5 Social Media Strategies to Boost SEO

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The Journey of a thousand miles start with taking the first step…that’s what is most important in undertaking any adventure. This analogy maybe compare to the ever evolving world of search engine optimization for starters becoming professionals. While the task, steps or whatever needed to achieve better search engine visibility maybe overwhelming – this can […]

Save $1700 – Get StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package For $299.95

Yes, you heard that right! Studiopress are on it again – from now till 5 p.m Pacific time on Friday August (22/08/2014) you can get All StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package ever made and in the future for just only $299.95 if you go now and get it. What this offer mean is: You’re saving […]

Why Google Should Start Penalizing Sites For Removing Dates From Blog Posts

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Again, the debate over either removing dates from blog posts is good or bad blogging practice has surface once more. But this time, I’m not going to sit on the fence. Sometimes ago, I published an article in which I gave an advice why following in the footsteps of authority bloggers could be dangerous. I […]

5 Effective Blog Commenting Strategies – Save Your Energy And Time

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One of the biggest obstacles facing a blogger when starting out with your blog for the very first time is getting visitors to read your valuable blog posts; getting five, ten visitors a day could be a very difficult thing to achieve. As time flies by more and more energy is being put into making […]

What’s Your Take On Blog Commenting Reciprocate

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I belong to a community of bloggers on LinkedIn called “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. Yes as the name literally state, it is a group of bloggers coming together to help each another in mostly, engagement. I love this group so much that most of my time spent in any online bloggers communities this group takes more […]

InfoGraphic – How to Improve Website User Experience

Recently, I have read more of Neil Patel quickSprout blog and was amazed by the quality of information shared there. Reading Neil Patel’s blog was full of fun and learning.  This week I caught up with something that grab my attention and love to share it here with you….it’s about improve website user experience. It […]

SEO Software – 15 Reasons You Should Consider SEO PowerSuite

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What are you looking for when making a decision on what SEO software tool to buy? How do you identify and pick out the best search engine optimization tool and making sure every single penny spent on it gives back return on investment? The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is,”of what […]

Web Hosting Coupon Discount: FREE 3 Months From WpEngine

In case you might have missed this special web hosting coupon discount from WpEngine, one of the very best web hosting service providers in the industry; here is it again for your delight. From now till August 31 2014 (this month ending) WpEngine is giving out a whooping 3 months FREE HOSTING when you pay […]

How to make money from affiliate marketing with Content Marketing

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To have better understanding of this post you’re reading, is best you read my last post on how I made $205 from affiliate marketing by writing few blog posts to promote the affiliate products first. If you have already done so, let’s move on with our discussion. In most things we do in life….timing is […]

How I Earned $205 Affiliate Commissions By writing Just Four Blog Post

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In my last blog post, I made mention of how I managed to earn $205 affiliate commissions on SEO Power Suites software from two sales by writing four blog post to promotes the products; today, I want to discuss with you various ways in which an affiliate could earn more by doing less work. Less […]