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If you’ve been looking to try Surfer SEO but fear the expensive subscription plan, I have good news. 

The Surfer SEO Black Friday deals have incredible discounts from November 24th through December 8th, 2023. That’s seven days to try and get hold of the industry’s most popular AI content optimization tool. 

If your business is content-driven, then Surfer SEO is one of the best gifts to get yourself this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 


Using the Surfer AI-powered SEO tool, you can research, create, and optimize content to rank for relevant keywords and beat the competition. It provides detailed insight into keyword usage, recommendations, word counts, headings, images, etc.

The best part is that Black Friday makes it even possible for low-budget marketers to access Surfer SEO without breaking your bank account. 

So, let’s check the complete Surfer Black Friday discount details. 

  • Offer Date – Nov 24th – Dec 8th
  • Discount #1 – 30% off annual subscription
  • Discount #2 – 10% off monthly subscription for six months.
  • Bonus – Extar AI article per year if you subscribe to the Surfer AI plan (Details below)
  • Coupon code – Not needed. Auto-applied on the checkout.
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Surfer SEO Black Friday

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Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals – Full Details

The Surfer SEO Promo sales run from November 24th till December 8th. Two discount plans are available during Black Friday: 

Surfer Black Friday 2023 - the-SURFER VERSE
  • Surfer SEO 10% off monthly plan for the first six months.
  • Surfer SEO 30% off the first 12-month plan (Annual plan)

As you can see, there is no excuse to miss out on this year’s biggest Surfer SEO special offers sale. You have up to seven days to make a purchase and a whopping 30% off the 12-month plan.

Surfer SEO 30% Discount landing page for the bfcm deal

Unless you need Surfer SEO briefly, consider the annual plan, which offers more value for money. 

The discount value is available on all Surfer subscriptions. Whether you’re subscribing to the Essential, Advanced, or Max plan, the discount price applies to your purchase.

However, this special offer is only available to new customers only. Existing account or Surfer SEO users are not eligible for benefits from this offer. 

Here are this year’s Surfer Black Friday discount sale details.

  • Offer Date – November 24th – December 8th
  • Offer #1 – 10% off monthly plan for six months.
  • Offer #2 – 30% off 12 months plan
  • Coupon Code – Not required.

Surfer SEO Regular Price vs Black Friday Discount

You must know how much you will save if you purchase a Surfer SEO plan this Black Friday. So, you can make the best of the opportunity and get the best deal suitable to your content needs. 

Here is a summary or breakdown of the Surfer SEO regular price versus the Black Friday deals. 

Surfer Essential Plan

The Essential plan offers basic tools and features of Surfer SEO, suitable for individual and small content teams. Costs $69 and $89 for regular, yearly, and monthly, respectively. 

However, Surfer has decreased the price to $579.8 and $80.1 monthly for the yearly and monthly billing, respectively. Note that the 10% off monthly plan discount is only valid for the first six months, and the $579.8 is a one-time payment for the 12 months of billing. 

So, if you want the best deal, get the yearly plan. This way, you can save more money while getting the best value. 

You can access 180 content editor articles, 2 organization seats, WordPress integration, and other notable features. 

Surfer Advanced Plan

As the name suggests, the Advanced Surfer SEO plan is the perfect tool for businesses and marketers with a high need for content creation and optimization. 

For the regular price, the Advanced plan costs $179 monthly billing, and $149/mon for the yearly plan. 10% off the monthly plan puts you at $161.1 for the next six months, while the 12-month billing costs you $1,251.6 instead of $1,788 upfront. 

Surfer Max Plan

Max AI plan, which offers the full Surfer SEO power, features, and tools, is ideal for SEO agencies and businesses with high needs for optimized content at scale. You should try the Surfer SEO Max plan for freelancers who consistently need to meet client demand and deliver high-quality work.

The month-to-month plan costs $299, while the 12-month one-time billing costs $2,988 at regular prices. 

You can get really big if you purchase the Max plan. 

Surfer SEO Black Friday deals bring the month-to-month billing down to $269.1 for the next six months. The one-time 12-month plan saves you a whopping $896.4, bringing the price down to $2,091.6.

As you might have noticed, now is the best time to buy any Surfer SEO plans and save money. 

How to Access Surfer SEO Black Friday Discount Sales

Follow the advice below for a step-by-step guide on accessing and activating the Surfer SEO Black Friday week special price.   

Step #1. 

Follow this link right here to navigate to the official Surfer Black Friday page. This is the only page where you get the biggest discount price for the Surfer tool.

Surfer SEO BFCM Landing page

Step #2. 

Choose the best Black Friday landing page plan that fits your content needs. In case you need a reminder, here are the Surfer SEO plan on sale for this Black Friday week:

  • Essential (AI) – Suitable for individuals and freelancers with basic or minimal content needs.
  • Advanced (AI) – Ideal for marketers and businesses with consistent needs for content. 
  • Max (AI) – Perfect for SEO and content writing agencies that must produce SEO-optimized content at scale.

Note: Surfer has just released a new pricing set and plans, including its AI content writing features. This new plan allows you to use Surfer AI to create SEO-optimized content for a year. Depending on the plan, you can write up to 240 AI articles for the year.

You must toggle the button to the right if you want to subscribe to the Surfer AI plan. Look at the image below to learn how it works.

If you don’t want to include the AI writing in your plan, toggle the button to the left of your screen.

Surfer AI Landing page for the BFCM deal

Step #3. 

Remember to choose between the monthly or annual plan. You must do this; otherwise, the preset option will be reflected in your cart. 

Surfer 30% and 10% discount option

Step #4. 

Click the Start Now button to proceed to the checkout page. 

Between the opening of the checkout page, you need to complete your account registration process. To save time, sign up with your Gmail account or another option on the page. 

Surfer SEO Signup page

After that, fill in all the billing details required and click the Pay button. As you can see in the image below, the corresponding 30% discount is automatically added to the purchase.

So, entering any Surfer SEO coupon code or special characters is not required. Your cart automatically gets discounted by a 30% Surfer SEO holiday coupon code.

The Stripe payments system powers surferSEO checkout, so you need a valid credit card to complete the payment.

Surfer SEO checkout cart page

Once your payment is finalized, you can explore your new Surfer SEO features and tools. It’s time to start optimizing new and existing content with the power of AI Surfer SEO tools.  

Benefits of Surfer SEO Black Friday Discount Price

Why bother subscribing to Surfer SEO this Black Friday and Cyber Monday week? I guess you’re wondering if using Surfer would bring significant results to your business.

After all, it’s useless for any tool to have so many features without helping your business grow. 

There are several reasons or advantages for marketers to use Surfer to create new content and optimize existing ones. 

Surfer is not just a writing tool but a slew of armies scrubbing the SERP, looking for signals, correlations, and patterns within the top-ranking pages; then, it suggests optimization tips based on existing data. 

It is a data-intelligent platform constantly looking for what makes content rank in Google and other search engines.  

If you’re not still convinced you need Surfer SEO, here are some of its top features that help marketers move to the top of search. 

Surfer AI

Surfer AI is developed to help marketers write content that drives traffic. 

It is the perfect tool for marketers to improve content quality, identify semantically related keywords, and help create content based on an already working formula. 

From generating content ideas to creating the outline, drafting, editing, and optimizing, you can do everything with Surfer AI in less than 5 minutes. 

So, if you want to create more content, keep consistency, and generate high-quality SEO-optimized content, you should try Surfer AI.  

500+ Optimization Data Points

No other content audit and optimization tool gives you the level of data you get with Surfer SEO. 

It checks your content against 500+ SEO content optimization signals in popular search engines like Google and Bing, analyzes your competitor’s ranking pages, gathers ranking correlations, and gives you a complete analysis of what makes a content rank. 

With this data, you can save time researching, trial and error, and work with more intelligence, creating content destiny to win.


Surfer SEO integrates with the tools you already use in your day-to-day digital marketing tasks. It has built-in integration with Google Docs and Jasper AI so that you can write with confidence and a lot faster.

If you don’t want to use an AI writing tool but prefer crafting your word in Docs, you can take the Surfer SEO optimization tool. The Google Docs extension allows you to write content optimized for search intent within Docs. 

Keyword Research

One of Surfer’s extensive SEO capabilities is keyword research. 

You don’t need another keyword tool if you use Surfer. It has a powerful keyword research tool lets you get deep insight into keyword data. 

It shows you the keyword LSI terms and related search phrases and guides you toward correctly using each qualified term. So, you don’t have to worry about keyword overuse or stuffing. 

Content Editor

There is no need to compose your article in WordPress or other editors and then import it into Surfer for optimization. That’s too much stress on top of the already distracting marketing world.

You can write, edit, format, and optimize your content with the Surfer SEO editor. This means all the content produced in Surfer is ready to go. And if you’re a WordPress user, you’ll love the next feature even more.

WordPress Integration

Surfer integrates directly with your WordPress blog through a free plugin, allowing you to import content directly to the WordPress editor.

So, free yourself and save time from copying and pasting articles, which might not even format properly. With the WordPress integration, you can save hours and seamlessly work between Surfer and WordPress. 

Shareable Content

Invite your freelance writer to benefit from Surfer SEO guidelines without sharing your login details or letting them log into your account.

This feature is beneficial if you hire freelance writers and want them to follow specific SEO guidelines or formulas. 

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Surfer SEO has a built-in plagiarism checker tool, ensuring your content is unique and original. It uses its internal algorithm to check for duplicate content on the web and analyze your entry within the Surfer content editor.

So, you don’t need another plagiarism detection tool if you have Surfer SEO AI. 


You can put your name, label, or logo on Surfer SEO products and solutions. Make them your own, and serve your client with a more customized experience without doing any of the hard work. 

This is an excellent solution for content writing agencies, SEO professionals, and businesses looking to attract more clients. 


Developers can plug into the Surfer web app through an Application Programming Interface. Use Surfer data to query your app, deploy applications in bulk, customize your application, and analyze data effortlessly. 


Surfer AI is an excellent content audit, writing, and optimization tool. It lets marketers optimize for the right keyword and search intent, beating competitors in SERP.

However, its expensive price prevents many beginners and low-budget marketers from trying the tool. But that is not the case anymore; with the Surfer SEO Black Friday deals, you can make your purchase for less than the regular price. 

The best part, Surfer offers a no-question-asked 7-day money-back guarantee policy. So, if you used the SEO software and don’t like it for any reason, within 7 days, you can request a refund and get your money back. 

That’s how far the developer trusts the tool and puts their effort, resources, and time on the line. 

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