12 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Smart Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable monetization strategy to earn passive income from internet marketing and blogs. However, without an effective affiliate marketing strategies, it could be a very daunting task to make money from this internet business model. Affiliate marketing is an ideal business model for any size of blog and traffic […]

My SFI Affiliate marketing Program Review


I have been a member of SFI affiliate marketing program since 2011 – that’s about 3 years ago – but then, I didn’t know much about internet marketing and its environments, so to be honest with you, I would say not much have I attempt to do with SFI affiliate network program except from log […]

7 Things That Will Never Change On The Internet

seo best practices

As at the time I heard about the internet, my mentor then used to reference some household names in the industry as case studies or tool for certain purposes. I started with them, and since that time they have been massively involved in my day-to-day internet business activities in one way or the other; and […]

How to Write a Blog Post For Search Engines And Not Human Visitors

Google keyword planner

Yes!……..you heard that right. That’s what I said – how to write a blog post for search engines and not human visitors  You see there is a very BIG problem I see around in most blogs I visited that write about this topic and that is…..every author is telling you “don’t write your content for […]

How to be successful In Life – 8 Steps To Achieve Success

achieve success

Achieving great success in life – either in business or personal development – is not an easy task and even some great minds attribute part of it to luck, something which often we can’t control. Sometimes solving problems and executing fast isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. The biggest factor in a […]

Google Authorship is dead – The end of Rel=Author

Google Authorship

In one of my previous post I write about how claiming Authorship for your published content could help boost click-through rate in search traffic and even increase your social media influence in online marketing. Today I’m sad to announce to you that Google authorship is now a thing of history. In the words of +Jonh […]

8 Reasons Your Blog Is Going to Fail and How to Fix Them.

your blog is going to fail

According to a source, there are more than 300 million blogs on the internet already, but about 70 to 80% of those figures are inactive blogs or better put they’re complete failure. And the rest 30% too, about 15 to 25% of it doesn’t get more than 1,000 unique visits per months. Only about 5% […]

18 Posts Ideas to drive targeted website traffic to your website

drive targeted website traffic

One of the biggest obstacles most bloggers are facing in internet marketing is growing their blog traffic beyond 50 unique daily visitors or 100 page-view per day. Those early days of most bloggers are certainly the most difficult era in his blogging career; because you will have to be putting in all you got without […]

5 Social Media Strategies to Boost SEO

Google+ rel=author

The Journey of a thousand miles start with taking the first step…that’s what is most important in undertaking any adventure. This analogy maybe compare to the ever evolving world of search engine optimization for starters becoming professionals. While the task, steps or whatever needed to achieve better search engine visibility maybe overwhelming – this can […]

Save $1700 – Get StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package For $299.95

Attention!!! This promo offer has ended and the price of StudioPress Themes has gone back to its normal prices respectively Including Genesis Framework. Thank you!  Keep checking back regularly – I will be updating this post with new discount offer as soon as is available.    Yes, you heard that right! Studiopress are on it […]