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People or businesses create websites to expand the number of customers, grow user loyalty, increase the generation of leaderboards, and do some marketing. But all these goals ultimately converge into a great one – make enough money!

So, if you want to generate substantial revenue through your site, we will help you start quickly and clearly. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most effective methods to achieve substantial earnings from your website, and we’ll guide you in selecting the path that aligns best with your preferences.

In addition, we will explain to you how the Collaborator platform helps you achieve your goals. Let’s jump in.

Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing, you earn simply by advertising the products or services of other companies or professionals.

Your benefit is a commission from the number of conversions to the target link. Accordingly, the more customers make targeted actions, the more your earnings.

Diagram how affiliate marketing works

Source: https://www.nichepursuits.com/is-affiliate-marketing-legit/

Many millions of cases on the Internet confirm the profitability of Affiliate Marketing. Along with record holders who earn tens of dollars a month, there are standard cases with 250-500% ROI.

For example, promoting DingoVPN, one media buyer made about $2,400 profit in one month at an ROI of 440%!

How do you start earning?

  1. Find a niche. If you are not a professional in any field, do not know the subtleties, but want to earn a lot – try to adjust the products or services in the Adult sphere, BAA’s products, or SaaS solutions. But be prepared to compete. Choosing something you are passionate about is likely to lead to success.
  2. Select advertising networks. Not all advertising networks work with all niches. For example, in adults, one of enormous earnings, but only a few advertising networks agree to work in this niche, and commissions are high. Here are some networks that will help you start a company:
    1. ShareAsale – You can choose any direction, help any of the 5,000+ sellers on the platform, and make good money.
    2. Amazon Affiliate – Register on one of the most reliable platforms, where tens of thousands of vendors find web admins and help them earn.
  3. Negotiate terms of cooperation and earn. You must carefully read and accept the terms of collaboration with the platform. You should know the conditions of work and remuneration, times and methods of receiving money.
  4. Create a separate landing page or page where clients will perform targeted actions.
  5. Draw an audience’s attention through social media, emails, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and images, accordingly increasing your earnings. Get clicks on your affiliate link and make money.

Displaying ads

If in the previous way of earnings you advertise partner, in this way you sell space for advertising or rent it. You also get money for the targeted actions of the leaders, but do not create a site for this; only use the free space to place a banner with different offers:

  • Call to go to the site;
  • Call to download the document;
  • Promotion, etc.

Here’s an example of a promotional partner on a skateboarding website.

example of promotional banner

How do you start earning?

First, you need to prepare a page and advertising space for placement. It is best if it is a page with related goals. For example, you can place a banner for your delivery partner on the delivery page of your product.

It will help to simplify the experience with you and get additional commissions.

Second, register on platforms like Adsterra or Buysellads to get more partners.

If you want to set a high price for placing ads and earn more, you need to analyze the high-quality content on your site. The higher its DA, and consequently lower the spam rating, the better and more profitable you will be.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a “win-win” strategy. You’ll provide your visitors with relevant and engaging content and make money. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Guest posts on your website will help you earn more and improve your content strategy. But earnings and indicators directly depend on the high-quality content on your site, the right choice of partners, as well as the terms of cooperation. 

If you maintain high DA and DR ratings and low SPAM ratings and choose similar partners, you always get more than just money for publishing.

At the same time, you should refuse to publish sites with low performance and questionable reputations.

It is essential to know that press releases or articles placed by other businesses or bloggers should be related to your field. You can also create custom content yourself and increase your income.

How do you start earning?

Create a Write for us” page, post guest posting guidelines on your website, and accept pitches from guest writers. 

You can take the opportunity to website monetization via guest posts in the Collaborator platform.

Collaborator website homepage

It is an easy and efficient way to get only verified content from trusted customers all the time. 

Just five steps and start earning steadily with Collaborator:

  1. Register.
  2. Add the site to the catalog and set conditions for advertisers.
  3. Confirm orders from advertisers.
  4. Fulfill the requirements and publish the submitted content.
  5. Get the money.

Website flipping

Website flipping is an earnings strategy where you create or buy websites, improve them, and sell them at a higher price. This way is an entire investment. The better the performance of the site will be after your work, the more you will earn.

How do you start earning?

  1. Define your niche:

Choosing the site’s topic is always better which you know better.

  1. Buy a domain and website:

You can do this on Flippa or Upwork. You can buy a new domain or use an existing one.

  1. Pump it up:

Browse your website and see how to: 

  • create a more modern design, 
  • update content;
  • optimize SEO.
  1. Estimate its cost:

Analyze it with DA/DR, Spam Rate, Organic Traffic, and other indicators using Ahrefs tools or free audit platforms Similarweb, Semrush, Moz, etc.

  1. Sell it:

Put it up for sale on the same Flippa-like platforms.

Sell a product or services.

Create a website to attract potential customers to your product or service.

Example of product selling website

Source: https://www.made.com/

  • It can be a portfolio where you collect the best projects, show them as CVs, and allow ordering services.
  • Or a blog where you post helpful information to subscribers.
  • Or it could be a mini online store that will help you sell products (from handmade to professional outcomes.)

You can produce products and run their courses with extensive experience and expertise in a specific field.

For example, as a fitness instructor, you can conduct group/individual workouts and start online training to help customers normalize their diet and lose weight. And this is just one way.

You can run courses in any field.

How do you start earning?

If you already have a product you produce or experience delivering certain services, you have everything you need. It will only remain to make a modern site with a unique design and earn.


One of the most popular ways to earn extra money. So, you conduct your main activity and place the possibility that the most loyal customers will donate to you.

Example of website donation form

Source: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/happy7 

How do you start earning?

  1. The first thing to do is to register on BuyMeACoffee, Patreon, and similar platforms.
  2. Next, you need to place a link to your account for users.
  3. Be sure to publish unique, fascinating content for the most loyal followers.

Final Thoughts

You can choose the most promising earning option based on experience and preferences. These ways will help you make stable enough money without leaving home.

In addition, you can always take advantage of the extended functionality of Collaborator and earn more by getting quality guest posts from trusted sites.
So join the millions of other people making a living from their websites!

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