How I Earned $205 Affiliate Commissions By writing Just Four Blog Post

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In my last blog post, I made mention of how I managed to earn $205 affiliate commissions on SEO Power Suites software from two sales by writing four blog post to promotes the products; today, I want to discuss with you various ways in which an affiliate could earn more by doing less work. Less […]

Reason I Went on Vacation And Back to Blogging After 40 Days

back to bloging

After embarking on an accidental (I call it accidental because I didn’t planned for it) vacation from blogging and the internet for over 40 consecutive days; I feel so good, healthy and completely refresh to be back here. It was unintentional to be away from blogging and my internet activities completely but it turns out […]

25 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

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Lets face it, is not an easy task to get traffic to your website especially when you’re just starting out. I know, I too have tried a lot to get “free” target traffic to my blog but is not just as easy as the marketing “Guru’s” have made us believe. But, is not hard either […]

How To Learn SEO Step By Step – 20 Resources

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Everyday on the internet, more and more blogs are being created, the competition or the race for first pages of search engines becomes more and more fierce. Webmasters are increasingly finding ways to learn seo (search engine optimization) and beat their competitors to it – SERP. But that doesn’t seems to solve the problem, as […]

How to Choose The Right SEO Software That Best Fit Your Needs

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A good quality (search engine optimization) SEO software will provide you with the right tools that will enable you carry out your SEO task with ease, and completely automate the process of optimizing your website/blog for maximum search engine visibility. And as a result, will dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic […]

5 Reliable Affiliate Network Programs Worth Checking

affiliate network program

Unless you’re new here – I mean in internet marketing – you must have join an affiliate network programs of one merchant or the other. However, finding reliable affiliate marketing programs that houses many merchant products and services to promotes sometimes becomes the real problem. Most affiliate programs are relatively free to join and require […]

7 facebook advertising best practice

By: mkhmarketing

In recent times, I have indulge in online advertising and more especially, Facebook advertising. While it looks so simple and straight forward to understand the ads segments, there are things to avoid when promoting your content on Facebook. Today, I want to discuss what are my latest finding about Facebook advertising best practice. Though, it […]

A look at WebCEO SEO tools

By: SEOPlanter

tools that enable you to come clean with getting your search engine optimization of your websites – either that of your own or your clients. Web CEO tools comes in two version – online application and desktop version. Both of these version comes with plenty of SEO features that completely allow you to carry out […]

Paid Blog Promotion – 3 questions before You Jump Into It

paid blog promtion

Looking back at everything I went through in the early days of my blogging career; and analyzing what it takes to be where my blog stands today….there are things I wish I had done long time ago, if I had discover them early - Paid blog promotion. Now that I have discover and utilize them and seeing […]

7 ways to optimize your content for social media shares and traffic

social media optimization

Social media sites has become an integral part of our today’s online marketing strategies; and no doubt every marketer now uses it to drives traffic, engagement, leads and consequently, increase sales potential. As a content marketer, among what you should really care about is the impact the numbers of shares, likes, re-tweet and +1 your […]