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The Astra theme header builder customizer allows you to use a solid or transparent header for your website design. The transparent header option offers a unique and beautiful design to enhance your website experience.

However, there are situations where you might prefer the solid header for visibility, branding, and improving user experience. 

If you’ve been trying to disable transparent header in Astra theme but haven’t figured it out, this article provides a step-by-step guide to fix it. 

Following the instructions below, you can turn off the Astra theme transparent header sitewide and on specific posts or get a troubleshooting guide if the problem persists. 

Without further delay, let’s jump on the tutorial. 

How Astra Theme Transparent Header Works

First, knowing how transparent headers work with the Astra theme is essential. This will allow you to know whether to disable or leave it as it is. You might even want to customize its appearance instead of turning it off completely. 

The transparent header, when active, will set your site’s primary header background to transparent. It will move the above-the-fold content a bit up the page. This might merge the primary header and content and make them overlapping.   

In essence, the top part of the page content will overlap with the primary header and become part of its background. Since the primary header background is transparent, this overlapping will not affect the website design or main header color and content. 

Here is a video that describes the flow in detail.

Adding Transparent Header in Astra Theme

Adding a transparent header to your website with the Astra theme is easy. You don’t need any technical skills to do it. 

Follow the step guide below to turn off the transparent header in the Astra theme.

Disable Transparent Header Sitewide

Ensure you’re using the latest version of the Astra theme, as the older version before Astra 1.6.0 required Astra Pro to enable the transparent header option.

However, since Astra version 1.6.0, the transparent header feature is available in the free Astra theme. 

Go to Appearance>Theme>Customize>Header Builder> and click Transparent Header under the Header Type section. 

Astra theme customizer for transparent header option.

You must click Enable on the Complete Website to open more customization options. 

Once enabled, you will see other options to customize the transparent header visibility device type, select different logos for the transparent header or retina devices, and adjust the logo width. 

You can:

  • Enable it sitewide.
  • Use on post or page only.
  • Disable it on the latest post page.
  • Disable the transparent header on the 404, search, and other archives pages. 
  • You can disable it on the website blog page.
Astra theme transparent header settings options

The Design Tab allows you to customize its appearance, such as color, background overlay, site title, menu color, social, account, etc. 

To add a transparent logo, click the “Select Image” button to open the WordPress media library. Choose your logo from the library, and click “Choose Image” to upload. 

Remember to customize the logo to fit your website design and click the Publish button when you’re done. From now on, your transparent logo should be visible on the website for visitors. 

Disable Transparent Header on Specific Pages/Posts

Sometimes, you might need to disable the transparent header on specific posts or page post types. If this is the case, follow the below instructions. 

Instead of switching off the toggle button that says “Enable on Complete Website”, review the option on the page and toggle off the option you don’t need. 

For example, if you don’t want the transparent header on all posts, deactivate it by toggling off the corresponding button. 

Astra theme transparent header customization options.

This will remove the transparent header effect on all blog post types, but it will remain active on all other pages of your website. You can do this for each post or page, but you don’t want the effect to be active. 

Additionally, the Astra theme allows you to choose which device type to display or remove transparent headers for visitors. 

In the above image, the “Enable On” option allows you to choose between Desktop, Mobile, or Desktop + Mobile view for the transparent header. This means you can have a different logo for your website desktop traffic and a different one for mobile traffic or have one unique header logo for both users. 

In summary, these options are available on the transparent header customizer General settings page- as per Astra 4.6.12.

  • Enable on Complete Website – This setting enables the transparent header logo on all your website pages. Recommended if you want to have it displayed sitewide. 
  • Disable on 404, Search & Archives Pages – You should enable this option to turn off the transparent header on these pages.
  • Disable on the Blog page – From Homepage Settings, if you set your homepage to display the latest posts, the front page becomes a Blog page. If you want to disable the transparent header on this blog post page, enable this option.
  • Disable on Pages –  This option will disable the transparent header on all pages.
  • Disable on Posts – This option will also turn off the transparent header on all post types.

This is just one of the beauty and customization capabilities of the Astra theme. 

Now, the options above allow us to remove the transparent header on a post or page type, but what if you want to disable the transparent header on a particular page or post? 

In such a case, open the individual page or post you want to disable the transparent header. Open it in the Gutenberg editor, and click the Astra Theme Page Meta setting icon on the top of the page. Then click the Advance Setting “three dots” in the side panel.

Astra Theme Meta Page setting in Gutenberg Editor

This action will open a popup window where you can disable page design elements such as the Footer, Header, and Transparent Header. 

Click “Disabled,” as shown in the image below, to remove the Transparent Header effect on that particular post or page on your website. This will not remove the transparent header from other pages but only from this post/page. 

Astra theme Advance header settings panel for individual post and pages.

Within this Astra Theme Advanced Setting panel, you can disable the Primary header and Footer for individual pages or posts. You can see the option in the red rectangle in the above image.

Once you’re done, update the post/page to reflect the changes on your website.

Note: The Astra Theme Meta setting overrides the customizer option. So, if you customize an individual page or post via the Meta setting page, the setting supersedes the customizer settings.

Transparent Header Still Showing? Troubleshooting Tips.

You might still see it in rare scenarios, even after removing the transparent header from your website or post/page. And some users might still be seeing the transparent effect, too.

Several factors might be responsible for this error; here, I will share some troubleshooting guides you can try. 

  • Clear Your Website Cache – Sometimes, cached data can cause previous versions of website information to be displayed. Try clearing your website’s and browser cache to see if it resolves the issue. If you’re using Cloudflare Enterprise, use the Purge Cache function, which automatically clears the Cloudflare cache and prefetch your website content. 
  • Astra Theme Version – Ensure you’re using the latest version of the Astra theme. Outdated themes might have bugs or missing functionalities. Update your theme to the newest version if possible.
  • Plugin Conflicts – In rare cases, conflicting plugins might interfere with Astra’s functionality. Try temporarily deactivating other plugins individually to see if it resolves the issue. If disabling a specific plugin fixes the problem, you must investigate compatibility issues or find an alternative plugin.
  • Incognito Mode – Try visiting your website in browser incognito mode. So you will be able to see your website as a visitor. Most browsers, including Google Chrome, have this functionality built-in. 

I hope this troubleshooting guide helps you fix how to disable transparent header effects in the Astra theme.

However, if everything you’ve read so far does not work for you, it’s time to contact the Astra support team for further guidance. 


Following the steps and troubleshooting guides described in this post, you should be able to disable the Astra theme transparent header, both sitewide or on individual posts/pages. The tips also share some customization options for the transparent header in the Astra theme, which should help you create a beautiful website logo design. 

Astra is a popular WordPress theme known for its ease of use, speed, performance, and powerful customization possibilities. You can use Astra for personal blogs, eCommerce websites, real estate, health and wellness, finance, SaaS, technology, affiliate marketing, etc.

It is a versatile and multi-purpose WordPress theme with several add-on plugins, like Spectra, Astra Pro, and Ultimate addon for Elementor and Beaver Builder, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and the Starter templates to design a unique website. 

You can check my Astra review to learn more about its capability or read my unbiased Kadenece theme vs Astra. This will help you make intelligent decisions based on data and real user reviews.

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