did that in my blog updates last week, so if you’re here during that time and fortunate to have read my last post….what you’re about to continue reading is a guest contribution from Sherman Smith that […]

Attention!!! Sherman Smith Will Be CyberNaira First Ever Guest Author

guest blogging

CyberNaira – Blogging Tips to Help You Make Money Online was born some years ago – 2 years, seven months and 14 days ago; and from that time up to the moments of writing this content, I have been the sole author and manager of the blog. Well, that’s not by accident or unwanted…..I determine to […]

10 Guest Blogging Tips I Learned on 8 Different Blogs In 2014

guest blogging opportunities

Last year, 2014……I had the privilege of guest blogging on a few well-known blogs on the internet; not too many though, since I’m a bit selective when it comes to where and when to guest blog, and in all honesty, am not a big fan of using guest blogging to grow my blog. Not that […]

Blogging for Beginners: 67 Lessons I Learned In 2 1/2 Year of Blogging


Two and half-year ago, I started this crazy thing called “Blogging”, it wasn’t all that an easy journey so far, I must admit. Lots of pitfall, obstacles, mistakes, challenges….then along came some happy moments, success stories, achievement etc. In that early beginning, to be precise – 3rd July 2012 – the day I registered this […]

On-page SEO: 7 Advance Guide To a Better SEO Optimized Page

on-page seo optimization

As a content marketer, one of your most important tasks is to help both your human visitors and search engines crawlers to better understand what the content on each of your pages stands for…..the specific question they provide answers to. Unlike your human visitors, search engines spiders can’t read text on a page; they follow […]